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50+ Elven Kingdom Names From Fiction & Mythology, Plus Ideas For New Names

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The Elven race is often considered an important part of any movie, game, or book series.

So, their kingdom should also get equal importance. In case you are looking to build an Elven kingdom for your games or book, you are in for a treat with our list.

We have come up with this list of Elven kingdom names if you are interested in knowing more about the homes of these human-like supernatural beings from Germanic mythology and folklore. You will find hundreds of such creatures in 'The Lord of The Rings' series, games like 'Dragons and Dungeons', and so much more.

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Elven Kingdom Names From Fiction

Elvish kingdom's names should be meaningful and self-explanatory.

The only three surviving elven kingdoms where elves from 'Lord Of The Rings' live are Lindon, Lothlórien, and Rivendell after leaving Middle-Earth. Below we have listed more of the kingdoms of elves from the 'Lord Of The Rings' series. Each of the names in Elvish has its meaning. We hope that one of these names will be suitable for you to use for your kingdom name.

1. Alqualondë (Quenya origin) means "land-locked haven". It is the main city of Falmari elves in 'The Lord of The Rings' series.

2. Amon Lanc (Sindarin origin) means "the naked hill". It was once the capital of the Woodland Realm.

3. Avallonè (Quenya origin) means "near Valinor" is the land of elves from 'The Lord of the Rings' universe.

4. Brithombar (Quenya origin) means "pebbly dwelling". It was once the home of Falathrim elves.

5. Caras Galadhon (Sindarin origin) means "moated fortress of the trees". It was once the chief city of Lothlórien.

6. Edhellond (Sindarin origin) means "elf harbor". Such place names are suitable for Sindar or Grey Elves.

7. Eglarest (Quenya origin) means "beauty".

8. Eldamar, is the town name for High elves. Such place-names also mean where undead reside.

9. Elvenking's Halls, was a cave system found underneath the mountains of Northern Mirkwood.

10. Falas (Sindarin origin) means "coast". It is also the place where the First Battle of Beleriand took place.

11. Forlond (Quenya origin) means "north haven."

12. Formenos (Quenya origin) means "northern fortress."

13. Grey Havens, is also known as Mithlond by many.

14. Harlond (Sindarin origin) means "south haven" is the safe place of Gondorians.

15. Havens of Sirion, is the Elven city name for the refugees of Elven war.

16. Havens of the Falas known as The Havens, is the coastal city of the Sindarin Elves.

17. Isengard, is the largest kingdom in the Wizard's Vale.

18. Ithilien (Sindarin origin) means "land of the moon".

19. Kortirion (Qenya and Gnomish origin) means "Tower of Kôr".

20. Lórinand (Quenya origin) means "dream-flower".

21. Menegroth, was once an underground city and home to King Thingol. It is also known as The Thousand Caves.

22. Mirkwood, is one of the largest Elven kingdoms.  

23. Ost-in-Edhil (Sindarin origin) means "city of the elves".

24. Taniquetil (Quenya origin) means "high-snow-peak" or "high white peak".

25. Tavrobel (Quenya origin) means "forest, wooded land".

26. The Shire, is the home for hobbits in Middle-earth.

27. Tirion (Quenya origin) means "watchtower". It is also known as Tirion upon Túna, a city of Ñoldor in Aman.

28. Vinyamar (Quenya origin) means "new home".

Elven Kingdom Names From Mythology

Names for kingdoms should use information derived from Elven history.

If you are looking for an elfish name for cities and kingdoms, which have once appeared in any mythology or history, then the list of elf kingdoms names from mythology is just the list for you.

29. Cuiviénen (Quenya origin) means "water of awakening".

30. Doriath (Sindarin origin) means "land of the fence". It is now ruled by King Thingol.

31. Dorthonion (Sindarin origin) means "land of pines". It is also known as Taur-nu-Fuin or Orod-na-Thon or Deldúwath.

32. East Lórien, was the realm of Celeborn elves founded after the War of the Ring.

33. Eregion (Sindarin origin) means "land of holly".

34. Gondolin (Sindarin origin) means "hidden rock". It was founded by Turgon the Wise in the early First Age.

35. Hithlum (Sindarin origin) means "mist-shadow".

36. Lindon (Sindarin origin) means "linden tree hill". The region became the harbor for Elven Ships. It is habituated by Laiquendi.

37. Lothlórien, is the kingdom ruled by Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. It is a part of the Sindar, Noldor, and Silvan region.

38. Mithrim (Sindarin origin) means "grey glitter". Such place names are ideal of Grey elves kingdom.

39. Nargothrond (Sindarin origin) means "vaulted dome". Such elven names are suitable for Ñoldor elves kingdom.

40. Nevrast (Sindarin origin) means "hither shore".

41. Rivendell (Sindarin origin) means "deep valley". It is also known as Imladris.

42. Thargelion (Sindarin origin) means "across the River Gelion". It is habituated by both Ñoldor Elves and men.

43. Tol Eressëa (Quenya origin) means "the lonely isle".

44. Woodland Realm, is the home for forest elves and is a kingdom located in Mirkwood.

Ideas For Elven Kingdom Names

Most elves have last names in D&D games or books, which are generally derived from names of their occupation or town. So, if you are looking for elf kingdom names for the lord of the rings elves or for D&D, then we have the perfect list for you to use. All elven city names on this list are made up using all the information available in Lord Dunsany and J. R. R. Tolkien's universe.

45. Amonserin, such fantasy kingdom names are suitable for High elves village.

46. Antaur Thoronthor

47. Baernarta, a great name for Fair-elves kingdom name in elvish.

48. Baerncar

49. Caradtaur, such names of kingdoms are suitable for Teleri elves.

50. Carnathrad, such elven woodland kingdom names are a must for your forest elves.

51. Forcoa Numentaur

52. Hoskadi, a unique name for Silvan Elves village.

53. Londkelume

54. Nimduin, a strange name for Dark Elves village.

55. Sherjhi Aneithel, a great new name for Legolas elves village.

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