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50+ Best Bajoran Names For Your Character

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In 'Star Trek', the planet of Bajor was an important and mysterious place where extraterrestrial species lived.

These extraterrestrial species living on the planet of Bajor are called Bajorans. The Bajoran species was seen predominantly in the television series of 'Star Trek' called 'Deep Space Nine.'

The humanoid race of bajoran was native to the Alpha Quadrant and had some of the richest history of species in 'Star Trek' ever. The society of the Bajorans was deeply spiritual and many Bajorans worshipped in the celestial temple. The spiritual leader of the Bajorans is called the Kai and this spiritual leader handles administration of the Bajoran people along with the First Minister. The language that they spoke was the Bajoran language. When it comes to Bajoran names, their names were immensely cool and mystical. Whether you are looking for 'Deep Space Nine' inspired names for Bajorans or general names in Star Trek, we have compiled the best list of 50+ of Bajoran 'Star Trek' names. We've sorted them into female Bajoran names and male Bajoran names to make your choice a little easier. If you’d like, you could also have a quick look at Vulcan names and Andorian names.

Best Bajoran Names For Star Trek Deep Space

While most Bajoran names are usually short, some can have longer and more elaborate names as well. The given name is usually placed after the family name, however, modern Bajorans decided that the order of their family name and given name does not matter. The family name was started to be put later because people wanted to mix well with other races and species in not just Star Trek Deep Space Nine but also the entire Star Trek Universe. Other than the family name and the first name, Bajorans do not usually have a middle name. Here are the best Star Trek Bajoran names for both male and female Bajorans. you to choose from for your characters.

1. Aaggak Krasen

2. Aarro Ob

3. Afi Aah

4. Anye Vozki

5. Brulot Aibeam

6. Daaso Ponorn

7. Damun Eerdar

8. Ejo Dainel

9. Feewo Gliga

10. Femti Kairje

11. Harpid Lijahi

12. Himju Shaieyere

13. Ictok Shewe

14. Ila Kraievam

15. Jeje Zirko

16. Jekto Kraint

17. Jumalb Ifu

18. Peduk Tultr

19. Promte Lesal

20. Pumelb Yijuro

21. Shorjush Aiku

22. Tantom Trissoso

23. Uco Noja

24. Uska Rhoadegu

25. Vaarco Bailal

26. Weva Aieyrol

27. Woku Walba

28. Wuvu Girk

29. Yemto Trirk

30. Zoca Sumoh

Bajoran Female Names

The Bajoran women are deeply spiritual and also very fierce. One of the most powerful Bajoran female characters in Star Trek is Kira Nerys. Kira Nerys was affiliated to the Bajoran Resistance and her final assignment was as the commanding officer of the Deep Space Nine. If you are looking for names for female Bajorans as powerful and amazing as hers, your search is finally over. Here are the most amazing Bajoran names for a female Bajoran. Pick a Bajoran name that would suit your female character the best.

31. Aarur Jefeyia

32. Bectu Iba

33. Bractim Oge

34. Cherci Nisha

35. Cogye Oawo

36. Dirja Woafialea

37. Emun Woalko

38. Ena Aibosa

39. Faare Zoahani

40. Feful Naze

41. Gapo Berjeh

42. Gethilb Okeli

43. Heegolb Puzuze

44. Heesko Xeeshut

45. Icid Gaihia

46. Kaabe Meemoto

47. Kaarkom Putamu

48. Larvo Helkowi

49. Luka Sishoyea

50. Mefold Ira

51. Peekkot Teepe

52. Shuca Guxihe

53. Sitho Raipeawo

54. Urdun Soajo

55. Uwold Pigho

56. Vreske Ropawa

57. Vrigid Oaga

58. Wisus Kaki

59. Wocash Boate

60. Zisis Baza

Bajoran Male Names

On the planet of Bajor, Bajoran males mostly worked on Bajoran ships throughout the 'Star Trek' story. These males were fierce beings who were equally religious and spiritual. They followed the word of their leaders and were always dutiful towards their commanding officers. If you are looking for the best Bajoran names for male characters in your games, here is a list of fierce and powerful names for you to choose from. Pick a name as it is or add a twist of your own to give the name your own personal touch.

61. Aatho Keti

62. Ano Seeyos

63. Bobo Karr

64. Bocyur Kint

65. Bumyo Rirdire

66. Corcus Rhikrarna

67. Dothar Unar

68. Hodu Rhiweg

69. Intim Epunu

70. Ityo Wultre

71. Jukish Krardenu

72. Kogga En

73. Kravi Dirrar

74. Ledro Kesarn

75. Medo Rez

76. Mifolb Tairr

77. Neethulb Dagol

78. Orjo Ame

79. Otyik Ozko

80. Ovu Zogoca

81. Tefek Giwo

82. Uyu Webi

83. Vacem Raiemmeri

84. Viggir Kroamma

85. Vome Chaazo

86. Vono Eve

87. Vreectu Nac

88. Wupald Sirere

89. Yimu Toyeru

90. Zate Yubom

Bajoran names are powerful.

Unique Bajoran Names

When engaging in a 'Star Trek' inspired game, it is crucial that you pick unique names for your characters. These unique names give your characters a distinct edge over the others and helps you make a separate space for yourself in the online gaming community. Whether it is the name of a Stormtrooper, a Miraluka or a Bajoran, these names must inspire fierceness and power. To help you gain that unique edge over all other online players, here is a quick list of the most unique names for the Bajoran characters in your game.

91. Ardalb Ino

92. Bito Taina

93. Brurdi Gelrone

94. Buzi Chikr

95. Cofo Sherda

96. Cuchu Trakrelu

97. Darva Ofara

98. Draanjo Deexo

99. Drapu Vehola

100. Drikyi Neeprea

101. Duje Galz

102. Durmo Zuydo

103. Duzkold Zoghi

104. Erpi Mejos

105. Fakki Nette

106. Farcir Xabear

107. Gochud Tilb

108. Iryos Wesso

109. Jirmish Jova

110. Jomjot Zifeati

111. Joyo Beesuc

112. Kirpud Eerda

113. Koya Ebo

114. Kreru Moker

115. Lorneg Rhunno

116. Mazkold Airdewe

117. Oceg Ixasi

118. Othed Agogi

119. Othe Poneatia

120. Rimild Glamo

121. Sinal Barkoc

122. Teerwu Gitean

123. Usko Oalato

124. Vrirselb Triyremi

125. Vushe Indum

126. Yarwe Ighi

127. Yenod Kogdocu

128. Zarol Zirkoma

129. Zeho Runu

130. Zopal Erju

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