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40 Sylvari Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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The Sylvari is a race of elves from the video game 'Guild Wars'.

They are a very young race, as compared to other characters in the game. One unique thing about these characters is that they are not born in the game, instead they simply awaken beneath the Pale Tree, filled with the knowledge they gained during a process called a pre-life dream.

In the game, this species of botanical humanoids emerged around 1302 AE from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay, which was planted by Ronan and raised by Ventari, a race of warrior who lived in Maguuma. They are characters who are filled with curiosity and a favourite of many players.

If you are looking for character names for your own gaming adventures, check out our list of names 'Guild Wars' names for Sylvari characters. You can also check out more articles for a list of the best Roegadyn names for your characters and the best tree names for girls to be inspired by nature.

Sylvari Names For Girls

Just like any mythological creature, these characters are unique, powerful and independent. Sylvari girls are well equipped in combat, sword fighting, and skilled in their manipulation of the enemy. You cannot choose any random elf name for them, their names have to be strong and brave, like those on this list.

1. Alonna (Old English origin) means "precious". You can use this name for a strong Sylvari.

2. Argraff (Welsh origin) means "impression". For a Sylvari girl who knows how to identify good from the bad.

3. Arwydd (Welsh origin) means "sign".

4. Delbchaem (Welsh origin) means "born from the destiny". For the Sylvari who believes in destiny and mission.

5. Dicra (Welsh origin) means "slow".

6. Edana (German origin) means "noble". For a noble Sylvari woman, it is a perfect name.

7. Eira (Welsh origin) means "snow". For a cool and dangerous Sylvari.

8. Fidelma (Irish origin) means "faithful". For a Sylvari who knows how important trust is.

9. Glen (English origin) means “valley”. It is a perfect Sylvari name for a brave and courageous female.

10. Kearney (Gaelic origin) means "warlike".

11. Lioslaith (Scottish origin) means "dwells at the gray fortress".

12. Lil (English origin) means "little".

13. Melva (Irish origin) means "gentle lady".

14. Mererid (Welsh origin) means "pearl".

15. Nessa (Greek origin) means "pure, holy; butterfly".

Sylvari Names For Boys

A strong name help you stand apart in the online gaming world.

These male Sylvari names can be used for characters in the online game 'Guild Wars 2'. These 'Guild Wars' Sylvari names take inspirations from plants, rock and much more. Just like female Sylvari, men are strong and battle-ready characters.

16. Andreas (English origin) means "strong and manly".

17. Avon (English origin) means "river".

18. Bleidd (English origin) means "wolf".

19. Brady (English origin) means "spirited". A Sylvari named Brady will be high-spirited, strong, and capable.

20. Cairns (English origin) means "pile of stones".

21. Cambeul (English origin) means "crooked mouth".

22. Carthage (English origin) means "new town".

23. Connacht (English origin) means "descendants of Conn".

24. Douglas (English origin) means "dark".

25. Garnoc (English origin) means "dwells by the alder tree river".

26. Graeme (English origin) means "grey home".

27. Gwallter (English origin) means "strong fighter".

28. Iver (English origin) means "archer".

29. Keefe (English origin) means "handsome, beloved".

30. Keir (English origin) means "dusky".

Gender Neutral Sylvari Names

Below we have listed some gender neutral names, which are ideal for both Sylvari men and women. These names can also be used as Elf surnames if you wish.

31. Adda (Old German origin) means "noble". Any male or female Sylvari named Adda is honest and trustworthy.

32. Aeducan (Irish origin) means "fire". Each Sylvari named Aeducan has a fire within them.

33. Ennis (Irish origin) means “island”. In Gaelic, the name is also written as Inis.

34. Gorry (Irish origin) means "peace from God". For a Sylvari who is dedicated to their God and their mission.

35. Kinnon (Scottish origin) means "fair born". It is a perfect name for a high morale Sylvari.

36. Lysanor (Arthurian origin) means "of Boore".

37. Moesen (Welsh origin) means "from water". A perfect name for cool, yet dangerous Sylvari.

38. Roarke (Irish origin) means "champion". In Gaelic, the name is also written as Roark or Rourke.

39. Teague (Irish and Gaelic origin) means "poet, philosopher".

40. Voirrey (Hebrew origin) means "bitter". This name will suit a Sylvari who has been battered, yet remains strong.

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