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Names that mean power, goddess, mystic, soul, and those which have more similar attributes seem to grab our attention.

But what would be the best psychic name to choose with an apt meaning? What psychic name ideas would be the best word with a meaning and quality that will stay mystical forever?

Strong names meaning spirit, magic, have an origin in different cultures and are related to different sets of beliefs. Names like Flaminia, Spike, Diego, Paisley and Trinity pop-up on a few name generator page ideas, and have become a few great options for spirituality names list. While naming your baby with a few great psychic options, the search needs to include proper readings and taking into account the baby's future life well in advance. Though this task may sound too much for baby name selection and ideas, it is the best thing to do. To reduce this stress, here are a few lists of best psychic baby names for boys and girls with the origin and meanings, thematically arranged to make the process even easier. Unlike a name generator, we also provide the meaning and origin of a name to make it more wholesome and educative as well.

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Psychic Girl Names

Spiritual girl names top the list of girl name ideas. Here are a few psychic name ideas for magical names that you will surely love for a girl's name.

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1. Adah (Hebrew origin) meaning "adornment".

2. Adele (German origin) meaning "nobility"; name associated with the famous pop-culture singer Adele.

3. Alessandra (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men"; is a derivation of the male name Alexander.

4. Alessia (Italian origin) meaning "defender".

5. Althea (Greek origin) meaning "one with healing powers".

6. Amina (Arabic origin) meaning "peaceful".

7. Ariadne (Greek origin) meaning "most holy".

8. Aura (Latin origin) meaning "light that glows".

9. Calypso (Greek origin) meaning "the one who hides".

10. Cassandra (Greek origin) meaning "prophetess".

11. Cybele (Greek origin) meaning "mother of all the Gods".

12. Diana (Latin, Roman origin) meaning "divine"; associated with the Roman Goddess of the hunt. The name is popularly associated with Princess Diana.

13. Eos (Latin origin) meaning "Goddess of dawn".

14. Epiphany (Greek origin) meaning "revelation".

15. Esme (Persian, French origin) meaning "beloved, esteemed".

16. Evelina (Latin origin) meaning "to live, powerful".

17. Faye (English origin) meaning "fairy"; is a name associated with Faye D'Souza, a famous and upcoming journalist focuses on the life of humans and spreading truth.

18. Flaminia (Latin origin) meaning "a Roman priestess".

19. Iris (Greek origin) meaning "rainbow".

20. Jenny (English, Celtic origin) meaning "fair spirit".

21. Kami (Japanese origin) meaning "lord, ancestral spirit".

22. Lauren (Latin, French origin) meaning "spirit, honor".

23. Lavinia (Roman origin) meaning "purity"; associated with the wife of Trojan hero.

24. Lilith (Assyrian origin) meaning "night monster".

25. Ling (Chinese origin) meaning "spirit for the soul".

26. Louise (Old German origin) meaning "a famous warrior".

27. Luna (Italian origin) meaning "moon"; a name associated with the 'Harry Potter' series character, Luna Lovegood, who had touched death and come back to life.

28. Merline/Merlyn (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress"; is a female version of the name Merlin.

29. Namaha (Sioux origin) meaning "mystic".

30. Noelani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "heavenly mist".

31. Orenda (Native American origin) meaning "magical powers, great spirit".

32. Pearl (English origin) meaning "round bead jewel, smooth".

33. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning "mystical bird"; is a mythical and mystical bird that can come back to life from fro ashes.

34. Reina (Spanish origin) meaning "queen".

35. Rhiannon (Welsh origin) meaning "great queen with divine abilities".

36. Titania (Greek origin) meaning "giant, the great one".

37. Wanda (Polish origin) meaning "wandered".

38. Yennefer (Welsh origin) meaning "the fair one"; associated with the dark-haired sorceress from 'The Witcher'.

39. Ygraine (Arthurian, literary origin) meaning "mother of Arthur".

40. Zelda (German origin) meaning "gray fighting maid".

Psychic Boy Names

Mystical names with psychic meanings have a strong grip on a person. Here are a few ideas for spiritual names for boys that will make their life worth it.

Cheerful and smile baby boy

41. Acacius (Greek, Latin origin) meaning "spike, not evil, innocent, thorny".

42. Aladdin (Arabic origin) meaning "height of religion"; is a name associated with the 'Arabian Nights'.

43. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men"; a name associated with Alexander the Great.

44. Alfred (English origin) meaning "wise counselor".

45. Ambrose (Latin origin) meaning "immortal one".

46. Argus (Greek origin) meaning "watchful guardian".

47. Aslan (Old Turkic origin) meaning "lion"; it's a name used in the 'Narnia' film by the Lion character.

48. Austin (English origin) meaning "great".

49. Basil (Greek origin) meaning "kingly, regal"; was the name of a bishop who founded the basics of the Greek Orthodox Church.

50. Borak (Arabic origin) meaning "lightning".

51. Bruxo (Portuguese origin) meaning "wizard".

52. Burvis (Latvian origin) meaning "a wizard".

53. Cash (English origin) meaning "maker of chests".

54. Cleon (Greek, Latin origin) meaning "renowned, glorious".

55. Cullen (Irish, Gaelic origin) meaning "holly".

56. Cyfrin (Welsh origin) meaning "a mystic".

57. Diego (Spanish origin) meaning "James"; is the name derived from San Diego or after the patron of Spain named Saint James.

58. Draco (Greek origin) meaning "dragon"; is a name associated with Draco Malfoy in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

59. Dylan (Walsh origin) meaning "son of the sea".

60. Eric (Old Norse origin) meaning "eternal ruler".

61. Galdur (Icelandic origin) meaning "a certain kind of magic".

62. Gandalf (Old Norse origin) meaning "wand elf"; is a name associated with the grey wizard from 'The Lord of the Rings' movies.

63. Guiden (Danish origin) meaning "wizard".

64. Lucius (Latin origin) meaning "light, brightness".

65. Magus (English origin) meaning "sorcerer".

66. Merlin (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress"; is a popular psychic name used in many fictional stories namely; 'The Cursed' - a web series and a popular movie.

67. Regin (Old Norse origin) meaning "a mythical blacksmith"; associated with the blacksmith trained in black/dark magic art.

68. Sahir (Arabic origin) meaning "sorcerer, wizard".

69. Spike (American origin) meaning "long nail".

70. Tritan (Greek origin) meaning "God of the sea"; associated with Greek mythology.

Psychic Gender-Neutral Names

Many believe that using a unisex name is the best source as a name idea. Here are a few ideas for spirit names as well as the spiritual meanings of names focusing on non-binary psychic names which will bring spirituality into the life or your baby no matter their gender.

71. Alva (Swedish, Biblical origin) meaning "elf, his highness".

72. Ash (English origin) meaning "from the ash tree".

73. Avery (Old English) meaning "king, power".

74. Billie (German origin) meaning "resolute protector"; is a name taken by the famous American singer, songwriter named Billie Eilish.

75. Bodhi (Buddhist origin) meaning "awakening"; the name is associated with the sacred Bodhi fig tree in the Buddhist tradition.

76. Easton (English origin) meaning "from east town".

77. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "a sound that reverberates"; associated with Greek mythology and a Nymph who sorrowed unrequited love.

78. Justice (Latin origin) meaning "rightful, doing by the law".

79. Luca (Latin origin) meaning "light, sacred wood"; is quite a popular name in the famous personalities list namely; Luca Calvani, Luca Guadagnino.

80. Lucky (American origin) meaning "fortunate"; also a name associated with Lucky Luciano an Italian-born gangster.

81. Marin (Gaelic origin) meaning "star of the sea".

82. Mika (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like the God".

83. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new"; is popularly associated with a TV series and a video game by the same name.

84. Paisley (Scottish origin) meaning "church"; also known as a contemporary clothing brand on e-commerce websites.

85. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "ardent, fiery"; commonly associated with the actress Reese Witherspoon.

86. Sage (Latin origin) meaning "wise".

87. Sen (Japanese, Indian origin) meaning "magical forest elf".

88. Sonny (Slavic, German, English origin) meaning "glorious, sun".

89. Tate (English origin) meaning "cheerful"; is a name that strikes the memories of the famous Sharan Tate'.

90. Teagan (Irish origin) meaning "attractive, beautiful"; a name that's taken by Teagan Croft, an Australian actress.

Names Of Famous Psychic Personalities

Psychic personalities are the best inspirations for a name generator with many ideas. Here are a few famous psychic public figure names to consider.

91. Allison (French origin) meaning "noble"; associated with the author named Allison DuBois, claimed to have assisted law enforcement with her psychic abilities.

92. Cleo (Greek origin) meaning "pride, fame"; associated with Miss Cleo or Youree Dell Harris, an American psychic spokesperson.

93. Gary (German origin) meaning "spear"; associated with a spiritual healer named Gary Spivey.

94. James (Hebrew, English origin) meaning "supplanter"; associated with the famous American-Canadian magician named James Randi.

95. Jeane (French origin) meaning "God is gracious"; associated with Jeane Dixon, an American psychic.

96. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious"; known after John Edward an American television personality known as a psychic medium.

97. Matthew (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of God"; associated with the recent fame psychic Matthew or Matt Fraser.

98. Sylvia (Latin origin) meaning "forest"; This name is associated with Sylvia Browne an American author claimed to be a psychic medium.

99. Theresa (French origin) meaning "harvest"; This very popular feminine name associated with Theresa Caputo, an American psychic medium. It is also linked to Mother Teresa.

100. Tyler (English origin) meaning "maker of tiles"; associated with Tyler Henry, a clairvoyant medium.

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