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40 Best Crossbow And Bow Names

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The character of a bow is defined by many factors like the type of the bow, its model and manufacturer, and its use.

Choosing a bow name for yourself or your character can be exciting as well as confusing. Here are a few steps that you can follow to choose the right name for your bow:

1. Convey A Message

2. Find Names Based On What Your Bow Is Made Of

3. Keep It Short And Simple

We have curated a list of 450+ names and have categorized them according to their origins to help you learn more about the perfect bow and arrow names.

Minecraft Bow Names

The bows in Minecraft were given a wide range of names influenced by many things. Here are a few of them.

1 . Arch Angel which means "angel of a higher rank".

2 . Backsnipe is also attributed to "someone skilled at sniping".

3 . Dawnbreaker is a popular name that derives from the DC universe where Dawnbreaker is an evil version of the famous Bat himself. He first appears in Earth 32 comic.

4 . Sharpshooter is someone who is "highly proficient at firing firearms "or other projectile weapons accurately. 

5 . Whisperwind meaning "to speak secretly or furtively".

The above five suggestions date from all across the Minecraft timeline and have been a major part of the game. Another method of naming is after enchantments like the names that follow.

6 . Head of the Orca is an enchantment for respiration and affinity of water symbolizes "cameraderie".

7 . Pealfinder is an enchantment for fortune which means "sound finder". A good name for arrows if not used as a bow name.

8 . Seamsplitter is an enchantment for efficiency indicating "strength".

9 . Turteshell is an enchantment for protection means "defence".

10 . Vorpal Flame is an enchantment for fire and damage which means an "engulfing fire".

Fantasy Bow Names

Whether or not you are using the most powerful bow, the King Cobra XR that is manufactured by APA Archery, a bow named after a mythological one adds a mythical aura to a powerful weapon. Here are some legendary bow names named after Greek and Hindu gods' weapons.

11 . Apollo ( Greek mythology origin) meaning  "crafted from the sun"s rays".

12 . Artemis (Greek mythology origin) meaning "crafted from moonlight and silver wood".

13 . Eros (Greek mythology origin) meaning "gives rise to feelings of love or hate to the person strung with an arrow".

14 . Eurytus (Greek mythology origin)  It was wielded by Odysseus to kill his wife Penelope"s, suitors.

15 . Gandiva (Hindu mythology origin)  Belonged to the Hindu god Arjuna in Mahabharata and crafted by the god Brahma.

16 . Heracles (Greek mythology origin) meaning it was "made great by being dipped in Lernaean Hydra's blood".

17 . Kodandam (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Rama.

18 . Pinaka (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Shiva, and its arrows could not be obstructed.

19 . Sharanga (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Vishnu.

20 . Vijaya (Hindu mythology origin) Belonged to the Hindu god Parashurama.

Famous Bow Names

Robin hood statue with bow and arrow in England

There have been innumerable famous bows across legends, folklore, and popular culture. Many people have named their weapons after them.

21 . Arash (Persian mythology origin) It was wielded by Arash to sacrifice himself to create a border between Persia and Tooran.

22 . Belthronding belonged to Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

23 . Houyi is the God of Archery in Chinese mythology.

24 . Tristan is an Arthurian legend weapon that never missed the mark.

25 . Valkyrie (Norse Mythology origin) name given to each of Odin's twelve handmaids who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla.

Cool Bow Names

Using names from foreign languages is an opportunity to understand the history and importance of archery in another culture as well as read about their mythology and folklore. You can also use legends and stories that date back centuries to make some fun with the process or look up what attributes of your bow are called in other languages. Once again, extracting from other languages has its advantages in addition to being enjoyable. Whether it is a new one, your first, or you are looking to have parts of the bow named, here are some cool names that are in use extensively.

26 . Arc (Romanian origin) means "bow".

27 . Arcum (Latin origin) means "bow".

28 . Brankan (Basque origin) means "bow".

29 . Busur (Indonesian origin) means "bow". 

30 . Dhanush (Hindi origin) means "bow".

31 . Hark (Albanian origin) means "bow".

32 . Rosett (Swedish origin) means "bow".

33 . Upinde (Swahili origin) means "bow".

34 . Yanhani (Arabic origin) means "bow".

35 . Amazon is a little tribute to the fierce women of the rainforest.

36 . King Harold is the hero of the Battle of Hastings.

37 . Law is a medieval English law that all men must be skilled in archery.

38 . Robin Hood is the most beloved outlaw of English folklore as well as popular culture.

39 . Używany is the Polish word for "used" if you inherited yours and it is a little out of date.

40 . Yeni is the Turkish word for "new" if you are still learning to wield the weapon.

Legendary Bow Names

41. Tiebreaker, Launcher of the Falling Sky

42. Hamstring, Arbalest of Trials

43. Bone Heavy Crossbow

44. Hope’s End, Betrayer of Dark Souls

45. Heartbeat, Crescent of the Moonwalker

46. Rigormortis

47. Willow Compound Bow

48. Furious Ironbark Striker

49. Devil’s Recurve, Reach of Ending Misery

50. Flimsy Yew Self Bow

51. Yew Warp-Bow

52. Ironbark Crossbow

53. Silent Messenger

54. Huntress

55. Steel Hail

56. Spectral Oak Chord

57. Thunderstrike, Ellipse of Secrets

58. Mourning Ebon Flatbow

59. Misery’s End, Might of the King

60. Engraved Skeletal Crossbow

61. Steel Recurve

62. Ebon Hunting Bow

63. Military Hardwood Hunting Bow

64. Ironbark Self Bow

65. Fragile Bone Longbow

66. Yew Shooter

67. Final Voyage

68. Redwood Repeater

69. Windlass

70. Midge

71. Forsaken Hardwood Longbow

72. Iron Bolter

73. Iron Longbow

74. Devil’s Whisper, Launcher of Invocation

75. Engraved Bronzed Warp-Bow

76. Zealous Ashwood Hunting Bow

77. Hardwood Warbow

78. Tempest, Hunting Bow of the crown

79. Engraved Iron Shortbow

80. Dragonbreath Yew Longbow

81. Renewed Driftwood Repeater

82. Thunder

83. Willow Chord

84. Drawling, Might of the Summoner

85. Eagle Strike

86. Hornet’s Sting

87. Needle Threader

88. Iron Arbalest

89. Vowed Yew Chord

90. Fortune’s Oak Piercer

91. Dead Air, Ellipse of the Falling Sky

92. Heartpiercer, Call of the Emperor

93. Jugular, Foe of Eternal Rest

94. Euthanasia, Poke of Dismay

95. Calamity, Oath of the Stars

96. Liar’s Steel Recurve

97. Silent Messenger, Vengeance of the Burning Sun

98. Skeletal Flatbow

99. Curvey

100. Snipe

101. Willow Composite Bow

102. Bone Hunting Bow

103. Razorwind, String of the South

104. Windstalker

105. Tweak

106. Oak Launcher

107. Burnished Maple Bow

108. Skyfall Driftwood Reflex Bow

109. Lightning, Straight Bow of the Basilisk

110. Archdemon

111. Heavy Bone Repeater

112. Sudden Death

113. Fine Bone Reflex Bow

114. Fancy Oak Shooter

115. Squirm

116. Bloodsurge Ironbark Repeater

117. Lightning Strike

118. Undead Bone Self Bow

119. Clutch, Dawn of the Night Sky

120. Willow Reflex Bow

121. Drawling

122. Bowman’s Ebon Compound Crossbow

123. Betrayal, Pique of Lost Voices

124. Final Whisper

125. Vehement Chord

126. Doom’s Steel Speargun

127. Hurricane, Shortbow of the Daywalker

128. Snipe, Annihilation of Eternal Bloodlust

129. Feather-Wrapped Warpwood Arbalest

130. Tiebreaker

131. Heartpiercer, Curve of Dark Souls

132. Death’s Sigh, Repeater of the Sky

133. Shadowleaf Ashwood Chord

134. Perfidy, Reach of the Moon

135. Bullseye

136. Desolation Maple Reflex Bow

137. Bone Compound Bow

138. Heartbeat

139. War-Forged Hardwood Shooter

140. Skeletal Repeater

141. Renewed Skeletal Hunting Bow

142. Pinch, Voice of Broken Dreams

143. Quickstrike

144. Enchanted Maple Piercer

145. Puncture

146. Heartpiercer

147. Euthanasia, Secret of Dark Souls

148. Bolt

149. Iron Bow

150. Warpwood Heavy Crossbow

151. Bronzed ShooterBronzed Hunting Bow

152. Kiss of Death, Secret of the Undying

153. Vindication Maple Bolter

154. Dream Catcher

155. Relentless Steel Piercer

156. Lightning, Piercer of Eternal Damnation

157. Peacekeeper Iron Warp-Bow

158. Bristleblitz, Betrayer of the Empty Void

159. Ominous Bronzed Chord

160. Singing Steel Straight Bow

161. Hamstrung, Memory of the Moonwalker

162. Redwood Straight Bow

163. Quillshooter

164. Prophet

165. Cursed Titanium Crossfire

166. Titanium Warbow

167. Vulture

168. Graviton

169. Ghostly Hardwood Launcher

170. Pinch, Annihilation of Lost Voices

171. Brutal Titanium Straight Bow

172. Prickle, Defiler of Woe

173. Skullforge Yew Flatbow

174. Isolated Bone Shooter

175. Soulcursed Willow Warbow

176. Oak Warbow

177. Avalance, String of the Falling Sky

178. Trapper’s Willow Reflex Bow

179. Hope’s End, Might of Desecration

180. Courier

181. Skeletal Heavy Crossbow

182. Spectral Skeletal Piercer

183. Judgement Willow SpeargunDevil’s Whisper

184. Meteor, Striker of Shadows

185. Driftwood Compound Crossbow

186. Phantom Strike, Crescent of Insanity

187. Precise

188. Hurricane, Memory of the Lost

189. Driftwood Launcher

190. Drawstring, Prick of Riddles

191. Truestrike, Ellipse of Insanity

192. Ashwood Heavy Crossbow

193. Warpwood Recurve

194. Last Vision

195. Squirm, Warbow of Dragonsouls

196. Trophy Mark

197. Stormsong, Striker of Heroes

198. Euthanasia, Heirloom of Timeless Battles

199. Truestrike, Defiler of Vengeance

200. Cyclone

201. Expert’s Steel Shooter

202. Scorpio, Piercer of Blessed Fortune

203. Huntress, Last Hope of the Cataclysm

204. Skyfall Redwood Compound Crossbow

205. Shadowleaf Willow Heavy Crossbow

206. Razorsong, Legacy of Souls

207. Snatch, Breaker of Trembling Hands

208. Hailstorm

209. Bronzed Self Bow

210. Drawling, Composite Bow of Blessed Fortune

211. Perfidy

212. Reincarnated Maple Crossfire

213. Warpwood Shooter

214. Bristleblitz

215. Ebon Composite Bow

216. Scorpion Sting

217. Lightning

218. Firestarter

219. Maple Compound Bow

220. Warpwood Composite Bow

221. Iron Reflex Bow

222. Warpwood Crossbow

223. Ebon Recurve

224. Ritual Maple Chord

225. Redwood Compound Crossbow

226. Lustful Warpwood Crossfire

227. Falling Star, Warbow of Secrecy

228. Ironbark Striker

229. Bronzed Reflex Bow

230. Bronzed Piercer

231. Ironbark Warbow

232. Blood Infused Oak Piercer

233. Ashwood Repeater

234. Death’s Sigh, Piercer of the Forest

235. Hardwood Speargun

236. Scorpion

237. Siren’s Song

238. Molten Fury, Shortbow of Traitors

239. Titanium Striker

240. Devil’s Whisper

241. Splinter

242. Splintermark, Annihilation of the Lone Wolf

243. Baneful Bone Recurve

244. Tweak, Arbalest of the Queen

245. Recruit’s Willow Bow

246. Hawkeye, Striker of Horrors

247. Euthanasia

248. Willow Crossbow

249. The Messenger, Recurve of the Wolf

250. Bronzed Compound Bow

251. Maple Crossfire

252. Splinter, Cunning of the Sky

253. Emily’s Curve

254. Swiftwind, Spine of the Blessed

255. Snipe, Flatbow of the Lone Victor

256. Warped Bronzed Shortbow

257. Singing Willow Longbow

258. Ebon Bolter

259. Warpwood Warbow

260. Ironbark Bolter

261. War-Forged Ashwood Compound Crossbow

262. Dead Air, Heavy Crossbow of the Falling Sky

263. Engraved Maple Heavy Crossbow

264. Back Pain, Guardian of Hellish Torment

265. Windsong Willow Recurve

266. Skeletal Shooter

267. Fiery Ironbark Hunting Bow

268. Special Delivery

269. Whelm

270. Thunder Ashwood Self Bow

271. Hateful Steel Warbow

272. Hamstrung, Crescent of Lost Voices

273. Stormsong, Warbow of Fallen Souls

274. Roaring Maple Chord

275. Steel Bow

276. Ironbark Compound Bow

277. Willow Max Bow

278. Legendary Ironbark Strike

279. Crescent Moon Swayer

280. Bow Twinkle Pro

281. Thunder Striker

282. Engraved In Heart

283. Slicing Through Storm

284. Final Blow Bow

285. Devil In Strike

286. Warbow Of Dark

287. Tempest Crown

288. Seathing The Chord

289. Messenger Of Death

290. Skeleton Escape

291. Shooter Of Fantasy

292. Knight Of Bows

293. Doom At Call

294. Willow Of Reflex

295. Wrapped In Feather

296. Holder Of Justice

297. The Bullseye

298. The Heartpiercer

299. Bolt Of Iron

300. Work Of Jade

301. Craved Of Revenge

302. Enchanted Striker

303. Enthusiast Dark Souls

304. The Bad Omen

305. Prophecy At Work

306. Titanium Crossfire Bow

307. Redwood Dark Bow

308. Prickle Heavy Crossbow

309. Raging Cyclone

310. Hailstorm Among Souls

311. Wrapwood Fire Shooter

312. Name Of Hades

313. Ritual Oak Piercer

314. Recruits Bone Recurve

315. Splinter Of Fury

316. Bronze Of Anguish

317. Piercer Of Dark

318. Fury Of Aim

319. Sturdy Swift Bow

320. Last Kiss

321. Daobolism Fury

322. The Grim Reaper

323. Summoner Of Death

324. Falling Death Star

325. The Last Breath

326. Wrapped In Titanium

327. Stealthy Lover

328. The Bad Buddy

329. Eye Of Target

330. Erupting Fury

331. Shadow Of Hell

332. The Death Bearer

333. Viper And Fury

334. Poison At Heart

335. Mosquito Death Bite

336. Howling For Relief

337. Sting Of Devil

338. Thirsty For Blood

339. Call Me Hades

340. Bringing Typhoon

341. Chills Down Spine

342. Three In One

343. Pierce Through Eye

344. Badass Driftwood Speargun

345. Crossfire Bow

346. Reflex Like Snake

347. Whisper Of End

348. Slytherin In Disguise

349. Spine Of Bow

350. Hedgelog

351. Joker

352. Frienzied

353. Star’s Rage

354. Skullforage

355. Tormenter

356. Devil

357. Talonestrike

358. Crafted

359. Zealous

360. High-Strung

361. Starshot

362. Lastgun

363. Kornet

364. Inherited

367. Truthstrike

368. The Banished

369. Siren’s Call

370. Death Service

371. Doom

372. Arbalest

373. Final Sigh

374. Maple Bow

375. Breakthrough

376. Last Breath

377. Fearful Striker

378. Spectral Shortbow

379. Twisted Fate

380. Doom’s Kiss

381. Breath In

382. Soul Taker

383. Ominous Call

384. Razor Cut

389. Death Cry

390. Swiftpiercer

391. Feral Blow

392. Song Of Death

393. Demonic Piercer

394. Gladiator

395. Hunting Kills

396. Possessed Striker

397. Terror Hunter

398. Iron Self

399. Calf Of Strike

400. Precision

401. Enchanted Straight Bow

402. Charming Killer

403. Exiled Compound Bow

404. Guardian’s Weapon

405. Trophy Shooter

406. Fusion Flatbow

407. Recovering Deaths

408. Infused Bow

409. Hunger Striker

410. Kiss Of Hell

412. Graviton

413. Eternal Kill

414. Trapper’s Sting

415. Timeworm Chord

416. Healer Killer

417. Vixen Bow

418. Wretch Of Salvation

419. Strike Like Eagle

420. Zero Miss

421. Hunting Bow

422. Sorrow Of Target

423. Hanstrung Crossbow

424. Yearning

425. Don’t Forget

426. Chenqing

427. Icicle

428. Piercer Of Ice

429. Fortune Killer

430. Massiveshortbow

431. Titanium Crossbow

432. Stryker King

433. Beasting Mess

434. Reincarnated

435. Snitcher

436. Tranquilizer

437. Crazed Bow

438. Broken Bones

439. Meteor Lash

440. Smooth Kill

441. Swooshing Hearts

442. Compound Lasher

443. Brutal Striker

444. All Kill

445. End At Heart

446. Frozen

447. Shooter Kill

448. Wood Bow

449. Curve Of Aim

450. Pain Of Strike

451. Target Amiss

452. Roaring Of Tides

453. Striker In Crossbow

454. Scorpion King Bow

455. Smooth Like Wolf

456. Ashwood Compund Bow

457. Final Destination

458. Nightmare

459. Horror Strike

460. Baneful

461. Mended Killer

462. Dwarstrike

463. Needle

464. Wrong Turn

465. Kill Catcher

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