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Searching for everlasting baby names meaning immortal for your new arrival?

Immortality is defined as the indefinite continuation of existence. It is an eternity of life and associated with words such as everlasting and enduring.

It is also a concept that we often associated with religion and names related to faith. There are some scientists who claim that immortality will be possible by 2050, yet developments in nanotechnology are still some way off. Instead, this awesome guide includes an excellent selection of heroic baby names related to immortality.

Containing 100 names that mean forever, eternal or immortal this list has been divided into several categories, including most popular, unique, religious names, unisex names meaning immortal and more.

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Most Popular Names Meaning Immortal

Some of the most popular baby names meaning eternal and long lasting include:

1. Adnan (Arabic) Meaning 'eternal settlement', he is immortal and enduring.

2. Amar (Arabic) Amar is an Arabic baby boy's name that means long life.

3. Clay (Old English) A traditional name from days gone by, Clay is of the Earth, and the meaning speaks of the mortality of life.

4. Constance (French) This beautiful girl's name directly means constant.

5. Constantine (Italian) Similar to Constance, she is constant, steadfast and enduring.

6. Dante (Italian) Dante is an Italian boy's name meaning everlasting in an immortal sense.

7. Emrys (Welsh) This popular Welsh boy’s name comes from the Greek Ambrose, and it means immortal.

8. Eric (Norse) A name that has been popular for a while, Eric is the eternal and immortal leader.

9. Erica (Norse) The feminine version of Eric, she is an eternal leader.

10. Eternity (American) A modern word name meaning everlasting or immortal.

11. Hisako (Japanese) Hisako is a popular girl’s name meaning long-lived child.

12. Khalid (Arabic) One of the most popular Islamic boy’s names, he is eternal, immortal, and deathless.

13. Renee (French) Renee is from the Latin 'renatus', which means born again.

14. Thanos (Greek) Recently gaining in popularity due to a fictional supervillain from the Marvel universe, this boy’s name is from the Greek word for immortal.

15. Titan (Greek) A powerful name of indestructibility, he is an immortal defender.

16. Vekoslav (Slavic ) Also spelt Vjekoslav, this boy’s name means 'glorious through the ages'.

Unique Names Meaning Immortal

Looking for something less popular? Some of our favourite unique baby names that mean eternal include:

17. Aeturnus (Italian) Usually for a boy, Aeturnus means lasting, permanent, endless or immortal.

18. Afanasly (Russian) Afanasly is an unusual girl's name from the Greek Athanasius, meaning immortal.

19. Akal (Sikh / Punjabi ) A boy's name meaning timeless, immortal and non-temporal.

20. Ananta (Sanskrit ) Also the name of a type of serpent, Ananta is a girl’s name meaning endless or limitless.

21. Arius (Greek) A beautiful and rare boy’s name which comes directly from the Greek word for immortal.  

22. Beant (Sikh) Typically used as a girl’s name,  Beant has a Sikh origin and it means limitless or boundless.

23. Dilys (Welsh) A traditional name that has lost some popularity in recent years, she is steadfast, eternal and authentic.

24. Durante (Latin) Derived from 'durare', this boy's name means everlasting and enduring.

25. Edern (English) Edern is a distinctive Arthurian name that belongs in immortal legend.

26. Evermore (American) This meaning of this unusual and unique girl’s name is always and forever.

27. Langhuie (English) This Old English girl’s name means the lasting one.

28. Mandana (Persian) A famous queen, Mandana means eternal and everlasting.

29. Peppi (Italian) Peppi is from the Latin world 'perpetua', like perpetual. It is an everlasting boy’s name that is recently gaining in popularity.

30. Perenna (Italian) This unique girl's name means eternal or reoccurring.

31. Semper (Norman) An old-fashioned name from the Normandy days, Semper means an immortal shining journey.

32. Tancy (Greek) A unique floral girl's name, the meaning of Tancy is everlasting.

33. Walhalla (German) A form of Valhalla, this baby boy is an immortal warrior.

Religious Names That Mean Immortal

Immortality and resurrection are key parts of some religions, and the following list features baby names from various faiths that share an immortal and eternal meaning.

34. Abad (Arabic) An immortal Islamic boy's name meaning everlasting or eternal.

35. Ambrose (English) A biblical name for a baby boy. It is an English name with a Greek origin; coming from the Greek word for immortal.

36. Ambrosia (Greek) Meaning immortality, this biblical girls name celebrates St. Ambrose; the patron saint of beekeepers.

37. Ameretat (Avestan) Meaning immortality, Ameretat was the name of a Zoroastrian goddess.

38. Amrit (Sanskrit) The name Amrit has various meanings but in Sanskrit, it means immortal or the undead.

39. Banzan (Buddhist) Bazan is a boys name meaning ‘the indestructible mountain’.

40. Baqa (Arabic) Baqa is an Islamic boy's name that means survival and immortality; for all eternity.

41. Devansha (Hindu) He is the eternal and immortal part of God.

42. Eilam (Hebrew) Also spelt as Eylam, this boy's name means forever or eternal.

43. Firdows (Arabic ) An unusual Muslim boys name, Firdows refers to an immortal and everlasting paradise.

44. Guramar (Sikh) Guramar is a Hindi name and he is ‘immortal by the grace of the Guru’.

45. Kamaldeep (Sikh) Kamaldeep is a beautiful immortal name for a boy, meaning the 'light of lotus'.

46. Khaldun (Arabic) This Arabic boy’s name means immortal or eternal.

47. Khalida (Arabic) With Arabic origin, Khalida means immortal and she offers eternal life.

48. Lazare (Hebrew Hindi) This male name refers to a person full of life. It is from the Hebrew Lazarus, or ‘God is my helper’.

49. Persephone (Greek) The goddess of spring and destruction she is known for her immortal and eternal youth.

50. Renata (Latin) A girl’s name that is particularly popular in Slavic countries, Renata means born again.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

Gender neutral baby names have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and some of our favourite unisex baby names meaning immortality include:

51. Yong (Chinese) A unisex name with multiple meanings, the Chinese name Yong means perpetual and eternal but the Korean meaning is brave.

52. Phoenix (Greek) A popular unisex name, a phoenix is a mythical and immortal bird that rises from the ashes.

53. Tanek (Polish) A unisex name popular in Slavic countries, the meaning of Tanek is immortal.

54. Tien (Vietnamese) A unisex name, which means immortal fairy or spirit.

55. Vian (English) A gender neutral unisex name, Vian is a person full of life.

Boy Names Meaning Immortal

Still looking for eternal inspiration for naming your baby boy? Perhaps one of these names may just be a perfect choice.

56. Abilesh (Hindu) Immortal or unique, he has no equivalent.

57. Ajayan (Hindu) A beautiful Hindu name, Ajayan is an immortal winner.

58. Akhanda (Hindu) He is immortal and indestructible.

59. Akshay (Hindu) Also connotated with the indestructible, Akshay is an immortal name.

60. Amaran (Hindu) The meaning of Amaran is ‘The Immortal'. It is said he is blessed with a long and continuous life.

61. Amarpal (Sikh) He is an immortal and imperishable protector.

62. Amit (Hindu) Amit is an Indian boy's name that means infinite or immeasurable.

63. Baki (Arabic) A boy’s name meaning eternal; he is quick and analytical.

64. Chirakumar (Hindu) An immortal prince, he is blessed with a long life.

65. Divit (Hindu) The name Divit means immortal.

66. Halide (Turkish/ Arabic) An immortal name meaning infinity.

67. Hamza (Turkish) He is a brave, steadfast and immortal lion.

68. Heng (Chinese) Heng is a Chinese name that means eternal, permanent or constant.

69. Hisa (Japanese) A popular boy's name in Japan, the meaning of Hisa is the everlasting life.

70. Javed (Persian) A Persian boy's name, Javed means eternal.

71. Olam (Egyptian) Meaning eternal, Olam is an immortal boy's name in Egypt.

72. Panas (Russian) This Russian name directly means immortal.

73. Ranjeev (Indian) A gorgeous Indian boy's name, Ranjeev is the battle of life.

74. Samad (Arabic) An Arabic name, Samad is eternal; 'the everlasting'.

75. Sharveen (Persian) Meaning immortal, he is eternal.

76. Shervin (Persian) A boy’s name that means 'eternal soul like a lion.

77. Suchir (Hindi) Meaning eternity or eternal, Suchir is a gorgeous Indian boy's name.

78. Tuma (African) A popular African boy's name, Tuma means everlasting and immortal.

Girl Names Meaning Immortal

Alternatively, check out these beautiful baby girl names that also share an immortal meaning.

79. Aina (Finnish) This beautiful Finnish name means always and forever.

80. Amara (Indian) Amara is an eternal and everlasting girl.

81. Amarantha (Greek) She is an unfading, immortal flower.

82. Amadis (Italian) An immortal love.

83. Anadi (Sanskrit) A girl’s name which means existing for eternity or no beginnings.

84. Angana (Hindu) An unusual name, she is the immortal beautiful one.

85. Anoush (Persian) Anoush has various meanings in different languages. In Armenia, it means sweet but the Persian name means eternal or immortal.

86. Armata (Hindu) A girl’s name that directly means immortality.

87. Athelinda (English) An unusual vintage name, she is the immortal guard.

88. Azeen (Arabic) This stunning girl's name means eternal beauty.

89. Chime (Tibetan) A traditional Tibetan name, Chime is everlasting and immortal.

90. Chizue (Japanese) Meaning ‘Thousand Storks’, Chizue refers to long life and endurance.

91. Eshe (African) A popular African girl's name meaning life; she is eternally blessed.

92. Gila (Hebrew/Hindi) A stunning name for a baby girl, she is an eternal joy.

93. Haverj (Armenian) Haverj is an Armenian name meaning eternal.

94. Idona (Norse) A Scandinavian girl’s name meaning renewal and immortality.

95. Lestari (Indonesian) A rare and beautiful name, she is eternal and abiding.

96. Navina (Indian) A girl’s name meaning always and eternal in Sanskrit.

97. Nithya (Indian) Similar to Navina, Nithya means always and eternal.

98. Nitya (Urdu) Nitya is a popular baby girl's name, which means forever.

99. Perpetua (Italian) From 'perpetua', this baby girl is perpetually unyielding.

100. Zyanya (Aztec) Once the name of an Aztec princess, Zyanya means always and forever.  

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