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86 Musical Baby Names That Will Strike A Chord

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Musical baby names are really special and unique baby names inspired by musical terms, icons or even a musical instrument.

They're becoming increasingly popular among new parents and are incredibly creative. Musical baby names are also very pleasing on the ear, being very soothing, calming, harmonious and lyrical.

The musical names we just love are stand out, sophisticated and also fun! Take a read below at our specially curated list of musical baby names inspired by some of the most iconic parts of the music world that will definitely strike a chord with anyone who hears them. 

Famous Musical Stars And Songs

A little girl cosplaying as a DJ

1. Adele (Germanic Origin)- meaning "nobility" and also the name of a famous British musical singer.  

2. Ariana (Italian Origin) -  meaning "holy" with 'Ari' being another variation.

3. Amadeus (Germanic Origin)- meaning "love-god" and also the name of the famous composer Mozart.

4. Alejandro (Italian Origin)- a variation of Alexander, a very powerful name for born leaders.

5. Beck (Germanic Origin)- meaning "brook" or "stream".

6. Beyonce (US Origin)- meaning "beyond others" and also the name of a popular US music pop singer, beautiful for a girl.

7. Billie (French Origin)- a nickname for William and after Billie Holiday.

8. Bob (English Origin) - meaning "bright fame", not forgetting Baby Marley.

9. Bowie (Germanic Origin)- meaning "Yellow Haired" not forgetting David Bowie.

10. Cash (US Origin)- a baby name after popular music legend Johnny Cash.

11. Coolio (US Origin)- a unique baby name after the music star Coolio.

12. Dolly (US Origin)- a musical baby name after Dolly Parton.

13. Delilah (English Origin)- Whether you like Queen, Tom Jones, or Plain White T's, Delilah has become a very popular musical name.

14. Dusty (US Origin) - A musical girl name made popular by the fantastic Dusty Springfield.

15. Drake (US Origin) - this strong musical name is thought to be originated from the term Draca which also means dragon.

16. Elvis (Scandinavian Origin) -  after the King of Rock and Roll and from the term 'All Wise'.

17. Fernando (Italian Origin) - Originating from the term 'adventurous and bold journey', this popular name has been associated with music since the famous ABBA song.

18. Frankie (English Origin) - means free and honest.

19. Freddie (Germanic Origin) - meaning 'peaceful ruler' and the name of one of the greatest frontman of all time, Freddie Mercury.

20. Fitzgerald (French Origin) - means 'The Son of Gerald', this name now has musical meaning from Ella Fitzgerald.

21. Gwen (Welsh Origin) - the name of popstar Gwen Stefani meaning 'white and holy'.

22. Harrison (Germanic Origin) - this name quite literally means 'Harry's Son'. If you like George Harrison, then this beautiful name is a perfect idea.

23. Hendrix (Germanic Origin) - the name of one of the greatest guitarists of all time Jimmy Hendrix, meaning 'Hendrik's Son'.

24. Jagger (English Origin) - a unique baby name after Mick Jagger, meaning 'huntsman'.

25. Joel (French Origin) - from Billy Joel!

26. Keith (Germanic Origin) - There are lots of musical Keiths, including one of the popular star names Keith Richards.

27. Lennon (Irish Origin) - a name perfect for those who like The Beatles and John Lennon.

28. Madonna (Italian Origin) - meaning "my lady".

29. Maxwell (Germanic Origin) - from the popular Beatles song.

30. Miley (US Origin) - named after popstar Miley Cyrus, meaning 'merciful'.

31. Prince (French Origin) - named after Music Legend Prince.

32. Rihanna (Welsh Origin) - named after popstar Rihanna.

33. Sinatra (Italian Origin) - the last name of Frank Sinatra.

34. Taylor (US Origin)  - named after Taylor Swift.

Musical Term Inspired Names

1. Allegro (Italian Origin) - a musical term meaning 'to be performed at a quick speed".

2. Alto (Latin Origin) - one of the names taken from the highest adult male singing voice.

3. Arabesque (Latin Origin) - Melodies used to create Arabic atmosphere.

4. Aria (Italian Origin) - A melody that is sung solo.

5. Brio (Italian Origin) - lively music.

6. Cadence (Latin Origin) - a melodic framework that creates a feeling of resolution.

7. Cantata (Italian Origin) - a piece of music with a narrative.

8. Cappella (Latin Origin) - singing without instruments.

9. Caprice (Italian Origin) - a lively piece of music.

10. Chanson (Germanic Origin) - Chanson means 'song' in French.

11. Diva (Latin Origin) - one of the sassy names meaning female opera singer.

12. Etude (French Origin) - a short musical composition.

13. Grace (English Origin) - a type of musical notation.

14. Lyric (Latin Origin) - the words of a song.

15. Melody (Latin Origin) - a pleasant tune created by a series of notes.

16. Minuet (Italian Origin) - a slow ballroom dance.

17. Rock (English Origin) - the genre of music.

18. Selah (Hebrew Origin) - a musical direction in the Hebrew Bible.

19. Serenade (Italian Origin) - a song played in the open air.

20. Sonata (Germanic Origin) - comes from the word 'Sonare', the Italian word for 'sound'.

21. Symphony (Latin Origin) a long orchestral composition.

22. Tempo  (Latin Origin) - the pace of a song

23. Toccata (Italian Origin)- A keyboard music composition.

Musical Instrument Inspired Names

1. Banjo (African Origin) - a type of guitar.

2. Bell  (Latin Origin) - creates a beautiful sound.

3. Calliope (Greek Origin) - a large wind musical instrument.

4. Celeste (Latin Origin) - meaning heavenly in French.

5. Cello (Italian Origin) - the bass instrument of the violin family.

6. Drummer (Germanic Origin) - someone that plays the drums.

7. Fife (Scottish Origin) -  this unisex name is the name of a small high-pitched wind instrument.

8. Harp (Latin Origin) - a beautiful unique stringed instrument.

9. Harper (Latin Origin) - someone who plays the harp.

10. Mandolin (Hebrew Origin) - a type of lute.

11. Marimba (South American Origin) - a deep-toned xylophone.

12. Piano (Italian Origin) - one of the most famous instruments of all time.

13. Piper (English Origin) - someone who plays the pipe.

14. Reed (English Origin) - a thin strip of material used for some instruments.

15. Strummer (Germanic Origin) - someone who strums a guitar.

16. Viola (Italian Origin) - a slightly larger and deeper version of the violin.

Musical Pieces

1. Calypso (South American Origin) - A style of music from the West Indies.

2. Carol (English Origin) - named after a Christmas Carol.

3. Concert (Latin Origin) - a live musical performance.

4. Fantasia (Latin Origin) - an improvised musical composition.

5. Gig (English Origin) - a live music performance.

6. Harmony (Latin Origin) - a harmony is two different notes, sung or played simultaneously.

7. Jazz (English Origin) - a genre of music.

8. Opera (Germanic Origin) - a genre of classical music.

9. Quartet (Latin Origin) - a group of four singers that usually sing in harmony.

10. Raga (Sanskrit Origin) - a classical Indian melodic framework.

11. Rondo (Italian Origin) - a musical form.

12. Rhapsody (Latin Origin) -  In musical terms, a Rhapsody is a free-flowing musical piece that is episodic and integrated.

13. Tango (South American Origin) - a popular dance originating in Buenos Aires.

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