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59 Nicknames For Lydia

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When a child is born, family members often get busy looking for suitable nicknames.

The purpose of a nickname is to show one's adoration and love towards another person. Nicknames are generally common amongst family and friends.

Giving nicknames to a special one is a common phenomenon practiced in almost every household. Similarly, when you give a nickname or call your brother or sister using a nickname, he or she is sure to feel special and loved. However, while choosing the nicknames, make sure to pick those that match the personality of the person or baby, or friend to whom you intend to give the nickname.

In this article, you'll come across various noteworthy nicknames for Lydia. Before getting into the list of nicknames for Lydia, it is important to have some background knowledge about the name. Lydia is a female name that originates from the Greek word 'Ludia', meaning 'a noble' or 'beautiful person'. However, the name Lydia can be used in various other ways, depending on the way you want to make use of it.

Creative Nicknames for Lydia

Not all people prefer giving common nicknames to their near and dear ones. There are many who prefer adding some creativity to their nicknames to stand out from the crowd. Go through these creative nicknames for Lydia that resonate with her personality.

1. Ellie - a sweet and short nickname with both English and French origin, meaning light. The name first gained popularity in the United Kingdom after the name of the place Eleanor Park.

2. Layla - a nickname that appears more like a tongue twister but with a similar meaning to that of Lydia.

3. Liah - a variant of the name Lydia that is not only unique but also has a friendly tone to it.

4. Lida - a variant of Lydia that can be used among friends and family to strengthen relationships.

5. Liddy - a cute variant of Lydia that can be used to address the near and dear ones.

6. Liddy Baby - a cute nickname for a baby girl used to call with a lot of adoration and love.

7. Lidia - very similar to Lydia with a different spelling but the same meaning.

8. Lily - the name of a white flower that can be used for a baby girl, has reference to several fictional characters.

9. Lyd - a short form of Lydia, a variant that can be commonly used among friends.

10. Lyda Boo - a variant of Lydia that can be used for a baby girl or a toddler, especially while cuddling and caressing them.

11. Lydia Benette - a fascinating nickname that is inspired by the character of Lydia Benette mentioned in 'Pride And Prejudice' by Jane Austen.

12. Lydia Lassila - a female name taken from a popular Australian freestyle skier and can be attributed to a lady who is involved in sports, precisely skiing.

13. Lydia Lockett - an uncommon nickname inspired by the name of the Canadian actress, songwriter, and comedian.

14. Lydia Shaw - a name bearing a heavy personality, taken from the popular American actress and model Lydia Hearst Shaw.

15. Lydia Tay - nickname with its origins in Greek. In the ancient kingdom, Lydia was the name of a popular place in Asia Minor.

16. Lydia Thyatira - a nickname with biblical reference, a person from Christian history who was the first to convert to Christianity; she was also the first disciple of the Apostle Paul.

17. Lyll - a cute and modern nickname for Lydia that can be commonly called amongst friends.

18. Miss Lily - a cute female nickname for a girl who is smart enough to handle things and takes prompt actions.

19. Panky Lydia - more than a creative name, this is a meaningful name that can be given to a woman or little girl who is lean, which we colloquially refer to as lanky.

20. Queen Lydia - a dainty name inspired by the last queen of Hawaii known as Queen Lydia Liliuokalani.

Cute Nicknames for Lydia

Whenever a baby is born in the house, there goes a competition amongst the family members as to who can choose the best nickname for the baby. Incidentally, if the official name of the baby is Lydia, here are some cute nicknames for her.

21. Dia - used as a nickname for a female named Lydia, which is made short for Dia.

22. Diddy - a cute nickname that has been rhymed with Lydia or Liddy to sound funny and trendy.

23. Dio - a funny and cute name for Lydia, which is stylishly shortened to Dio.

24. Lady - a cute feminine nickname that can be addressed to a smart and intelligent little girl to make her appear confident.

25. Lee - a short form of Lydia, taken from the South Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

26. Liz - although referred to as Elizabeth, can be well suited for Lydia as well.

27. Lizzy - apt for Lydia, especially when she is lazy.

28. Lolita - a female nickname of Spanish origin and taken from a novel by Vladimir Nabokov of the same name.

29. Lulu - a female nickname derived from English that stands for a true and fearless warrior.

30. Lydianna - a portmanteau word, using Lydia and Dianna together, where Lydia stands for light and grace, while Dianna means Goddess Moon.

31. Lyd-Lyd - can be used for a funny girl whose official name is Lydia and can be called jokingly.

32. Lyzdie - a funny and cute nickname for Lydia, a variant of Lydia used in a friendly manner or referred to jokingly.

Cool Nicknames for Lydia

Are you looking for some cool and trendy nicknames for Lydia? These days, giving some trendy nicknames has become the talk of the town. Often, you can derive names from famous movie characters that are related to the name Lydia. Given below are some cool nicknames for Lydia that are sure to sound interesting enough to the people surrounding you.

33. Angel - a Greek word, a female nickname that stands for a heavenly messenger.

34. Asher - a biblical name taken from the Old Testament, a Hebrew word that means blessing and happiness.

35. Fenry - the word emanated from the Old Norse mythology that stands for the first greatest wolf to have survived in the world.

36. Joel - a unisex nickname that means the Lord is God.

37. Jones - a popular European Christian name that is often used as a surname.

38. Layla - a cute nickname with Arabic connotations that mean the dark night.

39. Lydia Ko - a nickname inspired by the popular golf player of New Zealand of the same name.

40. Lydia Koidula - this female nickname was taken from the poet of Estonia of the same name who is also known as the singer of Dawn.

41. Lydia Mackay - a female nickname inspired by the name of an American voice-over artist.

42. Lydia Shum - a famous nickname that can be associated with a person named Lydia, whose name is inspired by the actress and comedian of Hong Kong.

44. Nemo - a Latin word that stands for none or nobody.

45. Raazia - is an Arabic word suitable for females that holds the meaning of being satisfied and pleased.

Similar Nicknames for Lydia

Now that you have gone through the list of Lydia nicknames mentioned above, it is time to look for some more funny names that are related to Lydia. Let's check them out.

46. Amelia - a female nickname in Latin that refers to fertility and industriousness.

47. Athena - a feminine nickname derived from Greek that is inspired by the Goddess of wisdom with the same name.

48. Eliza - a British nickname, a diminutive form of Elizabeth.

49. Evelyn - a common nickname similar to Lydia that stands for a French surname and means someone who wished for a child.

50. Greta - a nickname for females derived from the Greek word Margareta, meaning pearl., inspired from 'A Groom For Greta'.

51. Hallie - a unisex nickname with British origination that stands for home ruler or dweller at the meadows.

52. Julia - a Roman name inspired by several fictional characters.

53. Lami - a popular nickname for females of Arabic descent that denotes out of sight or something hidden and latent.

54. Leddy - a creative nickname with its roots in the Irish language. It is perfect for someone who is sensitive enough to understand the nitty-gritty of life.

55. Liah - an Assyrian nickname meaning mistress, which in Latin stands for a lioness.

56. Linda - a cute nickname of German and Spanish origin that denotes someone who is pretty and good-looking.

57. Miriam - originated in Hebrew, a girl's name, meaning someone who has been wished for.

58. Olivia - a Latin nickname for a baby girl that has been derived from the Olive tree.

59. Sisry - a friendly nickname for Lydia that can be called among sisters and cousins in an adorable way.

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