123 Best Celtic Boys' Names That You May Not Have Considered Before

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Looking for a list of the most inspiring or distinctive Celtic baby names for your newborn boy?

We have put together the 123 best Celtic baby names for boys, some of which you may recognise, and others of which might be less familiar.

To refer to the Celtic language and culture is to reference a heritage with deep foundational roots in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, parts of Brittany, Nova Scotia, and the Isle of Man. Renewed interest in the Celtic languages has led to a wider reverence for Celtic traditions, culture, and practice, and an increased focus on the need to preserve the Celtic languages - of which Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Gaelic, Cornish, and Breton are a part.

Naming your newborn baby boy with one of the many unusual and distinguished Celtic names, then, is a perfect way to pay respect to the Celtic cultural heritage. If you're looking solely for Scottish names, consider our comprehensive list; and if you're searching for a stellar middle name, check our summary.

Irish Names For Boys

Irish names constitute a significant component of Celtic names, and are frequently lyrical and unusual.

1.Aiden AYE-dehn - Irish Celtic for 'little fire'. A popular alternative is Aidan.

2.AodhEE-AY - Old Irish, meaning 'flame'.

3.Cairbre KAHR-bra - Irish Gaelic, meaning 'one who rides in a chariot'.

4.CianKEE-an - An Irish Celtic name meaning 'ancient'.

5.ColmKAWL-m - Meaning 'a dove'.

6.ConallKON-ul - A legendary Irish name, meaning 'powerful wolf'.

7.Connor CON-er - Irish name meaning 'lover of wolves'.

8. Cillian KILL-ee-an - Irish Gaelic name that means 'little church'.

9.DomnallDOE-nal - Irish Gaelic name meaning 'ruler of the world'.

10.DonnchadDO-nu-chugh - The Scottish and Irish version of Duncan.

11.DougalDOO-guhl - From the Irish Gaelic dubhgall, meaning 'dark stranger'.

12.EndaEN-dah - Anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic Eanna, meaning 'birdlike'.

13.FinnianFIN-yen - Irish Gaelic, meaning 'white' or 'fair'.

14.FloinnFLOYHHN - Irish Celtic name often anglicised to Flynn, used as both a surname and first name.

15.Oisin OSH-een - Irish Celtic, meaning 'little deer'.

16.PeadarPAD-ar - Irish Scottish variant of Peter.

17.Quinn KWIN - Unisex Irish name meaning 'wise'.

18.RianRIE-en - Celtic Irish version of Ryan, 'little ruler'.

19.Seaghán SHAWN - Of Irish Celtic origin, meaning 'God is gracious'. Seón is another similar Celtic option.

20.Seamas SHAY-mus- Irish form of the English name James, this Celtic name means 'supplanter'. Can be spelled Seumas.  

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Scottish Names For Boys

There are also a significant number of Scottish boys' names that make up the best Celtic boy names. Here, we round up the diverse and distinct Scottish boy names to help you in your search.

21.Ailpein AL-pen - Originally Gaelic, meaning whitish'. Alpin an alternative spelling.

22.Ainsley AYNZ-lee - A popular Scottish Gaelic moniker, meaning 'meadow'.

23.Aleck AELEH-k- Scottish version of Alexander.

24.Alisdair AL-is-dair - Scottish Gaelic for 'defender of men'. Alastair is the anglicised version.

25.AonghasSHAY-muhs - Scottish Gaelic, composed of Celtic elements 'one' and 'choice'. The Irish form is Aengus.

26.Argyle AHR-gahyl - Originating from Argyll, the place, a county of southwestern Scotland.

27.Arran AR-ran - After the Isle of Arran. Can also be spelled Aaron.

28.Art ART - Celtic in origin, and meaning 'noble one' or 'champion'.

29.AthdarA-th-dar - Scottish Gaelic name meaning 'oak tree ford'.

30.BlairBL-ehr- Scottish Gaelic in origin, meaning 'meadow' or 'field'. Also a gender-neutral option.

31.Boyd BOID- Scottish Gaelic, from 'buidhe' meaning yellow. An ideal Scottish name for your blonde-haired baby boy.

32.Breac bre-ACH - Scottish Gaelic for 'speckled'.

33.Brody BRO-dee- Another popular gender-neutral Scottish name meaning 'broad eye' or 'broad island'. Also a castle in Scotland.

34.CallumKAL-lum - Scottish Gaelic name meaning 'dove' and 'purity'.

35.Campbell CAM-bell- Scottish Gaelic, originally the surname of a Scottish clan, but also a popular first name.

36.Clyde KLAID- After the River Clyde that travels through Glasgow.

37.CormagKO-ruh-muk - Scottish Gaelic, meaning 'son of the raven'.

38.Daividh DIE-vid - Scottish version of David.

39.Deorsa DER-sah - Scottish variant of George, meaning 'farming man'.

40.EanraigEN-rik - Scottish version of Henry.

41.Eideard EH-dard - Scottish form of Edward.

42.EoghannYOG-han - Scottish Gaelic. Ewan is the anglicised, popular version.

43.FionnlaghFe-ON-lagh  - Meaning 'fair hero', a strong Scottish Celtic baby boy name. Anglicised to Finley or Finn.

44.HamishHAY-mish - Scottish Celtic form of James, and a very popular Scottish boy name.

45.Maxwell MAK-swell - Typically a 12th-century surname, and referring to a place near Melrose in Scotland.

46.Quany KAN-ee - An unusual Scottish Celtic baby boy name, meaning 'proud'.

47.RuairidhRO-ri - Another popular Scottish Celtic name, from ruadh meaning 'red' and righ meaning 'king'. Could your baby boy be a red-haired king?

48.RoyROI- Celtic nickname for a red-haired boy, from the Gaelic ruadh, meaning 'red'.

Welsh Names For Boys

Welsh is another significant cultural component of Celtic heritage and ancestry, and there are many beautiful Welsh baby names to choose from; any one of our wonderful Welsh names would be perfect for a little boy.

49.Aeron EH-ren - Meaning 'berry', a unisex Welsh name.

50.Avalon AV-a-lahn - Meaning 'apple tree island', supposedly where King Arthur was taken after his death.

51.BarwynBAHR-win - Welsh name meaning 'white mound'. Can also be spelled Berwyn.

52.Bran BRAHN - Celtic name for 'raven'.

53.BrinBRIN - A monosyllabic Welsh name that means 'hill'.

54.Cadan CAD-en - Both an Old Cornish and Old Wesh name derived from the Celtic for 'battle'.

55.CadmaelCAD-mayl - One of the unusual baby names for your boy, meaning 'war chief'.

56.Carantok ca-RAN-ok - A baby name option named for the Welsh saint.

57.CarwynKAHR-win -  This Welsh name means 'fair or pure' and 'love'.

58.Casek CAZ-ek - Another baby boy moniker named for a Welsh saint, St Cadog.

59.Devaughn  de-VAHN - Derived from an Old Irish surname, and gender-neutral.

60.Edern ED-ern - A Welsh, Cornish and Breton name, also a legendary 5th-century leader.

61.Gawain  ga-WAYN - One of King Arthur's legendary knights, a traditional Welsh name.

62.GlynnGLIN - Welsh Gaelic name, meaning 'valley'.

63.Gordon GOR-dohn - A popular baby boy name coming from the Welsh gor ('spacious') and din ('fort').

64.Gruffudd GRIF-in - Derived from the Welsh for 'lord'.

65.LynnLIN - Meaning 'from the lake', and a gender neutral Welsh baby name.

66.MerlinMUR-lin - Coming from the Welsh 'muir', meaning 'sea', and 'dun', meaning 'hill'. Also a mythical figure, and one of the more unique boy names. Myrddin is the original Celtic.

67.RhainRAYN - Welsh name meaning 'spear'.

68.Rhys REES - Welsh language word meaning 'fervour', and a gender neutral Celtic name.

69.Taliesintal-ee-ES-in - Welsh name meaning 'shining brow'.

70.Trahern trah-HURN - Derived from the original Welsh Trahaearn, meaning 'iron-like'.

71.Wynne WIN - A gender neutral Welsh option meaning 'fair'.

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Cornish Names For Boys

Cornwall and Wale share significant heritage, from place names to saints, so there's crossover between the Welsh and Cornish boy names we list below. Any would make a great moniker for your newborn boy.

72.Arthek ARTH-ek - Derived from the Celtic arto, meaning 'bear'.

73.ArthyenARTH-yen - Cornish form of the Old Welsh name Arthien.

74.Austol OST-el - Breton saint who came to Cornwall, commemorated in the town of St Austell.

75.Benesek ben-EZ-ek - Celtic version of Benedict.

76.Branok BRAN-ok - Derived from the Celtic brano, meaning 'raven'.

77.Bryokbree-OK - Derived from the Celtic brig meaning 'mighty' and mael meaning 'prince'. Can also be spelled Breok and Brioc.

78.Cador CAD-or - The mythical guardian of Guinevere.

79.Casworoncaz-WOR-en - Likely coming from the Celtic cad meaning 'battle' and kawaro meaning 'hero'.

80.Clesek CLEZ-ek - Old Cornish, from the word clos, meaning 'fame'.

81.Corentynko-REN-tin - Cornish version of the Breton saint's name Corentin.

82.Costentyn kos-TEN-tin - Cornish Celtic name for Constantine.

83.Davydh DAV-ehyd - Cornish for David.

84.DeDAY - A Celtic saint, St Day.

85.Enyon EN-yen - A legendary Cornish ruler, and one of the stronger baby names.

86.Gawen GAW-ehn - Cornish form of Gawain, an Arthurian legendary hero.

87.Gerren GER-en - An ancient king of Cornwall, and the Celtic equivalent of Geraint.

88.Goron GOR-en - Celtic saint, St Goron, who gave his name to the Cornish village Gorran.

89.Gwalather gwal-LATH-er - Derived from the Welsh gwaladr, meaning 'leader'.

90.Hedrok HED-rok - From the Celtic hedr, meaning 'bold'. Can be spelled Hedrek.

91.Jago JAY-go - One of the Celtic names in translation, from the English James.

92.JackaJAH-kha - Another of the more traditional boys' names in translation, the Cornish Celtic equivalent of Jack.

93.Jeffra JEHFF-rah - Cornish for Jeffrey.

94.Jori JOR-ee - Cornish Celtic for George.

95.JosepJO-sep - Cornish for Joseph.

96.JowanJO-wen - Cornish Celtic for John.

97.KeKAY - Celtic saint who also gave his name to the parish of Kea.

98.Kenal KEN-al - Old Cornish name meaning 'generous chief'.

99.KenwynKEN-win - Another Celtic saint who gave his name to the Kenwyn parish.

100.KittoKIT-o - Cornish diminutive of Christopher.

101.LocrynLOK-rin) - Cornish form of Locrinus, a legendary king of Britain.

102.Lowen LO-en - A lovely Celtic name that means 'joyful'.

103.Madern MAD-ern - Welsh saint who gave his name to a village near Penzance.

104.Mathi MA-thee - Cornish diminutive of Matthew.

105.Meryasek meri-YAZ-ek - The legendary founder of Brittany was Meriadoc; this is the Cornish Celtic version.

106.Mewan MEH-wan - An unusual option for your baby boy, and after a saint.

107.Mihal MEE-hal - Celtic Cornish diminutive of Michael.

108.Pawl POHL - Celtic for Paul.

109.Peder PEH-der - Celtic Cornish for Peter.

110.Petrok PEHT-rok - Patron saint of Padstow, a strong name option for your baby boy.

111.Peran PEH-ran - St Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall: his name is from the Irish Celtic Ciaran. Can also be spelled Perran and Piran.

112.PascowPASK-o - If your baby boy is Easter-born, consider this Celtic name, which literally means 'Easter' in Cornish.

113.KyttoKEHT-o - Cornish diminutive of Christopher.

114.Rewan ROO-an - Celtic name used in medieval Cornwall. Alternatives include Ruan and Ruman.

115.RudhekROOD-ek - A beautiful option for your Celtic baby, the Cornish equivalent of Robin.

116.SantoSAN-to - Celtic Cornish version of Alexander.

117.TalekTAH-lek - Celtic Cornish for 'broad-browed'.

118.Taran TAHR-ahn - One of the unusual Celtic baby names, meaning 'thunder'.

119.Tewdar TEU-dar - A legendary king of Cornwall.

120.TristanTRIS-tan - From the Celtic legend of Tristan and Eseld.

121.UtherOO-thur - The father of the Celtic mythical figure King Arthur.

122.Wella WEHL-la - Cornish for William.

123.Yestin YEST-ihn - Another of the distinguished baby names on this list, the Cornish diminutive of Justin.

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