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79 Egg Names That Are Simply Egg-cellent

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Are you on the hunt for funny egg names or egg names for your new company?

No need to get anxious because there are 79 egg names simply over the top and eggcellent. Pick any of the wide range of names from the separate lists and use it for your very respective purpose.

Lists of funny, egg pun names, egg baby names, egg brand names, and other names for eggs have been given below.

Eggs are called a superfood as egg whites and yolks are rich in nutrients. Who would not like to crack open eggs and eat a hot sunny-side-up omelet in breakfast prepared with different recipes across the world?

Read on for different egg names. Afterward, also check donut names and candy names.

Funny Egg Names

A thousand reasons to laugh and kick your worries out are here, with many funny and egg pun names. So keep your sorrows aside and let the tears of laughter flow through your cheeks.

Christina Egguilera (Ancient Greek Origin), meaning 'follower of Christ,' is a popular pun name.

Crack head (Old English Origin), meaning 'breaking,' is definitely a funny name that sounds synonymous with cracking eggs.

Dieggo (Spanish Origin), meaning 'supplanter,' is a popular name among kids, meaning strategy, scheme, or seizing by force.

Egg boi (Old German Origin), meaning 'ruler,' is a funny yet significant name symbolizing leadership and rule.

Egg Sheeran (Irish Origin), meaning 'long-lasting,' is a pun name yet has a very powerful meaning signifying eternity.

Eggatha (Ancient Greek Origin), meaning 'good,' although it sounds funny, and has a definite meaning of goodness and purity.

Eggbert (Germanic Origin), meaning 'noble,' is a funny name inspired by the name 'Albert,' symbolizing virtue and honor.

Eggma (Germanic Origin), meaning 'universal,' is a lovely name, a simple and small name influencing the whole biosphere.

Eggosaurus (Ancient Greek Origin), meaning 'egg lizard,' is a funny name and can be used to name pets and animals.

Eggward (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'wealth,' is a funny egg name symbolizing the power of wealth.

Eggwin (Old German Origin), meaning 'friend,' is a cool name to call your companion, maybe your pet or best friend.

Eggy (English Origin), meaning 'fortune,' is a cute and simple egg name symbolizing great fortune and luck.

Gregg (Latin Origin), meaning 'alert,' is a popular name and suits the best to sharp people with a good presence of mind.

Meggan (Welsh Origin), meaning 'pearl,' symbolizes purity, luxury, and divinity.

Shelldon (English Origin), meaning 'valley,' has a funny spelling as the shell of eggs but is pronounced the same.

Shelly (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'sloped meadow,' can be called a name after the hard shell of the eggs.

Yolki (Old English Origin), meaning 'yellow,' is a name derived from the yellow yolk of the egg, surely a cute name for pets.

Egg Baby Names

A list of mesmerizing and appealing egg baby names is mentioned for those completely in love with eggs, so name your babies with infinite love.

Aeron (Welsh Origin), meaning 'war goddess,' is the perfect name for your precious and adorable daughter.

Aleggra (Italian Origin), meaning 'joyful,' is a charming name symbolizing joy and happiness.

Bekah (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'to tie firmly,' is an egg-inspired name for babies symbolizing strength in relationships.

Benedict (Latin Origin), meaning 'blessed,' is a very popular name when it comes to naming after eggs.

Bomb (Greek Origin), meaning 'exploding substance,' is a name inspired by the shape of an egg.

Eggbert (Germanic Origin), meaning 'noble,' is a lovely name for kids symbolizing honor and pride.

Eggen (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'stone,' is a baby name, that symbolizes stone-like determination to be adamant to one's principles.

Egglantine (Latin Origin), meaning 'health,' is the perfect name to bless your baby with good mental and physical health.

Egglicia (Germanic Origin), meaning 'noble,' is an adorable name for baby girls symbolizing nobility and virtue.

Flannel (Middle English Origin), meaning 'wool,' is a lovely name symbolizing softness and patience.

Hardy (French Origin), meaning 'bold,' is a great name signifying fearlessness and courage.

Hatch (Old English Origin), meaning 'to break out,' is an egg-inspired cute and simple name for babies.

Kalista (Polish Origin), meaning 'most beautiful,' is a charming name for baby girls to match their beauty and innocence.

Peggy (English Origin), meaning 'pearl,' is the perfect name to bless your kid with a bright and successful life.

Rodalyn, meaning 'rose,' is a precious name for your beloved little daughter to commemorate her flower-like charm and innocence.

Schlatt (Jewish Origin), meaning 'sleepless warrior,' is a cool gender-neutral name.

Shellby (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'willow,' is a cool name for little kids symbolizing determination like a willow tree.

Silva (Latin Origin), meaning 'forest,' is a lovely name for your princess if she loves to play outside and talk to nature.

Yoko (Japanese Origin), meaning 'child,' is a Japanese name and can also be used to nickname babies and children.

Yolko (Old English Origin), meaning 'yellow,' is a perfect name for glowy kids or pets with yellow fur or skin.

Yuuri (Japanese Origin), meaning 'lily,' is a sweet name to bless your little kid with lily’s sweetness and pure love.

Egg Company Names

Do you have a chicken or duck farm with lots of layers? The list below preserves several ideas and categories to name your farm in whatever way you like.

Benedict Farms (Latin Origin), meaning 'blessed,' is a suitable name for an egg farm, be it chicken, duck, or other egg layers.

Chicken Farm (Old English Origin), meaning 'bird,' is an appropriate name for chickens’ farms.

Chickstars (German Origin), meaning 'shining chicken,' denotes shiny, healthy, and well-cleaned chickens.

Cracked Eggs (English Origin), meaning 'broken,' is the perfect name symbolizing the breaking of an egg for several uses.

Delish Eggwhite, meaning 'delicious,' is a name for egg companies and delicacies served by egg food stalls.

Duck Pixel (English Origin), meaning 'pictures,' is suitable for an egg company keeping ducks as their layers.

Eggcited (Latin Origin), meaning 'instigate,' is a suitable name for new business starters.

Eggtastic (Middle English Origin), meaning 'unreal,' sounds surreal, like the heaven of eggs.

Family Farm (Latin Origin), meaning 'household people,' denotes how people and domestic animals can be a family.

Hard Shells (Old English Origin), meaning 'husk,' perfectly describe the hard outer covering of an egg, hence an appropriate name for egg companies.

Hen Coop (Old English Origin), meaning 'basket,' is a lovely and suitable name for an egg company.

House of Eggs (Old English Origin), meaning 'settlement,' symbolizes the supply of many eggs, hence an egg company.

Morning Cluck (Middle English Origin), meaning 'make a noise,' is a great name for egg companies symbolizing hens’ noise.

Oreggano (German Origin), meaning 'joy,' is tricky yet the best to denote any business related to eggs.

Perfect Yellow Yolk (Old English Origin), meaning 'yellow,' is indeed a perfect name to name your company.

Scrambled (English Origin), meaning 'struggled,' is a lovely name to denote egg business, raw eggs, or cuisines.

Sunny Side Yolk (German Origin), meaning 'cheerful,' is a bright name for an egg company.

Yellow N' Whites (German Origin), meaning 'empty,' is also a good name for egg companies, perfectly describing the color of an egg. An easy favorite for a family who loves to have some fun.

Yolk N' Albumin (French Origin), meaning 'white,' designates an egg’s two components: the yellow yolk and the proteinaceous white albumin.

Boiled eggs in a basket are a must for any breakfast table.

Egg Dishes Names

Many mouth-watering egg dishes are listed below. Try some new recipes and enjoy the taste.

Balut (Chinese Origin) is the partially developed embryo of a duck egg that is boiled and directly eaten from the shell.

Boiled Egg (American Origin), meaning 'bubble up,' is an easy dish made by cooking eggs in water and usually served for breakfast.

Creamed Eggs on Toast (American Origin), meaning 'ointment,' is a dish made by adding a kind of gravy made with boiled eggs and bechamel sauce on a bread toast.

Croque Madame (French Origin), meaning 'bite,' is a sandwich made from grilled cheese and ham with a poached egg.

Egg Bhurji (Indian Origin), meaning 'scrambled,' is an easy dish made by adding beaten eggs to oil-filled with onions and spices.

Egg Casserole (French Origin), meaning 'little cup of egg,' is a breakfast savory with eggs cooked in the shape of a casserole.

Egg Chop (Bengali Origin) is a favorite snack in India.

Egg Curry (Indian Origin), meaning 'sauce,' is an easy side dish made from boiling eggs and cooked with gravy made from tomatoes and onions.

Egg fried rice (Chinese Origin), meaning 'rice fried with eggs,' is prepared by frying boiled rice with veggies and scrambled eggs.

Egg Frittata (Italian Origin), meaning 'fried egg,' is a crustless French delicacy.

Egg Noodles (Chinese Origin), meaning 'egg in noodles,' is a popular delicacy worldwide in which eggs are fried and mixed with cooked noodles and other veggies.

Egg Salad (American Origin), meaning 'salt,' is a fun dish made by chopping boiled eggs and adding seasonings and celery.

Egg Sandwich (American Origin), meaning 'egg in the middle,' is made by toasting bread slices and adding layers of eggs and cheese with some seasoning.

French Toast (French Origin) is a perfect morning toast prepared by cooking bread dipped in the mixture of beaten egg, spices, and milk and then frying it on medium-low heat.

Gyeran Mari (Korean Origin), meaning 'rolled omelet,' is a side dish made by beating eggs with diced vegetables, cooked like an omelet.

Huevos Rancheros (Mexican Origin), meaning 'ranch-style egg,' is a Mexican-Spanish egg delicacy.

Omelet (Roman Origin), meaning 'beaten eggs,' is prepared by beating eggs, then cooking on a frying pan using oil or butter and usually served with a combination of meat or mushrooms.

Poached Egg (American Origin), meaning 'cooked in boiling water,' is a dish where the eggs are boiled in water and then cooked on the pan after removing the outer shells.

Rührei mit krabben (German Origin), meaning 'egg with shrimp,' is a German delicacy prepared with lightly beaten eggs.

Scrambled Eggs (French Origin), meaning 'struggled,' is prepared by beating eggs with diced meat or vegetables and scrambling while frying using oil or butter.

Smoked Egg, meaning 'giving out smoke,' is a side dish made by cooking eggs over a smoker at a low temperature.

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