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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
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In a world where everything is getting excessively serious and competitive, having an aptitude is a significant and a sure way to help your child become successful.

If you are envisioning your child getting all the brilliant responses from your loved ones, friends, and peers, then you need a name to support these exceptional qualities in your child. This is the perfect reason for you to select some artistic names for baby boy and baby girl.

Creative baby names invoke interesting qualities and many of them are absolutely gorgeous, which we think makes them perfect for any child.

To get you out and help you in process of selecting some truly fun, charming, and creative names for your child, we have compiled this list of names that are way too good to skip.

You can also check out our articles on artistic names and literary names, right here on Kidadl, for more creative name inspiration. 

Popular Names That Mean Creative

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A name meaning creative should inspire your child to explore the qualities within themselves. We've collected some of the most popular names that mean creative on this list ensure you get the best creative baby name for your little one.

1. Abdul (M) (Arabic origin) means "creative person". Famous name bearer: Mohammed Abdul Karim, an Indian attendant of Queen Victoria.

2. Abra (F) (Arabic origin) means "soft and sensitive".

3. Ace (M) (Arabic origin) means "one who excels."

4. Adwin (M) (African origin) means "artist or individual". Such baby names meaning art or artist are unique and fun.

5. Anais (F) It is a unique and beautiful girl’s name. The French-born American novelist and diarist is the name bearer.

6. Badih (M) (Arabic origin) means "able to improvise".

7. Brönte (M) (Greek origin) means "thunder". Famous name bearer: Genre defining novelists, the Brönte sisters. It is traditionally a last name but it's being used more and more often as a first name.

8. Beatrix (F) (German origin) means "blessed". Famous name bearer: Beatrix Potter.

9. Cybil (F) (Arabic origin) means "soothsayer".

10. Daisy (F) (Old English) means "day's eye". A trendy and fresh name for your creative girl.

11. Delancey (M/F) (English origin) means "unique and creative in traits".

12. Electra (F) (Greek origin) means "sparkling", one of the popular names meaning creative and positive. The name was popularized through a comic series with the same name.

13. Fleur (F) (French origin) means "flower". Baby names meaning flowers will show your child's artistic side.

14. Gaia (F) (Greek origin) means "earth goddess". In Greek mythology, she was the mother of Titans and Cyclopes.

15. Harper (M/F) (Arabic origin) means "who played the harp", used for all genders. Such names meaning creative are used by various celebrities like David Beckham for his daughter.

16. Gravadain (M) (Arabic origin) means "who loves to explore the world", such a name meaning wanderer develops creative index.

17. Hendrix (M) (German origin) means "son of Hendrik". Not a particularly creative meaning on its own but we've included it because of the legendary guitarist.

18. Ianthe (F) (Arabic origin) means "purple flower", has poetic qualities.

19. Isla (F) (Arabic origin) means "river in the region", has dynamic, vibrant connotations.

20. Juniper (F) (Greek origin) means "evergreen', synonymous with energy.

21. Jim (M) (Arabic origin) means "helpful, adventurous, and creative by habit".

22. Jinadev (M) (Arabic origin) synonymous with intuition and spirituality.

23. Jojo (M/F) (Arabic origin) means "creative and original".

24. Keats (F) (English origin) means "Eliot, Lorca". Such creative baby names are hard to find.

25. Lulu (F) (American Indian origin) means "a bunny". Most individuals with this name are experts at dancing and singing.

26. Karter (M) (Arabic origin) means "fun and creative".

27. Leonardo (M) (Spanish origin) means "brave lion". Famous name bearers: Italian painter, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

28. Miles (M) (English origin) means "soldier or merciful". Such baby names suit creative baby boys.

29. Mae (F) (Arabic origin) means "Mary", also means "mother", a creator.

30. Nasappa (F) (Arabic origin) means "energetic and creative".

31. Ocean (F (Arabic origin) means "vastness and might", which gives rise to new thoughts.

32. Oxford (M) (English origin) means "different’ by all standards". It is also the name of a famous university in England.

33. Perla (F) (Latin origin) means "pearl". It is a beautiful name for your baby girl.

Boy Names That Mean Creative

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Baby boy names meaning creative should be modern, spiritual, and meaningful. Names like Arthur were often shortened as Art, which in American means "rock", but that's the least creativity a person can show, so we have compiled a list of fashionable yet unique names with interesting histories for baby boys.

34. Adwin (African origin) means "an artist, creative person".

35. Afsan (Arabic origin) means "romance or creative writing".

36. Ajantha (Arabic origin) means "creative". It is also the name of a famous Buddhist cave in India.

37. Amant (Arabic origin) means "sensitive, creative, and practical natured".

38. Amarea (Arabic origin) means "God's body".

39. Ambalam (Arabic origin) means "creative and idealistic nature".

40. Ambedkar (Arabic origin) means "strong mental ability".

41. Badinj (Arabic origin) means "creative bent of mind".

42. Badouim (Arabic origin) means "creative and individualistic".

43. Baessel (Arabic origin) means "creative human being".

44. Bailasan (Arabic origin) means "versatile and creative".

45. Catgual (Arabic origin) means "imaginative and creative mind".

46. Coineus (Arabic origin) means "mindful, and energetic individual".

47. Costi (Arabic origin) means "creative person".

48. Cray (Gaelic origin) means "productive and creative".

49. Dasu (Arabic origin) means "creative and proud individuals".

50. Dekle (Arabic origin) means "wealth of creative talents".

51. Ectorius (Arabic origin) means "an imaginative and creative mind".

52. Eithin (Arabic origin) means "long-lived".

53. Elci (Arabic origin) means "imaginative and creative mind".

54. Gallcun (Arabic origin) means "passionate, and a patient being".

55. Gosa (Greek origin) means "deep mind and creative". They are very sensitive.

56. Gosbeorht (German origin) means "live lonely". Maybe not the sweetest meaning but we think it has a real ring to it, and people do say the best art is made when you're alone.

57. Gostani (French origin) means "systematic, creative, and intelligent". They are excellent at working and love to do a difficult task.

58. Gouti (Arabic origin) means "imaginative and creative ideas".

59. Hemshil (English origin) means "creative mind".

60. Heriht (English origin) means "highly creative nature heart".

61. Hunfirth (English origin) means "creative person".

62. Jim (English origin) means "adventurous, creative".

63. Jimelle (Arabic origin) means "cheerful, creative".

64. Joules (English origin) means "innocent, and brilliant persons".

65. Kaliq (Arabic origin) means "creative".

66. Kushanth (Arabic origin) means "creative and learning abilities".

67. Mocca (English origin) means "deep, and creative being".

68. Mondher (German origin) means "creative human being".

69. Onosij (Arabic origin) means "dedicated and creative".

70. Oudia (Arabic origin) means "imaginative and creative person".

71. Paraag (Indian origin) means "imaginative and creative".

72. Shrujan (Indian origin) means "very creative".

73. Throca (Arabic origin) means "quick thinker who is analytical".

Girl Names That Mean Creative

A name meaning creative is the best way to let your child know what they mean to you. You can search for baby girl names meaning creative all day long but finding meaningful names is difficult, which is why we have made this list for you. Hope one of these names stick out for you.

74. Aashirya (Indian origin) means "from the land of God or God's creation".

75.Aicusa (American origin) means "visionary, imaginative, creative".

76.Alpana (Indian origin) means "sophisticated or a creative colorful motifs".

77.Alshafa (Arabic origin) means "creative and light-headed".

78.Althea (English origin) means "accompanied by wholesomeness and creativity".

79.Blaisha (Arabic origin) means "sensitive, creative, and loving individual".

80.Cengifu (Arabic origin) means "accretive and artistic individual".

81.Dhundhun (English origin) means "versatile and creative".

82. Dilanne (Arabic origin) means "creative person; created a name".

83.Dulcina (English origin) means "lovely, creative".

84.Ellasyn (Arabic origin) means "creative and productive".

85.Golduin (English origin) means "imaginary and creative ideas".

86. Goldyeua (Arabic origin) means "sympathy and pardoning".

87. Gresilda (Arabic origin) means "creative and life enjoying people".

88. Janberk (English origin) means "creative, and full of youth".

89.Joana (English origin) means "ambitious, creative, and versatile". Famous celebrity name: American actress Joanna García.

90.Mubdia (Arabic origin) means "smart, creative, and innovative".

91. Nadeeka (Arabic origin) means "creative".

92. Nimala (English origin) means "who is creative".

93.Otta (Arabic origin) means "creative individual".

94.Parzival (Arabic origin) means "individual and creative being".

95.Rachita (Indian origin) means "one who is creative and talented".

96.Saethrith (German origin) means "individualistic and creative".

97.Sissota (Spanish origin) means "soft-hearted and individualistic".

98. Sohnian (Arabic origin) means "artistic and creative being".

99.Vidushi (Indian origin) means "brilliant and wise", a very popular girl name in Hinduism.

100. Vishali (Indian origin) means "beautiful, creative or the one who has a big heart".

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean creative then why not take a look at names that mean dream, or for something different take a look at names that mean guardian.

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