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110+ Indian Horse Names With Meanings

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The horse (scientifically known as the Equus ferus caballus), is one of the sub species of the Equus ferus.

A horse is one of the most significant animals to find references to in 'Vedas', as well as Hindu scriptures. The Sanskrit word for a horse is, 'ashva' and horses in India are called 'ghoda'.

Horses have a unique place in Hindu scriptures. Besides being used in wars and as a means of transport they have other references too, with mentions of horses being found throughout Indian mythology. So, what better name could you pick for your own horse than an Indian one? Here you will find lots of great Indian horse names and meanings to inspire you!

For more horse name ideas, check out our articles on the best famous horse names (beyond Black Beauty) and the best Native American horse names, including Cherokee names like Adsila, Gola, Tsula and Woya.

The Main Indian Mythological Horse Names

The seven horses in the chariot of the Sun God, were named after the seven meters of the Sanskrit prosody, and are listed here for you.

Horse jumping over a hurdle

1. Anushtubha, a lovely name for your horse.

2. Brihati, a name full of history.

3. Gayatri, a lovely name for a female horse.

4. Jagati, a lovely name if you love mythology.

5. Pankti, choose this name if you love culture.

6. Trishtubha, a lovely mythological name for your horse.

7. Ushnih, one of the best horse names.

Other Horses In Indian Mythology

Below are the names of more horses from Indian mythology.

8. Kanthaka, the favorite horse of Siddhartha, Gautam Budhha. He is said to have ridden this horse when he left home and became an ascetic.

9. Uchchaihshravas, the seven headed flying horse who rose out of the Samudra Manthan.

Good Indian Male Horse Names

These are the coolest Indian horse names that will go well for your stallion.

Three horses running in ground

10. Arav, a great name for a peaceful horse.

11. Aarush, meaning "first rays of the sun", suits a cheerful horse.

12. Aarav, refers to "a gladiator", for a triumphant pet horse.

13. Chiraag, meaning "lamp".

14. Darshit, meaning"portrayed".

15. Dharam, meaning "religion".

16. Dhanush, meaning "crossbow".

17. Dhruva, meaning "polestar".

18. Divit, meaning "immortal". A cool horse name.

19. Eshan, meaning "guardian".

20. Gaj, meaning "elephant".

21. Giri, meaning "mountain"

22. Gurkiran, meaning "light of a guru".

23. Himmat, meaning "courage".

24. Indrajit, meaning "conqueror of Indra", for a brave pet.

25. Jayesh, meaning "victorious".

26. Kiaan, meaning "grace of God".

27. Lakshay, meaning "target".

28. Lakshit, meaning "ambition".

29. Mahika, meaning "mother earth".

30. Mitul, refers to a "friend".

31. Murti, meaning "statue".

32. Navya, meaning"new".

33. Nishith, meaning "midnight".

34. Neerav, suitable for a calm horse.

35. Ojas, suits a powerful, strong horse.

36. Pranay, meaning "affectionate and compassionate".

37. Priyansh, meaning "lovable".

38. Rachit, stands for "invented".

39. Reyansh, meaning "rays of light".

40. Rohan, meaning "ascending".

41. Sahil, meaning "coastline".

42. Samar, meaning "war".

43. Shaan, meaning "pride".

44. Tara, means "a star".

45. Utkarsh, meaning "eminent".

46. Vaibhav, meaning "prosperity".

47. Vardaan, meaning "a boon".

48. Veer, meaning "brave".

49. Vihaan, refers to "a dawn".

50. Vivaan, meaning "full of life".

51. Yakshit, meaning "made forever".

Female Horse Names

Below are some of the coolest Indian horse names for girls that you can choose from.

52. Aaliyah, meaning "highly exalted", would suit a disciplined horse.

53. Aaryahi, meaning "Goddess of war".

54. Abha, meaning "shine".

55. Abigail, meaning "father's joy".

56. Achal, meaning "firm".

57. Additri, meaning "Goddess of prosperity".

58. Adara, meaning "young".

59. Ahava, stands for "love for a darling".

60. Akira, meaning "bright and clear dawn".

61. Avanti, refers to "the sacred city of Ujjain".

62. Bharati, meaning "Goddess Saraswati".

63. Bhavyaa, meaning "grand or splendid".

64. Chanchala, meaning "cheerful and lively".

65. Chameli, meaning "jasmine flower".

66. Charu, refers to, "a flower".

67. Charvi, meaning "beautiful and young female".

68. Chitra, meaning "picture or portrait".

69. Dakshaa, meaning "wife of Lord Shiva"

70. Devika, meaning "little Goddess".

71. Gargi, meaning "ancient scholar".

72. Garima, means, "warmth".

73. Heer, meaning "a diamond".

74. Hrishta, meaning "one who brings happiness".

75. Indrani, derived from "the rainbow".

76. Indira, a lovely name for your horse.

77. Jivika, meaning "source of life".

78. Jiyaa, meaning "sweetheart".

79. Juhi, meaning "jasmine flower".

80. Khushboo, meaning "fragrance".

81. Khushi, meaning "happiness".

82. Maitri, means, "peace"

83. Sagar, meaning "ocean".

84. Shanti, meaning "peace".

85. Shravan, meaning" rainy or monsoon season".

Gender Neutral Indian Horse Names

Be it a horse or a mare, these Indian names work for both male and female horse

86. Aad, meaning "in the beginning".

87. Abhaya, meaning "fearless".

88. Adah, meaning "adornment".

89. Anvi, meaning "one of the devil's name".

90. Baadal, meaning "clouds".

91. Bhrigu, meaning "name of an old Saint".

92. Chanda, meaning "moon".

93. Chaman, meaning, "garden".

94 Chandramukhi, meaning "facing the moon".

95. Suraj, meaning "sun".

96. Ira, one of the names of horses meaning "earth".

97. Kaashvi, means "shining".

98. Madhup, meaning "honeybee".

99. Mridul, one of the horses' names meaning "soft".

100. Saawan, meaning "rain". Among the best nature related names for horses.

101. Moti, meaning "pearl". One of the good horse names.

102. Sona, meaning "gold". A beautiful name.

103. Shera, meaning "lion". A strong name of a horse.

Indian Names For Black Horses

Here are some of the good names you will find for your black horse.

104. Ashoka, inspired by Ashoka the great.

105. Bhageera, inspired by the panther character in the movie, 'The Jungle Book'.

106. Dua, meaning "prayer". One of the good names for any horse.

107. Gabbar, inspired by the movie, 'Sholayy'.

108. Indranil, meaning "sapphire". A beautiful name.

109. Kaala, meaning "black". One of the best names for a black horse.

110. Raat ka Raaja, meaning"King of the night".

111. Sikandar, among the best black horse names.

Indian Horse Names For A White Horse

Below are some names for white horses.

112. Barfi, meaning "an Indian white dessert".

113. Hansh, meaning "the swan". A cool name for male horse.

114. Tushar, meaning "winter or snow". A lovely male horse name.

Cool Indian Names For Your Horse

Here are some cool Indian names for your horse. If you are looking for names for baby horse, or names for a girl horse or boy horse, check these out!

115. Basanti, inspired by the movie 'Sholay'. A funny name for a horse.

116. Chetak, the mighty horse of Raja Maharana Pratap. A good name for a horse.

117. Dhanno, the name of a horse in the movie,'Sholay'. A lovely female horse name.

118. Toofan, taken from the movie, 'Ajooba'. One of the best male horse names.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Indian horse names then why not take a look at something different like this list of mythical horse names or these funny horse names?

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