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100+ Best Poodle Names For Your Cute New Puppy

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Our furry friends deserve a name that fits them perfectly and best reflects their look and personality.

The poodle is a dog breed with a sophisticated vibe and has always been considered a status symbol for those owning it. The poodle breed comes in three varieties - Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Standard Poodle.

Though poodles come in quite a few colors such as black, brown, cream, and white, the apricot and red coat color are believed to be the rarest ones. The poodle dog breed is smart and elegant, and if you own one, it deserves a fancy poodle name.

Unique dog names should reflect your dog's personality. So, if you have been wondering what could be a classy, unique as well as cute poodle name for your pup, take a look at the following list of male poodle names, female poodle names, and poodle dog names that are funny.

If you are looking for more sweet and cuddly names for your puppy, you can check out our articles on Pug Names and Clever Dog Names.

Male Poodle Names

Cute dog out side in the park

Take a look at the following dog poodle names that are perfect if you are looking for poodle boy names.

1. Ace (Latin origin), meaning "unity." Ace Ventura was a character played by actor Jim Carrey.

2. Aladdin (Arabic origin), meaning "nobility of faith," is a famous fictional character.

3. Alfred (English origin), meaning "counselor." Alfred Pennyworth is a fictional character in 'Batman.'

4. Armani (Italian origin), meaning "kin of Armand," is a standard poodle name inspired by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

5. Bane (Slavic origin), meaning "glorious defender," is a fictional villain in 'Batman.'

6. Bentley (English origin), meaning "woodland with bentgrass," is one of the most popular French poodle names.

7. Borat (Yugoslavian origin), meaning "one who travels," is a popular comedy film character.

8. Bruno (German origin), meaning "brown," is perfect for ginger poodles and is also the name of singer Bruno Mars.

9. Buddy (English origin), meaning "friend," is one of the cutest names for toy poodles.

10. Caesar (Latin origin), meaning "hairy."

11. Cedric (Celtic origin), meaning "bounty." Cedric Diggory is a fictional character from the 'Harry Potter' series.

12. Charlie (English origin), meaning "free man." Charlie Barkin is the protagonist of 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' and is one of the most preferred male poodle names.

13. Cooper (English origin), meaning "maker of wooden vessels."

14. Darcy (French origin), meaning "dark one," is perfect for black French poodles.

15. Dexter (Latin origin), meaning "right-handed," is a perfect name for a male poodle from the TV series 'Dexter.'

16. Duke (Anglo-Norman origin), meaning "leader," and a popular choice for boy poodle names.

17. Eddard (American origin), meaning "wealthy guardian," can be a famous poodles' name inspired by a 'Game of Thrones' character.

18. Edward (English origin), meaning "guardian of riches," is one of the most elegant boy poodle names.

19. Elvis (Scandinavian origin), meaning "all-wise," is one of the choicest names for poodles after singer Elvis Presley.

20. Frankie (American origin), meaning "free," is a cute poodle name inspired by a character from 'The Simpsons.'

21. Fred (English origin), meaning "peaceful ruler." Fred Jones is a fictional character from 'Scooby-Doo.'

22. Hamilton (Old English origin), meaning "a place near Glasgow." 'Agent Hamilton' is a 2020 TV thriller.

23. Igor (Russian origin), meaning "warrior," is a fictional character from the film 'Young Frankenstein.'

24. Jake (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter." Jake Harper is a fictional character in the sitcom 'Two and a Half Men.'

25. Joey (English origin), meaning "God increases," is inspired by a character in the sitcom 'Friends.'

26. Julius (Greek origin), meaning "downy-bearded." Julius Hibbert is a character in the TV series 'The Simpsons.'

27. Louie (French origin), meaning "warrior," is a standard poodle dog's name after a character in 'The Jungle Book.'

28. Max (Latin origin), meaning "the greatest."

29. Milo (German origin), meaning "mild," is a perfect name for your poodle inspired by a Disney XD animated series.

30. Morris (Latin origin), meaning "dark," is one of the aptest names for black poodles.

31. Neo (Greek origin), meaning "new," is a popular poodles' name inspired by a fictional character from the 'Matrix' franchise.

32. Noir (French origin), meaning "black," is one of the classiest black poodle names.

33. Norman (English origin), meaning "man from the North," is Kylie Jenner's dog's name.

34. Oliver (French and English origin), meaning "elf warrior," can be a cute toy poodle name inspired by the animated film 'Oliver & Company.'

35. Phillippe (French origin), meaning "friend of horses."

36. Prince (Latin origin), meaning "royal son," is a popular name for the poodle dog breed.

37. Rufus (Latin origin), meaning "red-haired," was the name of Winston Churchill's brown miniature poodle.

38. Ted (English origin), meaning "a diminutive form of Edward," is one of the cute dog names for a poodle inspired by a character from the 'Dilbert' comic strip.

39. Valentino (Italian origin), meaning "strength," is one of the most elegant dog names for poodles inspired by the animated series 'Victor and Valentino.'

40. Walter (German origin), meaning "powerful army," after the famous Walter Disney.

Female Poodle Names

Poodle dog with sock

Looking for girl poodle names? Here is a list of the notable female poodle names that are perfect for the classy dog breed.

41. Abby (Hebrew origin), meaning "father in rejoicing," is quite a popular name for dog breeds like poodles. Abby is a character from 'Sesame Street.'

42. Angela (Greek origin), meaning "messenger of God," is a comic book superhero but one of the most adorable names for dogs.

43. Annie (Hebrew origin), meaning "favor," inspired by John Denver's 'Annie's Song,' is perfect for music-loving poodle owners.

44. Bailey (English origin), meaning "bailiff,' is among the widely chosen names for dogs of the poodle breed.

45. Bella (Italian, Spanish, and Greek origin), meaning "beautiful," is one of the cute poodle names.

46. Bianca (Italian origin), meaning "white," is among the most preferred poodle girl names and is a character from the TV series 'That's So Raven.'

47. Camilla (Latin origin), meaning "acolyte," can be a great toy poodle name inspired by a character from 'The Muppets.'

48. Casey (French origin), meaning "brave and watchful," characteristics you'd want in your poodle dog.

49. Chanel (French origin), meaning "canal." Inspired by fashion designer Coco Chanel, it is perfect for classy dog breeds like poodles.

50. Chloe (Greek origin), meaning "fresh young blossom," is an anime character in 'Pokemon.'

51. Coco (French origin), meaning "brash," is one of the cute names for small and brown dogs, like a toy poodle.

52. Daisy (Latin origin), meaning "flower name," is a name immortalized by Disney.

53. Emma (German origin), meaning "universal," is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.

54. Fifi (French origin), meaning "Jehovah increases," inspired by the animated series 'Fifi and the Flowertots.'

55. Ginger (Latin origin), meaning "spring-like," a most befitting name for a ginger-colored poodle.

56. Gracie (Latin origin), meaning "faithful," a trait ingrained in all dog breeds.

57. Heidi (German origin), meaning "noble," is a Swiss fictional character.

58. Katie (Greek origin), meaning "pure," is a character from the TV series 'PAW Patrol.'

59. Lady (English origin), meaning "female title of nobility," is an elegant female poodle name.

60. Lily (Latin origin), meaning "a symbol of purity," is also Harry's mother in the 'Harry Potter' series.

61. Lucy (Latin origin), meaning "light and learning," a lovable dog name inspired by a 'Peanuts' character.

62. Maggie (Greek origin), meaning "pearl," after a character in 'The Simpsons.'

63. Millie (German origin), meaning "strong," a characteristic you'd want your pup to develop.

64. Missy (Greek origin), meaning "bee," a cute name for your adorable little poodle puppy.

65. Misty (English origin), meaning "light fog," is a character from the 'Pokemon' franchise.

66. Mocha (Arabic origin), meaning "chocolate brown color," is perfect for your brown furry baby.

67. Molly (Hebrew origin), meaning "Virgin Mother of Christ," and a character from 'Toy Story,' is quite favored among all cute poodle names.

68. Nala (African origin), meaning "successful," significant from Disney's 'Lion King.'

69. Paris (Greek origin), meaning "wallet," inspired by the French city, is appropriate for a classy poodle.

70. Penny (English origin), meaning "coin of smallest denomination," is ideal for a cute miniature poodle.

71. Phoebe (Greek origin), meaning "shining."

72. Rosie (Latin origin), meaning "rose."

73. Roxy (Persian origin), meaning "dawn," is another one of the cute names for dogs inspired by a character in the animated series 'Winx Club.'

74. Sadie (Hebrew origin), meaning "a princess," is widely chosen for toy poodle names for its sheer cuteness.

75. Sage (Latin origin), meaning "learned," ideal for intelligent breeds like poodles.

76. Sandy (Greek origin), meaning "man's defender."

77. Sasha (Greek origin), meaning "helpmate," is an anime character in 'Attack on Titan.'

78. Sophie (Greek origin), meaning "wisdom," is one of the apt names for smart dog breeds like poodles.

79. Stella (Latin origin), meaning "a star," for the adorable furry star of your family.

80. Zoe (Greek origin), meaning "life," is a character on 'Sesame Street.'

Funny Poodle Names

If you want your poodle to be called by a funny yet unique name, we have compiled a list of some cute and quirky poodle names that you can consider.

81. Alfred von Wigglebottom (M), a name perfect for your tail-wagging friend.

82. Barker (M) (English origin), meaning "leather tanner," is quite a funny name to use on dogs.

83. Barkley (M) (English origin), meaning "birch valley," and a pun on a dog's bark.

84. Biscuit (M/F) (Latin origin), meaning "twice-cooked," a quirky name if biscuits are your pup's favorite meal.

85. Bitsy (M/F) (English origin), meaning "tiny," is one of the classic toy poodle names humorously used on big dogs.

86. Captain Sniffer (M), for a pup that always sniffs around.

87. Chewbarka (M), a funny reference to the 'Star Wars' character Chewbacca.

88. Chewie (M) (American origin), meaning "likes to chew," is a perfect name if your pup likes to nibble on anything it finds.

89. Count Droolsbury (M), if your furry baby drools every time it sees its favorite food.

90. Curly (M/F)(English origin), meaning "full of curls," perfect for your curly furred friend.

91. Dogzilla (M/F) is a wordplay of 'Godzilla.'

92. Doodle (M/F) (German origin), meaning "simpleton," chosen as a poodle name for its plain wackiness.

93. Droolius Caesar (M), a name that takes a funny spin on 'Julius Caesar.'

94. Dumbledog (M) is a wordplay of Dumbledore, quite a favorite among the 'Harry Potter' fans.

95. Franz Fur-dinand (M), pun referring to the rock band 'Franz Ferdinand.'

96. Hairy Paw-ter (M) is another quirky poodle name for the 'Harry Potter ' fans.

97. Indiana Bones (M) refers to the film series 'Indiana Jones.'

98. Jimmy Chew (M), a wordplay on the fashion brand 'Jimmy Choo.'

99. Mary Puppins (F), a pun on the film 'Mary Poppins.'

100. Miss Furbulous (F), a pun-intended name for your classy poodle baby.

101. Ozzy Paws-bourne (M), a comical poodle name referring to singer Ozzy Osbourne.

102. Professor Wigglesworth (M/F), a funny name for the waggly pup.

103. Santa Paws (M), a hilarious wordplay on Santa Claus.

104. Sherlock Bones (M) referring to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

105. Sir Waggington (M), a funny and adorable name for the tail-wagger.

106. Snoop Dogg (M), after the famous American rapper.

107. Winnie the Poodle (M), a reference to 'Winnie the Pooh.'

108. Woofer (M/F)(English origin), meaning "a loudspeaker," is a funny and satirical reference to a dog's bark.

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