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35 Cute and Quirky Cow Names With Meanings

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Cows are highly sensitive beings with great intelligence, innumerable uses and are full-blown packages of love and cuteness.

Cows love humans to bits. Hence, it naturally means that we should give a sweet name to our pet cow.

If you're looking for the best cow names, here's a list you'll simply fall in love with.

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Cute And Funny Cow Names For Girls

Cow and little calf grazing eating grass.

Here are quirky female names for cows.

1. Bertha (Germanic origin) meaning "a person who is bright", a very popular heifer (female cow) name.

2. Betty Sue (American origin) meaning "Godly oath".

3. Buttercup (English origin) meaning "yellow wildflower".

4. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye". A most common cow name.

5. Esmeralda (Greek origin) meaning "Emerald".

6. Mama Moo (Swedish origin) meaning "mother cow" is the name of a famous talking cow of Sweden.

7. Moona Lisa (French origin) meaning "God's own".

8. Molly Moo-Cow meaning "Mother Mary" was a character from 'Rainbow Parade'.

9. Clarabelle (Latin origin) meaning "bright"  was a cow character in 'Mickey Mouse Universe'.

10. Darla (English origin) meaning "dear".

11. Dahlia (Swedish origin) meaning "autumn flower".

12. Inala (African origin)meaning "aunt".

13. Margie (English origin) meaning "Pearl"

14. Maggie (English origin) meaning "Pearl".

15. Minnie (English origin) meaning "Of The Sea"

16. Zenga (African origin) meaning "queen".

Cute And Funny Cow Names For Boys

Cow eating green grass on a meadow

Here are a few good names of cows:

17. Armor (Scottish origin) meaning "protection".

18. Brownie (English origin) referring to a dessert is a fitting name for a brown cow.

19. Bull (Medieval origin) meaning "strength"; a great male name for naming your cow.

20. Bully (German origin) meaning "brother".

21. Diesel (German origin) meaning "oil"; a fitting bull name.

22. Ferdinand (Germanic origin) meaning "protection" is a notable bull character from children's fairytales.

23. Hydro (Latin origin) meaning "water"; a good name for a classic cow.

24. Joey (Australian origin) meaning "increase by God", the best cow pet name.

25. Nitrous (Latin origin) meaning "Gas".

26. Pup (English origin) meaning "baby dog", a cute calf (baby cow) name.

27. Tank (English origin) meaning "battleship".

Gender-Neutral Cute And Funny Names For Cows

Here are some quirky gender-neutral cows names.

28. Cock-a-doodle Moo is for a cow who wakes everyone with its early morning mooing!

29. Flopsy (English origin)  meaning "floppy"; a great name for a clumsy one.

30. Joy (Latin origin) meaning "delight" is one of the cute cow names for a pet cow that brings joy to its owners.

31. Midnight  (Old English origin) meaning "middle of the night"; a beautiful gender-neutral name for a dark cow.

32. Milkshake (English origin) meaning "sweet milky drink"; a perfect name for a black and white cow.

33. MooMoo (English origin) meaning "a cow's call" is amongst the cute names for baby cows.

34. Oink (English origin) meaning "pig's grunt"; a funny name option for a cow!

35. Winnie (Welsh origin) meaning "soft" is a cute name for a cow based on the fictional character 'Winnie the Pooh'.

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