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60 Cute Cowgirl Names For Your Baby

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There are many options if you're looking for a cowgirl name for your baby.

They are wild, outdoorsy, full of adventure, yet bring a hint of feminity too. Western girls' names are finest when you look for names that are never outdated, and they highly resonate with the tiny one in your arms.

Cowgirls are known for their wild nature and free spirit. They inspire women from all generations to shed their fears to emerge bold and beautiful in this patriarchal world. Many famous cowgirls present an unbelievable journey of life, fighting all the odds and emerging victorious. Naming your little one with one of these wild west names and bringing her up to do complete justice to the same can ensure she leads a fiery life. Here, we bring you a list of cowgirl names along with their meanings.

We hope this list helps in your search but if you want more inspiration why not look at American boys names or American girl names.

Popular Cowgirl Names

Annie Oakley was the name of a famous cowgirl who started hunting at a tender age to support her family. She was a legendary sharpshooter glorified cowgirls across the world and inspired many young girls as well. She also holds the record of being the first woman in the Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show! Annie went on to travel the world to inspire many such less privileged girls. Here are many more popular names, just like Annie.

1.  Alabama is a unisex name that means "vegetation gatherers".

2.  Annie (English origin) meaning "gracious and merciful".

3.  Arizona (Basque origin) name that means "good oak".

4.  Bella (Italian origin) name meaning "beautiful".

5.  Belle (Latin origin) name meaning "beauty".

6.  Cassidy (Irish origin) implies "the one with lustrous curly hair".

7.  Dakota (American origin) baby name meaning "friend or dear one".

8.  Dallas (English origin) "the baby girl from grassy lands".

9.  Dale (English origin) means "valley".

10.  Hannah (Hebrew origin) name that denotes "elegance or poise".

11.  Jane (Old French origin) depicts the "graciousness and kindness of God".

12.  Montana (Spanish origin) invokes "the ruggedness or strength of a mountain".

13.  Poppy (Latin origin) means "a beautiful crimson flower of the west".

14.  Sandra (Greek origin) is "fierce" and "the one who defends her people".

15.  Sierra (Latin origin) is "the tall, bold and proud mountain".

16.  Velma (Greek origin) means "the protector".

Celebrity Cowgirl Names

Many cinemas have featured prominent celebrities' in the role of cowgirls. They have all portrayed unconventionally strong female characters who managed to bag tremendous regard from critics and audiences alike. Parents love to name their girls with these unique words. We did some digging and found the most notable western girl names from these movies.

17.  Amy (French origin) is the baby name that means "beloved".

18.  Clara (Latin origin) means "the one who is noble and distinguished".

19.  Elmira (African origin) is the baby name that indicates "a noble princess".

20.  Elsa (Biblical origin) is a name that depicts "honesty and truthfulness".

21.  Fen (Germanic origin) is one of the baby girl names that denotes "peace".

22.  Jessica (English origin) refers to "the savior who protects".

23.  Jessy (English origin) means "the wealthy one".

24.  Lina (Arabic origin) is a baby name that means "tender".

25.  Lorena (Hebrew origin) is the name that implies "honor".

26.  Mattie (German origin) is among the  good cowgirl names that means "a dainty female".

27.  Millie (Multiple origin) means "a cute baby girl".

28.  Patricia (Latin origin) is "the one who is kind and noble".

29.  Penelope (Greek origin) means "weaver" or "the one with a web on her face".

30.  Rose (Latin origin) denotes "the one with charm of rose flower".

31.  Sue (Latin origin) is one of the names for girls that mean "the lily flower".

Unique Cowgirl Names

A little girl approaching a pony

Country girls' names are unique ones. They can portray many emotions with a single word. If you are also among parents who want such powerful words for female western names, the following names should make it easier for you to find the perfect one.

32.  Abby (Hebrew origin) is "the joy of her father".

33.  Autumn (Latin origin) means "the beautiful fall season".

34.  Bailey (Norman origin) is the baby girls name that means "champion".

35.  Beatrice (Multiple origin) is "the one who brings joy".

36.  Blossom (Germanic origin) refers to "the enchanting expression of a blooming flower".

37.  Bonnie (Scottish origin) a synonym for a "pretty girl".

38.  Charlie (English origin) is one of the names for "independent girls".

39.  Ella (Greek origin) is the baby names meaning "a young girl".

40.  Etta (English origin) means "the ruler of your home".

41.  Fay (Latin origin) is another name for the fairy or elf.

42.  Florence (English origin) is one of the baby names that mean "flowering"

43.  Helen (Greek origin) is a popular baby name that means "light".

44.  Irises (Greek origin) is a charming name that means "iris".

45.  Laura or Laurena (Latin origin) is one among the baby names meaning "laurels".

46.  Lillian (Latin origin) is a baby name that refers to "the blooming lily".

47.  Marigold (Middle English origin) refers to the sunshine yellow colored marigold flower.

48.  Pearl (Latin origin) means "the round and precious bead from the mollusks".

Vintage Cowgirl Names

Vintage cowgirl names are often the wild wests prime locations or something denoting their flora and fauna. You will surely find many names that refer to the beautiful flowers of the west. Find vintage western names for your little one here.

49.  Abigale (Hebrew origin) is another word for the father's joy.

50.  Amelia (English origin) girls name meaning "work".

51.  Azalea (Greek origin) means "flowering shrubs".

52.  Camellia (Modern Latin origin) is the names for girls that means "young and vigilant".

53.  Charlotte (French origin) is "the liberated one".

54.  Clementine (French origin) is among the names for girls, which means "gentle".

55.  Daisy (Old English origin) is the name of a flower.

56.  Edwina (Old English origin) refers to "the rich and prosperous".

57.  Eliza (English origin) means "the oath for God".

58.  Elvira (Germanic origin) is the name that depicts "the truth".

59.  Esther (Old Persian) means "the enchanting star leaf".

60.  Flora (Latin origin) means "flowering".

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