100 Super Cool Names For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Oct 25, 2020
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the most powerful baby girl names

Naming your baby is one of the most important decisions of your life.

Most kids hate old school names, which have gone out of fashion. As a parent, you may wish to glance into the trending cool names and try to give it to your child.

Gone are the days of traditional or historical names that would sound great for your child.

Parents are now opting to give their baby a name, which is not just cool but also meaningful. As a parent, you may often struggle to decide a perfect name for the baby, which suits their personality and makes them stand out in public.

We brought you a list of some of the coolest names from TV and media that you might think are cool baby names and may help you look for one of your choices.

For more baby names, take a look at Modern Boys Names and Edgy Girls Names.

Unique Cool Names For Girls

Girls are known to be powerful, so why not name them something relatable to their identity? To have your baby girl fitting in the cool and powerful criteria, you can give them one of the coolest names.

Below is a list of cool girl names that are some of the most powerful baby girl names to fit your hipster baby.

1.Abigail (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Intelligent." Abigail Eames is a beautiful British Actress.

2.Adore(Greek Origin) meaning "A gift".

3.Ailey (Irish Origin) meaning "Light".

4.Aislinn (Irish Origin) meaning "Dream". Aislinn Derbez is a widely known star of the movie named "The House of Flowers".

5.Allura (British Origin) meaning "Godly Adviser".

6.Amya (Syrian Origin) meaning "Variation of Amaya or Amy". It can be one of the cool nicknames for a girl named Amaya.

7.Astrid (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Divinely beautiful".

8.Audrina (English Origin) meaning "Noble Strength". It has been famous ever since Audrina Partridge came into the light through American television series.

9.Azariah (Hebrew Origin), meaning "Helped by God".

10.Bliss (English Origin) meaning "Joy".

11.Cadence (American Origin) meaning "Rhythm or Flow".

12.Celeste meaning "heavenly".

13.Cordelia (Latin Origin) meaning "Daughter of the sea". The name is associated with Selena Gomez's character Cordelia Winthrop Scott in the movie Monte Carlo.

14.Crimson (Japanese Origin), meaning "Deep Red".

15.Dulce (Spanish Origin) meaning "Sweet". Dulce Sloan is an American stand-up comedian.

16.Emmaline (English Origin) meaning "Work". Emmaline Henry starred in the 1968 super hit movie "Rosemary's Baby".

17.Faye (English Origin) meaning "Fairy". Faye D'Souza is a popular Indian Journalist.

18.Gigi (Greek Origin) meaning "Earth Worker". Gigi Hadid is a gorgeous, widely known supermodel.

19.Haven (English Origin) meaning "Heaven". Popular American celebrity Jessica Alba named her baby girl Haven.

20.Kalinda (Hindi Origin) meaning "Mountains".

21.Leia (English Origin), meaning "Princess". It is linked to the character of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

22.Liv (Norse Origin) meaning "Life". Liv Tyler is one of the famous actresses in America.

23.Nia (Swahili Origin) meaning "Resolve."

24.Odelia (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Praise God".

25.Olwen (Welsh Origin) meaning "White Footprint". Olwen Kelly is a gorgeous and popular Irish model.

26.Pepper (North German Origin) meaning "Piper". The name is associated with Pepper Potts, played by popular American actor Gywneth Paltrow in Marvel's Iron Man series and Avengers film series.

27.Roza (Latin Origin) meaning "Rose".

28.Signy (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "New Victory".

29.Tabitha (Aramaic Origin) meaning "Gazelle". Tabitha King is an American author of the bestselling book, "Caretakers."

30.Tatiana (Russian Origin) meaning "Sabine King". Tatiana Maslany is a Canadian actress.

31.Taya (Japanese Origin), meaning "Young." Taya Valkyrie is a Canadian professional wrestler.

32.Yaritza (Spanish Origin) meaning "Butterfly". A Dominican actress is named Yaritza Reyes who was starred in a movie "Casi Fiel" in 2019.

Unique Cool Names For Boys

Naming your little bundle of joy with a cool baby name makes his name stand apart from the rest of the boy names in school. You may have gone through many baby names trying to search for the right baby name for your baby boy. Here's a list of unique names for boys to help you reach your goal.

33.Aidan (Irish Origin) meaning "Born of Fire". Aidan Gallagher is a popular American singer and actor famous for his role in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

34.Ambrose (British Origin) meaning "Immortal One". It's one of the coolest names for boys.

35.Apollo(Greek Origin) meaning "Greek God".

36.Aquila(English Origin) meaning "Eagle".

37.Asher (English Origin) meaning "Happiness". The cool baby name is linked to Jay Asher, the author of 13 Reasons Why.

38.Ashton (English Origin) meaning "From the town of Ash". It's the name of the famous Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher.

39.Atticus (Latin Origin) meaning "From Attica". This name refers to the worldwide bestselling novel "To Kill a Mocking Bird" protagonist. It is a unique name for boys.

40.Augustus (English Origin) meaning "Great". Augustus Waters is the protagonist of The Fault in our stars.

41.Caleb (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Devotion of God".

42.Craney (American Origin), meaning A skilful of Tradesman". It is one of the few cool baby names for your hipster baby boy.

43.Damon (Greek Origin) meaning "The one who tames". This name is popularized from the Netflix series The Vampire Diaries star Damon Salvatore.

44.Daniel (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Judge". The kids' favorite, the Harry Potter series, has the actor playing named Daniel Radcliffe.

45.Eliseo (Latin Origin) meaning "God is my Salvation".

46.Eric (German Origin) meaning "Everlasting Ruler". Eric Nam is a worldwide known K-pop solo singer.

47.Ethan (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Strong or Firm". Ethan is a popular and cool baby name.

48.Eugene (Origin) meaning "Well-Born". Eugene Lee Yang is an American Filmmaker.

49.Evan (Welsh Origin) meaning "God is Gracious". Evan Parker is a British saxophone player who plays free jazz.

50.Felix (Latin Origin) meaning "Happy or Lucky". Felix is the name of the globally known k-pop band "Stray Kids."

51.Gage meaning "Oath or Pledge".

52.Jagger (English Origin), meaning "Carter". Jagger is the name of American Musician Joe Don Rooney's son.

53.Kellen (Irish Origin) meaning "Swamp or Slander".

54.Leighton (English Origin) meaning "Meadow Town". Leighton John Baines is a widely famous English footballer.

55.Melvin (English Origin) meaning "Council Protector".

56.Nash (English Origin) meaning "By the Ash tree". Nash Grier is a former member of Magcon, the group of Youtubers.

57.Nixon (Greek Origin), meaning "Son of Nicholas".

58.Reed (English Origin) meaning "Red-Haired". Netflix's chief executive is named Reed Hastings.

59.Rocco (American Origin) meaning "Rest". Madonna chose Rocco as her son's name.

60.Rodolfo (Spanish Origin) meaning "Bold Wolf". Rodolfo Pizarro is a Mexican footballer.

61.Rory (Irish Origin) meaning "Red King". An Irish personality, Rory McIlroy, is a professional golfer.

62.Ryker (German Origin) meaning "Rich".

63.Todd (British Origin), meaning "Fox".

64.Yahya (Persian Origin) meaning "Gracious". Yahya Khan is the former president of Pakistan.

Unique Cool Gender Neutral Names

Going for names that could be used for a baby boy or baby girl at the same time sounds cool itself. We have prepared this trendy list so that you can give cool boy names to your baby girl and use the boy names as baby girl names, breaking gender stereotypes.

We have listed some cool gender-neutral hipster baby names for you to look through and get suitable cool baby names.

65.Aarya (Indian Origin) meaning "Prayer". Aarya Ambekar is an Indian Playback singer.

66.Alex (English Origin) meaning "To Defend". Football lovers must have known Brazillian Footballer named Alex Telles.

67.Ali (Arabic Origin) meaning "Sublime".

68.Angel (Greek Origin) meaning "God's messenger".

69.Austin (Latin Origin) meaning "Magnificent". Austin Mahone is a famous singer and songwriter from America.

70.Billie (German Origin) meaning "Resolute Protector". Billie Eilish is a Grammy Winning American singer.

71.Brady (Irish Origin) meaning "the one with broad eyes."

72.Cody (American Origin) meaning "Obliging". Disney series named The Suite Life of Zack and Cody brought the light towards the name Cody.

73.Dakota (Native American Origin) meaning "Friend". Dakota Johnson is a famous actress.

74.Dana (English Origin) meaning "God is the judge". There is an American actor named Carver Dana Andrews.

75.Devon (English Origin) meaning "A poet". American Musician named Devon Lane Allman is famous worldwide.

76.Dylan (Wales Origin) meaning "Son/Daughter or sea". Dylan O'Brien is a sweetheart werewolf in the series, Teen Wolf.

77.Emery (French Origin) meaning "Brave". One of the lovely names for babies.

78.Flynn (Irish Origin) meaning "Ruddy". Flynn Rider is a fictional character from the Disney Princess movie "Tangled".

79.Glenn (Scottish Origin) meaning "Of secluded valley". Glenn Maxwell is a widely known Australian Cricketer.

80.Jade (Spanish Origin) meaning "Precious stone".

81.Jesse (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Wealthy". Jesse Ryder is the name of New Zealand cricketer.

82.Jules (French Origin) meaning "youthful". A famous French racing driver is named Jules Bianchi.

83.Kelly (Irish Origin) meaning "Warrior".

84.Lucian (Latin Origin) meaning "Bringer of Light." Lucian Garroway, aka Luke Garroway, is alpha of the werewolves pack in the famous Netflix series called "The Shadowhunters."

85.Morgan (Welsh Origin) meaning "Bright Sea". Morgan Freeman is an American Actor.

86.Moriah (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Taught by God".

87.Nevada (Spanish Origin) meaning "Snowy".

88.Noelle (French Origin) meaning "Born at Christmas". It's one of the hipster baby names.

89.Ode (English Origin) meaning "Rich".

90.Perrie (French Origin) meaning "Dwells by pear tree". Perrie Edwards is a singer, part of the British Girl group "Little Mix."

91.Phoenix (Latin Origin) meaning "Reborn". One of the super cool names for babies.

92.Quinn (Irish Origin) meaning "Fifth". American series Glee has an actress named Quinn.

93.Raphael (Hebrew Origin) meaning "God has healed". Raphael Sanzio is an Italian Painter.

94.Reese (Welsh Origin) meaning "Adour". Reese Witherspoon starred in the popular American sitcom Friends.

95.Robin (German Origin) meaning "shining."

96.Sydney (French) meaning "Wide Meadow". Sydney McLaughlin is the name of the American Olympic Athlete.

97.Taylor (Latin Origin) meaning "to cut". Taylor is a perfect example of being a unisex name as Taylor Swift, and Taylor Lautner exists in the same world.

98.Tony (English Origin) meaning "Worthy of praise". Tony Stark, the famous superhero, who puts on his iron suit to become Iron Man. It can be one of the cool baby names which your child will love you for.

99.Val (English Origin) meaning "Strong".

100.Zion (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Raised up". Zion Williamson is an American Basketball player's name.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Cool Names then why not take a look at Superhero Names, or for something different take a look at Geographical Names.

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