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Top 100 Beautiful Names That Mean Blue

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What do you think of when you imagine the colour blue?

Light blue has long been associated with feeling calm and peaceful, while bright blue can feel energising. Colours are highly symbolic and have many beautiful meanings, making them a perfect starting point when thinking of baby names.

There are hundreds of shades of blue, and the associations are endless, from the depths of the sea to outer space, and all manner of things in between. Blue is rare in nature, only showing up thanks to the angle the sunlight hits the molecules of the creature or plant at (take a look at the blue morpho butterfly, it's fascinating). It is also the colour of many precious gems and stones, of which there are many precious gemstone names to be inspired by.

Take a look at our list of baby names meaning blue, full of other words for blue and synonyms for blue, like the best ocean inspired girl names, so there is bound to be something that will inspire you.

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Girl Names That Mean Blue

There are so many beautiful girl names that represent our blue theme, there's sure to be one you'll love.

1.Aaliyah (Hebrew origin), meaning 'heavens, highborn and exalted', this name is a homage to the blue sky. 

2.Afina (Romanian origin), meaning 'blueberry' a cute name for your little girl.

3.Amrin (Arabic origin), meaning 'blue sky'.

4.Anurna (Aboriginal origin), this name means 'blue water lily'.

5.Aoko (Japanese origin), meaning 'blue child'.

6.Aquanette (Latin origin), linked to the Latin name Acquanetta, this pretty name sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale.

7.Aqua (Latin origin), meaning 'water', Aqua is a lovely greenish blue colour and a super pretty name.

8.Araceli (Spanish origin), meaning 'alter of the sky'.

9.Atasi (Indian origin), meaning 'blue flower'.

10.Azura (Spanish origin), meaning 'sky blue'.

11.Azurine (Spanish origin), also meaning 'sky blue', this name is more formal alternative to 'Azure'.

12.Azula (Spanish, Portuguese and Galician origin), this is a name from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The character can create blue flames, and her name is derived from 'azul' meaning blue.

13.Bluebell (English origin), the little blue flower that can take over English woodland in the Spring is a lovely name for your baby girl.

14.Bluesette (Belgian origin), this name was first heard in the well known song of the same name, by jazz musician Toots Thielemans.

15.Celeste (Latin origin), meaning 'heavenly', this beautiful name has amazingly found itself in the Top 1000 every single year since 1880. It is a colloquial term for 'light blue'.

16.Celia (Latin origin), another name meaning 'heavenly', Celia is a literary favourite, used by both Shakespeare and T.S Eliot.

17.Chimalis (Native American origin), another Native American term for 'bluebird'.

18.Ciel (French origin), meaning 'sky'.

19.Claramay (Latin origin), this name means 'bright and clear'.

20.Cyane (Italian origin), the name of a Sicilian nymph, of mythical legend who happened to live in a blue pool. A nod to the colour (a greenish blue) and an exciting background story.

21.Doli (Native American origin), this Navajo name means 'blue bird'.

22.Fairuza (Turkish origin), meaning 'turquoise', this precious stone is also the birthstone for December, so perfect a winter baby.

23.Gormlaith (Gaelic origin), meaning 'blue princess or illustrious lady', perhaps 'Laith' could work on its own for a softer sound.

24.Hyacinth (Greek origin), a blue flower from Greek mythology, Hyacinth actually means 'blue larkspur, precious stone'.

25.Iris (Greek origin), named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, the iris is also a pretty blue-purple flower.

26.Kailani (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'sea and sky'.

27.Kehlani (Polynesian origin), meaning 'sky and heavens', America singer Kehlani also shares this name.

28.Lapis (Persian origin), derived from the name of the gemstone 'lapis lazuli', this name means 'azure blue stone'.

29.Lilac (Latin origin), the lilac flower is what gives this bluish-purple colour its name.

30.Livia (Spanish origin), meaning 'blue and envious'. A pretty name liked by Shakespeare.

31.Lulani (Hawaiian origin), meaning simply 'sky'.

32.Lynae (Scandinavian origin), this name means 'small blue flower'

33.Marilee (Welsh origin), meaning 'star of the sea'.

34.Maya (Hebrew origin), this name has many origins but in Hebrew, it is derived from 'Mayim', and means 'water'.

35.Mazarine (French origin), this name refers to a 'deep blue colour'.

36.Meena (Hindi origin), meaning 'precious blue stone'.

37.Mora (Spanish origin), meaning 'little blueberry', cute!

38.Neela (Sanskrit origin), this name means 'dark blue' or 'sapphire blue'.

39.Neelashri (Indian origin), Neelashri is another beautiful Indian word for blue.

40.Noelani (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'heavenly mist' this is a lovely name for your baby girl.

41.Odeta (Albanian origin), this name is derived from the word 'deti' which means 'blue, sea'.

42.Okelani (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'from heaven'.

43.Owaissa (Native American origin), meaning 'blue bird'.

44.Qing (Chinese origin), this name means 'aqua coloured'.

45.Ruka (Japanese origin), this short and sweet name means 'bright blue flower'.

46.Sama (Arabic origin), this name means 'sky', and sounds like a cool alternative for 'Samantha'.

47.Sapphire (Hebrew origin), precious jewels always make beautiful baby names, and Sapphire is no exception.

48.Shawnita (American origin), meaning 'blue diamond'.

49.Sinikka (Finnish Origin) Derived from the Finnish word 'Sininen', meaning 'blue'.

50.Sunila (Indian Origin) This name has a sunny feel, but actually means 'dark blue'.

51.Talia (Hebrew and Aboriginal origin), in Hebrew, Talia means 'gentle dew from heaven; by the water', and with its Aboriginal origin, it means 'near water'.

52.Turquoise (French origin), this name means 'Turkish stone' and refers to the stunning and precious aqua blue stone.

53.Ulanni (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'heavenly beauty'.

Boy Names That Mean Blue

Have a look at this selection and 'sea' if you can find one or two boy names to add to your list.

54.Aouli (Hawaiian origin), many Hawaiian baby names are descriptions for feelings or settings, in this case, Aouli describes a blue sky on a clear day.

55.Azraq (Arabic origin), this name means 'blue' in Arabic.

56.Bay  (Latin origin), meaning 'sea inlet'.

57.Caelum (Latin origin), meaning 'heavenly'.

58.Celestin (Latin origin), derived from Latin 'Caelestis' meaning 'of the sky and heavenly'.

59.Chandraneel (Hindi origin), meaning 'precious blue gem'.

60.Cielo (Italian origin), simply meaning 'sky', perfect if sky blue is your favourite colour.

61.Cyan (Ancient Greek origin), derived from the Ancient Greek 'Kyanos'. Cyan is the beautiful colour created in shallow water over sand, when the water absorbs the colour red from sunlight.

62.Firuzeh (Iranian origin), translation of 'turquoise', for boy names that mean blue, this one has a very vibrant sound.

63.Indeevar (Sanskrit origin), this name means 'blessing, blue lotus', a masculine take on a blue flower name.

64.Jalaneel (Indian origin), meaning 'blue colour of the sea'.

65.Jay (Latin origin), a shortened version of 'Jaybird', these birds are also known as 'blue jays' due to their brilliant blue plumage.

66.Keyne (Cornish origin), meaning 'man of the eastern sky'.

67.Manikanth (Hindi origin), this name means 'blue jewel, shining brightly'.

68.Marlais (Welsh origin), one of the only Welsh names for blue on our list, this one is pronounced like 'Marley'.

69.Nabhas (Sanskrit origin), this name means 'celestial'.

70.Neelam (Indian origin), the Neelam Stone is a precious blue sapphire.

71.Nilamegh (Indian origin), this name means 'blue cloud'.

72.Nilaratam (Indian origin), meaning 'blue gem'.

73.Okko (Japanese origin), this name means 'Robin', this bird's eggs are the most amazing shade of blue.

74.Shyam (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'dark, black blue', this is a great option if you were looking for a name meaning blue in other languages.

75.Slate (Anglo-Saxon origin), slate is a type of metamorphic rock, often found in various shades from greys to a more blue green.

76.Viorel (Romanian origin), derived from 'Viroea' which means 'bluebell'.

77.Yahto (Native American origin), this name means 'blue' and originates from the Native American Sioux people.

78.Zeru (Basque origin), if you are interested in the meaning of blue in different languages, Zeru might be just right as it simply means 'blue' in the Basque language.

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Unisex Names That Mean Blue

Gender neutral names are super on trend, great to have one or two on the list.

79.Aoki (Japanese origin), meaning 'blue tree', this name is a surname in Japan, however, it works really well as a first or middle name too.

80.Aravind (Indian origin), meaning 'blue lotus flower'.

81.Azul (Spanish origin), Azul is simply another name for blue, this time in Spanish.

82.Azure (Latin and French origin), derived from the Old French 'Azur'. Azure is also another name for Lapis Lazuli, which is a stunning dark blue metamorphic rock, believed to be an extremely healing crystal.

83.Blue (English origin), if it is your favourite colour, why not choose Blue as a name?

84.Bleu (French origin), the French word for blue, this would make a great middle name, especially for a baby with blue eyes.

85.Cerulean (English origin), derived from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning 'dark blue, blue, or blue-green', this name is a great choice from our shades of blue names.

86.Dion (Greek origin), meaning 'child of heaven and earth'.

87.Hinto (Native American origin), meaning 'blue haired'.

88.Indigo (Greek origin), meaning 'Indian dye', Indigo is a beautiful natural shade of blue, the nickname 'Indi' is also a lovely name.

89.Kalani (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'chieftain or spirit of the sky'.

90.Lake (English origin), Lake is a deep and meaningful sounding unisex name, evoking images of deep blue waters.

91.Midnight (English origin), the English term for the transition from one day to the next, midnight is also another shade of blue.

92.Nakesha (Sanskrit origin), although this name means 'Lord of Heaven' we think it works well for any gender.

93.Navy (Old French origin), derived from the French 'navie', meaning 'fleet of ships'.

94.Ocean (English and Greek origin), derived from the Greek 'okeanos', a cool and calm sounding name.

95.River (English origin), the perfect name for an adventurer, River has a wild edge.

96.Robin (English origin), this sweet bird lays bright blue eggs.

97.Royal (English origin), another of our names that are colours, this is a strong and confident name.

98.Sky (English origin), the home to many gorgeous shades of blue.

99.Teal (English origin), this is a short and sweet name, representing another shade of blue, this time a darker turquoise blue colour.

100.Thanh (Vietnamese origin), this name means 'bright blue, brilliant'.

If you enjoyed this article, why not check out the 28 perfect purple names for a complimentary colour name, and the 50+ best fiery names that mean red for another primary colour inspired name?

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