100 Cute Strong, Badass And Tough Boy Names

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A strong name makes a strong little boy want to grow stronger.

Be it in personality, skill, or physical toughness, giving your boy a strong sounding boy name with great meaning is a good start. It can really set him up in a way to stand apart from other boys.

All parents want their little princes to grow up to be strong kings to rule their own lives with strength, passion, and a sound mind. Giving them great baby names will not only enhance their personalities but also be a catalyst to their success in whatever field they choose for themselves. Here's a list of the toughest sounding and most badass tough baby boy names you will ever cross.

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Short Badass Boy Names

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Are you a  badass parent looking for short but strong boy names? Refer to this list.

1. Abir (Arabic origin) meaning "strong fragrance" is a cool name choice for your son.

2. Ace (Latin origin) meaning"unity"; a positive name for a boy who might grow up to ace in every field.

3. Ajax (Greek origin) meaning "eagle"; one of the perfect cool guy names for a boy.

4. Alpha (Greek origin) meaning "firstborn"; one of the most badass boy names for a future leader.

5. Arlo (English origin) meaning "fortified hill"; a unique tough boy name.

6. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning "father of peace"; an edgy name with a benevolent meaning. Axe would be a great nickname to go with this name.

7. Blade (English origin) meaning "knife"; a badass name for a little warrior.

8. Blaze (English origin) meaning "a roaring flame"; The most badass name.

9. Boris (Russian origin) meaning "to fight"; one of the popular tough boy names.

10. Buck (English origin) meaning "male deer"; a popular nickname for a boy.

11. Dash (English origin) meaning "from the ash"; amongst the cool names for a boy.

12. Colt (English origin) meaning "from the dark town"; a perfect strong name for a tough baby boy. It sounds like it could be one of the warrior names.

13. Flynn (Irish origin) meaning "son of a red-haired man"; an appealing name for a boy with a great personality.

14. Hunt (English origin) meaning "the act of catching prey"; an intimidating, tough male name.

15. Jax (American origin) clipped form of Jackson or Jaxon. It means "God has been gracious" or "has shown favor". One of the rugged boy names.

16. Jesse (Hebrew origin) meaning"gift of God"; a gender-neutral spiritually strong name.

17. King (American origin) meaning "ruler"; an uncommon strong baby boy name.

18. Knox (Scottish origin) meaning "from the hills"; a strong name for a strong boy.

19. Pax (Latin origin) meaning "peace";a perfect strong name because inner peace is achieved through various inner battles with oneself. To be at peace is to be strong on the inside.

20. Rocco (Italian origin) meaning "rock"; a great badass nickname for a boy.

21. Steele (English origin) meaning "hard" or "durable"; a tough male name.

22. Wild (German origin) meaning"hunter"; an uncommon name for your little mess maker.

23. Wolf (German origin) meaning "carnivorous wild canine"; one of the uncommon baby boy names.

24. Wyatt (Proto origin) meaning "one who is brave in battle"; an uncommon choice for a baby name' hence, unique.

25. Xeno (Greek origin) meaning "foreign voice"; an exotic name, especially if you are a fan of the Alien franchise.

26. Zeke (Hebrew origin) meaning "God strengthens"; a great nickname if you name your son Ezekiel.

Long Badass Boy Names

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Are you looking for long and strong boys' names for your tough little champ? Refer to this list.

27. Aiden (Irish origin) name meaning "someone who's fiery".

28. Augustus (Greek origin) meaning "majestic"; a sophisticated strong sounding baby name.

29. Baldwyn (German origin) meaning "brave friend"; a unique name for a son.

30. Bronco (Spanish origin) name meaning "an unbroken horse".

31. Bryant (Celtic origin) name means "strong"; one of the names meaning strong which is suggestive of a badass persona.

32. Buster (English origin) meaning "to bust"; one of the badass boy names for a badass little boy.

33. Dagger (English origin) name meaning"knife". One of the uncommon boy names.

34. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "strong"; a badass Spanish name.

35. Chance (English origin) meaning"good opportunity".

36. Chasin (Hebrew origin) names meaning "strong".

37. Cohen (Jewish origin) meaning "priest"; a spiritually strong name.

38. Darby (English origin) name meaning "the deer park farm".

39. Felix (Latin origin) name means "lucky".

40. Frederik (German origin) meaning "leader"; a perfect name for a born leader.

41. Griffin (Welsh origin) meaning "strength in faith"; a perfect name to give a child with good character.

42. Hardwin (English origin) meaning "brave friend"; one of the English badass names for boys.

43. Hunter (English origin) name means "one who hunts"; a common but great hardcore name.

44. Huntley (English origin) meaning "from the hunter's meadow"; perfect for a little macho boy.

45. Kaiser (Latin origin) meaning "emperor"; a great name for a future leader.

46. Kemen (Spanish origin) name means "strong"; a unique Spanish name.

47. Lennox (Scottish origin) meaning "abounding in elm trees"; a horticultural name symbolic of inner strength.

48. Maddox (Welsh origin) meaning "beneficent or fortunate"; a perfect badass name for a badass son.

49. Marcelo (Italian origin) clipped form of Marcellus which means "hammer".

50. Marco (Italian origin) refers to Mars the Roman god of war.

51. Mason (English origin) meaning "worker in stone".

52. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior"; a perfect warrior name.

53. Neron (Spanish origin) meaningstrong; one of the coolest badass male names you will ever find.

54. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning "blood red"; it is the name of a mystical bird that rises from its ashes; a name that resonates with strength and resilience.

55. Ryder (British origin) meaning "knight"; a perfect name if you're a race car driver and looking to name your son after your prized profession.

56. Ranger (English origin) meaning"forest guardian"; an occupational name of people in the profession that requires nerves of steel.

57. Slater (English origin) meaning "one who is the maker of slates"; another occupational strong-sounding name.

58. Striker (English origin) meaning "one who strikes"; an intimidating name for a macho male.

59. Talon (English origin) meaning "large claw of a carnivorous bird"; a rare aggressive-sounding name.

60. Tormund (Scandinavian origin) meaning "courage"; an exotic and unique name for a baby boy.

61. Zaccai (Biblical origin) meaning "one who is just"; a strong spiritual name.

Famous Strong Names For Boys

Looking to name your boy after a famous celebrity? Here's a list.

62. Bear (German origin) meaning "strong and brave"; son of singer Liam Payne.

63. Bolt (English origin) meaning "lightning strike"; the name of a famous Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt.

64. Brendan (Gaelic origin) meaning "prince" or "king'"; the name of a famous actor, Brendan Fraser.

65. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy" or "muscular"; the name of Marcus Junius Brutus, Julius Caesar's closest friend who had conspired against him.

66. Caesar (Latin origin) meaning "emperor"; the name of Gaius Julius Caesar,  who was a famous Roman general and statesman.

67. Cassius (Latin origin) meaning "empty or hollow"; the name of Gaius Cassius Longinus,  a Roman senator, and general.

68. Donovan (Celtic origin) meaning "strong fighter"; the name of a famous soccer and basketball player.

69. Dean (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "having lived near a valley"; a badassname in the honor of James Dean.

70. Diesel (German origin) meaning "fuel"; the badass name of actor Vin Diesel.

71. Drake (Norse origin) meaning "dragon"; the name of a famous Canadian rapper and musician.

72. Dustin (English origin) meaning "valiant"; name of American actor and filmmaker, Dustin Hoffman.

73. Dwayne (Gaelic origin) meaning "little dark one"; the name of WWE superstar and world-famous actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

74. Farrell (Celtic origin) meaning "brave"; name of actor William Farrell.

75. Fender (Hebrew origin) meaning "a defender"; the name of the iconic guitar brand created by Leo Fender.

76. Harley (English origin) meaning"hare's meadow"; the name of the iconic motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson.

77. Hendrix (German origin) meaning "son of Hendrick"; the name of famous musician Jimi Hendrix.

78. Jagger (English origin) meaning "hawker of goods"; the surname of Mick Jagger.

79. Joaquin (Spanish origin) meaning "one who is lifted by Yahweh"; the name of Joaquin Phoenix, known for his stupendous performance in 'Joker'.

80. Kanye (African origin) meaning "an honor"; the name of the world-famous rapper, Kanye West.

81. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "lion"; the short name of actor and environmentalist Leonardo Di Caprio.

82. Sanjay (Indian origin) meaning"victory";the name of actor Sanjay Dutt from Bollywood Cinema.

83. Sylvester (Latin origin) meaning "wild"; name of actor Selvester Stallone.

84. Timber (American origin) meaning "strong"; the name of singer and songwriter, Justin Timberlake.

85. Tyson (English origin) meaning "son of Tye"; the name of Mike Tyson.

86. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "conqueror"; the name of author Vicor Hugo.

87. Zayn (Quranic origin) meaning "excellence"; the name of Zayn Malik, a popular pop singer.

Famous Strong Names From Fiction And Mythology

The fictional world has brought to us the strongest characters. Here's a list of names inspired by famous people from mythology.

88. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "thedestroyer"; the name of the Greek sun god.

89. Beowulf (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "war wolf"; a great warrior from an Anglo-Saxon poem of the same name.

90. Damon (Greek origin) meaning"to tame"; a character from the classical mythological tale of Damon and Pythias, which was the symbol of a true and strong friendship.

91. Dexter (Latin origin) meaning 'a skilled person"; a character from the famous TV series, 'Dexter'.

92. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "a dragon"; the name of famous villain and anti-hero from 'Harry Potter', Draco Malfoy.

93. Duncan (Gaelic origin) meaning "a dark warrior"; the name of the Scottish king in Shakespeare's tragedy 'Macbeth'.

94. Flash (English origin) meaning "Lightning"; name of a superhero, Flash Gordon.

95. Max (Latin origin) meaning "greatest"; name of the iconic videogame character Max Payne.

96. Matthew (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God", one of the twelve apostles.

97. Neo (Greek origin) meaning "new"; name of the protagonist played by Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix'.

98. Odin (Norse origin) meaning"Frenzy, Rage and, Inspiration"; the name of the mythological king, Odin.

99. Taz (Eritrea origin) meaning "King"; a famous character from 'Looney Tunes'.

100. Thor (Norse origin) meaning"thunder"; God of Thunder in Norse mythology.

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