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40 Best Sindarin Names

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Elves are part of our legends and are super-powerful characters and have taken shape in our minds, best known for their magical powers.

Sindarin is the language spoken by the Elf-men in Lord of the Rings. Whether for a baby or yourself or characters in a play, Sindarin names would be perfect as they bear deep meaning.

Elves usually do not have surnames, but they do have a title following their first name. The title is either derived from their lineage or depicts an achievement of the elf. If they wish to use their parent names, they need to add suffix ‘-ion’ or ‘-iel’ to their names – ion means "son of" and iel means "daughter of". We bring to you some of the choicest elves names that you may like to pick from. For more fantasy names, take a look at Lord Of The Rings Names and Valyrian Names.

Male Sindarin Names

J.R.R Tolkien was popularly known for his fascination with language and etymology. Most of the names he chose would come from middle-earth’s character. We have listed some popular Sindarin names inspired from Tolkien’s mythology.

1 .  Aldon,  means “tree” and the word is taken from Quenya language.

2 .  Arod (Old English origin) meaning “swift”.

3 .  Balin, is a popular name used in ‘The Hobbit’ meaning “like handsome”.

4 .  Callon (Sindarin origin) meaning “hero”.

5 .  Cirdan, is a popular noble name taken from Middle-Earth character meaning “shipwright”.

6 .  Earendil, was a popular mariner in Middle-Earth and the name means “sea-lover”.

7 .  Elrand, means “star dome” or “vault of heaven”.

8 .  Frodo, is a popular character part in Lord of the Rings.

9 .  Iston, is derived from Quenya language and name means “wise one”.

10 . Lindir (Sindarin origin) meaning “fair singer”.

Gender-Neutral Sindarin Names

names for you that are sindarin

Finding a perfect name for your baby? Sindarin elvish name are popular, unique and have a deep meaning. Thus, naming your little one with Sindarin name would be an honour. Here, we have listed down some gender neutral names for your little one.

11 .  Baron, is considered 'Title of honour' in Sindarin culture.

12 . Elladan, is the elf-man from the Middle-Earth.

13 . Gildor, is a Middle Earth origin name with a nickname 'Gilly'.

14 . Haldir (Sindarin origin) meaning "hidden hero".

15 . Lia, is a short name in Quenya language and is commonly used in Europe.

16 . Melian (Sindarin origin) meaning "dear gift".

17 . Morwen (Sindarin origin) meaning "dark maiden".

18 . Ronda, is a Quenya language name meaning "solid".

19 . Tara, is Quenya originated name meaning "wise".

20 .  Yavanna, is the Goddess of Earth in Middle-Earth.

Interesting Sindarin Names

An interesting way to stumble upon names from the Sindarin community is to follow this technique. Here are a few fantastic examples:

21 .  Aerin, name was invented by Tolkein and the name means "ocean".

22 . Alma, was a popular character created by JRR Tolkein and it means "garlanded with good fortune".

23 . Anna, is a popular name meaning "gift".

24 . Calen (Sindarin origin) meaning "green one".

25 . Elbereth (Sindarin origin) meaning "star queen" and is a character in Middle-Earth.

26 . Estel, is a beautiful name that means "hope" and was childhood name of Aragorn.

27 . Idril, was the child of King Turgon and the name means "sparkling brilliance".

28 . Luthien, was a character in 'The Silmarillion' and the name means "daughter of flowers".

29 . Nessa, is one of the elvish names that means "youthful one".

30 . Nienna, was a queen of a group in Middle-Earth and the name means "tear".

Sindarin Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

JRR Tolkein has published books like 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. In all of his books, he has talked about elves who have inhabited a fictional earth. The names in these works have been inspired by myths and legends. Thus, here we are presenting you some Sindarin names that took inspiration from popular legends from the mythology. Take a look at these names listed below:

31 .  Aragorn (Sindarin name) refers to "the noble king star".

32 . Asher (Hebrew origin) means "blessed".

33 . Benjamin (Hebrew origin) means "Son of the Righ".

34 . Ciaran (Irish origin) is "a black-haired person".

35 .  Deacon (Greek origin) means "pastor".

36 .  December (Latin origin) is "month with Christmas star".

37 .  Kringle (Old Norse) is a character from the Miracle on 34th Street.

38 .  Mateo (Italian origin) means "Devoted to God".

39 .  Rina (Sanskrit origin) feminine name meaning "melted".

40 .  Samwise (English origin) means "one who is loyal".

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