40+ Draenei Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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The World of Warcraft is one of the most extensively played online multiplayer games.

It comes under the "role-playing games" genre and has multiple characters and a plotline to follow. It belongs to the Warcraft fantasy universe and has multiple depictions of race and has a culture of its own.

Inside this world of fantasy exists a certain uncorrupted race of beings that fled from their homeworld and are considered supreme. There is a huge hue and cry about these being called "Draenei" and because they are of utmost importance, the names given to them are in turn important to the game and plot as well.

The capital city of Draenei is Exodor.

Role-playing as a Draenei is very interesting as they have an important job in the realm to fight demons. From the name to their tendrils, everything can be customised by the player and is quite interesting to build a character and survive in the fantasy world.

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Draenei Names For Male Characters

Male Draenei characters are 7' 8" tall and belong to the homeworld called Argus. They are known to be warriors and hunters.

They are ethical beings who are faith-oriented and have certain physical characteristics like tattoos and horns that differentiates them from the rest. Choosing a unique name for your male Draenei is important and it's better to have a meaning linked to it as it makes the role-playing even more interesting and immersive.

Here is a list of names that would be perfect for your character:

1.Aaran (Arabic origin) is a strong Draenei name meaning "Nobility"

2.Alparslan (Turkish) meaning "brave and strong"

3.Alula (Arabic origin) meaning "number one"

4.Andronikos (Greek origin) Draenei name meaning "Victory of man" or a "Warrior"

5.Angor (Greek origin) name meaning "brave, warrior and eagle"

6.Burak (Turkish origin) meaning "lightning"

7.Cetin (Turkish origin) meaning "Harsh and hard"

8.Darius (Persian origin) Draenei character name meaning "King"

9.Ganvik (Irish origin) Draenei name meaning  "enthusiastic and independent"

10.Idris (Welsh origin) name meaning "Eager Lord"

11.Kaelix (Greek origin) meaning "very handsome"

12.Kaylen (Arabic origin) is one of the most notorious male names meaning "Great and mighty warrior"

13. Kil'jaeden ( origin unspecified) - this is the name of the demon king responsible for the corruption of the orcs

14.Nuros (Arabic origin) meaning  "visionary or healer"

15.Oksana (Hebrew origin) name meaning "honourable"

16.Zander (Arabic origin) Draenei character name meaning "Smart, Intelligent and compassionate"

Draenei Names For Female Characters

To maintain a balance in the fantasy world of Argus, women form of Draenei's exist too. They're seven foot tall and are knows to be warriors, priests, hunters and peacemakers.

Their tendrils and thorns are thinner as compared to the male along with shorter tails and lesser muscle density. The females have horn-shaped cranial extensions and their tendrils extend from behind the ear to reach up to the shoulders.

Here's a list of apt names for your female Draenei character:

17.Adaly (German origin) meaning "honourable"

18.Aenea (Greek origin) means "honour" or "the praised one"

19.Aleyna (Turkish origin) is a notorious Draenei female name meaning "precious"

20.Alva (Hebrew origin)is one of the female Draenei names meaning "Exalted one"

21.Aydin (Turkish origin) meaning "enlightened"

22.Bahira (Arabic origin) meaning "Dazzling and Brilliant"

23.Bellatrix (Latin origin) meaning "warrior" - a true warcraft Draenei name

24.Elissa (Arabic origin) is one of the most popular female names meaning "wanderer"

25.Kalani (Turkish origin) meaning "Chief"

26.Naela (Arabic origin) Draenei name meaning "achiever"

27.Nayeli ( Arabic origin) name meaning "highness and grace"

28.Nocona ( Native American origin) name meaning "wanderer" or "camper"

29.Rumani (Indian origin) meaning "heavenly"

30.Samiya (African Arabic origin) name meaning "Praised, high and exalted"

31.Xela  (Irish origin) meaning mountain home

Gender Neutral Names For Your Character

If you do not believe in wanting to name your character based on the gender they represent, you can use the names listed below. For all Draenei's, the choice of skin colour varies from whiteish-pink to blue to deep violet. For both characters, the hooves are larger when compared to their demonic counterparts.

Here are a few gender-neutral names for your character:

32.Amets (Basque origin) name meaning "Dreams"

33.Atiya ( Arabic) one of the popular Draenei names meaning "Gift"

34.Bryn (Welsh origin) name meaning "as strong as a hill or a mountain"

35.Citali (Native American origin) meaning "Star"

36.Chimwala ( Easter African) name meaning "Stone"

37.Dina (Arabic origin) meaning "Divine"

38.Ece (Turkish origin) is one of the well-known gender-neutral Draenei names meaning "powerful authority"

39.Jaza (Arabic origin) meaning "reward"

40.Joozher (Turkish origin) name meaning "noble and dignified"

41.Neylan (Turkish origin) is a well-fit name meaning "one who accomplishes desired"

42.Wadi (Arabic origin) meaning "Calm and Peaceful)

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