The 35 Most Awesome Owl Names With Meanings

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Originally Published on Oct 25, 2020
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Northern Pygmy-Owl Stare

From wise characters to beloved fluffy toys, these beautiful birds are popular with kids of all ages. Discover some of the best owl names from fact, fiction and more with this great list. For more animal naming inspiration take a look at these grey cat names or these frog names.

Famous Owl Names

Eurasian Scops Owl on branch in the wood

Take a look at the names of these famous owls from movies and books.

1.Archimedes(Greek origin) means “master planner” and was the name of Merlin’s owl.

2.Errol(English origin) means “a nobleman”. Errol was the Weasley family's owl in 'Harry Potter'.

3.Glimfeather. The name of an owl in C. S. Lewis’s 'Chronicles of Narnia'.

4.Gylfie(Norse origin) meaning “miracle”. From 'Guardians of Ga’Hoole'.

5.Hedwig(Germanic origin) meaning “warrior in war”. Harry Potter’s very own snowy owl.

6.Hermes(Greek origin) meaning “interpreter”. One of the owl names in 'Harry Potter'.

7.Hoots(English origin) means "to scream and is the name of the owl in 'The Muppets'.

8.Jareth was the owl manifestation of the Goblin King in the 'Labyrinth'.

9.Kludd is the name for owls in Ecuador and was the name of an owl in 'Guardians of Ga’Hoole'.

10.Nightwing is the name of a DC Comics superhero.

11.Noctus(Latin origin) meaning “night” was also an owl in 'Guardians of Ga’Hoole'.

12.Nyra(Greek origin) meaning “rose” was in 'Guardians of Ga’Hoole'.

13.Owlbear is the name of a creature in 'Dungeons & Dragons'.

14.Owlboy is the name of a video game.

15.Owl was the name of a 'Winnie the Pooh' character.

16.Owly. The title character of the American graphic novel series.

17.Pigwidgeon(English origin) meaning “small”. In 'Harry Potter',  Ron Weasley’s owl was called Pigwidgeon.

18.Scowl. In 'Happily Ever After', Scowl was a sarcastic owl.

19.Soren(Scandinavian origin) meaning “strict”. From 'Guardians of Ga’Hoole'.

20.Woodsy. This is the name of the icon of the US Forest Service.

Funny Male Owl Names

Owls do not always need a serious title. Here are five funny names for your nocturnal friend.

21.Duke Owlington.After the famous musician, Duke Ellington.

22.Owlbert Einstein. Naming your owl after Albert Einstein is a smart move.

23.Owl Capone. A great nickname for an owl influenced by Al Capone.

24.Owl Jolson. Named after musician Al Jolson.

25.Owl Pacino. Inspired by the great Al Pacino.

Funny Female Owl Names

Why not give your female owl one of these funny names?

26.Abigowl Breslin. Named after actress Abigail Breslin, this is a cute pet owl name.

27.Crystowl Reed is a sweet name inspired by actress Crystal Reed.

28.Gowl Gadot. If your pet owl is a superhero in real life, naming her after Gal Gadot is not a bad idea.

29.Owlivia Cowleman.This could be a funny tribute to Olivia Coleman.

30.Owlivia Munn. Inspired by the beautiful Olivia Munn.

Awesome Unisex Owls' Names

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl perching an a tree branch

Here's a hooting list of amazing unisex pet owl names.

31.Arial (Biblical origin) meaning “of elfish nature”.

32.Buho (Spanish origin) means “owl”.

33.Pyacha (Indian origin) means “owls”.

34.Ugla (Norse origin) meaning “owl”.

35.Ullu (Hindi origin) meaning “owl”.

Found these a hoot? If you liked our suggestions for owl names then why not take a look at these duck names or rat names for more animal characters and toy friends.

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