100+ Best Sicilian Names For Boys And Girls

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Sicilian names are known for their exotic nature and their different ethnicities.

Are you interested in naming your child an exotic and unique name with a deep meaning? Then Sicilian names are just right for you.

While the Italian language is purely inspired by Latin, the Sicilian language is based on different languages like Greek, French, Catalan, Arabic as well as Spanish. Many people are confused about this difference and therefore miss out on most of the amazing Sicilian names.

Most of the Sicilian baby names are the Sicilian form of names from other origins, especially of Italian names, which is why people tend to confuse Italian name lists for Sicilian names. The Sicilian language is considered a Romantic language.

The people residing on the island of Sicily have their native language as Sicilian (their mother tongue) and are called Sicilians.

We don't want you to miss out on all the beautiful Sicilian names for babies! So here's an authentic list of 100+ Sicilian names with meanings to help you give your child the best name.

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Sicilian Boy Names

Boy Sicilian names are charming and powerful. With the rich, exotic nature of these names, they are the perfect names to give your new baby. Here are some of the best Sicilian baby names to give your baby.

1. Adrianu meaning "from Hadria".

2. Alceu meaning "strength".

3. Alessandro meaning "defender of men". This name is the Sicilian form of the name Alexander. It is one of the most common names in Italy.

4. Antonio meaning "worthy of praise". This is the Sicilian name for Saint Anthony.

5. Augustu meaning "venerable".

6. Brunu meaning "brown".

7. Caiu means "to rejoice".

8. Carlo meaning "free man". Carlo Acutis was the name of a programming genius English-born Italian teen.

9. Cataldo meaning "old".

10. Davidi meaning "beloved". This name is the Sicilian form of the name David.

11. Fantino meaning "baby boy".

12. Fernandu meaning "daring".

13. Giovi meaning "father". Giovi is a form of Jupiter.

14. Liuni meaning "lion".

15. Luca meaning "bright or shining". Luca is also the name of a city in a region in southern Italy.

16. Luciu meaning "illumination or light".

17. Macariu meaning "happy, fortunate, blessed". This first name is a beautiful and unique one.

18. Mancuso meaning "left-handed".

19. Manfredi meaning "strength, peace or peaceful". Francesco Onofrio Manfredini was the name of an Italian Baroque composer and a violinist who was also a church musician.

20. Miceli meaning "who is like God?".

21. Paulu meaning "small or humble".

22. Piu meaning "pious or dutiful".

23. Quintu meaning "fifth".

24. Roberto meaning "bright famous one".

25. Severu meaning "stern". Severu is the Sicilian form of the name Severus.

26. Stefano meaning "crown".

27. Teodosiu meaning "giving to god".

28. Tiseu meaning "to set or to place".

29. Tuccius meaning "ruler of the people". Tuccius is the male name of a vestal virgin in Roman legend. A unique first name.

30. Tulumeu meaning "aggressive, warlike".

32. Valentinianus meaning "strong".

32. Vespasianu meaning “west”.

33. Vincentinus meaning "to conquer".

34. Vincislau meaning "more glory".

Sicilian Girl Names

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If you are looking for unique and beautiful baby names then, girl Sicilian names with their old heritage make the best list of names to give your baby girl. Here is a list of all the best Sicilian names for girls that we have compiled just for you.

35. Adeli meaning "nobility". Adeli is the Sicilian form of the name, Adele. Adele the name of a famous female singer who is known for her album, '21'.

36. Agata meaning "good".

37. Aita meaning "eagle".

38. Alcesti meaning "loves her husband".

39. Andrea meaning "a defender of mankind who is strong". Andrea Pirlo is the name of an Italian professional football coach and former player who is the present head coach of the football club Juventus.

40. Audenzia meaning "one who dares or one is who is fearless".

41. Aurora means "wonderful dawn and breezy". Aurora is the name of a Roman goddess of dawn in Roman mythology and Latin poetry.

42. Calliupa meaning "beautiful-voiced". This name is the Sicilian form of the name, Calliope, and means the same.

43. Cammena meaning "perfect".

44. Cliupatra means "she who brings glory to the father". This is the Sicilian form of the given name Cleopatra, who was the queen of Egypt.

45. Danila meaning "God is my judge". Danila is the feminine form of the name, Daniel, and means the same.

46. Enza means "giant".

47. Filicia meaning "great happiness".

48. Gerlanda meaning "one who defends his land with a spear".

49. Gianna meaning "the Lord is gracious".

50. Giosepa meaning "he will add".

51. Giulia meaning "youthful".

52. Ignazio meaning "fire". This name is derived from the word, 'ignite' which means to light a fire.

53. Ireni meaning "peace".

54. Itria meaning "our lady of the way". This name was obtained from the title of the Virgin Mary.

55. Laura meaning "person crowned with laurels".

56. Lia meaning "lioness."

57. Malia meaning "bitter, of the sea".

58. Onofria meaning "one who is constantly good". One of the popular Sicilian baby names, related to Onofria, an ancient Egyptian God.

59. Rocca meaning "rest".

60. Sara meaning "princess".

61. Saverina meaning "the new house".

62. Talia meaning "to bloom".

63. Tresa meaning "to harvest".

64. Tuceia means "aggressive, warlike". Tuceia is the feminine form of the name Tuccius.

66. Valentina meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy".

67. Veru meaning "true image". Veru is the Sicilian form of the name, Veronica.

Popular Sicilian Names

Zeroing in on a Sicilian name can be quite challenging, considering there are several versions of the same baby name. If you are looking for some common popular Sicilian names to name your baby, here is a list of a few of them.

68. Angelo (M) meaning "the messengers as well as the angels of God". Angelo is an Italian masculine given name and surname.

69. Anna (F) means "food, grain, earth, and water". This name is a commonly used name across the world.

70. Caitana (F) meaning "sword".

71. Camilia (F)meaning "young ceremonial attendant".

72. Dimetria (F) means "follower of Demeter".

73. Elina (F) meaning "torch, beautiful light". The name Elina also became popular after the release of 'The Vampire Diaries' series, where the female protagonist had the same name.

74. Fara (F) meaning "traveler".

75. Giovanni (M) meaning "a gift from God". Giovanni Cabot was the name of a Venetian explorer who was well known for his voyage to North America.

76. Inrica (F) meaning "ruler of her household".

77. Maina (F) meaning "bitter, rebellion".

78. Maria (F) meaning "bitter or wished-for child". Maria was also the name of the Queen of Sicily who also retained the position of being the Duchess of Athens and Neopatria.

79. Marco (M) meaning "he who is at war". Marco Polo was also the name of a world-renowned Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer.

80. Rosa (F)meaning "a woman who is like a dew".

81. Sebastianu (M) meaning "venerable". Sebastianu is a Sicilian form of the baby's name, Sebastian.

82. Ursula (F)meaning "little bear".

83. Veron (M) means "true image". This name is a Sicilian as well as the male form of the female baby name, Veronica.

84. Zenu (F)meaning "cheerful".

Unique Sicilian Names

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Sicily is a cultural hub with a wide and rich history that has been spanning over the centuries. Sicilian baby names are already exotic and beautiful. But, there is a list of more unique and special names that we have found out for you. Here are some of them.

85. Adoloratah (F) meaning "God gift". This name is a Sicilian version of the names, Dolores or Dorothy.

86. Alosia (F) meaning "great warrior or famous in war".

87. Arcangela (F) meaning "messenger". The Italian version of Angela or Angeline. A popular baby name for someone who is looking for Italian first names.

88. Carmela (F) means "garden".

89. Ciara (F) meaning "light or clear". Ciara is currently considered to be one of the most popular names in Italy which makes it the perfect name to give your baby girl.

90. Grazia (F) meaning "grace".

91. Mariano (M) meaning "manly." Mariano Diaz is a Spanish football player who became popular after he made his debut in the famous Spanish football club, Real Madrid.

92. Orazia (F) meaning "timekeeper". This is a beautiful lyrical name which would be a gorgeous choice for any little girl.

93. Pasquale (F) meaning "of Easter".

94. Raffaele meaning "wolf". This is the Sicilian form of the name, Raphael.

95. Rosalia (F) meaning "rose". This is also the name of a famous Italian actress, Rosalia Maggio.

96. Rosolino (F) meaning "red."

97. Sarbaturi (M) meaning "name of God or is asked of God". This name is the Mediterranean version of the Hebrew bible name, 'Samuel'.

98. Serafina (F) meaning "fiery ones". Serafina was also the name of an Italian saint who cared for the poor by making clothes for them and has a feast day in the 13th century.

99. Sicily (F) referring to the people from Sicels.

100. Stanislao (M) meaning "stone clearing".

101. Stefania (F) meaning "crowned or winning". This name is the Sicilian form of 'Seraphim'. The Seraphim was the name of a group of angels found in the Bible.

102. Vincenza (F) meaning "conquering". The name, Vincenza was very popular in Italy and Spain during the early 20th century.

103. Vittorio (M) meaning "conqueror or victor".This is also the name of a famous Italian poet who goes by the name, Vittorio Alfeiri.

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