120 Best Hindu Baby Boy Names

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Hindu names are used all across the globe.

Hinduism is the third most followed religion in the world behind Islam and Christianity. Modern Hindu baby boy names are widely used in several South Asian countries, mainly India and Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and others.

The beginning of the Hindu religion is uncertain as it is considered the oldest religion of humanity. However, it is said that the advent of Aryans in the Indian Peninsula gave rise to this religion. The majority of the Hindu boy names are based on and originated from the ancient Sanskrit language and Sanskrit names. It is also supposed to be one of the oldest languages on the planet. The names are derived from the holy Hindu texts like the Vedas, Puranas, and other ancient texts. However, other names are native to India. They can be said to have originated from the language Hindi which is derived from Sanskrit. We have made a list of the best Hindu and Indian baby names for boys. Scroll down and see which is ideal for your baby.

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Beautiful Hindu Boy Names

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Hindu baby names for boys derived from Indian God, such as Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, are considered auspicious, and here's the list of these beautiful and auspicious Indian names.

1. Aadesh (Indian origin) meaning "order or commands".

2. Aadrik (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the sun rising between the mountains".

3. Aahan (Indian origin) meaning "dawn or the sunrise".

4. Aakash (Indian origin) meaning "the sky". This is a popular Hindu name among Indian boy names for a baby.

5. Abhinav (Indian origin) meaning "unique". Abhinav Brinda won the Olympic gold medal in shooting for India.

6. Ajay (Sanskrit origin) meaning "someone invincible". Ajay Jadeja was an Indian cricketer.

7. Akshay (Sanskrit origin) meaning "one who is immortal". Akshay Kumar is a famous Bollywood actor. This is one of the best Hindu baby boy names.

8. Anik (Indian origin) meaning "strong". This is one of the names of Lord Ganesha.

9. Arijit (Indian origin) meaning "one who triumphs over his enemies". Arijit Singh is a famous singer of India.

10. Arjun (Sanskrit origin) meaning "honor, bright, courageous". Arjun Kapoor is a popular Bollywood actor.

11. Aryan (Indian origin) meaning "spiritual".

12. Ashok (Indian origin) "happy and content". Ashoka was one of India's greatest emperors. Among the special baby names.

13. Bharat (Sanskrit origin) meaning "clever". It is often referred to as the god of Fire. Bharat is the Hindi name of India. One of the baby names with various meanings.

14. Chetan (Indian origin) meaning "someone who is intelligent". Chetan Sharma was an Indian cricketer, and Chetan Bhagat is a famous Indian writer.

15. Chirag (Sanskrit origin) meaning "lamp".

16. Deepak (Sanskrit origin) meaning "light or lamp". Deepak Chahar is an Indian cricketer. Deepak Adhikari, aka Dev, is a famous Tollywood actor. Among the common baby names from India.

17. Dev (Sanskrit origin) meaning "Almighty God". Dev Anand was one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema.

18. Devansh (Sanskrit origin) meaning "a part of God."

19. Dhruv (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the pole star". Polaris is referred to by this name as the North Star or the Lead star. Dhruv Rathee is a popular Indian Youtuber.

20. Dipankar (Indian origin) meaning "flames or light". Dipankar Dey is a Bengali actor.

21. Gaurav (Sanskrit origin) meaning "honor, pride, and dignity". Gaurav Chatterjee is a famous Bengali actor.

22. Gautam (Sanskrit origin) meaning "wisest." Gautam Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. Gautam Gambhir is a retired Indian cricketer.

23. Hari (Sanskrit origin) meaning "someone who does away with evil". Hari is also the other name of Lord Vishnu.

24. Indra (Sanskrit origin) meaning "King of all Gods". Lord Indra was the King of all Hindu Gods.

25. Ishaan (Sanskrit origin) means "sun or someone who brings in many riches". Ishaan Kishan is an Indian cricketer. Among the popular Hindu baby names.

26. Jay (Indian origin) meaning "victory". Jay Shetty is a world-renowned Indian-origin British author and motivational speaker. One of the baby names also common is other cultures.

27. Jeet (Indian origin) meaning "success or victory". Jeet Ganguly is a famous Bengali music director.

28. Kabir (Arabic origin) meaning "great". Kabir was the name of a great Sufi Saint.

29. Kamal (Sanskrit origin) means "Lotus flower". Kamal Haasan is a popular Indian actor.

30. Kanishk (Sanskrit origin) meaning "an old king who followed the religion of Buddhism." Kanishk Seth is an Indian cricketer.

31. Karan (Indian origin) meaning "an intelligent person." Karan Johar is a famous Indian film director.

32. Karthik (Sanskrit origin) meaning "someone who bestows courage." Karthik Raj is an Indian film actor. This is a famous Hindu name.

33. Kavyansh (Sanskrit origin) meaning "intelligence or someone who is born with poetry".

34. Kiaan (Modern English origin) meaning "by God's grace". Kiaan Nasiri is a young Indian footballer who is the son of Jamshed Nasiri, a famous footballer.

35. Kunal (Sanskrit origin) meaning "Lotus". Kunal Kamra is a popular Indian stand-up comedian. Kunal Nayyar played the role of Rajesh Koothrappali in the popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

36. Kushal (Indian origin) means "clever". Kushal Tandon is an Indian actor.

37. Lalit (Indian origin) meaning "graceful, charming and handsome". Lalit is a famous Indian music composer who is part of the Jatin-Lalit music duo. One of the meaningful baby names.

38. Malhar (Sanskrit origin) refers to the very popular 'Malhar' raag of traditional Indian classical music.

39. Manish (Indian origin) meaning "God of mind". Manish Malhotra is a famous fashion designer, and Manish Agarwal is an Indian cricketer.

40. Mohan (Indian origin) meaning "someone who can easily charm others with his looks". Mohan Joshi is an Indian actor.

41. Nakul (Sanskrit origin) refers to one of the Pandavas. Nakul was the twin of Sahadev. The name Nakul is another name of Lord Shiva.

42. Nikshith (Indian origin) meaning "someone who has a striking, sharp personality".

43. Omkar (Sanskrit origin) refers to the holy Hindu word 'Om'. Omkar is another name of Lord Shiva.

44. Pankaj (Sanskrit origin) meaning "Lotus". Pankaj Advani is a famous Billiards player who has been a 23 time-World Champion.

45. Parag (Sanskrit origin) meaning "pollen of a flower".  One of the baby names with a nature-related meaning.

46. Parikshit (Sanskrit origin) meaning "someone who has gone through a test or has been tested". This name is referred to as the 'son of Abhimanyu'.  

47. Parth (Sanskrit origin) meaning "way". Parth is another name for Arjuna, who was one of the Pandavas. Parth Jindal is a famous Indian business tycoon.

48. Raghav (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the descendants of Lord Ram". Raghav Chatterjee is a Bengali singer.

49. Rahul (Indian origin) meaning "someone who is competent as well as efficient". Rahul Gandhi is a famous Indian politician and a Member of the Indian Parliament, while Rahul Dravid is considered one of India's greatest cricketers.

50. Rajat (Indian origin) meaning "courageous". Rajat Kapoor is a popular Indian actor.

51. Rajesh (Indian origin) meaning "King of all the Kings". Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar in Bollywood.

52. Rakesh (Sanskrit origin) meaning "full moon". Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go to space.

53. Ranveer (Indian origin) meaning "hero of a war or battle". Ranveer Singh is a famous Bollywood actor.

54. Rishabh (Indian origin) meaning "superior to everything". Rishabh Pant is a young Indian cricketer.

55. Rohan (Indian origin) meaning "a blossom". Rohan Joshi is a popular Indian comedian. Among the common names for a baby boy.

56. Rohit (Indian origin) meaning "a rainbow or the first rays of the sun". Rohit Sharma is a famous Indian cricketer.

57. Rudra (Sanskrit origin) meaning "he who removers pain". Rudra was the other name of Lord Shiva. Rudra Partap Singh is a retired Indian cricketer.

58. Sabhya (Indian origin) meaning "in an ordered manner".

59. Sachin (Sanskrit origin) meaning "pure or affectionate". This is also a name of Lord Shiva. Sachin Tendulkar is a world-famous Indian cricketer. He is considered the greatest batsman to have ever played the game.

60. Sahil (Sanskrit origin) meaning "bank of a sea or ocean."

61. Sanjay (Indian origin) name meaning "victorious." Sanjay Dutt is a famous Indian actor.

62. Sarat (Sanskrit origin) refers to "the season of autumn". Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was an iconic Bengali novelist.

63. Sarthak (Sanskrit origin) meaning "good job."

64. Shayan (Indian origin) meaning "a courageous person who deserves good things".

65. Shreyan (Indian origin) name meaning "fame."

66. Siddharth (Sanskrit origin) meaning "someone who has accomplished many things in life". Siddharth was the name of Buddha before he attained enlightenment.

67. Soham (Indian origin) meaning "every soul has God in it."

68. Spandan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the sound of a heartbeat".

69. Suman (Sanskrit origin) meaning "good mind".

70. Tanay (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "a son".

71. Utkarsh (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "awakening".

72. Vaibhav (Sanskrit origin) meaning "an individual who is fortunate, intelligent, and prosperous". Vaibhav Setia is a popular Indian stand up comedian.

73. Varun (Sanskrit origin) name refers to the Hindu 'God of Water'. He is also often referred to as Neptune. Varun Dhawan is a Bollywood actor.

74. Vatsal (Indian origin) name meaning "someone adorable and affectionate."

75. Veer (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "brave and courageous."

76. Vijay (Sanskrit origin) meaning "victory or success." Vijay Shankar is an Indian cricketer.

77. Viraj (Indian origin) name meaning "king".

78. Virat (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "brilliant or majestic". Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer and is considered one of the best of this generation.

79. Yakshit (Indian origin) meaning "Almighty God or one who will never cease to exist."

80. Yash (Indian origin) meaning "fame and glory". Yash Chopra was a famous Indian director.

81. Yuvraj (Indian origin) name meaning "prince". Yuvraj Singh is a famous Indian retired cricketer.

Fancy Hindu Boy Names

Two Multi ethnic babies sitting together

Below is the list of all the fancy Indian baby names for your baby boy.

82. Aarav (Indian origin) name meaning "wisdom."

83. Aarnik (Indian origin) meaning "being one of its kind or something unique."

84. Abhay (Indian origin) meaning "brave or someone devoid of fear". Abhay Deol is a popular Bollywood actor.

85. Anvit (Indian origin) meaning "an individual who leads/guides others."

86. Arnav (Indian origin) name meaning "ocean".

87. Aruj (Indian origin) meaning "bright rising sun."

88. Arush (Indian origin) meaning "first rays of the sun".

89. Aviraj (Indian origin) name meaning "King of Kings."

90. Bhargav (Indian origin) name refers to Lord Shiva.

91. Chandan (Sanskrit origin) name refers to the Sandalwood tree.

92. Daiwik (Indian origin) meaning "sacred".

93. Darshil (Indian origin) meaning "one who is good looking, attractive, and sober." Darshil Safari is an Indian actor.

94. Dhruvam (Indian origin) meaning "the enduring sound."

95. Divyansh (Indian origin) meaning "a part of God and the divine light."

96. Durjoy (Indian origin) meaning "moon". Durjoy Dutta is a popular Indian writer.

97. Himanshu (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "moon."

98. Hitansh (Indian origin) meaning "Lord of Goodness."

99. Hrithik (Indian origin) meaning "an intelligent person." Hrithik Roshan, a famous Bollywood actor, has this name.

100. Kairav (Indian origin) meaning "one who is born from the water."

101. Lakshya (Indian origin) meaning "target or goal". 'Lakshya' is the name of a famous Bollywood movie.

102. Manoj (Sanskrit origin) meaning "something that forms in the mind".

103. Mehul (Indian origin) name means "rain".

104. Naitik (Indian origin) meaning "an individual with good moral values and classy nature".

105. Neil (Indian origin) meaning "blue".

106. Prateek (Indian origin) meaning "the first word of a sentence".

107. Pratham (Sanskrit origin) meaning "number one or first".

108. Pratyush (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "dawn".

109. Reyansh (Indian origin) meaning "the first rays of light."

110. Riddhiman (Indian origin) meaning "someone who possesses good fortune."

111. Sharvil (Indian origin) meaning "sacred to Lord Shiva". This is a beautiful name for a Hindu baby boy.

112. Shashank (Indian origin) name meaning "the moon".

113. Shaurya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "bravery and power."

114. Tejas (Indian origin) meaning "sharpness".

115. Tushar (Sanskrit origin) meaning "mist or fine drops of water or snow". Tushar Kapoor is an Indian actor.

116. Vihaan (Indian origin) meaning the "dawn of a new era."

117. Vivaan (Indian origin) meaning "the first rays of the sun."

118. Vivek (Sanskrit origin) meaning "conscience." Vivek Oberoi is an Indian actor. Modern Hindu names like Vivek are common.

119. Yashvir (Indian origin) meaning "brave and glorious."

120. Yuvaan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "youth". This name is often referred to as the moon and to Lord Shiva. This is a unique baby Hindu baby name.

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