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30 Female Dwarf Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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The fantasy world of dwarfs might not be true, but the writer can create a beautiful world for the readers.

The majority of the people in the world are not too familiar with the history and stories of Dwarf. They remember them as a character from the popular Show White and Seven Dwarfs.

In reality, they are one of the most mysterious characters in Norse mythology. In mythology there is no significant difference between a male and a female dwarf. In fact, female dwarfs (also known as dwarves) also have beards just like their male counterparts. They are known to be brave, clever, and determined. These names are pretty, unique, and interesting and make great names 'Dungeons And Dragons' characters.

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Female Dwarf Names Inspired By The Earth

Earth inspired names aren't only unique but have deeper meanings. These names enhance the personality of a character.  Are you searching for some unique earth-inspired names for your dwarf characters? Here are some good  dwarves' names from nature.

1 .  Admina (Hebrew origin) meaning "the red earth".  

2 . Afra is an Arabic female dwarf name that means "the color shade of the earth".

3 . Cosette (French origin) meaning "tiny or little".

4 . Dellinger meaning "the gleaming one like Clarus".

5 . Demeter (Greek origin) meaning "the mother earth".

6 . Dhara (Indian origin) meaning "the earth".

7 . Dila (Latin origin) meaning "a small-winged one".

8 . Dovana is a Lithuanian name that means "a gift from God".

9 . Eartha means "paying homage to the mother earth".

10 . Ela is a unique female dwarf name that means "earth".

11 . Emorette is a French name that means "small or tiny".

12 . Sienna (Italian origin) meaning "the red earth".

Female Dwarf Names Inspired By Strength

Dwarves are powerful and brave. And your name should highlight that, so if you are looking out for female dwarf names that signify strength or power, here are the best ones for you.

13 . Aden is a Spanish name that means "powerful".

14 . Bari means "a female who is powerful and eager to fight".

15 . Fiden means "fiery and powerful".

16 . Montana (Spanish origin) meaning "strength and power".

17 . Rarona means "powerful". You may use this name for your female dwarf character.

18 . Reginn means "the highest and ultimate powers".

Female Dwarf Name Inspired By Gemstones

Close up shot of assorted gemstones

Gemstones have different names and meanings, it is always fascinating to know the story behind it. Here is a list of dwarf names inspired by gemstones, to give your dwarf a new, fresh name.

19 . Amethyst is a Greek name that means "a gem".

20 . Crystal means "a precious stone".

21 . Esmeralda is a Spanish name for "the beautiful emerald".

22 . Jade (Spanish origin) meaning "precious gemstone".

23 . Lazuli is a Persian term for "an exquisite deep blue gemstone".

24 . Sapphire (Hebrew origin) meaning "a beautiful blue gemstone".

25 . Ula is a unique name for your female dwarf that means "gemstone of the sea".

Female Dwarf Names Inspired By Fiction

Whether you're looking out for some unique 'Dungeons And Dragons' dwarf names, or inspiration for your own stories, this list has you covered.

26 . Dis was Thorin’s sister in the 'People’s of Middle Earth.' She was a blacksmith and the only female dwarf mentioned in the text of the 'People's of Middle Earth.'

27 . Gimli means "shelter from the fire taken from the People’s of Middle Earth".

28 . Giva is one of the most creative dwarf female names so far, that means "a higher place".

29 . Lana Axe is a female dwarf from the fictional novel Source of the River.

30 . Narvi was a collaborator and a female friend of Celebrimbor.

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