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Pink has a soothing tone and is suitable for a baby with a calm and comforting personality.
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The color pink symbolizes the universal love of yourself and others.

Pink not only represents grace, but also affection, harmony, and inner peace. Many men and women love the color pink and may want to give this mellow name to their child.

If you search for colorful names, you will notice that names meaning pink and names meaning violet are very common. If you are seeking out a baby name that is close to pink, white, or red, here is a splendid list of baby names for you. Some of the names given in the list below are flower names that bloom, carrying the pink color, while some of the names mean violet.

Boy Names Meaning Pink

Pink may seem feminine but there are still many sweet boy names meaning pink.

People often think that pink is associated with femininity and can only be a girl's name. However, there are various top names in different languages across the world that mean 'pink' or 'rose'. Here is a fantastic list of some names you can share and consider for your baby boy:

1. Altansarnai (Mongolian origin) means "golden rose". 

2. Amaranth (Greek origin) meaning "shade of pink, almost like purple". It is a popular name in many countries.

3. Barry (Gaelic origin) means "fair-topped". 

4. Dianthus (Green origin) is a "beautiful pink flower" that has a rich history and is deeply steeped in symbolism. Dianthus is, historically, considered the flower of the gods or a flower related to divinity.

5. Gulabi (Nepali origin) means "pink". 

6. Hyacinth (Greek origin) is a "pink-colored flower" and a gemstone of a light purple shade.

7. Jared (Hebrew origin) means "rose". 

8. Kamal (Indian origin) meaning a "pink colored lotus". It is a symbol of delicacy and purity.

9. Kunal (Indian origin) means "pink lotus". 

10. Kovidar (Indian origin) means "a purple orchid tree". 

11. Mawar (Malay and Indonesian origin) meaning "rose".

12. Nasrin (Persian and Kurdish origin) is a name that means "wild rose" in Persian.

13. Porfirio (Spanish origin) refers to a type of purple stone as well as a purple dye.

14. Roos (Dutch origin) meaning "rose".

15. Roosevelt (American origin) meaning "from the rose field" or "of a rose field." It is also a common family name. It is popular as it is often linked to the 32nd American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

16. Rosamel (French origin) is a name meaning "rose and honey". A French surname turned Spanish masculine name, Rosamel likely comes from the combination of the word "rose" and the Greek word "mel" for “honey”.

17. Roseo ( American origin) is the masculine version of Rose, which represents love or confidentiality.

18. Roth (German origin) means "redhead".

19. Rozovo (Bulgarian origin) is a name that means "pink".

20. Salmon (Latin origin) means "pink fish".

21. Taffy (Welsh origin) is a fun and common boy's name that means pink. It is a popular shade of pink, which is soothing to the eye. Moreover, taffy is a pink-colored chewy candy.

22. Udayaraga (Indian origin) means the "pink color of the morning sky".

23. Vered (Hebrew origin) means "rose".

24. Violetine (Lithuanian origin)  means "purplish".

Girl Names Meaning Pink

A newborn baby girl sleeping on pink fur

Pink is a great mix of red and white, symbolizing the best of both. It is a soothing color and suitable for a baby girl's name. Following is a list of some popular yet unique girl names that mean "pink" or "rose".

25. Almog (Scandinavian origin) meaning "pink coral".

26. Ancy (Tatar origin) meaning "pink".

27. Bellerose (French origin) is a sweet combination of two names Bella and Rose. It means "beautiful rose" and is a popular neighborhood in Queens, New York.

28. Blush (English origin) meaning "a flush of pink". It is a general term related to the color pink.

29. Charaya (Cambodian origin) meaning "pink".

30. Coral (Latin origin) meaning "semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red".

31. Coraline (Latin origin) meaning "semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red".

32. Donda (American origin) means "pinkish small stones".

33. Fuchsia (German origin) is a "vibrant shade of purple-pink". It is a popular character in the movie, 'Gormenghast'.

34. Golnaz (Persian origin) meaning "rose".

35. Gulizar (Arabic origin) meaning "rosy-cheeked".

36. Hong (Vietnamese origin) is a name meaning "rosy".

37. Kulap (Persian origin) means "rose".

38. Linnea (Scandanavian origin) meaning "small pink mountain flower".  A popular name after the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.

39. Loxi (Indian origin) is a "a rose with pink stem".

40. Manik (Japanese origin) means "peach color". 

41. Mauve (Old French origin) meaning "reddish violet".

42. Momorio (Old French origin) meaning "reddish violet".

43. Pinky (Indian Origin) meaning "pinkish color".

44. Rosa (Latin origin) is derived from Rosa, meaning "rose".

45. Rosabella (Latin origin) means "beautiful rose". Rosabella is related to the name Rosabel.

46. Rosalina (old German origin) meaning "rose".

47. Rosalind (Old German origin) is also a combination of the name Linda and Rosa, meaning "beautiful rose". The name of a famous character in the Shakespearean play 'As You Like It'.

48. Rosanna  (English origin) means "gracious rose".

49. Rose (Norman origin) is the most popular version that means "rose". It has become particularly popular after the protagonist in the movie 'Titanic' was named Rose.

50. Roselle (Latin and French origin)  meaning "rose".

51. Roselyn (English origin) meaning "beautiful rose".

52. Rosie (English origin)is a form of "Rose", from the Latin "rosa", meaning "rose".

53. Rosina (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful rose".

54. Roz (Romanian origin) meaning "pink".

55. Saindhava (Indian origin) meaning "Himalayan pink rock salt".

56. Varda (Hebrew origin) meaning "rose" or"pink".

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Pink

A baby girl wearing pink dress

There are some names in different languages that mean "pink" or "rose" and are gender-neutral. Many people would want to go for these names and they would suit your child, be it a boy or a girl child. So, if you want to add that touch of elegance to your baby's name, you can go through this detailed list of baby names below:

57. Allium (Latin origin) refers to "a pink-colored flower" that symbolizes unity and prosperity. A fitting flower to wish someone luck.

58. Amaranth (Greek origin) refers to "shade of pink".

59. Astilbe (Greek origin)refers to a "bright pink-colored flower" that brightens up a dull garden. The color is very pleasing to our eyes and is most popular for attracting insects and butterflies.

60. Briallen (Welsh origin) is derived from the word "briallu" and it means "primrose".

61. Clematis (Greek origin) refers to a "pink shaded flower" that symbolizes the beauty of ingenuity or the trait of artifice.

62. Coral (Latin origin) is a popular 19th-century jewel name, that is pink in color. It is a semi-precious sea growth used to make jewelry and ornaments.

63. Gul (Urdu origin) meaning “rose” is a popular gender-neutral name in the Indian subcontinent. 

64. Mio (Japanese origin) means “beautiful cherry blossom”.

65. Pembe (Turkish origin) meaning “pink”.

66. Primrose (English origin) means "first rose".

67. Rada (Yiddish origin) is name that means "rose".

68. Rhoda (Greek origin) means "rose". This name can be found in the New Testament.

69. Rio (Spanish origin) meaning "place of cherry blossoms".

70. Roise (Irish origin) meaning "rose". It comes from the Gaelic name for "rose".

71. Roos (Dutch origin) means “rose” and is a surname often of toponymic origin.

72. Ruzova (Slovak origin) meaning "pink".

73. Sakura (Japanese origin) means the "pink in cherry blossom", one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan.  

74. Vinca (Czech origin) is a flower that is pink in color. It is believed to symbolize benevolence, nostalgia, and purity.

75. Zaria (Arabic origin) meaning “rose”. The name comes from the word "zahrah".

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