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265 Best Leopard Names

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Leopards are graceful wild cats.

Leopards are nocturnal in nature and are quite majestic in their movements. They are also excellent swimmers.

Leopards are members of the Felidae family, commonly known as the cat family or feline family and the sub-family of this magnificent big cat is Pantherinae. The spots on a Leopard's body resemble a rose; hence they are called rosettes; these rosettes are dark in color. Black leopards are often confused with black panther because of similar body coloring. Leopards are mainly carnivores and feed on other animals. Leopards are one of the endangered wildlife species. As the leopard population is decreasing due to habitat loss and poaching, leopards are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

Leopards are being hunted by people for medicinal practices and ornamental purposes. People like African chiefs, European queens, Hollywood film stars, and burlesque dancers used leopard skin as popular decorative clothing and as a symbol of power, wealth, and exotic life. Leopards are territorial animals; they prefer living alone. Leopards have been a part of human history and have been featured in art, mythology, and folklore; according to Greek mythology, God Dionysus used leopards for transportation.

The names for a leopard can also be a great name for your Bengal cat. That is because both of them belong to the feline family.  Take a look at these leopard names. Or for more cat name inspiration, take a look at Tiger Names and Names Meaning Lion.

Unique Male Names For Leopards

Male leopards love to be alone and spend most of their time with themselves; this makes them quite unique. Here is a list of unique male leopard names.

1. Alex

2. Alp

3. Apollo

4. Apie

5. Bailey

6. Bengie

7. Bert

8. Boo

9. Bongo

10. Chester - A god name for a Bengal cat as well.

11. Chip

12. Dale

13. Frank

14. Gato - this is the Spanish word for a cat.

13. Hunter

14. Ingimar

15. Jude

16. Kumo

17. Leonard - sounds like leopard!

18. Milo

19. Onyx

20. Rajah

21. Saber

22. Sammy

23. Shade

24. Shadow

25. Sheba

26. Shiva

27. Spot

28. Tao

29. Theo

30. Teddy

31. Topaz

32. Trapper

33. Trixie

34. Valley

Unique Female Leopard Names

Browsing for good leopard names? A female leopard is called a leopardess. Check out these exotic cats' names for female leopardess.

35. Altai

36. Amber

37. Amie

38. Blaze

39. Beth

40. Chase

41. Dakota

42. Earlie

43. Ella

44. Forest

45. Frisky

46. Galaxy

47. Jasmine

48. Lola

49. Louie

50. Mercury

51. Mikey

52. Mitzie

53. Miss Misty

54. Peaches

55. Zara

56. Zelda

Male Snow Leopard Names

Browsing names for Snow leopards? Here are some male white snow leopard name inspired by snow and the color-white.

57. Avalanche

58. Bethan

59. Bodhi

60. Eskimo

61. Flash

62. Frost

63. Gannett

64. Goji

65. Iceberg - a frosty name for a snow leopard.

66. Igloo

67. Kovo

68. Layan

69. Mist

68. Moon

69. Monty

70. Sabu

71. Shred

72. Sky

73. Snow man

74. Snowy

75. Storm

76. Tai

77. Yeti

78. Yuki

79. Zarak

80. Zelda

Female Snow Leopard Names

Looking for the perfect name for your snow leopard? Then, your search is over. Here is a list of snow inspired female leopard names.

81. Alba

82. Blanca

83. Chalky

84. Fiona

85. Fir

86. Flaky

87. Glacier

88. Ivory

89. Marble

90. Melvina

91. Misty

92. Nevada

93. Paloma

94. Pearl

95. Peppermint

96. Pine

97. Rosalba

98. Sesi

99. Snow flower

100. Snow white

111. Sugar

112. Vail

113. Valens

114. Zima

Famous Leopard Names

A white Snow leopard lies with piercing yellow eyes

To help you choose the perfect names for leopards, we have enlisted some famous leopard names and famous feline names.

115. Adolar (M) from 'Pantomine Comar'.

116. Aslan (M) from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

117. Badilli (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

118. Bagheera (M) from 'The Jungle Book'.

119. Battle cat (M) from 'Master of the universe'.

120. Bubsy (M) from 'Bob Cat'.

121. Chandre (M) from 'Eduard Espinsky'.

122. Chuluun (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

123. Clarence (M) from 'Daktari'.

124. Drooper (M) from 'Banana Splits'.

125. Grogarman (M) from 'Michael end'.

126. Gwenhwyfar (M) from 'Black Panther'.

127. Makucha (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

128. Mapigano (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

129. Nala (F) from 'The Lion King'.

130. Phango (M) from 'Khumba'.

131. Princess Romy (F) from 'Around The Word With Willy Fog'.

132. Sabor (M) from 'Tarzan'.

133. Shere Khan (M) from 'The Jungle Book'.

134. Simba (M) from 'The Lion King'.

135. Siri (M) from 'Rigrats Go Wild'.

136. Stelmaria (F) from 'His Dark Materials'.

137. Sultan (M) from 'Delhi Safari'.

138. Tai Lung (M) from 'Kung Fu Panda'.

139. Trey (M) from 'Rock Dog'.

140. Yambo (M) from 'Our Friend Yambo'.

141. Yun Mibu (M) from 'The Lion Gaurd'.

142. Yuvraj (M) from 'Delhi Safari'.

Cool Leopard Names

We have prepared a list of cool names for leopards to match with their cool personality; check out the names enlisted below.

143. Atlas (F)

144. Astras (M)

145. Diana (F)

146. Max (M)

147. Mercury (M)

148. Nemo (M)

149. Noah (M)

150. Pluto (M)

151. Shorty (M)

152. Zeus (M)

Fun Leopard Names

Looking for a baby leopard name? Wondering what to name your wild cat? Here are some fun names for leopards.

153. Leonard (M)

154. Leon (M)

155. Lila (F)

156. Leoni (F)

157. Lipi (F)

158. Mr Lee (M)

159. Mr Opard (M)

160. Pardiee (F)

161. Parody (F)

162. Polly (F)

Snow Leopard And White Tiger Names

What better inspiration than nature itself? Here are some names based on nature for your furry feline big cat, snow leopard, and white tiger.

163. Buttercup (F)

164. Calla Lily (F)

165. Clematis (F)

166. Ghost Gum (M)

167. Limestone (M/F)

168. Phlox (M/F)

169. Quaking Aspen (M)

170. Rhododendron (M/F)

171. Snow-drop (M/F)

172. Stephanotis (M/F)

173. Sycamore (M)

174. Wheat (M)

175. White Polar (M)

Good Tiger Names

To help you choose a great, cool name for your tiger, we have put together some good tiger names for tigers and tigresses that you will surely love.

176. Miss Gress (F)

177. Mr Tee (M)

178. Tea-grass (F)

179. Tee-gress (F)

180. Tig (M)

181. Tigain (F)

182. Tigger (M)

183. Tisca (F)

184. Tirian (M)

185. Trigger (M)

Cool Bengal Cat Names

To put an end to your endless search-ing, we have put together a list of cool Bengal cat names for Bengal tigers.

186. Baghi (M)

187. Banglar Bagh (M)

188. Belinda (F)

189. Ben-cat (M)

190. Bengy (F)

191. Beenu (F)

192. Bigbie (F)

193. Big-kitty (F)

194. Birala (M)

195. Cita (F)

196. Gal-cat (F)

197. Galeico (M)

198. Simha (M)

Cool Black Big Cat Names

Searching for a cool name for big black cats, which matches its personality? Here are some great names for a big wild cat.

199. Ash (M)

200. Asher (F)

201. Blackie (F)

202. Blake (M)

203. Bran (M)

204. Ciara (F)

205. Cole (M/F)

206. Cola (M)

207. Dracy (F)

208. Glossy (F)

209. Leilah (F)

210. Miss Bling (F)

211. Oso (M)

212. Smokey (F)

213. Stromy (F)

214. Twinkle (F)

Cool Unisex Names Inspired By Lion And Tiger Pokémon

Cool names for your big wild cat inspired by our love for Pokemons. Check out these wild cats names below.

215. Entei

216. Incineroar

217. Litleo

218. Litten

219. Luxio

220. Luxray

221. Pyroar

222. Raikou

223. Salgaleo

224. Shinx

225. Torracat

Sassy Names For Female Leopards

Indian leopard with black spots

Searching for a name that screams sassiness? Here are some wild cat names for your female big cat.

226. Betsy

227. Bree

228. Gwen

229. Itsy

230. Juno

231. Kai

232. Kit

233. Liv

234. Mae

235. Molly

236. Nico

237. Pipa

238. Piper

239. Polly

240. Romy

241. Rory

242. Roxie

243. Scout

244. Shasha

245. Shea

246. Tess

247. Xanthe

248. Zazie

Funky Male Leopard Names

Browsing for funky names for your wild big cat? Here are some great naming options for male leopards.

249. Ajax

250. Brook

251. Bryant

252. Enzo

253. Felix

254. Gunner

255. Harley

256. Jax

257. Maximus

258. Nixon

259. Orion

260. Quinton

261. Reid

262. Riland

263. Rocco

264. Ryker

265. Thron

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Leopard Names then why not take a look at Bengal Cat Names, or for something different take a look at Fantasy Cat Names.

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