109 Best Ancient Latin Girl Names For Your Baby To Inspire You

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Naming your little girl is a very special moment for all parents.

While it is definitely a very special moment, it is also often challenging to find a suitable name. If you are looking for something beautiful, elegant, and unique, there is no going wrong with Latin baby girl names.

Latin is the root origin for most of the European languages, and even English to some extent.  So while Latin names originally belong to ancient Rome, it is no surprise that they have become so popular everywhere.  Here we have presented a marvelous list of some of the best Latin girl names that will help you get that perfect name for your baby girl. From the most popular ones to the rare and elegant, ancient Latin baby names, we have it all.

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Most Popular Latin Girl Names

There are many Latin girl names that stay on the trending list for a long time. Down below are some of the Latin baby names which have been topping the charts for quite some years now.

1.Adrianna meaning "From Hadria"

2.Amanda meaning "Worthy to be Loved"

3.Andrea (Italian Origin) meaning "Brave, Manly"

4.Angelina meaning "Messenger of God" One of the most popular namesakes would be Angelina Jolie, a famous American actress, and filmmaker

5.April meaning "To Open" or " Fourth Month"

6.Aria (Italian Origin) meaning "Air" or "Melody"

7.Arabella meaning "Yielding to Prayer" this name became popular after Arabella de Leuchras, Scottish King, William I's granddaughter

8.Aurora meaning "Dawn"

9.Beatriz meaning "Bringer of Joy"

10.Bella meaning "Beautiful"

11.Camila meaning "Noble, Young Ceremonial Attendant"

12.Cadence meaning "Rythm, Flow"

13.Cecilia meaning "Blind". This Latin popular name is linked with Saint Cecilia, the martyred patron saint of music

14.Celeste meaning "Celestial, Heavenly"

15.Christina meaning "Follower of Christ"

16.Claire (French Origin) meaning "Clear"

17.Emily meaning "To Excel, Rival"

18.Emma meaning "Whole, Universal"

19.Felicity meaning "Happiness". This name can be linked with Felicity Smoak, one of the major characters and also the wife of The Arrow in the DC Comics' Arrowverse

20.Grace meaning "Gracious"

21.Gloria meaning "Glory, Fame"

22.Isabella (Italian Origin) meaning "God is My Oath"

23.June meaning "The month of June" This name is derived from the Roman Goddess, Juno - Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth

24.Laura  meaning "Victory" or "Bay Laurel Plant"

25.Lucia meaning "Light"

26.Maria meaning "Of The Sea"

27.Miranda meaning "Worthy of Admiration." One of the major characters of Shakespeare's The Tempest is called Miranda

28.Olivia meaning "Olive Tree" or "Peace"

29.Poppy meaning "The Poppy Flower"

30.Regina meaning "Queen". One of the more regal Latin baby names

31.Sabrina meaning "From the River Severn". Sabrina is the main character from the gothic TV series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

32.Sofia meaning "Wisdom"

33.Stella meaning "Star"

34.Trinity meaning "Triad". Trinity also a famous fictional character played by Carrie-Anne Moss in the Matrix franchise

35.Valentina meaning "Strong, Valiant"

36.Valerie meaning "Fierce"

37.Veronica meaning "Victory, Truth"

38.Victoria meaning "Victory".Victoria is the Roman Goddess of Victory. Another notable namesake is Queen Victoria

39.Violet meaning "Violet Colour"

40.Vivian meaning "Alive"

Unique Latin Baby Girl Names

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Want your special little girl to stand out with a beautiful and unique Latin name? A lot of these names are ancient Roman names that have fallen out of favor over time but would today make for a lovely and unique baby name for your little girl.

41.Aelia meaning "Sun". This Latin baby name can also be linked with the Roman empress, Aelia Flacilla who was the bride of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I

42.Aeliana meaning "Sun"

43.Albina meaning "Fair"

44.Cordelia (Latin, Celtic origin) meaning "Daughter of the Sea, Heart". Cordelia is one of the principal characters of Shakespeare's tragic play, King Lear. She was the youngest and the favorite daughter of King Lear

45.Decima meaning "The Tenth"

46.Drusilla  meaning "Fruitful." The Latin name Drusilla may also be linked with a notable figure of Ancient Rome, Livia Drusilla. She was the wife and advisor of Roman emperor Augustus

47.Elysia meaning "Blissful, Heaven"

48.Flavia  meaning "Blonde."This ancient Roman name would be a beautiful choice for your blonde little angel

49.Florentina meaning "Flower, Prosperous"

50.Hortensia meaning "Garden"

51.Laelia meaning "Lunar, Orchid Flower"

52.Laurentina meaning "Victory"

53.Lavinia meaning "Woman from Rome." Lavinia is a fictional character from Shakespeare's play, Titus Andronicus

54.Marilla meaning "By the Sea, Bitter"

55.Marcella meaning "Young Warrior"

56.Octavia meaning "Eighth, Born Eighth" This Latin name was originally used for the eighth child in the household. However, that might be an unlikely scenario in today's age. Instead, this name is now used for a baby girl who is born in the eighth month of the year

57.Quintia meaning "The Fifth"

58.Rufina (Latin, Greek origin) meaning "Red-Haired". How pretty and apt is this baby name for your red-headed little princess?

59.Tanaquil meaning "Gift of God"

60.Tullia meaning "Heavy Rains" or "Bound of Glory"

Famous Women With Latin Names

Since Latin names are so popular, there are and have been many famous female figures throughout history with gorgeous Latin names. We have collated a list of some really lovely Latin baby girl names that have been inspired by some famous personalities from all around the globe.

61.Aurelia meaning "Golden"

62.Carmen meaning "Poem". Carmen Miranda, nicknamed as "the Brazillian Bombshell" was a famous samba singer, dancer, and Broadway and film actress

63.Clara meaning "Illustrious"

64.Diana meaning "Fertile, Divine" The beloved Princess of Wales, Princess Diana shared the same name

65.Donna meaning "Lady, Woman"

66.Emilia meaning "To excel, To strive" Emilia Clarke is a famous British actress who widely known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons, in the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones

67.Estelle meaning "Star"

68.Florence meaning "Blossoming". This beautiful Latin name can also be associated with Florence Nightingale, an English nurse, social reformer, and statistician

69.Julia  meaning "Youthful"

70.Letitia  meaning "Joy, Gladness"

71.Madelaine meaning "Of Magdala (home of Mary)". Madelaine Petsch is a famous American actress known for her role as Cheryl Blossom in the TV series Riverdale

72.Madonna meaning "My Lady"

73.Margaret meaning "Pearl" The first female British Prime minister, Margaret Thatcher shared the same name

74.Monica meaning "Advisor"

75.Priscilla meaning "Classical, Ancient, Venerable". Priscilla Presley is a famous businesswoman and actress

76.Portia  meaning "Offering"

77.Rosa meaning "Rose". A notable namesake would be Rosa Parks, a famous American civil rights activist

78.Serena  meaning "Clear, Tranquil, Serene"

79.Sylvia meaning "Forest". This baby name can be associated with Sylvia Plath, one of the most admired poets and writers of the twentieth century

80.Virginia  meaning "Pure, Virginal"

Cute And Short Latin Baby Girl Names

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Got a long last name? Here is our small list of some cute and short, two-syllabled Latin girl names that would make for a great first name if you have a long surname.

81.Alma meaning "Nurturing, Soul"

82.Amy meaning "Beloved" Amy Adams is a famous American actress, who also happens to be one of the highest-paid actresses

83.Ava meaning "Like a Bird"

84.Jey  meaning "Blue Crested Bird"

85.Lara meaning "Famous, Shining"Lara is also a mythological nymph from Roman mythology

86.Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "Sorrows"

87.Lua meaning "Moon".  This Latin name comes from Lua, the Roman Goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed the captured weapons

88.Lucy meaning "Light"

89.Mia meaning "Mine". Mia is one of the most popular Latin names for girls

90.Nixi meaning "Goddess of Childbirth"

91.Nova meaning "New" This cute Latin name also denotes an astronomical event where brilliant bright light is emanated by a start suddenly releasing tremendous a burst of energy

92.Roma (Italian Origin) meaning "From Rome"

93.Vita meaning "Life"

Latin Girl Names From Roman Mythology

Roman Mythology truly has some of the prettiest and most distinguished names with a lovely melodic ring to them that would surely make for a charming and unique name for your baby girl. We have collated a list of beautiful Latin baby names based on the names of various Roman Goddesses.

94.Annona  meaning "Goddess of The Harvest"

95.Bellona meaning "Goddess of War"

96.Cardea meaning "Hinges, Axis". Cardea is the Roman Goddess of Doorways in Roman Mythology

97.Ceres meaning "Goddess of Harvest and The Spring"

98.Concordia meaning Peace, Harmony" This Latin baby name is derived from Goddess Concordia, Roman Goddess of Harmony

99.Deverra meaning "Goddess of Birthing"

100.Edesia meaning "Feast". In Roman Mythology, Edisia is the Goddess of Food who blesses and presides over Banquets

101.Felicitas meaning "Good Luck, Happy,  Fortune"

102.Hespera meaning "Evening, Evening Star" This Latin name is borrowed from the Goddess of Dusk, from  Roman mythology

103.Levana  meaning "To Lift"

104.Minerva meaning "Wisdom, Intellect" Minerva is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Invention and is the Roman counterpart of her Greek version, Athena

105.Prosperina meaning "To Emerge" or " Queen of Underworld"

106.Salacia name meaning "Salt"

107.Venus meaning "The loved one, Beloved" This Latin name comes from Goddess Venus, goddess of beauty and love

108.Veritas meaning "Goddess of Virtue and Truth"

109.Vesta meaning "Pure". In Roman mythology, Vesta is the Goddess of Hearth, Home, and Family

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