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Breakfast cereals are the grains that many of us enjoy eating each morning, to provide us with the energy we need to take on the day.

The name is derived from the Goddess Ceres who was worshipped in ancient Rome as the giver of grains. Cereals are sources of dietary protein, iron, vitamin B complex, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals.

There are various types of cereals. Maize, rice, wheat, barley, oats and rye are the six true types of cereals, but there are many more commercial cereals out there too! Discover 40 of them in this list, or for more names take a look at these food baby names and these adorable food names for cats.

Classic Brands Of Cereal

These cereals have been in the market for decades and induce a sense of nostalgia.

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1. Corn Flakes (American origin), originally made from wheat flakes, is now made by toasting flakes of corn and is a classic breakfast cereal by Kellogg.

2. Golden Crisp (American origin), made by Post Foods, is a breakfast cereal made of sweetened, frosted, candy-coated puffed wheat.

3. Quaker Oatmeal Squares (American origin), made by Quaker Oats Company, consists of whole grain oats, wheat and brown sugar.

4. Raisin Bran (American origin), considered healthy, Raisin Bran includes crisp whole grain bran flakes and raisins.

5. Raisin Bran Crunch (American origin), introduced by Kellogg, contained its Raisin Bran along with an addition of some oat and honey granola clusters.

6. Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs (American origin), manufactured by General Mills, was initially made of grain puffs that are flavored with chocolate as well as peanut butter.

7. Rice Krispies (American origin), Rice Krispies was the first crisped rice cereal by Kellogg. Rice Krispies used the slogan ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’.

8. Wheaties (American origin), has vivid orange boxes featuring star athletes and tagline ‘Breakfast of Champions’, started when wheat bran mixture was spilt on a hot stove to create wheat flakes.

Names Of Popular Cereals

These cereals have continued to be popular over the years with various generations.

9. Cheerios (American origin), a breakfast cereal invented  by General Mills in 1941, this is the most popular cereal among kids.

10. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (American origin),  Cinnamon Toast Crunch was introduced in 1984 by General Mills. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is made of squares of two grain cereal covered in a light powdering of cinnamon and sugar.

11. Froot Loops (American origin), Froot Loops are ring shaped, fruit flavored and multi colored cereal pieces. If you ask us, Froot Loops is the best-tasting breakfast cereal, but of course everyone has their own opinion on that one!

12. Frosted Flakes (American origin) is a sugar coated corn frosted flakes by Kellogg. The mascot of Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger, famously exclaims the breakfast cereal's slogan: ‘They're Gr-r-reat!’. Frosted Flakes are a favorite cereal of many.

13. Frosted Mini-Wheats (American origin), Frosted Mini-Wheats are described as sugar frosted whole wheat biscuits with lightly sweetened shredded whole wheat. Frosted Mini-Wheats taste amazing!

14. Fruity Pebbles (American origin), originally named ‘Pebbles’ by Post Foods in 1969, was renamed Fruity Pebbles in 1970.

15. Golden Grahams (American origin), by General Mills, are flat, square cereal pieces that are similar in appearance to Graham Cracker squares. They first started out with the catchphrase ‘Have a Golden Day’.

16. Honey Nut Cheerios (American origin), Honey Nut Cheerios have a honey and almond flavor. Originally made with actual nuts, Honey Nut Cheerios later substituted real nutes for a natural flavor, from peach and apricot pit.

17. Life (American origin), a breakfast cereal consisting of brown checkered squares features the slogan ‘Life is full of surprises.’

18. Lucky Charms (American origin), Lucky Charms consists of toasted oat-based pieces and multi-colored marshmallow in various shapes. Lucky Charms is another popular cereal.

Unique Cereals

These cereals have unique tastes or unique names.

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19. Alpha-Bits (American origin), also called Frosted Alpha-Bits, and made by Post Foods, contains frosted alphabet-shaped multi-grain cereal bits.

20. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (American origin), these Cheerios by General Mills have been described as a sweetened whole grain oat and corn cereal. Many early television ads of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios told consumers to ‘listen to the apple sweet crunch of a whole new O.’

21. Apple Jacks (American origin), Apple Jacks can be identified by their orange and green color cereal O’s. Apple Jacks is often a family favorite.

22. Banana Nut Crunch (American origin), introduced by Post Foods as a good source of whole grain, this cereal was inspired by home-baked banana nut bread.

23. Cap’n Crunch (American origin), produced by Quaker Oats Company, it consists of sweetened, yellow cereal pieces of corn and oats. It introduced the cereal's naval mascot called Cap'n Crunch.

24. Cap'n Crunch’s Crunch Berries (American origin), contained spherical red Crunch Berry pieces along with the yellow pieces found in the original Cap'n Crunch. The four Crunch Berry colors in Cap'n Crunch are red, green, blue, and purple.

25. Chex (American origin), derived from the checkerboard square logo of Ralston Purina, which owned the product line before General Mills.

26. Cocoa Dyno-Bites (American origin), introduced by Malt-O-Meal, and described as sweetened rice cereal prepared with cocoa.

27. Cocoa Krispies (American origin), by Kellogg, this is a cocoa flavored breakfast cereal. It is a version of Rice Krispies made with real chocolate.

28. Cocoa Puffs (American origin), a breakfast cereal by General Mills containing small orbs of corn, oats, and rice flavored with cocoa. It has been stated occasionally that they are made with real Hershey's cocoa.

29. Cookie Crisp (American origin), manufactured by General Mills in the United States and Cereal Partners (under Nestlé) in other countries, this is a breakfast cereal that reconstructs the taste of chocolate chip cookies.

30. Count Chocula! (American origin), started as part of the line of ‘Monster Cereals’ by General Mills, the cereal box describes these as "chocolate flavor frosted cereal and marshmallow bits".

31. Cracklin’ Oat Bran (American origin), made by Kellogg, this is an oat bran breakfast cereal flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg.

32. Crispix (American origin), by Kellogg, its box describes it as "a crisp cross of rice and corn".

33. Honey Graham Oh’s (American origin), these are pieces of crunchy corn and oat rings filled with Graham Crackers, crispy rice, and honey. The television ads gave consumers the notion that they would exclaim ‘Oh!’when eating this product.

34. Honeycomb (American origin), manufactured by Post Foods, this was initially described as "sweet crisp corn cereal".

35. Honey Smacks (American origin), by Kellogg, this sweet puffed wheat breakfast cereal was originally called  Sugar Smacks.

36. Kix (American origin), by General Mills, with its slogan "Kid-tested. Parent-approved", this puffed up grain cereal is made of cornmeal.

37. Smorz (American origin), produced by Kellogg, this is a breakfast cereal containing chocolate flavored corn puffs and marshmallows. It was meant to taste like S'mores.

38. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch (American origin), manufactured by Quaker Oats Company, these peanut butter-flavored corn puffs had a large elephant named Smedley as their mascot.

39. Waffle Crisp (American origin), produced by Post Foods, this is a sweetened oat, corn and wheat cereal. The pieces are in the shape of small slightly rounded, square waffles.

40. Trix (American origin), by General Mills, this is a breakfast cereal with fruity sweetened corn puffs in the shape of different fruits.

41. Weetabix (English origin), produced by the company of the same name, this is a whole grain wheat breakfast cereal in the form of palm-sized rounded rectangle-shaped biscuits, popular in the United Kingdom.

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