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100+ Best Rooster Names

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A rooster is an adult male chicken.

Younger roosters are referred to as cockerels. We have all of the best name ideas for your new pet rooster in this list.

Chickens have an established pecking order in their flock and males tend to be friendlier as youngsters, but become more aloof as they age. They communicate using 30 different sounds, especially when trying to lure chicks when hens lay eggs. The call of a rooster that typically begins before they're four months old is called crowing. Crowing is usually depicted as occurring at the break of dawn, represented by the sound, "cock-a-doodle-doo"!

There are different breeds of roosters, with Malay roosters being the most aggressive as they were bred for cockfighting. Salmon Faverolles are the friendliest breed of roosters, known for their calm disposition.

Roosters deserve great names and there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out our list of popular rooster names that would be an awesome fit for your rooster. For more inspiration, you can also read our articles about chicken names and phoenix names.

Good Rooster Names

Rooster names can draw inspiration from several sources.

Choose from among these good male chicken or rooster names for your big bird.

1. Ajax (German origin), meaning "from the earth".

2. Alfred (English origin), meaning "counsel form elves".

3. Blaze (English origin), meaning "flame".

4. Bob (German origin), meaning "bright fame".

5. Bowie (Scottish, Irish origin), meaning "fair haired".

6. Bruno (German origin), meaning "brown".

7. Buff (German origin), meaning "aggressive".

8. Carlos (Spanish origin), meaning "free man".

9. Cesar (Spanish origin), meaning "thick head of hair".

10. Chico (Spanish origin), meaning "boy".

11. Coco (American origin), meaning "chocolate bean".

12. Conan (Irish origin), meaning "little wolf".

13. Corvus (Latin origin), meaning "crow".

14. Dan (Hebrew origin), meaning "judge".

15. Duke (Norman origin), meaning "leader".

16. Eric (Norse origin), meaning "eternal ruler". Perfect for the rooster who rules over your heart.  

17. Ethan (Hebrew origin), meaning "enduring".

18. Fabio (Latin origin), meaning "noble".

19. Felix (Latin origin), meaning "lucky".

20. Gizmo (American origin), meaning "little".

21. Gus (English origin), meaning "great".

22. Huey (German origin), meaning "one who is bright in mind and spirit".

23. Ichiro (Japanese origin), meaning "first son".

24. Jet  (English origin), meaning "black gemstone".

25. Jonah (Hebrew origin), rooster name meaning "dove".

26. Kenny (Scottish origin), meaning "handsome".

27. Louie (French origin), meaning "knight" or "warrior".

28. Luigi (German origin), meaning "famous warrior".

29. Miles (Latin origin), meaning "soldier".

30. Nico (Greek origin), meaning "victory of the people".

31. Noir (French origin), meaning "black".

32. Odin (Scandinavian origin), meaning "inspiration".

33. Oscar (Irish origin), meaning "spear of God".

34. Ozzy (German origin), meaning "God's power".

35. Pablo (Spanish origin), meaning "little" or "humble".

36. Paxton (Latin origin), meaning "peaceful settlement".

37. Pete (English origin), meaning "rock".

38. Pierre (French origin), meaning "stone".

39. Prince (Latin origin), meaning "royal son".

40. Quinn (Gaelic origin), meaning "intelligent".

41. Raffi (Arabic origin), meaning "noble".

42. Randy (English origin), the name means "protector".

43. Remi (French origin), meaning "remedy".

44. Rick (English origin), meaning "brave ruler".

45. Rio (Spanish origin), meaning "river".

46. River (English origin), meaning "stream of water".

47. Robin (German origin), meaning "fame bright".

48. Rocky (German origin), meaning "rest".

49. Rolfe (Scandinavian origin), meaning "renowned wolf".

50. Rory (Irish origin), meaning "red King".

51. Roy (Norman origin), meaning "red" or "King".

52. Rufio (Spanish origin), meaning "the red haired one". You could also spell it as Roofio for your rooster.

53. Rufus (Roman origin), meaning "red".

54. Rupert (German origin), meaning "fame glory".

55. Rusty (American origin), meaning "red headed".

56. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has heard".

57. Sampson (English origin), meaning "sun" or "service".

58. Spike (American origin), meaning "long, heavy nail".

59. Ted (English, Greek origin), meaning "gift of God" or "wealthy guard".

60. Toby (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is good".

61. Tony (Greek origin), the name means "priceless one".

62. Troy (Dutch origin), meaning "foot soldier".

63. Tyson (English origin), meaning "firebrand".

64. Valentino (Italian origin), meaning "strength".

65. Victor (Latin origin), meaning "winner".

66. Vin (Latin origin), meaning "conqueror".

67. Wyatt (German origin), meaning "wood".

Rooster Names Inspired By Music

Looking for some rooster names inspired by music? Here's a list of names for you to pick from.  

68. Al (Celtic origin), meaning "noble", from the song, 'You Can Call Me Al' by Paul Simon.

69. Earl (English origin), meaning "nobleman" or "warrior", from the song, 'Goodbye Earl' by Dixie Chicks.

70. Fernando (Spanish origin), meaning "prepared to journey", inspired by the '70s ABBA song.

71. Floyd (Welsh origin), meaning "grey haired", inspired by the 'Nirvana' song, 'Floyd The Barber'.

72. Frankie (American origin), meaning "truthful" or "free", from 'Frankie Fell In Love' by Bruce Springsteen.

73. Hiro (Japanese origin), meaning "abundant", from 'Hiro's Song' by Ben Folds.

74. Joe (Hebrew origin), meaning "God will add", from 'Hey Joe' by Jimi Hendrix.

75. Kevin (Gaelic origin), meaning "lovable" or "gentle", from 'Cousin Kevin' by The Who.

76. Lenny (German origin), meaning "courageous like a lion", from the song by John Mayer.

77. Leroy (French origin), meaning "King", from 'Bad Bad Leroy Brown' by Jim Croce.

Famous Rooster Names Inspired By Film Or Cartoons

Want to choose some famous cartoon rooster names or rooster names inspired by films? Take your pick from this list.

78. Ace "Chicken Little" Cluck (Latin origin), Ace means "one who excels". This is the protagonist from the 2005 Disney film, 'Chicken Little'.

79. Allan-a-Dale, name of the rooster narrator from Disney's 'Robin Hood'. 

80. Foghorn Leghorn, the cartoon rooster appearing in 'Merrie Melodies' and 'Looney Tunes'. Robert McKimson and Warren Foster created Foghorn Leghorn.

81. Fowlmouth, name of the little rooster from 'Tiny Toon Adventures'.

82. Gyro Gearloose (Norse origin), Gyro means "secret of the Gods". The rooster from the 1987 TV series, 'DuckTales'. 

83. Heihei (Hawaiian origin), the name means "a disturbance to the norm". This is the rooster from 'Moana'.

84. Panchito (Spanish origin), meaning "free man". The rooster from 'The Three Caballeros'.

Funny Rooster Names

Humorous and punny rooster names are quite popular.

Want an element of humor in the name? Check out these funny rooster names for inspiration.

85. Alarm Clock, because with him around, you'll have to wake up early.

86. Albert Eggstein, after the renowned physicist, Albert Einstein.

87. Arnold Swartz-an-egger, a clever wordplay on the name, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

88. Beaky Blinder, from the popular TV series, 'Peaky Blinders'.

89. Big Red, celebrating the color of your rooster.

90. Chick Jagger, a play on the name of singer, Mick Jagger.

91. Cluck Norris, named after Chuck Norris. You could also opt for Chick Norris instead of Cluck Norris.

92. Doodle Doo, inspired by the "cock-a-doodle-doo" sound they make.

93. Dr. Pecker, because he's a pro at pecking. Dr. Pecker would enjoy your backyard.  

94. Eggdar Allan Poe, a funny name from Edgar Allan Poe.

95. Elvis Peckley, a play on the name of singer, Elvis Presley.

96. Gregory Peck, inspired by the 'To Kill A Mockingbird' actor.

97. His Eggselency, a royal name for "his excellency".

98. John Steinpeck, inspired by the author, John Steinbeck.

99. Martin Luther Wing, a play on the name, Martin Luther King.

100. Peckham, inspired by the footballer, David Beckham.

101. Peter Pecker, from Peter Parker for 'Spiderman' fans.

102. Roo Paul, because your rooster is fabulous just like RuPaul. Let Roo Paul shine.

103. Rooster Cogburn, from the fictional character in the novel, 'True Grit'.

104. Russell Crow, inspired by actor, Russell Crowe. Russell Crow refers to the call of roosters.

105. Tyrannosaurus Pecks, chickens are, after all, the closest living relatives to the T-Rex, so why not choose a name like Tyrannosaurus Pecks?

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for rooster names, then why not take a look at these crow and raven names, or for something different take a look at these squirrel names.

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