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100 Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names

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Choose from a wide variety of funny, smart and strong team names!

Fantasy basketball is a fantasy sports version of the game basketball invented after the advent of the internet. It is an online formatted game.

Good fantasy basketball names are important to have, since they help in the creation of an unbreakable team spirit and bond. The name that you choose also gives the opponents some idea about the strength of your team. We have listed 100 great fantasy basketball team names here just for you!

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Powerful Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas

Choose from the following list of amazing names and intimidate your opponents now!

1. Air Buddies: For champions who fly during the game.

2. Ballers: For legendary ballplayers.

3. Basket Cases: For lovers of the basket!

4. Blasters: For powerhouses of energy.

5. Bouncer Squad: Bouncing around the court!

6. Bouncers: For bouncing champions who win.

7. Conquerors: So opponents know who will be the winner.

8. Deadly Dribblers: We mean business.

9. Destroyers: The opponents’ hope is destroyed.

10. Fire Flyers: Because we are fire on the court!

11. Fire Spinners: For the team that brings heat to the game.

12. Go Big Or Go Home: Only way to play the game.

13. Hoopers: The hoop is ours.

14. King Pins: For the Kings of the court.

15. Kings Of Kobe: Kings of the game, with Kobe’s name.

16. Knight Riders: We are knights that save the game.

17. Lords Of The Ring: We are the lords of the rings, always winning.

18. Meteors: We always shoot with heat.

19. Outlaws: Our talents are above the law.

20. Razers: Razing the other team to the ground.

21. Rim Shots: Always hitting the scores!

22. Ring Kings: We rule the game!

23. Runners: Running against time!

24. Shooters: Shooting the winning shots.

25. Stunners: Stunning opponents with our talent.

26. Supergiants: We run the game!

27. Supremos: Reigning supreme, always!

28. The Antagonists: Opponents are the protagonists.

29. The Walk: Always on that walk of power.

30. Thunderbolts: We work like thunderbolts.

31. Venomisers: Winning one way or another!

Cool Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Cool fantasy basketball team names are always welcome.

Here are some cool basketball team names for your fantasy basketball team!

32. Apocalyptics: Causing an apocalyptic response.

33. Baller Royals: For the royal members who belong in the game.

34. Balls N Rings: The only two things that matter.

35. Basket Wasps: They sting pretty bad!

36. Baskets N Robbins: Robbing baskets!

37. Die Hards: We take the game seriously.

38. Do Or Die: The game is life.

39. Dunkin’ Balls: Dunking balls left and right!

40. Fast N Fuming: Can’t catch us!

41. Fast Shooters: They shoot real fast!

42. Fiery Flowers: They bring the heat and the calm!

43. Friends N Foes: Friends off-court, foes on the court.

44. Got Us Hard!: Referencing Harden's name.

45. Hoop Hitters: Always hit the hoop, never miss!

46. Hoop Hoggers: Hogging the hoop from opponents.

47. John Wall Is Jealous: We're just so good!

48. Kings Of Balls: We rule!

49. Kobe is King: A tribute to Kobe Bryant.

50. Kobe Will Live On: Another tribute to Kobe.

51. Kobe’s Disciples: Wordplay with Kobe’s name.

52. Lightning Shots: They shoot at the speed of light!

53. Movers: Moving the opponents off the court.

54. One Up, One Down: Winning, even after losses.

55. Pride Of Paul George: We make everyone proud!

56. Rings N Curry: Wordplay on Steph Curry's name.

57. Send You Home: Sending opponents home forever.

58. Talk Of The Town: We win, and everyone knows!

59. The Unfazed: Unfazed by anything.

60. The Winning Walk: Always confident, always winning!

Funny Basketball Team Names

Alt tag – Choose a powerful team name for your basketball team.

Funny team names for basketball are a way of keeping it casual. Pick a name from the list given below!

61. Hoopsies: They score, but only accidentally.

62. Sideliners: They sit on the side more than they play.

63. Better Call Gasol: Wordplay version of the TV show, with the name of Gasol.

64. Balling Through Life: For the group to which the ball is life!

65. Cookies And Kareem: The icecream flavor everyone needs!

66. Crispy Kareem: A fantasy donut joint!

67. Curry On My Wayward Son: This is the name of the famous song, but with a twist.

68. Curry Up!: The common phrase 'hurry up' with Curry's name.

69. Everybody Loves Kawhi: Another wordplay of 'Everybody Loves Raymond', but with Kawhi's name.

70. Fine and Melo: For a team with fine players.

71. Geek Squad: Expect the absolute best!

72. Game Of Show: Only here to show off.

73. Geeky Sneaky: The nerd squad is here!

74. Honey, I Blew Up The Court: A twist of the movie's name.

75. Indiana Lones: For the loners!

76. Jingles All The Way: We bring the Christmas spirit to the court.

77. Bagels And Kareem Cheese: The ultimate snack!

78. Losersville: For the team that doesn't ever win!

79. Moot point: For the losing team!

80. Nashed Beans: It refers to player Steve Nash.

81. There Is Something About Ingles: It is a twist on the movie name.

82. Opera House: For the boring team that only screams!

83. Old School: For old school players who love the game.

84. Pacers: Walking is the new running.

85. Peasant Players: The team that knows nothing.

86. Power Grangers: Danny Granger and primary colors.

87. Raging Bol: Raging to win.

88. Render Your Mouth Shut: Shut your enemies up, but with the ball!

89. Rogue Intelligence: Intelligent in all the wrong ways.

90. Shattering Points: For players who shatter others with their talent.

91. Sham Dunk: For players who don't play too well.

92. Super Stars: Better than the opponents’ all-stars.

93. Slam Junk: Food & basketball: A better duo than Simon and Garfunkel.

94. The Perfectionistas: They strive to be the best.

95. The Short Players Club: So small you don’t see us coming.

96. Poster Malone: Referencing legendary Karl Malone.

97. Willie Nillie: Getting scores left and right!

98. Whose Shot Was It Anyway: A reference to the TV show.

99. Zipser Problems: Paul Zipser reference.

100. 'Zilla Vibes: We play like Godzilla, beware!

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