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100 Best Hotel Names That Will Have A Great Reception

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Hotels are homes away from home where we all go to de-stress or stay when we are on trips, whether for business or pleasure.  

The hospitality industry is teeming with many successful hotels. And every day, yet more are popping up. Choosing a hotel name is one of the most important decisions to make when starting a new hotel business.

It is all about building your brand and your image. You have to make sure to choose a name that goes out ahead and represents properly what the service and concepts are.

The most successful names of hotels like the 'Four Seasons' are snappy and classy, very appealing to potential customers.

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Popular Hotel Names

White bathtub on a wooden floor in a bright bathroom.

If you are looking for resort names with a ring, here is a list of hotel name ideas beyond the 'Four Seasons.'

1. Air Hotel: this is a whimsical abode built off the ground.

2. Amangiri Resort: a luxurious hotel designed to blend into the desert landscape.

3. Atholl Palace Hotel: a castle hotel overlooking the Scottish highlands.

4. Attrap Reves: a really great restaurant that incorporates nature in its approach. It is located in France.

5. Barin Ski Resort: situated in Iran, the Barin Ski is a futuristic resort with world-class reception and service.

6. Fairy Chimney Hotel: unlike its fairy hotel name suggests, this hotel has an extraterrestrial theme to it. It is located in Turkey.

7. Free Spirit Spheres: this is a spherical resort hotel consisting of tree houses.

8. Hotel de Glace: this is a magical hotel sculpted with ice. It is located in Canada.

9. Ice Hotel: just like the name suggests, it is an ice hotel in Sweden.

10. Iglu Dorf: an Igblo hotel in Switzerland.

11. Jade Mountain: a stunning tropical paradise and luxury hotel in St. Lucia.

12. Jade Screen Hotel: this breathtaking hotel is built into the cliffs.

13. Juvet Landscape Hotel is a Norwegian fairytale forest resort with glass walls and dramatized decor.

14. Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is a magnificent edifice of a winter wonderland in Finland.

15. Koija Star Beds is a hotel that serves a resort in Kenya. Guests can expect a star-studded experience.

16. Magic Mountain Lodge: a Chilean eco-tourist location.

17. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge: means “The Blackhole” in Massai. The safari is often called the Eden of Africa.

18. Orient Express Safari Camp: another hotel that serves a game reserve.

19. Poseidon Undersea Resort is such a funny name, though as the name suggests, it's an underwater resort in Fiji.

20. Propeller Island City Lodge: a unique hotel in Germany.

21. Quinta Real Zacatecas: a grand and elegant hotel hosted in a bullring.

22. Sala Silvermine is an underground hotel that is named after a mine of the same name.

23. Singita Sweni: a very luxurious game reserve in South Africa.

24. Sorrisniva Iglo Hotel: as the name suggests, the Sorrisniva is an ice resort.

24. The Atomium: a hotel that takes a communal living approach to its room and boarding.

25. The Caves Resort: an oceanfront resort in Jamaica that has a luxurious reception. It is built into actual cliffs.

26. The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel: a Swedish hotel situated in a winter tree landscape. A gorgeous inn hotel with a friendly feel.

27. The Oberoi: It's an internationally recognized business names for hotels.

28. Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel: this hotel is a paradise. Each room has an infinity pool overlooking the jungle.

29. Viceroy Hotel: this is a stunning hotel in Bali, Indonesia. It's one of the fanciest business names for hotels.

Funny Hotel Names

Here is a list of hotel names that are funny, they would make perfect motel names, would suit a boutique bed and breakfast, a cute family run inn hotel, maybe even a resorts hotel.

30. Adrere Amellal Ecolodge: a hotel built into the natural environment in Egypt.

31. Aurora Express: true to its name, this Alaskan hotel is on a converted train.

32. Buqshan Hotel: an edifice of color in an arid landscape in Yemen

33. Cabanes Als Arbres: this is a treehouse hotel in Spain.

34. Citizen M Hotel: another quirky named hotel in England.

35. Crazy Bear Hotel: an extravagant and chic hotel in the UK.

36. Eco Camp Patagonia: an eco-friendly place that has comfortable domes.

37. Hotel Jested: a mountain top hotel.

38. FantaSuite Hotel: a hotel in Minnesota with rooms that are strangely themed.

39. Giraffe Manor: here, hoteliers can interact with giraffes while enjoying their holiday.

40. Grotta Palazzese Hotel: this is a hotel built into a cave on the Mediterranean Sea.

41. Hotel Antumalal: this luxurious girl incorporates rich colors and textures to create lush private gardens.

42. Hotel Costa Verde 727 Fuselage: a long name for a hotel but has a good brand recall.

43. Hotel Endemico: this is a really funny name for a hotel, especially in the time of the global pandemic. Mexico

44. Hotel Missoni: this hotel has a modern style, sleek design, and vibrant colors.

45. Hotel Parador de Ronda: this is a converted town hall overseeing a beautiful gorge in Spain.

46. Hotel Puerta America: a Spanish hotel with an exotic and futuristic design.

47. Jumbo Stay: a Boeing 747 plane that has been converted into a hotel.

48. Katikies Hotel: an astonishing hotel with pristine white walls overlooking the sea.

49. Klapsons Hotel: a highly sensory and futuristic hotel in Singapore.

50. Kolarbyn: a collection of traditional forest huts in the woods for a back to nature experience.

51. Locanda Rosa Rosae Inn: this particular Italian hotel's name is quite a mouthful.

52. Monte Bianco: another mountainside hotel in Italy.

53. New Hotel: this hotel name is a perfect case of less being more.

54. One by the Five Hotel: a romance themed hotel in France.

55. Saguaro Hotel: an exciting hotel in California known for its interiors.

56. Seven Hotel: A sleek, modernist hotel in Paris, one of the good business names.

57. Sofitel So Bangkok: a modern western-style hotel in Indonesia.

58. TreeHouse Point: this particular hotel provides little cabins in the woods.

59. Wanderlust Hotel: a very funny and intriguing name for a unique hotel in Singapore. A great way of naming your hotel.

60. W Retreat & Spa: an exotic getaway in Puerto Rico.

61. Yankee Ferry: as the name suggests, this hotel is a ferry. It's a catchy hotel name.

62. Yellow Submarine Hotel: this hotel is hosted on the water.

Fancy Hotel Names

Hands of hotel maid putting flowers on the stack of towels.

The name of a hotel speaks a lot about it and its potential customers. Fancy resort names are one of the best types of hotel names and tend to get the best reception.  Maybe one of these hotel name ideas will be perfect for your business.

63. Arte Luise Kunsthotel: a hotel in Germany with uniquely styled rooms.

64. Barcelo Raval Hotel: a hotel in Spain with very bold designs.

65. Borealis Hotel: a hotel in Iceland from which you can see the Aurora Borealis. One of the coolest hotel names.

66. Burj Al Arab: one of the most iconic Dubai hotels with a resort spa.

67. Chalet White Pearl: a luxurious chalet in France.

68. Earthship Biotecture: a modern hotel that incorporates plant life in its design.

69. El Cosmico Hotel: unlike the name suggests, this is a collection of renovated RVs, Yurts, and Teepees.

70. Grand Daddy Hotel: a rooftop trailer park designed with Sheik, it's a catchy hotel name

71. Hotel Au Vieux Panier: this is a very artistic hotel in France.

72. Hotel Everland: an exclusive one-roomed hotel in France that overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

73. Hotel Le Moulin du Roc: a lounge rich with foliage and modern design.

74. Hotel Marques de Riscal: this name sounds like the name of royalty.

75. Hotel Sidi Driss: this is a very fancy name for a luxurious hotel in Tunisia.

76. Hotel Villa Honegg: a luxurious hotel in Switzerland.

77. Huvafen Fushi Resort: a tropical resort in the Maldives, it has world-famous sparkling lights in its swimming pools.

78. Igloo Hotel Kakslauttanen: another Scandinavian hotel from which you can comfortably experience the Northern lights.

79. La Balade des Gnomes: this is a fancy name for a bed and breakfast but it's still fancy.

80. La Claustra: this is an underground hotel in Switzerland

81. Marataba: a luxurious wilderness resort in South Africa.

82. Marina Bay Sands: an exotic hotel in Singapore with an infinity pool that overlooks the skyline.

83. Palacio de Sal: this hotel in Bolivia sounds like a palace already.

84. The Cambrian: this is another luxury hotel in Switzerland.

85. Una Vittoria: a mixture of old and new designs in Italy.

86. Vatnajokull Glacier This is an ice hotel located in Europe’s biggest glacier.

Luxury Hotel Names

Fancy hotels are usually luxury hotels. Some of these are the top hotel brands, see if you can take any hotel name ideas from them.

87. Armani Hotel: an uber-expensive world-class hotel in Dubai.

88. Boscolo Exedra: this is a luxury hotel in Italy.

89. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez: a hotel started by one of France’s noble families, it is one of the most exclusive business names for hotels. Some consider the Hyatt the best brand name for hotels in the world.

90. Hotel Areias do Seixo: a top luxury hotel in Portugal.

91. Hotel Plaza Athenèe: a luxurious hotel with famed flower arrangements and private kitchens for guests.

92. Hotel President Wilson Royal: one of the world's most luxurious and catchy hotels with a name that just exudes luxury.

93. Hotel Villa Honegg: a luxury enclave located in the Swiss Alps.

94. Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel: a colorful architectural edifice providing top luxury service in Morocco.

95. Lover’s Deep Luxury: a submarine hotel in St. Lucia.

96. Marrakech Hotel: another Moroccan hotel. It too uses very beautiful colors to provide breathtaking luxury.

98. Raj Palace Hotel: built-in 1727, it is the costliest hotel in all of Asia and the epitome of hotel luxury on the continent.

99. Sheraton Hotel: a world-class multi-purpose hotel and conference center in Lagos, Nigeria.

100. Taj Lake Palace: a beautiful catchy hotel situated in the middle of a lake in India, also one of the most famous hotels.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for hotel names why not look at names that mean wanderer, or for something different try victorian names.

Main image credit: Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

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