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100 Charming Old Man Names For Boys

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Why old man names?

Old-fashioned boy names are timeless and are a charming way to carry forward the memory of a close relative. These names have a rustic and nostalgic vibe making them very sweet and sentimental. Old man names are also trending nowadays as what goes around comes around. Names like Leo or Albert are old but have been carried forward for generations. These names soon become classics and hold a meaning that is known to everyone. Old-fashioned boys' names are also distinctively different from modern names, which became popular as the world and human lifestyle changed with technology. They hold the charm of a difficult yet memorable past. Browse our list of the best old-fashioned names for boys - you're sure to find one you like that's perfect for your newborn baby boy.

Charming Old Fashioned Names

1. Abraham (Hebrew origin) - is a good old man name meaning 'father of many'. Abraham was the name of the religious prophet or progenitor in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The 16th US president was Abraham Lincoln.

2. Adrian (Roman origin) - meaning 'sea' or 'water'. Famous personalities with the name are - Adrian Belew, an American guitarist and singer. Adrian Sutil is a Formula One driver.

3. Aiken (Old English origin) - meaning 'from the oak tree'. Clay Aiken is an American singer, actor, and activist. Howard Hathaway Aiken was a physicist and computing expert. This might seem like one of the creepy old-fashioned names for boys.

4. Albert (German origin) - meaning 'noble and bright'. Albert Einstein was a renowned theoretical physicist. Albert Camus was a notable author, journalist, and philosopher. It is another one of the good old-fashioned boy names.

5. Alfred (Old English origin ) - meaning 'wise' and 'elfen'. Alfred Hitchcock is an iconic English director. Alfred Noble was a chemist known for establishing the Noble Prize during the 18th century.

6. Allen (Celtic origin) - meaning 'stone' or 'harmony'. Allen Iverson was a professional basketball player. Allen Drury is a novelist.

7. Archie or Archibald (German origin) - meaning 'precious' or 'genuine'. Archie Alexander was a US Virgin Islands governor. Archibald Gemmill was a title-winning footballer.

8. Arlo (English origin) - meaning 'fortified hill'. Arlo Parks is a British singer. Arlo White is a sports commentator.

9. Arthur (English/Irish origin) - meaning 'son of the bear king'. Arthur was the name of the medieval king of the Celtic Britons. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an English physician and author.

10. Barnaby (English origin) - meaning 'son of consolation'. Barnaby Conrad was a boxer, author, and artist. Barnaby Edwards is a British actor and director.

11. Bartholomew (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'rich in land'. One of the Apostles of Jesus was named Bartholomew. A famous painter with the name is Bartholomew van der Heist.

12. Basil (Greek origin) - meaning 'brave' and 'kingly'. Saint Basil of Caesarea was a bishop and notable theologian. Sir Basil Embry was a commander of the UK Royal Air Force.

13. Benedict (Latin origin) - meaning 'blessed'. Benedict Cumberbatch is a famous stage and film actor. Benedict is also the name of several bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.

14. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'son of my right hand'. Benjamin Disraeli was an earl and English statement of the 18th century. Benjamin Franklin was a 17th-century inventor, writer, and diplomat.

15. Bernard (German origin) - meaning 'brave bear'. Bernard Shaw was a famous playwright from the late 19th and early 20th century, and also an activist. Bernard Montgomery served in the British Army during the 19th century rising to the rank of a senior officer.

16. Blake (English origin) - meaning 'dark'. Blake Griffin is a star basketball player for the Boston Celtics. Blake Shelton is a famous country singer.

17. Bruce (Scottish origin) - meaning 'the willowlands'. Bruce Lee was an exceptional martial artist and actor. Bruce Willis is an American actor known for his action movies.

18. Cecil (Welsh origin) - meaning 'blind'. Cecil Rhodes created his empire in the mining industry during the 18th century. Sir Cecil Beaton was a notable photographer and painter.

19. Cedric (Celtic origin) - meaning 'gift of splendour'. Cedric Benson was a professional American football player. Cedric Richmond is an American politician and attorney.

20. Charles (German origin) - meaning 'free man'. Charles Chaplin Jr. was a talented actor and director. Charles I was a 16th-century king of early consolidated England.

21. Chester (Latin origin) - meaning 'walled town' or 'fortress'. Chester Bennington was the singer and songwriter from the rock band Linkin Park. The 21st US president was Chester Arthur.

22. Clarence (Latin origin) - meaning 'bright' or 'clear'. Clarence Thomas is a judge at the United States Supreme Court. Clarence Seedorf is a former footballer.

23. Clifford (English origin) - meaning 'ford near a slope'. Clifford Robinson was an American basketball player. Clifford Geertz was an anthropologist.

24. Clive (Old English origin) - meaning 'cliff dweller'. Clive Barker is an author, director, and visual artist. Clive Owen is a famous English actor.

25. Conrad (Germanic origin) - meaning 'brave counsel'. Conrad Moffat Black is a business and former publisher of newspapers. Conrad II was a 10th-century emperor of the Roman Empire.

26. Cornelius (Latin origin) - meaning 'horn'. Cornelius Vanderbilt was a business mogul in the railroad and shipping industry. Cornelius Castoriadis was an author, philosopher, and economist.

27. Daniel (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God is my judge'. Daniel Day-Lewis is a renowned retired actor. Daniel Alves da Silva is a famous international footballer.

28. Derek (Teutonic origin) - meaning 'gifted ruler'. Derek Chisora is a professional heavyweight boxer. Derek O'Brien is an Indian quizmaster and politician.

29. Douglas (Scottish origin) - meaning 'dark river'. Douglas MacArthur served as the United States Army General during the 19th century. Douglas Adams was a screenwriter, dramatist, and author.

30. Duncan (Gaelic origin) - meaning 'dark-haired warrior'. Duncan Duff is an English actor. Duncan Sheik is a singer and composer.

40. Edgar (Anglo Saxon origin) - meaning 'prosperous' or 'spear'. Edgar Allan Poe was an 18-century writer and poet. Edgar Wright is a filmmaker.

41. Edward (English origin) - meaning 'wealthy guardian'. Edward I was the King of England during the early 14th century. Edward Heath was a former Prime Minister of the United States.

42. Edwin (English origin) - meaning 'fortune' and 'friend'. Edwin Hubble was an astronomer, with the Hubble Space Telescope named after him. Edwin Aldrin is a former astronaut who landed on the Moon.

43. Elijah (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'god, the lord'. Elijah Wood is famous for his role in the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy. Elijah Cummings was an American civil rights advocate.

44. Elmer (English origin) - meaning 'noble and renowned'. Elmer Alderson was a philanthropist and businessman. Elmer Bernstein is a conductor and composer known for his compositions for Hollywood films.

45. Ernest (German origin) - meaning 'serious' or 'warrior'. Ernest Hemingway was a writer, journalist, and novelist. Ernest Borgnine was a notable actor and voice actor.

46. Eugene (Greek origin) - meaning 'well-born'. Eugene O'Neill was a playwright who won the Noble Prize in Literature. Eugene Debs was a socialist and one of the founding representatives of the 'Industrial Workers Of The World.

47. Ezra (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'help'. Ezra Levant is a 17th-century political activist and writer. Ezra Stiles was a theologian, academic, and author.

48. Felix (Roman origin) - meaning 'fortunate' or 'happy'. Felix Frankfurter was a lawyer and jurist who served on the United States Supreme Court. Felix Hoffman was a chemist who discovered pain-relief medicine like aspirin.

49. Francis (French origin) - meaning 'free one'. Francis Ford Coppola is a famous screenwriter and director known for 'The Godfather' trilogy. Francis Bacon was a philosopher and English statesman from the 16th century.

50. Frank (French or German origin) - meaning 'free one'. Frank Sinatra was an actor and singer who gained popularity during the mid-20th century. Frank Zappa was a musician who composed jazz, pop, rock, and orchestral music.

51. Frederick (German origin) - meaning 'peaceful ruler'. Frederick Douglass was a notable statesman and social reformer from the 19th century. Francis Winslow Taylor was a mechanical engineer with expertise in improving the efficiency of industrial manufacturing.

52. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God is my strength'. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a journalist and novelist. Gabriel Boric Font is the present president of Chile.

53. George (Greek origin) - meaning 'farmer'. George R.R. Martin is a popular screenwriter and novelist. George Washington was elected as the first president of the United States.

54. Gerald (Germanic origin) - meaning 'ruler of the spear'. Gerald Ford was the 38th US president. Gerald Durrell (OBE) is an English conservationist, naturalist, and zookeeper.

55. Godfrey (French origin) - meaning 'peace of God'. Godfrey Gao is a famous model, regarded as the first male supermodel from Asia. Godfrey Evans was an English cricketer.

56. Gordon (Scottish origin) - meaning 'fort' or 'great hill'. Gordon Brown was a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Gordon Ramsay is a world-famous chef, writer, and restauranteur.

57. Gus (Latin origin) - meaning 'majestic or worth of respect'. Gus Van Sant Jr. is a film director, musician, and producer. Gus Arnheim was an American songwriter and pianist.

58. Harold (Scandinavian origin) - meaning 'army ruler'. Harold Wilson has served twice as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Harold Pinter was an English actor, playwright, and director.

59. Harry (English origin) - meaning 'power' or 'ruler'. Harry Houdini was a renowned escape artist, stuntman, and magician. The 33rd US president was Harry Truman.

60. Harvey (French origin) - meaning 'blazing' or 'battle warrior'. Harvey Elliott is a footballer playing for the club Liverpool. Harvey Keitel is a famous actor.

61. Henry (Germanic origin) - meaning 'power' or 'ruler'. Henry Ford was an industrialist and laid the foundation of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Kissinger was a geopolitical consultant and diplomat.

62. Herbert (German origin) - meaning 'bright army'. Herbert Spencer was a 19th-century biologist, psychologist, and philosopher. Herbert von Karajan was part of the Berlin Philharmonic as a conductor for 34 years.

Vintage Names

63. Herman (Latin origin) - meaning 'timekeeper'. Herman Achille is a politician and former Prime Minister of Belgium. Herman von Helmholtz is a notable physician and physicist known for his works in mathematics and physics.

64. Horace (Roman origin) - meaning 'man of time'. Horace Walpole was an 18th-century writer and historian of ancient arts and artifacts. The notable publisher and editor Horace Greeley founded the New York Tribune.

65. Howard (Germanic origin) - meaning 'bold heart'. Howard Hughes was an engineer, pilot, Hollywood film producer, and business mogul. Howard Schultz has been both chairman and CEO of Starbucks.

66. Hugh (French origin) - meaning 'bright in mind and spirit'. Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant are famous actors. Hugh McElhenny was one of the most popular American football players from the San Francisco 49ers.

67. Humphrey (French origin) - meaning 'peaceful warrior'. Humphrey Bogart was a stage and film actor known for his performance in 'Casablanca'. Humphrey Ker is an English comedian and actor.

68. Ichabod (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'departed glory"'. Ichabod Chauncey was a physician and served as a chaplain for the English army at Dunkirk. Ichabod Goodwin was the governor of New Hampshire during the mid-19th century.

69. Ira (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'watchful'. Ira Cohen was a filmmaker, poet, and photographer. Ira Hayes was a Marine in the United States Corps from a Native American background.

70. Isaac (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'laughing'. Issac Newton was a famous astronomer and mathematician who discovered the first postulates of gravity. Issac Hayes Jr. is a notable singer, composer, and actor.

71. Ivan (Slavic origin) - meaning 'God is gracious'. Ivan Rakitic is a talented international footballer. Ivan Sutherland was an internet and computing expert regarded as the founder of 'computer graphics'.

72. Ivor (Scottish origin) - meaning 'archer'. Ivor Novello was a singer, dramatist, and actor who gained fame as an entertainer during the early 20th century. Ivor Cutler was a songwriter, poet, and author of children's books.

73. Jacob (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'to follow behind'. Jacob Rees-Mogg is an English politician who has served the UK government in several roles since 2010. The fourth president of South Africa was Jacob Zuma.

74. James (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'he grasps the heel' or 'substitute'. James Edwin Webb was a former NASA Administrator, after whom the James Webb Space Telescope was named. James Cameron is a filmmaker known for his science-fiction and epic movies.

75. Jarvis (Old English origin) - meaning 'spear man'. Jarvis Cocker is a musician and founder of the band 'Pulp'. Jarvis Varnado is a professional defensive basketball player.

76. Jasper (Persian origin) - meaning 'bringer of treasure'. Jasper Johns is a sculptor and painter known for his pop and abstract art. Jasper Maskelyne was a mid-20th-century magician.

77. Jeremy (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God will uplift'. Jeremy Corbyn is an English politician who formerly led the UK Opposition and Labour Party. Jeremy Clarkson is a game show host, journalist, and television broadcaster.

78. John (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'to be gracious'. John Lennon was a peace activist, singer, and songwriter from the band ' The Beatles'. The 35th US president was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

79. Jonah (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'dove' or 'pigeon'. Jonah Goldberg is an American author and political analyst. Jonah Lomu was a famed rugby player from New Zealand.

80. Joseph (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God will add or increase'. Joseph Conrad was a writer who is considered the greatest English-writing novelist. Joseph Smith Jr. founded Mormonism.

81. Julian (Latin origin) - meaning 'youthful'. Julian Edelman is a retired American football player who appeared in 12 seasons of the NFL. Julian was also the name of an ancient emperor of the Roman Empire.

82. Kenneth (Irish origin) - meaning 'handsome'. Kenneth Clarke is an English politician and the Baron of Nottingham. Kenneth Branagh is a talented film actor and director.

83. Kevin (Irish origin) - meaning 'dear' or 'noble'. Kevin Costner is a musician, film actor, and producer. Kevin Nash is a professional wrestler who appears in WWE.

84. Laurence (Roman origin) - meaning 'bright one' or 'one from Laurentum'. Laurence Olivier was a prominent stage actor during the mid-20th-century. Laurence Fishburne is another notable actor who is a screenwriter, director, and playwright.

85. Leonard (French origin) - meaning 'lion-hearted'. Leonard Cohen was a famous singer and songwriter. Leonard Nimoy was famous for playing Spock in 'Star Trek'.

86. Lionel (French origin) - meaning 'young lion'. Lionel Messi is one of the greatest athletes to have played the game of soccer. Lionel Richie is a singer and television celebrity.

87. Lloyd (Welsh origin) - meaning 'grey'. Llyod Bridges Jr. was a talented actor appearing in films, television, and stage shows. Lloyd James Austin III was a former General in the United States Army, decorated with four stars.

88. Louis (French origin) - meaning 'famous in battle'. Louis Armstrong was a 20th-century jazz vocalist and trumpeter. Louis Boudreau was a talented baseball player.

89. Martin (Latin origin) - meaning 'warlike'. Martin Luther King Jr. was a key figure in the 1955 civil rights movement. Martin Scorcese is a famous filmmaker popularly known for his gangster flicks.

90. Max (Latin origin) - meaning 'the greatest'. Friedrich Max Muller was an orientalist and expert in philology. Max von Sydow was a renowned actor.

91. Merlin (Welsh origin) - meaning 'fortress of the sea'. Oscar Wilde's grandson, Merlin Holland, is an English editor and biographer. Merlin Olsen was an actor and American football professional.

92. Michael (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'gift from god'. Michael Jackson was the greatest pop singer in the world during the 20th century. Michael Phelps II is a professional swimmer with the most wins in the Olympics.

93. Mortimer (European origin) - meaning 'dead sea'. Mortimer Adler was a notable author, encyclopedist, and educator. Mortimer Zuckerman is a media mogul who is worth billions.

94. Murray (Scottish origin) - meaning 'settlement by the sea'. Murray Rothbard is known as an activist, political theorist, and economist. Murray Hamilton was a famous 19th-century American actor.

95. Ned (Old English origin) - meaning 'wealthy guardian'. Ned Beatty is a talented actor who appeared in more than 160 films. Ned McGowan is a flute player and composer.

96. Neville (French origin) - meaning 'new town'. Neville Southall was a footballer and was regarded as the best goalie of his time. Neville Holder is the singer and guitarist for the band 'Slade'.

97. Norman (English origin) - meaning 'man from the north'. Norman Peale was a best-selling author and Protestant. Norman Borlaug is an expert in agricultural science and one of the figures to lead the Green Revolution.

98. Oliver (Latin origin) - meaning 'olive tree'. Oliver Cromwell was one of the influential English politicians and statesmen during the 17th century. Oliver Stone is an Academy Award-winning writer and director.

99. Oscar (Germanic origin) - meaning 'spear of god'. The name is famously associated with Oscar Wilde, a renowned novelist, playwright, and poet. Oscar Gutierrez is a famous wrestler, appearing in WWE as Rey Mysterio.

100. Oswin (English origin) - meaning 'god's friend'. Oswin Gibbs-Smith headed the Chapter of Winchester Cathedral in England during the 20th century. Oswin Bruno Nazareth was a Christian born in Pakistan who drafted the Pakistan Hockey Federation constitution.

101. Otis (Germanic origin) - meaning 'prosperous' or 'wealthy'. Singer and songwriter Otis Redding Jr. is considered one of the greatest performers of popular 'blues' and 'soul music'. Otis Blackwell was a songwriter and a key figure in elevating 'rock and roll' music.

102. Otto (Germanic origin) - meaning 'wealthy' or 'rich'. Otto von Bismarck was a diplomat and one of the exceptional minds in Prussian politics during the 19th century. Otto Jespersen is a comedian and actor from Norway.

103. Owen (Welsh origin) - meaning 'fighter' or 'noble'. Owen Wilson is a talented actor who has also co-written some movies with Wes Anderson. There is also Owen Chamberlain, a notable physicist who received a Noble Prize in physics.

104. Patrick (Latin origin) - meaning 'nobleman'. Patrick Swayze is a famous dancer and actor from America. Patrick Dempsey is a race car driver and actor known for his role in the television series 'Grey's Anatomy'.

105. Percival (French origin) - meaning 'one who pierces the valley'. Percival Lowell was an astronomer, businessman, and mathematician who hypothesized the existence of a ninth planet and catalyzed the discovery of Pluto. Percival Proctor Baxter was a politician and philanthropist who became the governor of Maine.

Cool Old Fashioned Names

106. Peter (Greek origin) - meaning 'stone' or 'rock'. Peter Dinklage is a famous film and stage actor. Peter Green was a famous blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

107. Phileas (Greek origin) - meaning 'affectionate'. Phileas Cote was a Canadian politician who became a member of the Liberal Party of Canada and the House of Commons. Phileas Lebesgue was an essayist, novelist, poet, and literary critic.

108. Quentin (French origin) - meaning 'fifth'. Quentin Tarantino is a director, screenwriter, and author who makes unique films with intermixed genres and artistic ideas. There is also the talented tennis player Quentin Halys.

109. Ralph (Norse origin) - meaning 'wolf counsel'. Ralph Fiennes is a renowned actor who played Voldemort in the Harry Potter saga. Ralph Lauren is the founder of a multibillion-dollar fashion company with the same name.

110. Raymond (French origin) - meaning 'protector'. Raymond Liotta was a famous Hollywood actor and producer. Raymond Burr is a high-ranking clergyman in the Roman Catholic Church.

111. Reginald (Latin origin) - meaning 'ruler's adviser'. Reginald Fessenden was a late 19th and 2oth century inventor, mostly known for his patented works in radio communications and sonar. Reginald Hudlin is a writer, director, and producer.

112. Reuben (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'behold, a son'. Reuben Fine was a psychologist, author, and talented chess player. Reuben Torrey was a writer, pastor, and preacher of evangelism.

113. Ronald (Norse origin) - meaning 'decision or ruler'. The 40th US president was named Ronald Reagan. Ronald Fisher was a polymath noted for developing statistical mathematics.

114. Rory (Irish origin) - meaning 'red-haired king'. Rory Stewart is an exceptional English talent who has been part of the UK Government, was a soldier, politician, and author, and heads a non-profit to curb poverty in Africa. Rory Mcllroy is a famous golfer.

115. Roy (Irish origin) - meaning 'red'. Roy Keane is one of the most successful former footballers from Ireland. Roy Orbison was a notable musician and singer from the 20th century.

116. Rudy (American origin) - meaning 'famous wolf'. Rudy Lewis was a 20th-century singer of blues and rhythm music. Rudy De Luca is an actor and screenwriter known for his work in several television shows.

117. Rufus (Latin origin) - meaning 'red-haired'. Rufus Wainwright is a renowned singer and composer who has written classical operas and created numerous albums, single tracks, and film tracks. Rufus Sewell is an English film and stage actor.

118. Samuel (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'name of god'. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a famous poet and theologian who co-led the establishment of Romanticism in England. Samuel Leroy Jackson is one of his generation's most famous African American actors.

119. Saul (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'ask' or 'question'. Saul Kripke is a notable analytic philosopher and logician. Saul Bellow was an exceptional writer who won the Pulitzer Prize and the Noble Prize for his literary works.

120. Sebastian (Greek origin) - meaning 'respected'. Sebastian Vettel is the most famous Formula One driver for Aston Martin. Sebastian Bierk is a singer and lead of the rock band Skid Row.

121. Seth (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'appointed or placed'. Seth MacFarlane is a talented actor, singer, and screenwriter known for his animated creation 'The Family Guy'. Seth Meyers is an actor, comedian, and writer known for his television performances on 'Saturday Night Live'.

123. Sidney (Old English origin) - meaning 'wide meadow'. Sidney Sheldon was a celebrated play and film writer, as well as a best-selling novelist. Sidney Lumet was a talented director and screenwriter.

124. Silas (Aramaic origin) - meaning 'the youngest'. Silas Wright was a notable Democrat and attorney from the 19th century. Silas Deane was an 18th-century merchant and diplomat who negotiated the 'Treaty of Alliance' on behalf of America with France.

125. Stanley (English origin) - meaning 'near a stony clearing'. Stanley Kubrick is one of the most famous American film directors. Stanley Baldwin was a politician and the first Earl of Bewdley, who served in the UK Prime Minister's position three times.

126. Terrence (Irish origin) - meaning 'tender'. Terrence Malick is a talented filmmaker, with 'The Thin Red Line' as his most notable work. Terrence Howard is a television actor, appearing in many films and television series.

127. Theodore (Greek origin) - meaning 'god-given'. The 26th president of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Theodore Shapiro, a composer best known for his film tracks.

128. Thomas (Aramaic origin) - meaning 'twin'. Thomas Edison was the famous inventor of the primitive lightbulb, sonograph, and camera for capturing motion pictures. Thomas Jefferson was an architect, diplomat, and philosopher. He was elected as the third US president.

129. Tobias (Greek origin) - meaning 'God is good'. Tobias Lindholm is an award-winning screenwriter and director. Tobias Menzies is a famous English actor who won an Emmy Award for his role in 'The Crown'.

130. Vance (English origin) - meaning 'he who lives near a marshland'. Vance Randolph was a writer and expert in folklore studies. Vance Brand is an aeronautical engineer and astronaut who has commanded multiple Space Shuttle missions and piloted the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

131. Vaughn (Welsh origin) - meaning 'little'. Vaughn Monroe was a 20th-century trumpeter, baritone and opera singer, and actor. Vaughn Armstrong is an actor who appears in several episodes of the 'Star Trek' television series.

132. Victor (Latin origin) - meaning 'conqueror'. Victor-Marie Hugo is considered one of the best French writers of the Romantic Era. Victor Wooten is an award-winning bassist and record producer.

133. Vincent (Latin origin) - meaning 'winner'. Vincent Van Gogh was a famous 19th-century painter. Vincent Vaughn is a notable film actor.

134. Virgil (Latin origin) - meaning 'strong' or 'a staff bearer'. Virgil Thomson was a 20th-century composer and one of the key figures who developed American classical music. Virgil Gus Grissom was an engineer and astronaut, regarded as the second American to have done a space flight.

135. Walcott (English origin) - meaning 'a cottage'. Derek Walcott was a Noble Prize-winning playwright and poet. Jersey Joe Walcott was a talented boxer.

136. Wallace (Scottish origin) - meaning 'stranger'. Wallace Stevens is a Pulitzer Prize winner and poet of the Modernist Movement. Wallace Shawn is a famous actor and playwright.

137. Walter (Germanic) - meaning 'power' and 'brightness'. Walter Elias Disney was an entrepreneur and animator, the founder of the Walt Dinsey franchise, which includes animated films, amusement parks, and theme parks. Walter Scott was a late 18th-century and early 19th-century poet, historian, and novelist.

138. Warren (German) - meaning 'protector' or 'loyal'. Warren Buffett is a philanthropist and billionaire investor. Warren Harding served a short term as the 29th US president.

139. Warwick (English origin) - meaning 'a settlement by the dam'. Warwick Davis is a talented actor who appears in the Harry Potter and Star Wars films. Warwick Armstrong was an all-rounder cricketer in the Australian team.

140. Watkins (Old English origin) - meaning 'little walter'. Watkins Abbitt was a notable lawyer and politician who became a US House of Representatives member. Calvert Watkins was a philologist and professor of linguistics.

141. Watson (Old English origin) - meaning 'son of Walter'. Watson Brown was involved in fighting for the abolition of slavery with his father and became a martyr. James Dewey Watson is an expert in zoology and molecular biology.

142. Wilfred (Germanic origin) - meaning 'desires peace'. Wilfred Owen was a famous poet and soldier during World War I. Wilfred Bion was a famous English psychoanalyst.

143. William (Germanic origin) - meaning 'desire' or 'helmet'. William Shakespeare was a poet and playwright whose works are globally famous. William Gibson is a fiction writer credited for creating the 'cyberpunk' subgenre in science fiction.

144. Winston (Old English origin) - meaning 'joyful'. Winston Churchill is arguably the most notable UK Prime Minister. Winston Peters is a politician who served as a deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs minister, and treasurer of the New Zealand government.

145. Wycliff (English origin) - meaning 'a slope' or 'cliff'. Wycliff Gordon is a trombone player, composer, and jazz music educator. Wycliff Palu is a former professional rugby player.

146. Xavier (French or Spanish origin) - meaning 'new house'. Xavier Rudd is a talented singer and songwriter with expertise in playing multiple musical instruments. Xavier Armange was a children's book writer and illustrator.

147. Yorick (Greek origin) - meaning 'earth worker'. Yorick van Wageningen is a talented actor. Yorick Wilks is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and a computer scientist.

148. Yuri (Russian origin) - meaning 'farmer'. Yuri Gagarin was a 20th-century cosmonaut who was the first human to fly into outer space. Yuri Knorozov was an ethnographer and linguist known for decoding the writing scripts of the Maya Civilization.

149. Zachariah (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'to remember'. Zachariah Chandler was a politician, abolitionist, and co-founder of the Republican Party. Zachariah Montgomery was a famous orator, politician, lawyer, and author.

150. Zebulon (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'gift' or 'dwelling place'. Zebulon Pike was a general of the 19th-century American Brigade and an explorer. Zebulon Vance was a member of the US Senate during the 19th century, and also served as the governor of North Carolina. It might seem like a creepy name for a baby boy.


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