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As an old Pandaren saying goes, "feel the progression of the breeze, breath as you come, and focus on your procedure." Pandaren is one of the most grounded, quiet, and sweet race living in the Azeroth.

These characters from the game 'World of Warcraft', these race celebrated their lives to the fullest. Nothing can stop them, not even a siege. They are fun loving and kind, but you wouldn't want to cross them when they were angry!

Pandaren descended from China, which is why they are usually collected and wise who thinks through and act beyond their ears. They can't be manipulated. The most commonly used Pandaren classes are Hunter, Monk, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior. As these races are known to be respectful and social, their names should carry social weight, some good examples of Pandaren's names are Jungeun, Heechul, and Younghee.

If you are looking for cool Pandaren names for your character, then keep on reading because we have found the all time best options, both from the games and from around the world.

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Pandaren Names For Girls

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Female Pandaren, like every other member of the society, worship wild gods, who allow them to manipulate their chi to harness their energy, which allows them to perform amazing feats, achieve peace of mind, and fight their enemies. The cryptic Pandaren is one of the most slippery races of Azeroth. They're from Pandaria and the Wandering Isle, they are human pandas with an incredible love of nature and solid lagers. If you are looking for some cool Pandaren names or Pandaren female monk names check the below list.

1. Chimin (French origin) means"charming". Chimin holds that it's decent to guard home and family regardless of the expense. Active, energetic, and not one for profound ideas, she is consistently the first into the brawl.

2. Chiyong (Chinese origin) means "mankind". Chiyong is a Pandaren and an expert devotee of the way of Tushui, which convictions in carrying on with a respected life through reflection, thorough preparing, and good conviction. She has accomplished a flawless structure and a refined insight through tireless practice.

3. Haun (Germanic origin) means "bear cub". Haun is a Pandaren kid found at the Dawning Span. She is tuning in to Lorewalker Amai's set of experiences exercise.

4. Jianhong (Chinese origin) means "build, establish".  Jianhongis a Pandaren kid that heads out with her folks to Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest.

5. Kyungjin (Korean origin) means "bright and truthful". The ideal voyaging drinking amigo - Possessing the strategic humbleness basic to her withdrawn race, the Kyungjingoes with you on your excursions all through Azeroth, restoring any/bows (and/drinks) she gets from different players.

6. Minkyung (Korean origin) means “brightness and honored”. Minkyung is the head of the Pandaren Lorewalkers. His demeanor, unlimited curiosity, and patience have made him something of an unique ambassador of Pandaren culture to the Horde and Alliance.

7. Nara (Japanese origin) means "happy". Such Pandaren names are perfect for a happy Pandaren character.

8. Ruzhi (Unknown origin) means "ambitious". A Ruzhi is a ground-breaking priest, She appreciates taking life simple as he ventures out all around. She genuinely became well known when she joined Rexxar and Rokhan during The Founding of Durotar, helping the new country shield against a Kul Tiran attack power drove by Daelin Proudmoore.

9. Solbi (Korean origin) means "talented". The Pandaren name a perfect character for strong and independent Pandaren..

10. Yunli (Chinese origin) means "out of this world". TheYunliare ground-breaking, enchanted titan-forged who live in Pandaria. Glad, derisive, and amazing both truly and mystically, the Yunli are the chief adversaries of the Pandaren. They have battled about the eventual fate of Pandaria since the days of yore.

11. Zhelan (Korean origin) means "spiritually".  Naming your panda, Zhelan is the perfect way to make sure they are one in million.

Pandaren Names For Boys

A formidable orc warrior trains before battle and demonstrates combat skills.

The perplexing Pandaren are one of the most tricky races of Azeroth. They are a reclusive race of Pandaren in Azeroth. We hope that one of these names will be perfect for your character if you are looking for perfect Pandaren names for boys.

12. Chi-won (Sino-Korean origin) means "send, deliver, present".  Chi-wonis a Pandaren and a supporter of the more straightforward Huojin theory, is resolved that inaction is the best shamefulness. He holds that it's fair to safeguard home and family regardless of the expense. Active, energetic, and not one for profound ideas, he is consistently the first into the fight.

13. Fangbao (Chinese origin) means "to suppress a riot control".  A really new and unique first name for your panda.

14. Gong (Chinese origin) means "bow". A Gong rehearses a rough type of shamanism known as geomancy. Geomancy is an act of divination and essential battle local to a few humanoid races of Azeroth.

15. Haeseong (Korean origin) means "comet". The Haeseong was a phony Warcraft III legend unit. They were depicted as powerful Pandaren champions that direct the militaries of their domain and fill in as medieval rulers to everyone. Haeseong can use geomantic controls just as the war artists' shakti sharp edges.

16. Hyonu (Korean origin) means "worthy and wise". A perfect Pandaren name for a Pandaren monk.

17. Insu (Arabic origin) means "someone who remembers". Naming your panda with such new and strong names ensures that they are stronger than a blood elf.

18. Jinyoung (Korean origin) means "trusty and wealthy".Jinyoung is an amazing Pandaren from the Wandering Isle who left his home to travel the terrains, looking for elements for his ever-advancing blends. A talented Pandaren and extremely incredible priest Jinyoung appreciates taking life simple as he makes a trip here and there.

19. Kwangjo (Chinese origin) means "province." Kwangjo is a Pandaren hero variation. Pandaren is apparently a smooth and talented fighter. Their war artists typify the Pandaren craft of fighting — and for the corrections officers, the fight is in fact workmanship.

20. Linhao (Chinese origin) means "someone who belongs to the forest". A perfect Pandaren names for the enemy of the blood elf.

21. Quan (Chinese origin) means "coin". Quan people are exact and liquid; they seem to move through a front line, their edges blazing silver, blood showering into the air, and bodies overturning as they move. While war dancers are lethal, they, similar to all Pandaren, are naturally serene.

22. Ren (Japanese origin) means "lotus".

23. Songgi (Chinese origin) means "new and powerful". Hailing from the clandestine Songgi, the powerful brewmasters venture to the far corners of the planet looking for outlandish beers and the best-blended spirits. These amiable heroes once in a while search out peril or inconvenience, leaning toward rather invest their energy coming up with new and delicious refreshments for any valiant enough to guzzle them.

24. Yejun (Sino-Korean origin) means "talented, handsome". Yejun held an incredible question of any race outside the Pandaren and took a gander at the Alliance-Horde battle as a futile "race war" that didn't have to include his country.

Gender Neutral Pandaren Names

Pandaren are the best brewmasters in the whole of 'World Of Warcraft.' The most notable brewmasters all begin in Pandaria, yet there are many, various distinctive brewmasters spread around Azeroth, Alliance, and Horde the equivalent. If you are searching for cool and creative monk names or gender neutral Pandaren names we have compiled a list for you.

25. Arlo ( Anglo-Saxon origin) means  "barberry tree". A perfect name for your character. Arlo is the Lord of the Shado-Pan, a talented request of Pandaren priests and heroes committed to shielding the equilibrium of Pandaria from all dangers coming from the inside or without the mainland.

26. Kai (Japanese origin) means "ocean." Naming your character after the calm blue sea ensures that they are intelligent and understanding.  

27. Reese (Welsh origin) means "ardor". Whenever assaulted, Reese brings the entirety of their Pandaren readiness and fierceness to endure! They carry their lager to war! They are superior heroes and elite consumers across the board!

28. Remy (French origin) means "oarsman or remedy".  Remy is that Pandaren provided for affection for drink. These Pandaren, similar to all their sort, approach brewing as art. And why not? If you love something, make it your career!

29. Shea (Irish origin) means "fine" or "fortunate".  

30. Zion (Hebrew origin) means "the most tallest point".

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Pandaren names then why not take a look at Firbolg names or Fire Genasi names, for more ideas.

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