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Top 135 Beautiful Hawaiian Boy Names

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If you are looking for a unique baby name for your baby boy, have you considered an original Hawaiian name?

The names are utterly beautiful and echo the essence of the island’s culture and surroundings. Traditional names are connected to the island’s white sandy beaches, flora, and fauna.

What’s also interesting is the naming ritual of a child in Hawaii, it is one of the most important practices in the Hawaiian culture. Historically, the names for a new baby were chosen by elders of the community. A lot of consideration was given to the meaning of the baby name within the island. Often, it’s believed that the names would come to them in dreams or visions. Let’s take a look at the six primary sources for traditional Hawaiian baby names:

- inoa po, a name received by the new parents or a family member in a dream.

- inoa ho’ailona, a name received in a vision or mystical sign.

- inoa’ ulaleo, a name heard from a mystical voice.

- inoa ho’omanao, a name given to commemorate an event.

- inoa kupuna, a name handed down from an ancestor.

- inoa ewe, a name based on the baby’s personality traits.

What’s fascinating about Hawaiian boy names is that many aren’t assigned to a specific gender, Hawaiian names are intended to be unisex. Many of these are traditional names that have evolved and become more modern renditions as many original names are long, and people today often want names that are quick to pronounce.

Take a look at our list of beautiful baby boy names and feel inspired by the island of Hawaii. You’ll notice right away that there aren’t names for every letter of the alphabet. This is because the language of Hawaii has a limited number of letters.

Traditional Hawaiian Names

Two Tiki statues on coast in Hawaii

These names all originate from Hawaii, or from the Hawaiian language itself. From Akoni to Ipo, take a look at these wonderful Hawaiian baby names.

1.Aalona, this name with Hawaiian origin means “high mountain”.

2.Aikeni, this name is the Hawaiian version of Aiden, a name meaning “little fire”.

3.Akam, in Hawaiian, it means “made from clay or the red earth”. A variant of “Adam”.

4.Akamai, this name means “to be the clever or intelligent one”.

5.Akela, meaning "graceful".  A popular unisex name.

6.Akoni, which means “deserving of admiration and praise” and stems from the Latin origins of the name Anthony.

7.Alani, meaning “chief”.

8.Alika, meaning “guardian” in the Hawaiian language.

9.Analu, meaning  “manly”.

10.Ano, meaning “peaceful”.

11.Eisig, meaning “one who laughs”.

12.Ekewaka, meaning “protector of wealth”. This name is the Hawaiian version of Edward.

13.Eleu, meaning “alert” or “alive”.

14.Ezio, meaning “friend”.

15.Gersham, meaning “exiled”.

16.Hanale, meaning “the one who is Lord of the manor”.

17.Hani, which means “happy one". This name is one of the personality trait Hawaiian baby names.

18.Holokai, meaning “a seafaring person”.

19.Ikaika, meaning “man of strength”.

20.Ipo, meaning “sweetheart”.

21.Kahiau, meaning “selfless” or “generosity”. This is one of the most popular Hawaiian boy names.

22.Kaimana, meaning “diamond”.

23.Kainoa, meaning “the name”.

24.Kaleo, meaning “sound” or “voice” in the Hawaiian language.

25.Label, meaning "lion". This is the Hawaiian version of Leo.

26.Laban, meaning “white”.

27.Lewai, this is the Hawaiian version of the name Levi, meaning "attached".

28.Lilo, meaning “generous one”.

29.Lot, the name of a king.

30.Lui, meaning “famous warrior”.

31.Makan, meaning “house”.

32.Makoa, meaning “a bold man”.

33.Maleko, meaning “manly” or “warrior”.

34.Mamo, meaning “friend”.

35.Mana, meaning “supernatural” or “spiritual energy”.

36.Mayel, “one who is well spoken”.

37.Maui, this is the name of an island in Hawaii.

38.Mele, a unique name meaning “song”.

39.Mendel, meaning “wisdom”.

40.Nākoa, meaning “warriors” or “fighters”.

41.Ona, meaning "sweetness". This is a popular unisex name.

42.Pakelika, a unique name meaning “the one who is noble”.

43.Palani, meaning “free man”. This name is the Hawaiian version of Frank.

44.Pilialoha, meaning “close friend”.

45.Paulo, meaning “little”.

46.Punahele, meaning “favorite”.

47.Rishon, meaning “the first”.

48.Udeh, meaning “praise”.

49.Ulani, meaning "cheerful". A popular unisex name.

50.Uli, meaning “blue” or a  “dark colour”

51.Uzi, meaning “my strength”

52.Zazu, meaning “movement”. A popular name for a Hawaiian baby boy.

53.Ziff, meaning “wolf”.

Popular Boys' Names

View of Napali Coast in Hawaii

Although not all are unique Hawaiian names, these names have been dominating the top 100 baby boy names in Hawaii for the past five years and so are common boys' names amongst Hawaiians.

54.Bane, meaning “long awaited child”. This traditional Hawaiian name is one of the most popular.

55.Caleb, (Hebrew origin), meaning “faithful” or “brave”.

56.Chance, (Old English origin), meaning “good fortune”.

57.David, (Hebrew origin), meaning “beloved”.

58.Dylan, (Welsh origin), meaning “the son of the sea”.

59.Christian, (Latin origin), meaning “a follower of Christ”.

60.Gavin, (Old English origin), meaning “Godsend” or “falcon”.

61.Evan, (Welsh origin), meaning “youthful” or “young warrior”.

62.Hale, (Hawaiian origin). This name is the Hawaiian version of the name Harry, meaning “house”.

63.Hunter, (Old English origin), a baby name meaning “the one who hunts”.

64.Isaac, (Hebrew origin),  a well known name for a boy, meaning “God laughed”.

65.James, (Hebrew origin), meaning “supplanter”.

66.Jayden, (Hebrew origin), meaning “thankful”.

67.Jonah, (Hebrew origin), meaning “dove”.

68.Josiah, (Hebrew origin), meaning “Jehovah has healed”.

69.Kaimana, (Hawaiian origin), a baby name meaning “diamond”.

70.Kale, (Hawaiian origin), meaning “freedom”.

71.Landan, (Old English origin”, meaning “a long hill”.

72.Logan, (Gaelic origin), meaning “descendant of the warrior”.

73.Matthew, (Hebrew origin), a classic name for a boy, meaning “gift of God”.

74.Micah, (Hebrew origin), meaning “one who is like God”.

75.Sage, (Latin origin), meaning “herb” or “prophet”.

76.Shane, (Hebrew origin),  a baby name meaning “gift from God”.

77.Shayden, (Irish origin), meaning “God’s oath”.

78.Skyler, (Danish origin),  a baby name meaning “scholar”.

79.Trevor, (Irish origin), meaning “ambitious”.

80.Tyler, (Old English origin), meaning “a tile maker”.

81.Wyatt, (Old English origin), meaning “little warrior”.

82.Xaivier, (Latin origin), meaning “the new house”.

83.Zane, (Arabic origin), meaning “beauty” or “grace”.

84.Zion, (Hebrew origin) meaning “the promised land”.

Heavenly Boy Names

Inspired from powers above, these beautiful Hawaiian baby boy names connect with the island's spirituality. From the heavens above, to God's gift, take a look at these heavenly names.

85.Ai’la’ausd, meaning “fire God”.

86.Akamu, meaning “made by God” or “the Earth”.

87.Apekalmoa, meaning “my father is peace”.

88.Apikai, meaning, “ the gift of the father”.

89.Ikaia, meaning “God delivers” this name is the Hawaiian version of Isaiah.

90.Ioane, meaning the one who is favored by God and is the Hawaiian version of John.

91.Iokepa, meaning “God will multiply”.

92.Ionakana, meaning “God gives”.

93.Matai, meaning “Gift of God”. This is one of the most popular Hawaiian boy names.

94.Kalani, a unique name meaning “of the heavens”.

95.Keaka, meaning “God’s gracious gift”.

96.Keona, meaning “God’s gracious gift”.

97.Kimokea, meaning “honoring God”.

98.Koa, “meaning “bold” and “fearless”.

99.Lono, meaning “God of the harvest”.

100.Mililani, meaning “heavenly caress”.

101.Ululani, a Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly inspiration”.

102.Uriel, a baby name meaning “light of God”.

Boy Names Inspired By Contemporary Culture

Popular culture inspires baby names far and wide, here are some popular Hawaiian baby boy names inspired by celebrities. These popular names take their inspiration from famous football players, to authors and popstars.

103.Alan, (Celtic origin), meaning “handsome”. Alan Wong is a popular celebrity Hawaiian chef.

104.Akebono, (Japanese origin), meaning “dawn”. Akebono Tarō is one of the world’s tallest sumo wrestlers, born in Waimanalo.

105.Barack, (Arabic origin), meaning “blessed”.  Barack Obama was the first US President to be born in the American state of Hawaii.

106.Bethany, (Hebrew origin), meaning “house of welcome”,  inspired by Bethany Hamilton,  a professional surfer who lost his arm in a shark attack.

107.Bruno, (Germanic origin), meaning “brown”,  inspired by the pop star Bruno Mars who was born and raised in Honolulu.

108.Don, (Irish origin), meaning “chief”. Don Ho was a famous Hawaiian entertainer.

109.Jack, (English origin), meaning “God is gracious”.  Inspired by the Hawaiian acoustic singer Jack Johnson.

110.Jason, (Greek origin), meaning “healer”. Inspired by the Hollywood actor Jason Mamoa.

111.Jordan, (Hebrew origin), meaning “he who descends”. Inspired by Jordan Norwood, a Hawaiian professional football player.

112.Kirby, (Gaelic origin), meaning “dark son”. Inspired by Kirby Wright, a renowned author from Hawaii.

113.Laird, (Scottish origin), meaning “Lord”.  Inspired by Laird Hamilton, a popular Hawaiian surfer.

114.Marcus, (Latin origin), meaning “hammer”.  Marcus Mariotta an American football quarterback who was born in Hawaii.

115.Tajh, (Sanskrit origin), meaning “crown”.  Tajh Mowry of Disney channel stardom was born in the state.

116.Tyson, (Old French origin), meaning “firebrand”.  Inspired by Tyson Alualu, a professional American football player who born in Honolulu.

Boy Names Inspired By Nature

These traditional Hawaiian names are all inspired by the elements, from the sky to the sea.

117.Aouli, meaning “blue sky”.

118.Aheahe, this name means as gentle as the breeze’s caress,  “Ahe” means the breeze.

119.Hoku, meaning “star”.

120.Hilo, meaning “first night of the new moon”.

121.Lani, a baby name meaning “heaven” or “sky”.

122.Liko, meaning “leaf” or “bud”.

123.Kai, meaning “the sea”, a popular name in Hawaii.

124.Kainalu, meaning “the ocean that billows”

125.Keanu, meaning “a cool breeze”.

126.Kelani, meaning “the heavens”.

127.Lono, meaning “God of peace and agriculture”.

128.Makani, meaning “the wind’s breeze”.

129.Manu, meaning “bird”.

130.Moana, meaning “coming from the ocean”. This is a popular unisex name, made famous by the Disney movie.

131.Mauna, meaning “mountain”.

132.Nahele, meaning “forest”.

133.Nalu, meaning “a sea wave” or “surf”.

134.Noe, meaning “misty”.

135.Pika, meaning “rock”.

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