150 Handpicked Elven Names And High Elf Names For Your Characters

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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
A elven girl archer

Elves are supernatural beings originating from Germanic folklore and mythology.

There are a number of traditions around elf names like all elves have a family name, which most times is a combination of other names. They may also take a title from an achievement in battle instead of their parent's name.

There are different types of elves including wood elves and half-elves among others. Getting the perfect name for your 'Dungeons And Dragons' or fantasy character can be time-consuming.

There are some cool elf names you could give your character irrespective of gender like Lune and Rune, which are the most popular gender-neutral names for elves. There is a general rule that all the names that end in "ael" can be used by any gender.

A few examples are Cathael, Alael, Gelthael, Belrael, and Eluael. There are actually loads of gender-neutral elf names you can select for your characters like all the elven names that end with "-une" including Lyrune, Tarune, Barune, and Sanguine.

You can also form your own Elven surname if you are feeling inspired and would love to spice things up by being adventurous.

An 'elven' name means one relating to an elf.

Elves that would like their title or a part of their title to refer to their parents may decide to do so in Sindarin, which means they'll use the "-iel" suffixes for girls, which means "daughter of" and the boys can use "-ion", which means "son of".

For instance, if you have Legolas son of Thranduil the translation in elf would be "Legolas Thranduilion" the "-ion" makes it a last name.

You can also use Sindarin to choose an elf surname that means something to you and your elf character.

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Elven Last Names From Fiction & Mythology

A girl with a sword in hand

There are two types of elves in Norse mythology; the light elves and the dark elves. The light elves live in Alfheim, while dark elves stay underground. Below are some elven last names from mythology and fiction that you can use to build your character.

1. Aestra, a common elf name.

2. Amakir, means "gemflower".

3. Amaadon, means "silverflower".

4. Amastacia, means "starflower".

5. Amamion, means"moon flower"

6. Araric, common elf name among the elites.

7. Celeborn, one of the elves names in Lord of The Rings

8. Celebrimbor, a fictional character from 'Lord of The Rings'.

9. Dobby, a character from the popular movie series "Harry Potter".

10. Do'Urden, a character from 'D&D'.

11. Faesolor, common among wood elf.

12. Farrie, woodland elf names.

13. Feanor, a fictional character from J R R Tolkien's 'Legendarium'.

14. Fengella, an elfin name.

15. Fenmenor, belongs to a family of royalty.

16. Galanodel, means "moonwhisper"

17. Galakir, means "gemwhisper".

18. Glorfindel, a 'Lord of The Rings' character.

19. Gump, the character from 1985 movie 'Legend'.

20. Haldir, tasked with securing Lothlorien borders in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

21. Hermey, a character from 'Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

22. Holaleth, a tree people.

23. Holiadon, means "silver dew".

24. Holimion, means"diamond dew".

25. Inajeon, popular in different elf mythologies.

26. Jen, a fictional character from the animation 'The Dark Crystal'.

27. Joran, means "river or water place".

28. Legolas, a character from 'Lord of the Rings'. He is often viewed as the coolest elf of all time. His name can be a great last elf name.

29. Leogolor, common wood elf names.

30. Meliscient, means"gold heel".

31. Nailo, means"nightbreeze".

32. Nuada, a fictional character from 'Hellboy 2:The Golden Army'.

33. Oloren, means "river fountain."

34. Omarie, one of the dark elvish names.

35. Qinrel, name means "petals of gold".

36. Quifaren, used in mythology and fiction.

37. Ravavaris, name means "forest dweller".

38. Sauron, a character from 'Lord Of The Rings'. Would make a good last elf name.

39. Shazorwyn, name means"noble warrior".

40. Syltumal, commonly used in fiction for royal blood".

41. Stormrage, a fictional character in 'Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos.'

42. Sunstrider, the prince from 'World Of Warcraft' and 'Heroes Of The Storm'.

43. Tauriel, a character from the sensational movie 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug'.

44. Thingol, a character in fantasy-world 'Middle-earth'.

45. Tobin, a character from the video game 'Shadow of Mordor'.

46. Thranduil, flawed for his fatherly and leadership role in 'The Hobbit'.

47. Venwarin, used in different fiction to depict a surname for a family of warriors.

48. Windrunner, used in 'World Of Warcraft' and 'Heroes Of The Storm'.

49. Xiloscient, name means"goldpetal".

50. Zinyra, name used in mythology for a family of wizards.

Ideas For Elven Last Names

Are you looking for last name ideas for your elven characters? We have some great ideas that will thrill you. There are some elven names from 'Lord Of The Rings' that you can use as your high elf names or high elven names if you fancy it.

Female elf with a bow in the forest

There are also male elven names like Goren, Tyrael, Erlareo, Hagred, Olaurae, Castien, Rhangyl, Felaern, Vamir, Elluin, Avourel, and Aimer and there are female elven names or elvish female names like Kilyn, Faelyn, Mirthal, Conall, Irhaal, Lefyr, Namys, Eldaerenth, Shandalar, Alenia, Esiyae, Immianthe, Rania, Lyeneru, and Laerdya.

All of which you could also use as last names, there are no rules in fantasy!

Below are some elf surnames you can pick your character's name from.

51. Aearonian (Sindarin origin) meaning "son of the ocean".

52. Agaraen, (Sindarin origin) meaning "holy blood".

53. Agarher, (Sindarin origin) meaning "lover of blood".

54. Agarvran, (Sindarin origin) meaning " noble blood".

55. Aire (Sindarin origin) meaning "sea".

56. Airendil (Quenya origin) meaning "lover of sea".

57. Amamion, meaning "diamond flower".

58. Amdirthor (Sindarin origin)meaning "overwhelming forest of hope".

59. Amathal (Sindarin origin) meaning " hidden shield".

60. Amather (Sindarin origin) meaning "holy shield".

61. Amathuilos (Sindarin origin) meaning mountain of flower of everlasting whiteness".

62. Amatheldir (Sindarin origin) meaning "ancient fate"

63. Amlugol (Sindarin origin) meaning "red dragon".

64. Aessereg, (Sindarin origin) meaning "holy blood"

65. Aupwe (Sindarin origin) meaning "apparition".

66. Calear (Sindarin origin) meaning " dreadful sea".

67. Caranagar (Sindarin origin) meaning " red blood".

68. Cemno (Quenya origin) meaning "Earthen".

69. Duindaer (Sindarin origin) meaning "bridegroom river".

70. Duirro (Sindarin origin) meaning "river-bank".

71. Eilianther (Sindarin origin) meaning "lover of rainbow".

72. Gaer (Quenya origin) meaning " sea".

73. Galadher (Sindarin origin) meaning "lover of tree".

74. Gollor (Sindarin origin) meaning " magician".

75. Gulduron (Sindarin origin) meaning " black magician".

76. Guldur (Sindarin origin) meaning "black magic".

77. Guldurion (Sindarin origin) meaning " son of black magic".

78. Hithaerben, meaning sea, most, or coppery

79. Holiilo, meaning "nightdew".

80. Ingolmondur (Sindarin origin) meaning "magic lore".

81. Lar, (Sindarin origin) meaning " blood".

82. Leucandil (Quenya origin) meaning "lover of snakes".

83. Lanthir (Sindarin origin) meaning "waterfall"

84. Loeg (Sindarin origin) meaning "pool".

85. Lo (Sindarin origin) meaning "shallow lake".

86. Lumorndaer (Sindarin origin) meaning "tree of shade".

87. Morguldir (Sindarin origin) meaning " young magician".

88. Morgulon (Sindarin origin) meaning "necromancer".

89. Naur (Sindarin origin) meaning " fire".

90. Neithaor (Sindarin origin) meaning " deep river".

91. Nullion (Quenya origin) meaning "dark or hidden son".

92. Olchanar (Sindarin origin) meaning "stream brothers".

93. Othanar (Sindarin origin) meaning " brothers of war".

94. Olerydon (Sindarin origin) meaning "mountains of dreams".

95. Ranchon (Sindarin origin) meaning " riverbed".

96. Rimdor (Sindarin origin) meaning "cold mountain pool".

97. Rodor (Sindarin) meaning "riverbank".

98. Roher (Sindarin origin) meaning "river bank and roaring lion".

99. Rhovanion (Sindarin origin) meaning "son of wilderness".

100. Ruina, (Quenya origin) meaning "blazing fire".

101. Russarocco, (Quenya origin) meaning "red-haired horse"

102. Sir (Sindarin origin) meaning "river".

103. Sirdhemion (Sindarin origin) meaning "son of a sad river".

104. Tawaren (Sindarin origin) meaning " forest or wood".

105. Tawarenion (Sindarin origin) meaning "son of the forest".

106. Tawarher (Sindarin origin) meaning "lover of forest".

107. Tordil (Sindarin origin) meaning "friend of the forest".

108. Uirchanar (Sindarin origin) meaning "eternity brothers".

109. Urendur (Quenya origin) meaning "fire servant".

110. Urucher (Sindarin origin) meaning "lover of orc".

111. Yr (Sindarin origin) meaning " river course".

Funny Elven Last Names

‍Elves are very serious in whatever they do. They consider humans as being too unserious a lot of times. This doesn't mean they don't have some funny names we can laugh at. Below is a list of funny elves names that can crack you up.

112. Ammath, funny elfish name.

113. Beinion, sounds like minion with a B.

114. Beor, we are not sure if it's a bear or beer.

115. Brightspear, one of the most common wood elves names.

116. Cormyth

117. Darkbrood, common amongst dark elves but still funny.

118. Ealoloth

119. Ealoviel

120. Elerelwa, one of the elven girl names but used as elf last names.

121. Eroth

122. Finwe

123. Flyleaf, funny but cute.

124. Greencloak

125. Hador

126. Hatanar, sounds like a mix of Hannah Montana.

127. Idhtulcdrach, can anyone pronounce this right?!

128. Ipyllasc

129. Isiliraiellyn, apretty hard one to pronounce.

130. Levos, leave us?

131. Kithsidhion

132. Karaok, funny half-elven names.

133. Laralythal, this one will crack you up.

134. Lassagaseer, one of the funniest names for elves.

135. Lasslail

136. Maedhros

137. Maeglin, one funny elf name.

138. Maeir

139. Maertel

140. Magor

141. Moondown, does the moon ever come down?

142. Moorfly

143. Noldorin

144. Orama, sounds like Obama!

145. Rhuidhen

146. Rhyllgallohyr, this doesn't look like it has an easy pronunciation.

147. Sasantyr

148. Tassarion, one of the female elf names, which is also used as wood elf names.

149. Tathdel, one of the funniest elven surnames.

150. Vanvathar, funny name for elves.

151. Wingglide, funny name to give your character.

152. Yrauos, funny elvish name for your character

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