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94 Beautiful Thai Girl Names With Meanings

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So the time has come to choose a name for your baby girl, and you can't make up your mind.

There are so many incredibly beautiful girl names in every culture. Thailand has some of the most exquisite girl names in the world.

A Thai baby typically has a first name, a nickname, and a surname. Most Thai people have a nickname given to them at birth by their parents, and it is common for people to go by their nickname instead of their first names. So it's not uncommon for friends not even to know a person's first name at all and only know their nickname. Traditionally this practice was thought to protect the newborn baby from evil spirits, as using a nickname instead of the child's real name was thought to confuse the spirits. In Thai, the phrase 'what's your name?' is translated as 'khun chûue à-rai?'.

Thai girl names are often very feminine, with names such as 'angel' 'starlight' and 'sweetheart' being as popular as ever. Common Thai names for baby girls also include baby names inspired by nature. Names that translate to 'bountiful forest' and 'green sweet' suggest abundance and fertility, and names like 'full moon' and 'evening star' evoke the poetic beauty of nature and the cosmos.

With magical Thai baby names inspired by flowers, gems, and spirituality, there are lots of really pretty Thai names which you might like to use to name your own baby girl. Thai names for girls are growing in popularity at the moment as expectant parents search for beautiful names that reflect a respect for Thai culture as well as an appreciation of the poetic nature of Thai girl names.

If you liked our suggestions for Thai girl names, why not check out the best Disney female character names and the best Old German names for your baby? But for now, have a look at our Thai girl names list!

Close up of asian ethnic girl

Nature Related Names

Thailand has some really lovely baby girl names inspired by nature. Flower names are very popular Thai girl names and they are very feminine, pretty, and sweet.

1.Buppha -  meaning 'flower'.

2.Busaba - this is a lovely Thai girl name meaning 'floral'.

3.Dok Mai - translates as 'flower of a plant'.

4.Dok Phi Sua - translates as 'carnation flower'.

5.Dok Rak - translates as 'flower of love'.

6.Dok Ban Yen -  meaning 'petunia flower'. This is a very colorful, dainty bloom.

7.Gun -  means 'grape'.

8.Kannika - translates as 'a flower'.

9.Karawek -  translates as 'bird'.

10.Khaji - translates as 'green'.

11.Khlew Wan -  translates as 'green sweet'

12.Kohsoom - translates as 'lotus flower'.

13.Kulap -  means 'rose'.

14.Kwang - means 'deer'.

15.Malai -  means 'flower garland'.

16.Malee - means 'jasmine flower'.

17.Malivalaya - means 'climbing jasmine flower'.

18.Phueng - 'bee'. A nice name for the queen bee of the household.

19.Ratree - means 'jasmine flower'.

20.Som -  means 'orange'.

21.Taeng - means 'melon'.

22.Ubon - meaning 'the lotus flower'. 

Celestial Names

There are many poetic Thai baby girl names inspired by the moon and stars. These are very powerful, feminine names, perfect for the new shining star in your life.

23.Ambhom - translates as 'sky'.

24.Chanthira - translates as 'moon'

25.Dao - meaning 'star'.

26.Dara - means 'evening star'.

27.Duanphen - meaning 'full moon'.

28.Junta - this name also means 'star'.

29.Pen Chan - meaning 'full moon'.

30.Pensri - means 'beauty of the moon'.

31.Saengdao - means 'starlight'.

Asian baby in the room

Treasure Names

Names inspired by gems and precious metals are very popular in Thailand. These beautiful baby girl names are a lovely choice for your precious new arrival.

32.Busarakham - meaning 'yellow sapphire'.

33.Chatmanee -  means 'jewel'.

34.Chinda -  meaning 'precious stone'.

35.Kaew -  means 'gem'.

36.Kamlai -  this is a popular Thai girl name meaning 'bracelet'.

37.Kanchana -  means 'gold'.

38.Ploy -  means 'precious gemstone'.

39.Manee - means 'precious stone'.

40.Nin - means 'sapphire'.

41.Naak - means 'golden'.

42.Ngoen -  means 'silver.'

43.Naowarat - means 'nine gems'

44.Phailin - meaning 'sapphire'.

45.Ratana - means 'crystal'.

46.Ratanaporn - meaning 'crystal blessing'.

47.Rutna - meaning 'gem'.

48.Waen - meaning 'ring'.

49.Sroy -  another jewellery-related name meaning 'chain'.

Spiritual Names

Thai girl names are just so poetic and beautiful. Take a look at these magical Thai girl names, some of these names are unique choices too! These spiritual feminine names are perfect for a little angel.

50.Achara - meaning 'pretty angel'

51.Apinya - means 'magical power'.

52.Apsara -  translates as 'angelic'.

53.Fa Ying - means 'celestial princess'. A beautiful fairy-tale name for a little baby girl.

54.Mekhala -  means 'goddess of the moon'.

Physical Beauty

In Thailand, names describing physical attributes are very popular. Whilst the exact most common name in Thailand is not known, many of these names are popular in the country.

55.Anong - meaning 'gorgeous woman'.

56.Boonsri -  means 'beautiful'.

57.Chailail - meaning 'pretty'. A perfect moniker for a pretty little baby girl.

58.Chaveevan -  which means 'beautiful complexion'.

59.Chimlin -  means 'cute'. What an adorable name for a cute little baby girl!

60.Chirawan -  means 'eternal beauty'.

61.Chomechai - translates as 'beautiful girl'.

62.Chomesri -  translates as 'gathering of beauty'.

63.Hanuman - means 'monkey god, dance'. Good for a cheeky monkey.

64.Karnchana - meaning 'beautiful girl'.

65.Lawan - meaning 'beautiful'.

66.Phawta -  means 'pleasing to the eye'.

Other Desirable Attributes

In Thailand parents often choose baby names inspired by positive personality traits and qualities. These names are very sweet and affectionate.

67.Chaem Choi -  translates as 'gracefulness'.

68.Chai Charoen - meaning 'triumphant'.

69.Chuachan - meaning 'generous'.

70.Chuasiri - meaning 'of good family'. Great for anyone particularly proud of their family.

71.Chuenchai -  meaning 'refreshing'.

72.Churai -  meaning 'good heart'.

73.Dang -  means 'red'.

74.Duangkamol - means 'from the heart'.

75.Han -  means 'audacious'. This means being brave and willing to take risks.

76.Hansa - is a blissful baby girl name meaning 'supreme happiness'.

77.Hathai -  a lovely name translating as 'heart'.

78.Hom -  is a really lovely, simple name meaning 'fragrant'.

79.Kalaya - translates as 'good lady'.

80.Kamala - means 'of the heart'.

81.Kamon - means 'from the heart'.

82.Kanda - means 'darling'.

83.Kanya - translates as 'woman with youth'.

84.Kwanjal - means 'sweetheart'.

85.Lamai - means 'soft'.

86.Madee - means 'good beginning'.

87.Mae Noi -  translates as 'little mother'.

88.Muan Nang - translates as 'ladylike'.

89.Ngam Chit - means 'good heart'.

90.Phairoh -  meaning 'sweet and pleasant-sounding'.

91.Piti - meaning 'joyful'.

92.Preeda - another lovely name meaning 'joyful'.

93.Sukhonn -  means 'lovely fragrance'.

94.Waan - which means 'sweet'.

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