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'Game of Thrones' took the world by a storm after its television release.

Millions of fans all over the planet were glued to this series, which aired for eight seasons. 'Game of Thrones' is based on George R. R. Martin's fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

'Game of Thrones' had a record viewership on television and thus started having an international fan base. The story occurs in the fictional continents: named Westeros and Essos. Each Kingdom and each of the Houses aim to sit on the Iron Throne in Westeros, thereby taking control over the entire continent. The series and the novels reveal complex and tricky relations between each house and how they compete against each other to take advantage. Along with the familiar animals, 'Game of Thrones' has shown mystical animals like dragons. Another arc of the story deals with the White Walkers. They are dead zombies who follow their leader's directions, the Night King and want the end of all humanity. The series has shown a number of brutal deaths, battles, and engaging storyline with complex plots and brilliant character developments throughout the series and in the novels. For fantasy enthusiasts, choosing trivia and team names for the GoT fandom can be a brilliant idea. We have made an incredible list of some of the best 'Game of Thrones' trivia names for your fantasy team. Let the Games begin, and winter come early!

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Fancy Game Of Thrones Team Names

Game of Thrones dragon cover DVD collection with the dragon sculpture

Enlisted below are some of the best fancy 'Game of Thrones' team names. These names are wonderful for sophisticated teams.

1. A Feast for Flaccos - This is a lovely 'Game of Thrones' trivia team names.

2. A Team Has No Name

3. A Winter's Storm

4. Baratheon's Rebels

5. Beyond the Wall - This is one of the best trivia team names.

6. Bone Gardeners

7. Born to Be Wildling

8. Can't Stannis Leave

9. Cleveland Bronnsy

10. Dead Boys Walking

11. Dragon Class - This is a good trivia team name for a team.

12. Dreaming of Spring

13. Ending the Night Watch -The night watch had some brave soldiers. They had a tagline, 'the night is dark...'

14. Faceless Men of Braavos

15. Fighters of Future Wars

16. First Drowned God

17. Fishermen of the Riverlands

18. From the Dorne

19. Frozen Viserions

20. Gridiron Throne

21. Halfman, Half Amazing

22. Hand of the Vikings - Pun team names like these are elegant.

23. Hounds of Ramsey

24. House of Chargeryen

25. Insidious Imps

26. Jorah the Explorer

27. Kings of the Mountain

28. Lannister Lions

29. Lannister Schemister

30. Lord of the Andals

31. Master of Spies

32. Mother of Dragons

33. No Mercy - this would also be one of the right names for quiz teams.

34. Nose in a Book

35. Of Gods and Men

36. On the Kingsroad Again

37. Redskin Wedding

38. Release the Hound

39. Remembering the North

40. Roses of Tyrell

41. Sansa's Sentries

42. Sansa and Sansability

43. Sparrow's Eye

44. Strangers with Books

45. The Baratheon Stags

46. The Bell Ringers

47. The Captains

48. The Captives

49. The Children

50. The Dishonorables

51. The Dothrookies

52. The Kingsguard - this can also be one of the best 'Game of Thrones' fantasy league names.

53. The Little Liars

54. The Manning Faced God

55. The Martell Spears

56. The Memorists

57. The New Gods/Goddess

58. The Old Westerlands

59. The Promised Winter

60. The Rainy Day Crew

61. The Rebellion

62. The Red Ones

63. The Red Vipers

64. The Red Vipers of Sand - this is also one of the best Game of Thrones fantasy names.

65. The Red Women

66. The Rememberers

67. The Strangers

68. The Sword Storm

69. The Tennessee Twins

70. The Vipers

71. The Viper's Venom

72. The Watchers

73. Three-Eyed Ravens

74. Valerian Swords

75. Valyrian Steel Wheelers

76. Varys My Dragons?

77. ViKingslayer

78. We are Coming

79. We Snow Nothing

80. Westeros Division Rules

81. White Walker Privilege

82. Winner Is Coming

83. Winterfell Dire Wolves - this is a good one among 'Game of Thrones' group names.

84. Winterfell Wolves

85. Writers of Dark Words

Game Of Thrones Trivia Team Names

Here are some of the best' Game of Thrones' fantasy team names.

86. Andal Always Love You

87. Ask for Mercy

88. Black Stags

89. Bone Gardeners - 'Game of Thrones' pun team names like these are hilarious.

90. Can't Stannis Kill

91. Daenerys's Dragons

92. Dothraki Horse Lords

93. Game of Scones

94. Girls Gone Wilding

95. God's Lawyers

96. Grand Maester Parcells

97. House Chargeryen

98. In the Shadows

99. Justice for the Queen/King

100. Khal Throwgo

101. Lady Stoneheart

102. Lords/Ladies of Volantis

103. Mother of Gordons

104. Mothers of Dragons

105. No Mercy

106. Ours is the Fury

107. Stark Raven Mad

108. Stark's Rebels

109. Storm The Matt Cassel

110. Team Drogon

111. Team Valor

112. The Apprentices

113. The Arryn Falcons

114. The Baratheon Stag

115. The Black House

116. The Blue Winter Roses

117. The Clash of Clans

118. The Crow's Song

119. The Direwolves

120. The Red Woman

121. The Sand Snakes

122. The Shadow Creatures

123. The Sparrows

124. The Storm

125. The Sword Storm

126. To Sir With Hatred

127. Today Was Dragon Me Down - this is one of the best among funny 'Game of Thrones' names.

128. Tyrion and the Giants

129. Under Two Suns

130. Valyrian Steelers

131. Vikings of the North

132. Watchers on the Wall

133. Westeros Witches

134. Westeros Witches

135. Winner is Coming

136. Yoren Luck

Game Of Thrones Soccer Team Names

Game of thrones animated character

Every strong soccer fantasy team deserves an equally elegant and strong team name. Find out which team name you like the best.

137. A Strong Hodor - Good trivia team names like these need no introduction.

138. Arya Ready for This? - With the pun 'Arya ready', this one is one of the funny team names for trivia.

139. Baker of Chains - Funny' Game of Thrones' team names like these will draw applause even from your opponent's team.

140. Battle of the Bastards

141. Crasters Keepers

142. Crossing Massacre

143. Daknaeris Targetian

144. Davos Gave Us The Figure

145. Davos Seahawk

146. Dothraki Dragons

147. DwyerWolves

148. Faceless Men of Braavos

149. Famous Unsullied

150. Flight of the Harpies

151. From Behind the Vale

152. From the Dorne

153. Guardians of Dragonglass

154. High Fliers

155. Insidious Imps

156. Jaime's Fingers

157. Jaqen the Box

158. Jorah, the explorer? I Hardly Know 'ah - This is one of the funniest among 'Game of Thrones' puns team names.

159. Knight Life

160. Lannister Schmannister

161. Narrow Seahawks

162. No Jaqen Required

163. Queen of Thorns

164. Raisin Bran

165. Redskins Wedding

166. Release the Hound

167. Singers of Fire and Ice

168. Sons of the Harpies

169. Sons/Daughters of Harpies

170. Sparrow's Eye

171. Stalkborns

172. Stark Raving Mad

173. Stormborn

174. Team Valor

175. The Arryn Hawks

176. The Kingslayers

177. The Wolf and the Lions

178. Tyrion's Lions

179. Valyrian Steel Wheelers

180. Valyrian Steelers

181. Westeros Wildings

182. White Walkers

Cool Game Of Thrones Team Names

Fantasy is a cool game, and all cool teams need a cool name. Take a look and choose one for your side.

183. A Feast For Throws

184. Black Stags Black

185. Breaker of Rules

186. Can't Break Us

187. Crows Before Hos - Crows before Hos is a funny trivia team name.

188. Game of Julio Jones

189. Grey Worms

190. Hold The Gore

191. Impin' Ain't Easy

192. Lady Stoneheart

193. Lannister Lords/Ladies

194. Lords/Ladies of Dragonstone

195. Luck the Lannisters

196. Maesters Are Forever

197. Mother of Drogon

198. Narrowest Seahawks

199. No Jaqen Required

200. Slaver's Bay Buccaneers

201. Stark Raven Mad

202. Stark's Rebels

203. Tate's Golden Crown

204. The Castamere Crew

205. The Crow's Song

206. Three Hodors Down

207. Tommen and a Brady

208. Tyrionasarus Rex Ryan

209. Walders of Frey

210. Winter Wonderland

Game Of Thrones Team Names Ideas

Fantasy is a team game, and enlisted below are some of the best' Game of Thrones' team names.

211. Cassel Black

212. Dark and Full of Terrors

213. Dreaming of Spring

214. Ending the Watch

215. Fighting Through the Storm

216. Game of Gridiron Thrones

217. Game of Throws

218. Heirs to the Iron Throne

219. House McCoy

220. Mover of Chains

221. Night Vikings

222. Of Gods and Men

223. Protectors of the Realm

224. Samwell Bradford

225. Stark Raving Mad

226. Team Dragon Drogon

227. Terrance Westeros

228. The Shadow Creatures

229. The Spiders

230. The Winter Winds

231. Theon Sanders

232. Vernon Davos

233. Westeros Coast Offense

234. Wolves and Lions

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