115+ Beautiful Hawaiian Boy Names

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Why Beautiful Hawaiian Boy Names?

Hawaii (Hawaiʻi in the Hawaiian language) is the only US state separate from North America and is a chain of islands. The Hawaiian islands used to be separate independent nations that united into a kingdom, republic, US territory, and finally a US state.

Throughout its history, the state has become home to a range of people worldwide, particularly Americans and Europeans. This diversity and change are evident in Hawaiian naming practices.

The beauty of traditional Hawaiian names is that they have a direct meaning and an underlying symbolic meaning. Symbolic meanings are mostly associated with something personal to the family.

Traditional names could also appear to a family member in a dream or vision, or to honour an incident or an ancestor. Names could also have negative meanings as a symbol of protection against evil. Most Hawaiian names are gender-neutral and people may have multiple formal and informal names.

Western influence from American and European settlers led Hawaiians to adopt Christian first names to their Hawaiian names. The new practice became more common after Hawaii became a US territory.

This article introduces you to a variety of interesting Hawaiian names for boys. You can explore the lists of unique names and other names for boys based on elements of nature.

You can choose from common traditional names or popular names. There is also a list of names of famous personalities of Hawaiian descent that you might find interesting.

Traditional Hawaiian Names

Traditional Hawaiian Boy Names

1. Alaka’i (Hawaiian origin) - means ‘a leader’. 

2. Haloa - the name of a god and the ancestor of all Hawaiians. 

3. Kalākaua - means ‘the day of battle’. Kalākaua was the last king of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, during the late 19th century. 

4. Kāne - meaning ‘male’, is probably the most appropriate name for a Hawaiian boy. 

5. Kauʻi - meaning ‘the youthful beauty’.

6. Keʻala - meaning ‘the fragrance’ or ‘of high birth’. 

7. Keaweaweʻula - means ‘the red trail of heaven’. Keaweaweʻula Kaleopapa Kamehameha was the third king to rule the kingdom of Hawaiʻi.

8. Māui - the name of a mischievous god in Hawaiian mythology and also the name was given to a star in the sky. 

9. Na`auao - means ‘intelligent’. 

10. Saleva'a - the meaning of the name is unknown. Saleva'a Fuauli Atisano'e is a professional sumo wrestler popularly known by his stage name Konishiki Yasokichi. 

11. Wākea - means ’the Sky father’ or the ‘father of Heaven’, a god in the Hawaiian religion. 

Popular Boys' Names

12. Akamu - a Hawaiian alternative for the English name Adam, meaning ‘red earth’, ‘brown’, or ‘ground’. 

13. Akoni/Anakoni - meaning ‘flower’, is a Hawaiian form of the English name Anthony. 

14. Ekewaka - is a Hawaiian alternative for the English name Edward, meaning ‘guardian of wealth’. 

15. Hanalē - a Hawaiian form of the English name Herny, meaning ‘home ruler’. 

16. Ioane - meaning ‘God is gracious’, is another Hawaiian version of John.

17. Iokepa - meaning ‘God shall add’, is the Hawaiian form of Joseph.

18. Kahu - an honorific Hawaiian name or title that means ‘master’ or ‘guardian’. 

19. Kaimana - meaning ‘diamond’ or ‘power of the sea’. 

20. Kainoa - meaning ‘the namesake’ or ‘a sea free of taboo’.

21. Kale - a Hawaiian form of the English name Charles, meaning ‘free man’. 

22. Kameāloha - means ‘the beloved one’. 

23. Kana'i - meaning ‘the conqueror’. 

24. Kanani - meaning ‘the glory’.

25. Kāwika - alternative for the name David in the Hawaiian language, meaning ‘beloved’.

26. Kealoha - meaning ‘love’. 

27. Kekoa - meaning ‘koa tree’, ‘the warrior’, or ‘courage’. 

28. Keoki - meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker’, is a Hawaiian alternative for the English name George. 

29. Keola - meaning ‘the life’ or ‘the healthy one’.

30. Keoni - a Hawaiian form of the English name John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. 

31. Lono - is a god of fertility, music, rainfall, and agriculture in the Hawaiian religion. It can be a great name for a boy. 

32. Makana - meaning ‘gift’, is a popular Hawaiian first name for boys. 

33. Maleko - is a Hawaiian alternative to the English name Mark, meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’, or ‘to be warlike’. Mars is the name of the Roman god of war. 

34. Manu - meaning ‘bird’. 

35. Moana - means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. 

36. Nahoa - meaning ‘bold’. 

37. Nāinoa - meaning ‘brave’. 

38. Peni - a Hawaiian alternative for the English name and nickname, Ben.

Unique Hawaiian Boy Names

39. ʻĀʻālona - meaning ‘high mountain’. It is a Hawaiian form of the English name Aaron.

40. Akamai - can be a great Hawaiian boy name meaning ‘intelligence’. 

41. Aukai - means ‘explorer of the sea’ or ‘sailor’. It can be a fitting first name for a Hawaiian boy who enjoys travelling. 

42. Hau’oli - meaning ‘joy or happiness’, can be a fitting nickname for a Hawaiian boy.  

43. Iakopa - meaning ‘heel grabber'. The name is a Hawaiian version of the common name for boys, Jacob. 

44. Ikaika - meaning ‘strong’. 

45. Ikaia - is a Hawaiian form of the English name Isaiah, meaning ‘God is salvation’.

46. Iokua - a Hawaiian alternative for the English name Joshua, meaning ‘God is salvation’. 

47. Kahiau - means ‘selfless generosity’. 

48. Kaleo - means ‘the sound’ or ‘the voice’. 

49. Kamaka - meaning ‘bud’ or ‘beloved one’. 

50. Kaniela - meaning ‘God is my judge’, is the Hawaiian form of the English name Daniel. 

51. Kapena - a Hawaiian term derived from English meaning ‘captain’. Kapena can also be used as a name for a boy. 

52. Keao - means ‘daylight’. 

53. Keone - means ‘the homeland’.

54. Kimo - meaning ‘one who follows’ or ‘supplanter’, is a Hawaiian form of the English name James. 

55. Koa - meaning ‘courage’ or ‘warrior’.

56. Kōnane - means ‘bright’. 

57. Lanakila - meaning ‘victory’. 

58. Lei - meaning ‘child’ or ‘wreath’, can be used as a name for a childish boy. 

59. Liko - meaning ‘bud’. 

60. Makaio - is a Hawaiian alternative for the English name Matthew, meaning ‘gift of the Lord’.  

61. Mele - means ‘chant’ or ‘song’ in the Hawaiian language.

62. Nakoa - meaning ‘brave’.

63. Pōmaikaʻi - meaning ‘blessed’

64. Uluwehi - means ‘flourishing plants’.

Famous Hawaiian Boy Names

65. Alan (Celtic origin) - probably means ‘harmony’, and refers to a renowned Hawaiian restaurateur and chef, Alan Wong.

66. Alfred (English origin) - means ‘elf counsel’. Alfred Aholo Apaka Jr. was a baritone singer of Hawaiian descent who gained fame during the mid-20th century. 

67. Brent (English origin) - means ‘steep’. Brent Ikaika Alama-Francis is a former American football player.

68. Carlos (Germanic origin) - means ‘free man’. Carlos Appiani Long was a Hawaiian politician and attorney of Hawaiian and Italian descent. 

69. Cliff (English origin) - means ‘the vertical slope of a large mass of rock’.  Cliff Kapono is a marine scientist, journalist, and professional surfer of Hawaiian descent. 

70. Daniel (Hebrew origin) - means ‘God is my judge’. Daniel Kahikina Akaka was the first politician of Native Hawaiian descent to become a US senator. 

71. Danny (Hebrew origin) - a variant of Daniel meaning ‘God is my judge’. Danny Ongais was a professional racing car driver and the single known native of Hawaii who competed in the Indianapolis 500. 

72. David (Hebrew origin) - means ‘beloved’. The actor David Strathairn retains a Native Hawaiian heritage from his paternal grandmother's side.  

73. Don (multiple origins) - the meaning of the given name could be ‘gift’, ‘offering’, ‘senior’, or a reference to a European river. Don Muraco is a Hawaiian native who was a former professional wrestler. 

74. Donald (Celtic origin) - means ‘chief’ or ‘prince’. Donald Tai Loy Ho was a famous Hawaiian entertainer and pop musician. 

75. Duke (English origin) - means ‘a high-ranking aristocracy’. Duke Kahanamoku was a Hawaii-born competitive swimmer who popularized surfing as a sport. 

76. Edward (Germanic origin) - means ‘guardian of wealth’. Edward Makuahanai Aikau was a Hawaiian surfer and lifeguard in Oʻahu, known for saving more than 500 lives.  

77. Elmer (English origin) - means ‘noble and famous’. Elmer Kikume Gozier was a stuntman and actor of Hawaiian descent. 

78. Henry (English origin) - means ‘home ruler’. The American football player, Henry Nuuanu Gooding Field was a native Hawaiian from his mother’s side.  

79. Israel (Hebrew origin) - the name may refer to the country of Israel. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole is a notable Hawaiian activist, singer, and songwriter.

80. James (Hebrew origin) - means ‘one who follows’ or ‘supplanter’. Judge and politician James Aiona is part Hawaiian from his father’s side.  

81. Jason (Greek origin) - means ‘I heal’. Jason Kapono is a professional basketball player of Hawaiian and Portuguese descent. 

82. Jerome (Greek origin) - refers to Hieronymus, meaning ‘a sacred name’. Jerome Max Keliʻi Holloway is a mixed martial artist born in Hawaii who competes in the UFC. 

83. John (Hebrew origin) - means ‘God is gracious’. John Henry Wise was a well-known educator, politician, and religious leader of Native Hawaiian descent. 

84. Joseph (Hebrew origin) - means ‘God shall add’. Popular American actor Jason Momoa is of Hawaiian descent, whose first name is Joseph.

85. Kalani - meaning ‘heavens’, ‘chief’, ‘sky’, or ‘royal one’. Kalani Kamehameha is the first ruler of Hawaii.

86. Kamani (Hawaiian origin) - meaning ‘Malabar almond’ or ‘ mastwood’. Kamani Helekunihi Hill is a professional soccer player of Hawaiian and Trinidadian descent. 

87. Karl (Norse origin) - meaning ‘free man’. Karl James Noons is a retired kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and boxer with Hawaiian heritage from his mother’s side.  

88. Keanu (Hawaiian origin) - means ‘coolness’ and implies happiness in Hawaiian culture. Keanu Reeves has Hawaiian lineage from his father’s side. 

89. Kevin (Irish origin) - means ‘homely birth’. Kevin Mawae is an American football coach and former player of Hawaiian descent. 

90. Kirby (English origin) - meaning a church area’. A resident of Honolulu, Kirby Michael Wright is an author known for his novels about the racial tensions faced by Hawaiians.  

91. Kolten (English origin) - a variant of Colton, meaning ‘coal settlement’. Kolten Kaha Wong is an American professional baseman in Major League Baseball, of Hawaiian descent.  

92. Maiola - Maiola Kalili is a professional swimmer of Native Hawaiian descent and a Summer Olympics medalist.

93. Manuella - Manuella Kalili was also a professional swimmer like his younger brother Maiola Kalili.

94. Micah (Hebrew origin) - means ‘who is like Yahweh’. Micah Kilakila Kaʻaihue is a former Major League Baseball player of Hawaiian heritage. 

95. Norman (multiple European origins) - meaning ‘from Normandy’ or ‘northerner’. Norman Yew Heen Chow is an American football coach with Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese heritage.

96. Rockne - Rockne Crowningburg Freitas was a native Hawaiian educational leader and an American football player.  

97. Ronald (Norse origin) - means ‘advice’ and ‘power’. Ronald Maurice Darling Jr. is a Hawaii-born former professional baseball player, currently a sports commentator.

98. Samuel (Hebrew origin) - meaning ‘one who listens to God’, ‘God in Heaven’, or ‘elevated’. Samuel Kahanamoku was a competitive swimmer and Olympic medalist of Hawaiian descent.  

99. Sargent (English origin) - refers to a servant's occupation. Sargent Hiikua Kahanamoku is an aquatic athlete of Hawaiian descent.

100. Jesse (English and Finnish origin) - Takamiyama Daigorō is a former professional sumo wrestler of Hawaiian descent. His birth name is Jesse Wailani Kuhaulua.

101. Timothy (Greek origin) - means ‘I honour God’. Timothy Kealiiʻokaaina Awa Chang is an American football coach and former player of Hawaiian descent.

102. Travis (French origin) - means 'crossing over’. Travis Kuualiialoha Browne is a former mixed martial artist who competed in the UFC. 

103. Trevor (Welsh origin) - means ‘great village’. Trevor Ikaikaloa Larnach is another Major League Baseball player of Hawaiian descent.  

104. Tyson (French origin) - means ‘firebrand’ or ‘high-spirited’. Tyson Asi Alualu is another professional American football player born in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

105. Zachary (Hebrew origin) - means ‘Yahweh has remembered’. Zachary Kapono Wilson is another American football player with Hawaiian lineage from his father’s side.  

Hawaiian Boys Names Inspired By Nature

106. Hoku - means ‘star’.

107. Kai - means ‘sea’.

108. Kainalu - meaning ‘sea of waves’. 

109. Kawai - meaning ‘water’. 

110. Keahi - means ‘the fire’. 

111. Lani - meaning ‘sky’, ‘heaven’, or ‘royalty’.

112. Makani - a Hawaiian term meaning ‘wind’ that can also be a great name for a boy.

113. Mauna - means ‘mountain’.

114. Nahele - meaning ‘forest’, is a great nature-based name for a Hawaiian boy.

115. Nalu - is a Hawaiian term meaning ‘wave’ that can also be a great name for a boy. 

116. Pika - a rare Hawaiian name for boys meaning ‘rock’ or ‘stone’, which is an alternative to the English name Peter.

117. Pono - is a Hawaiian term meaning ‘righteousness’, and can be used as a boy's name. 


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