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Choosing a baby name that means beautiful is something that most parents want for their child.

A unique baby name may be influenced by its culture, language, origin, meaning, and sound. With so many options, which baby names would be the right choice for your little girl or boy?

Babies are a symbol of beauty and innocence. Complimenting their charm with a name that means pretty for your beautiful baby can be the best thing for you. Pretty boy names like Jamil, Kyomi, and baby girl names meaning beauty and cuteness like Bella or Iowa or Harika (meaning miracle), are a few of the attractive and most beautiful baby names. To make the task of choosing one perfect name for your beauty, here is a thematically assorted list of names meaning beautiful for your little one. Do not skip the last slot with non-binary baby names that have caught the trend for names in recent times!

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Popular Girls Names Meaning Beautiful

Names for girls with a poignant meaning of being beautiful will surely make your princess stand out.

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1. Alana (Gaelic origin) meaning "beauty".

2. Alika (Hawaiian origin) meaning "most beautiful".

3. Amidala (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful as a flower".

4. Ani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "beautiful".

5. Annabelle (Hebrew, English origin) meaning "grace and beauty". Though associated with a name for a girl from a  horror movie of the same name, this baby girl name remains quite a trend.

6. Anwen (Welsh origin) meaning "fair and beautiful".

7. Aoife (Irish, Gaelic origin) meaning "beautiful, radiant".

8. Arinya (Thai origin) meaning "beautiful and smart woman".

9. Astrid (Norse origin) meaning "divinely beautiful", associated with the children's book Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren.

10. Belinda (American origin) meaning "beautiful and pretty".

11. Bella (Latin, Greek, Portuguese origin) meaning "beautiful", the name is associated with the famous American model, Bella Hadid.

12. Belle (French origin) meaning "beauty" the name is popularly associated with Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' protagonist, Belle.

13. Bellezza (Italian origin) meaning "beauty".

14. Bonita (Spanish origin) meaning "pretty, cute".

15. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "beautiful", associated with the famous film named 'Bonnie and Clyde'.

16. Calia (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful person".

17. Calixta (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

18. Calla (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful" is also a name associated with Calla Lily, a beautiful flower.

19.Callidora (Greek origin) meaning "gift of beauty".

20. Caoimhe (Gaelic, Scottish, Irish origin) meaning "beautiful".

21. Catelyn (Celtic origin) meaning "pure beauty" is recently associated with Catelyn Stark, a character from the 'Game of Thrones' HBO series.

22. Ceridwen (Welsh origin) meaning "beautiful as a poem".

23. Clarabelle (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful and bright".

24. Cosima (Greek origin) meaning "order and beauty" almost relating to cosmos.

25. Eavan (Irish origin) meaning "beautiful sheen, layer".

26. Eider (Basque origin) meaning "beautiful".

27. Ella (Greek, Normal origin) meaning "beautiful, Goddess of beauty". This greek name is associated with Ella Baker, an American human rights activist.

28. Fritha (Norse origin) meaning "fair and beautiful".

29. Harika (Turkish origin) meaning "a beautiful miracle".

30. Hermosa (Spanish origin) meaning "beautiful".

31. Indira (Sanskrit origin) meaning "beauty" associated with Indira Gandhi, the first female Prime Minister of India after Independence.

32. Ingrid (Norse origin) meaning "beauty", also associated with the film named 'Ingrid goes West'.

33. Iowa (Native American origin) meaning "beautiful land".

34. Jacinta (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful".

35. Jaeda (Arabic origin)  meaning "goodness, beauty with a long neck".

36. Jaffa (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful". It is a unique name for a baby girl.

37. Jolie (French origin) meaning "pretty, beautiful", a French name highly used and known for the last name of American actress Angelina Jolie.

38. Kayleigh (Irish, English origin) meaning "beautiful", a strong word taken by the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

39. Keva (Irish origin) meaning "precious, beautiful".

40. Kyomi (Japanese origin) meaning "pure, beautiful".

41. Linda (Spanish origin) meaning "beautiful".

42. Lydia (Greek origin) meaning "precious one, beautiful", a popular Greek name taken by many public figures.

43. Mab/Mabs (Irish, Welsh origin) meaning "beautiful lover".

44. Mabel (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful, lovely".

45. Mei (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful".

46. Miyeon (Korean origin) meaning "kind-hearted, beautiful".

47. Miyuki (Japanese origin) meaning "beautiful snow / beautiful happiness".

48. Nefertari (Egyptian origin) meaning "beautiful companion".

49. Naava (Hebrew origin) meaning "delightful, beautiful".

50. Nomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful and delightful".

51. Norabel (English origin) meaning "beautiful light".

52. Omarosa (African origin) meaning "beautiful child", is one of the girl names associated with an author named Omarosa Newman.

53. Omorose (Egyptian origin) meaning "beautiful".

54. Orabella (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful altar".

55. Raanana (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful, fresh".

56. Rachel ( Biblical origin) meaning "beautiful" popularly associated with 'Friends' sitcom character by the same name.

57. Ratih (Indonesian origin) meaning "Goddess of beauty".

58. Rosalind (Spanish origin) meaning "pretty rose".

59. Shaina (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful".

60. Shakila (Arabic origin) meaning "pretty".

61. Shifra (Hebrew origin) meaning "handsome, good".

62. Tasanee (Thai origin) meaning "beautiful view".

63. Tove (Swedish origin) meaning "beautiful", one of the girl names popular in Swedish origins baby names.

64. Tuva (Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian origin) meaning "beautiful", also derived from the Russian Republic named the Tuva Republic.

65. Vashti (Persian origin) meaning "lovely and beautiful".

66. Venus (Roman origin) meaning "Roman Goddess of love and beauty". This name means beauty and is associated with the planet and a Venus flytrap, a kind of flower that can be an exotic choice for girl names.

67. Venusa (Latin origin) meaning "Goddess of beauty".

68. Xin (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful, elegant". Quite a popular Chinese name meaning beautiful.

69. Yamileth (Arabic origin) meaning "beautiful". This name in girl varies with its spelling in Yamilet Gonzalez, Daddy Yankee's daughter's name.

Unique Boys' Names Meaning Beautiful

Beautiful boy names are always the best pick for the baby moniker. Here are the top few gorgeous baby names that mean beautiful, handsome, and pretty for your little man.

70. Adonis (Greek origin) meaning "most handsome, beautiful", one of the baby names that peaked high after Drake named his son based on the Greek mythology.

71. Allen (Celtic origin) meaning "bright and beautiful".

72. Amare (Ethiopian origin) meaning "handsome". Amare is one of the baby names that mean beautiful as well, and is a famous beach hotel in Ibiza, Spain.

73. Argider (Basque origin) meaning "beautiful as light".

74. Beale (Old English origin) meaning "handsome man". This is one of the baby names that mean most to the family and is associated with Beale air force base in California by the air space lovers.

75. Beauregard (French origin) meaning "beautiful gaze".

76. Bello (Italian origin) meaning "handsome, beautiful".

77. Belvedere (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful view". It is a name associated with Belvedere Vodka, a brand of Polish rye vodka.

78. Calixto (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

79. Cosmo (Greek origin) meaning "beauty in order" referred to as cosmos.

80. Eder (Basque origin) meaning "handsome", baby name meaning beautiful taken by the Portuguese footballer Eder Macedo.

81. Hassan (Arabic origin) meaning "handsome", a middle name was taken by Pakistani famous writer, Saadat Hassan/Hasan Manto.

82. Hussein (Arabic origin) meaning "small and handsome one".

83. Irvin (Scottish origin) meaning "fair and handsome", this name means beautiful and was taken by French footballer Irvin Cardona.

84. Jamal/Jamil (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty, beautiful". The former name means beauty and is quite a popular name in the football arena amongst the players.

85. Kavanaugh (Irish origin) meaning "born beautiful, handsome".

86. Keefe (Irish origin) meaning "noble and handsome".

87. Kenneth (Irish origin) meaning "born of fire and beautiful", famous after Kenneth (Kenny) Sebastian, an Indian comedian.

88. Nohea (Hawaiian origin) meaning "handsome".

89. Rupin (Sanskrit origin) meaning "beautiful" also a variation of that name Rupinder. This name also means beautiful in the sense of its Himalayan reference to Rupin Pass, a trekking way for adventurers.

90. Shaquille (Arabic origin) meaning "well developed and handsome one".

91. Usain (Arabic origin) meaning "beautiful" a beautiful baby name popularly associated with the athlete Usain Bolt.

92. Zayn (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty and grace", this is one of the perfect baby names inspired by the singer-songwriter Zayn Malik.

93. Zinedine (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty of the faith".

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Beautiful

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If you are seeking for names that mean beautiful for your daughter and son, this list of trendy unisex names can help you out.

94. Beau (French origin) meaning "handsome", it is a name meaning beautiful and is also considered as a short for beauty.

95. Kazumi (Japanese origin) meaning "handsome, beautiful".

96. Keeva (Irish origin) meaning "gentle, beautiful, precious".

97. Mckenna (Irish, Scottish origin) meaning "son of the handsome one".

98. Memphis (Place Name origin) meaning "enduring and beautiful" is a city in Tennessee. This name is also taken by a footballer name, Memphis Depay.

100 .Mika (Russian, Japanese, Hungarian origin) meaning "beautiful fragrance", the name means beautiful and is associated with two racing car drivers.

101. Mio (Japanese origin) meaning "cherry blossom, beautiful".

102. Rumi (Indian, Japanese origin) meaning "beauty" associated with the famous contemporary poet and writer by the same name.

103. Zain (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty and grace".

104. Zuri (African, Swahili origin) meaning "good, beautiful".

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