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68 Best Halfling Last Names

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The word halfling came from the scout word 'hauflin'and it means awkward rustic teenager who is neither a boy nor a man but half of both.

Halflings were first introduced in Dungeon & Dragons. They are little, curious, and friendly creatures with astounding luck that always saves them from trouble.

Halflings are known as "Hin" among themselves. And people from the other races call them "Good People". Halfling surnames are crucial in Dungeons & Dragons games as they portray important characters. They have typically two names. The first is the name which is personal and the other which is passed down to them through their paternal bloodline which is known as a Family name. They achieve adulthood at the age of 20.  They like to live peacefully among each other as a community with large farms and a well-kept groove. They don't have a separate land to live but like living with other races where they can benefit. Use this name generator list to discover some awesome surnames for your character.

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Halfling Male Last Names

Here we list some last names for male Halflings.

1. Amster (Dutch origin) meaning an 'office prank'.

2. Bamuwhan: A Bamu surname.

3. Blindaizzus: Male surname meaning 'young trunks'.

4. Cinderwing (Breezasters name) meaning 'warriors.'

5. Cloudwhirl: This name originated from the story sky squad.

6. Dewforce: This male surname meaning 'force of the voiceless'.

7. Eavlunve: This name evolved from the word 'evolution'.

8. Eblus: This means 'principal evil spirit'.

9. Edrisrath: This name means 'not complicated.'

10. Faigru: This is another Halfling name originated from word 'figure'.

11. Farroot: This name originated from word 'feorr'.

12. Granndshine: This is another Halfling name meaning 'well established method'.

13. Holbia: This has Greek origin meaning 'happy town'.

14. Nobleroot: This name means 'cultivated deliberately'.

15. Paleflow: This name has Halfling Origin.

16. Pineflaw: This is another common Halfling name.

17. Richroot: This means 'implications of olive'.

18. Softsong: This is common among Dungeons & Dragons players.

19. Sunhelm: This has English origin.

20. Vlambig: This has a cat family origin.

Halfling Female Last Names

Here is the list of Halfling last names for female characters.

21.  Abrind: It is a common female name among many Halflings.

22.  Ainin: This name has Islamic origin meaning 'eyes'.

23.  Blossomheart: This is common Halfling girls last name.

24.  Brighthelm: It is old English word meaning 'stony valley.'

25.  Forestwith: This is Latin origin name.

26.  Fullridge: This name has Anglo Saxon origin.

27.  Imdalval: This is common Halfling girls last name.

28.  Islox: This has Scandinavian origin.

29.  Keenvale: This name originated from East.

30.  Klulnialmol: This is common Halfling girls last name.

31.  Leafheart: This means 'pride'.

32.  Leafhelm: It has Pennsylvanian origin.

33.  Moonguard: This was the name of character in games World of Warcraft.

34.  Raincrest: It means 'ambitious and independence'.

35.  Rainwhirl: It means 'mele crest'.

36.  Reddew: This is common Halfling girls last name.

37.  Rizzu: It means 'different and playful'.

38.  Singlegem: This is common Halfling girls last name.

39.  Ybrilul: It is a soft Halfling girl name.

Unique Halfling Last Names

names for halfing teenagers

Halflings are unique creatures in the game pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons. Below is the list of new and unique halfling names.

40.  Abernathy: Meaning  'confluence of rivers'.

41.  Agapov: Meaning 'to love'.

42.  Amos: Meaning 'to carry'.

43.  Barlowe: Meaning 'one who lives on the hill'.

44.  Driscoll: Meaning 'descendent of the messenger'.

45.  Einar: Meaning  'Bold warrior'.

46.  Ellis: Meaning 'benevolent'.

47.  Elrod: Meaning  'God is the king'.

48.  Kami (Japanese) meaning 'God'

49.  Rossi: Meaning 'Red-haired'.

50.  Singh (pronounced: seeng) meaning  'Lion'

51.  Vandenberg: Meaning 'from the mountains'.

Funny Halfling Last Names

Funny halfling names stand out in the crowd. It leaves a lasting impression on another adventurer. Below is the list of different yet funny names of halflings race that makes best names for both females and males.

52.  Bullroarer: This means 'ancient musical instrument'.

53.  Flowale: Derived from writing named Whispering Pines.

54.  Ironless: This has middle English origin.

55.  Laughingmap: This is another common name among Halflings race.

56.  Smoothbread: This is another common name that Halflings share.

57.  Weteye: It has Halfling origin.

58.  Zaragamba: This has English origin.

Unisex Surnames Of Halflings

The surname of halflings are one of the vital parts of their existence as it comes down from generations. Below is the list of new surnames that goes well with both females or males irrespective of their gender.

59.  Brushgather: It has Bounty Hunter origin.

60.  Goodbarrel: This is another Halfling name meaning 'thief'.

61.  Greenbottle: This name means 'a common fly.'

62.  High-Hill: This means high altitude.

63.  Hiltopple: This is another Halfling name.

64.  Leagallow: This has dragon age origin.

65.  Tealeaf: This is Halfling name.

66.  Thorngage: This means 'dream of living in the harmonious world'.

67.  Tosscobble: This name means 'Beast master'.

68.  Underbough: This name means 'low lying branch of tree'.

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