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Castle names sound as majestic as the regal architectural structures themselves.

A castle, also known as a fortress or palace, amongst various other terms, comprises four types; Motte and Bailey, the Shell Keep, the Concentric Castle, and the Palace or Royal Quarters. It is often divided into various parts like moats, towers, ramparts, walls, lookout, turret, and gatehouses.

There are about tens of thousands of castles all over the world. Such grand buildings bring about a feeling of awe in us, in both the real or imaginary world.  Here is a list of famous castle names that are equally grand as their name bearers.

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Fictional Castle Names

Fantasy or fairytales seem incomplete without towering fantasy castles. This special list of fictional fantasy castle names may help you realize the magic of the Gothic world:

1. Amon Sûl, "Hill of the Wind," is a tower built at the southern end of the Weather hills from 'The Lord of the Rings' by J. R. R. Tolkien.

2. Barad-dûr, "Dark tower," is a gigantic fortress of the Dark Lord Sauron from 'The Lord of the Rings'.

3. Camelot, "a place or time resplendent in happiness and optimism," is a palace from the Arthurian legend where King Arthur held his court.

4. Cair Paravel, "low fort," is the capital of Narnia and home of the Kings and Queensfrom 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by C. S. Lewis.

5. Castamere is a ruined castle from "A Song of Ice and Fire" written by English author, George R. R. Martin.

6. Casterly Rock is a castle from "A Song of Ice and Fire" that is the seat of House Lannister.

7. Caladan, "tough people," is a famous castle from 'Dune'.

8. Castle Dracula, "dragon," is the famous castle of Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.

9. Castle of Otranto is from the first gothic novel 'The Castle of Otranto'.

10. Castle Ravenloft, "site of evil omen," is a famous palace in the board game 'Dungeons and Dragons'.

11. Dol Guldur,"Hill of Dark Sorcery." The stronghold of the Dark Lord Sauron from 'The Lord of the Rings'.

12. Dragonstone is a palace built upon an eponymous island, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

13. Harrenhal,named after King Harren Hoare, who founded it, is one of the largest castles in Westerosfrom 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

14. Highgarden is the seat of House Tyrell from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

15. Hogwarts Castle, "warty hog,"; the wizardry school from the 'Harry Potter' series.

16. Howl's Moving Castle a gigantic moving castle owned by the Howl from 'Howl's Moving Castle'.

17. Isengard, "iron closure," is a giant fortress built at the south end of the Misty Mountains near the Gap of Rohan from 'The Lord of the Rings'.

18. Kaer Morhen, "Keep off the Elder Sea," is a famous old keep from 'The Witcher', where witchers were trained.

19. Laputawas inspired by the flying island Laputa in Jonathan Swift's book 'Gulliver's Travels'. It is a flying castle from 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' by Hayao Miyazaki.

20. Riverrun, "running river," is the ancestral castle and seat of House Tullyfrom 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. A wonderful castle name, which could be given to a palace too.

21. Storm's End, "Castle of the Storm Kings," this castle serves as the seat of House Baratheon from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. A great castle name.

22. Sunspear is a literal name because the first thing visitors see is the Prince of Dorne wielding the golden spear and the bright Rhoynish sun.

23. Torquilstone, " Thor's stone cauldron," a famous castle from 'Ivanhoe'.

24. The Eyrie, "lofty nest," is the main stronghold of House Arryn from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

25. The Hightower, "a lofty fort," is a high stone watchtower from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

26. The Hornburg, "Town/Fortress of the horn," was a fortress built in the western Calenardhon upon a rock from 'The Lord of the Rings'.

27. The Red Keep, "Fortress of Red Stone," the highest castle from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

28. Winterfell, "Winter Hill," a castle serving the House Stark from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. A popular castle name.

29. White Witch's Castle literally means the Castle of the Snow Witch. Home of the White Witch in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

English Castle Names

In reality, there are innumerable castles all around the world. In England itself, there are 1500 castle sites, some of which are either in ruins or destroyed without a trace. Here is a comprehensive list of the names of castles in England.

30. Aberdour Castle, "Mouth of a River," a castle name in Scotland.

31. Abergavenny Castle literally means "river of the blacksmiths" located in Monmouthshire.

32. Aberystwyth Castle means "mouth of River Ystwyth", located in Wales.

33. Abington Castle, "estate associated with a man called Abba", palace in South Lanarkshire.

34. Agaton Fort, "pure." A castle located in Plymouth, Devon.

35. Aldingham Castle, "home of the family or followers of Alda," is located in Furness, Cumbria.

36. Aldborough Castle, literally meaning "stronghold," is located in North Yorkshire.

37. Alexanderstone Castle, "defending men,", a castle name located in Brecon.

38. Almond Castle, "noble protection", an edible tree nut, is a palace located in Whitecross.

39. Bailes Hill Castle,  "outer wall of a castle," is a palace located in York.

40. Caernarfon Castle,  "fort," a castle name on the Welsh coast.

41. Edinburgh Castle,  "Fortress of Pleasure," a castle name located 400 miles north of London.

42. Hampton Court,  "From The Village By The Town," a palace located a few miles from the city of London.

43. Leeds Castle,   "people of the fast-flowing river," a 900-year-old castle built 30 miles from central London.

44. Stirling Castle,  "pure," a castle located 450 miles from London.

45. Tintagel Castle,  "narrow fort," a castle situated in Cornwall.

46. Warwick Castle,  "From The Town By The Weir," a castle situated near London.

Medieval Castle Names

We associate the medieval era with the time of knights and rulers riding horses into battle, setting out for quests, and having gala feasts in the castles. This is a list of castle names from medieval times.

47. Akashi Castle,  "vermilion, crimson," a Japanese castle in Akashi.

48. Alhambra,  "the red castle," in Spain.

49. Alkazar De Segovia,  "Citadel of Victory," in Spain.

50. Bodiam Castle,  "Monk's Farm," in England.

51. Bojnice Castle is named after the historical town. A castle in Slovakia.

52. Bran Castle  "raven"; a Romanian castle name.

53. Bratislavský hrad "Fort of Bratislava" a castle in Bratislava, Slovakia.

54. Burg Eltz "fortification"; a castle situated in Germany.

55. Burghausen Castle,  "the fortified dwelling,"; a palace inGermany.

56. Castel del Monte,  "Castle of the Mountain,"; an Italian castle name.

57. Castelo de Almourol  "Castle of Almouroul"; located in Spain.

58. Castillo de Coca,   "Castle of Coca,"; a Spanish palace.

59. Château de Pierrefonds,  "Castle of Rocks-Borough,"; a castle located in France.

60. Château de Suscinio,  "Castle of Suscinio,"; a French palace.

61. Chihaya Castle,  "One Thousand Falcons,"; a Japanese castle in Chihayaakasaka.

62. Corvin Castle,  "Raven Castle,"; aRomanian castle.

63. Edo Castle,   "bay-entrance,"; a palace in Chiyoda, Japan.

64. Echizen Ōno Castle,  "A large field at the beginning of Koshi,"; a Japanese castle in Ōnojō.

65. Eilean Donan,  "island of Donnán,"; a palace in Scotland.

66. Eltz Castle, a castle inGermany.

67. Fenis Castle,  "a great wolf," an Italian Castle name.

68. Gifu Castle,  "justice,  loyalty, and righteousness,"; a Japanese castle in Gifu.

69. Goryōkaku,  "star fort,"; a Castle in Hokkaido, Japan.

70. Grad Predjama,  "Fort in front of the cave,"; a castle in Slovenia.

71. Herstmonceux Castle  "wooded hill,"; a castle situated in England.

72. Hitoyoshi Castle  "benevolent"; a castle in Hitoyoshi, currently in ruins.

73. Inuyama Castle  "dog mountain," a castle in Inuyama, Japan.

74. Iwamura Castle,   "rock village,"; a Japanese castle in Ena.

75. Kanayama Castle,  "golden mountain,"; a castle in Ota, Japan.

76. Kasteel de Borrekens,  "castle of the count,"; a castle in Belgium.

77. Karlštejn, "insane person,"; a castle in the Czech Republic.

78. Kanazawa Castle, "marsh of gold"; a Japanese castle Kanazawa.

79. Kilkenny Castle, "son of the devotee of Coinneach,"; an Irish castle.

80. Kōchi Castle  "rhyme"; a Japanese castle in  Kōchi.

81. Kofu Castle, "wood" or "lotus,"; a castle in Kofu, Japan.

82. Komine Castle, "is calm,"; a Japanese castle in Fukushima.

83. Kubota, "sunken rice paddy,"; a castle in Akita, Japan.

84. Malbork Castle was named after their patron, the Virgin Mary, a Polish castle.

85. Matsumoto Tenshu, "castle at the base of the pine tree,"; a castle in Japan.

86. Matsushiro Castle, "pine tree,"; a Japanese castle in Nagano.

87. Mito Castle, "beautiful,"; a Japanese castle in Mito.

88. Minowa Castle, "Calm and harmony"; a castle in Takasaki, Japan.

89. Morioka, a "prosperous hill,"; a castle name in Japan.

90. Okazaki Castle, "hill cape,"; a castle in Okazaki, Japan.

91. Osaka Castle, "large hill,"; a Japanese castle in Osaka.

92. Reichsburg Cochem, "Noble fort of Cochem,"; a castle in Germany.

93. Sakura Castle, "cherry blossom,"; a castle in Sakura city, Japan.

94. Shibata Castle, "brushwood, rice field,"; a Japanese castle in Shibata.

95. Spišský Hrad, "miracle castle,"; a castle in Slovakia.

96. Trakai Island Castle, "Glade Island Castle,"; situated in Lithuania.

97. Tsuyama Castle, "mountain port,"; a castle in Tsuyama, Japan.

98. Ueda Castle, "upper rice paddy,"; a Japanese castle in Ueda.

99. Yamagata, "mountain shape,"; a Japanese castle in Yamagata.

100. Yamanaka Castle, "one who lives"; a Japanese castle in Mishima.

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