100+ Best Fortune Teller Names You'll Be Lucky To See

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Feb 16, 2024 By Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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Fortune tellers are often called crystal-gazer, seer, soothsayer, sibyl, clairvoyant, and prophet.

Remember Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends' trying to foresee her friends' future by looking at their teacups? Though Phoebe was not a professional, fortune-tellers do use tasseography along with cartomancy, crystallomancy, astromancy, and other methods to foresee the future.

Fortune tellers and psychics practice the art of predicting a person's future. They generally focus on predicting future romantic, financial, and, childbearing situations. Today, it is very popular in western culture. Names for fortune tellers should be selected very wisely to give out the correct vibe.

It can be mysterious names, mystic names, Romani names, and so on. A lot of professionals change their names to suitable psychic names or fortune-telling names. Here's a list of fortune teller names to inspire your baby names.

If you want to know more magical baby names, you can read our articles on Psychic Names and Mystical Names.

Real Life Fortune Teller Names

The name for a fortune teller requires a certain share of work. A lot of stage names are quite funny fortune teller names and others are quite mystical names. Here's a list of names of some famous fortune tellers you might know.

1. Agnieszka (F) (Greek origin), meaning "pure" or "purity". From the famous Polish clairvoyant Agnieszka Pilchowa. 

2. Alma (F) (Latin origin), meaning "kind", "fostering", or "nourishing". From Alma Theon, popularly know as Madame Theon who was a woman known for having extraordinary power.

3. Andrew (M) (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "manly" or "strong." From the American spiritualist, Andrew Jackson Davis.

4. Ann (F) (Latin origin), meaning "favored" or "grace". Associated with the clairvoyant, Ann Ree Colton.

5. Arsenios (M) (Greek origin), meaning "male." Associated with Arsenios the Cappadocian.

6. Bert (M) (English origin), meaning "bright". From the Polish medium Bert Reese.

7. Charlotta (F) (French origin), meaning "strong", "virile", or "vigorous". Associated with the Swedish medium Charlotta Ross.

8. Clifford (M) (English origin), meaning "ford by a cliff". Linked to the name of the prominent psychic with fortune-telling abelites Clifford Bias.

9. Cora (F) (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "girl", "daughter," or "maiden". The name can be related to one of the best-known mediums Cora L. V. Scott.

10. Danielle (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my judge". From the medium Danielle Egnew, who is also a musician, media personality, actress, and activist.

11. Derek (M) (English origin), meaning "people ruler". From the self-styled fortune-teller, Derek Francis Johnson.

12. Edgar (M) (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "rich, prosperous", and "spear". The name can be linked to the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce who claimed to channel his own higher self.

13. Eileen (F) (Irish origin), meaning "beautiful bird". Eileen J. Garrett was an Irish medium.

14. Erik (M) (Germania origin), meaning "sole ruler" or "eternal ruler". Erik Jan Hanussen was a Jewish publicist, charlatan, and fortune teller.

15. Florentino (F) (Spanish origin), referring to someone from Florence. This is a mystical name is associated with the self-claimed mystic Florentino Floro.

16. Francessa (F) (Italian origin), meaning "free". This is another mystical name from a real-life mystic Francessa Sarah better known as Francessa Sarah of Safed.

17. Friederike (F) (Old High German origin), meaning "the peaceful ruler", or "the princess of peace". From a real-life mystic, Friederike Hauffe.

18. George (M) (Greek origin), meaning "farmer". Associated with the fortune teller George Karslidis of Drama.

19. Joaquin (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "lifted by Yahweh". The name can be linked to Spanish noble fortune teller Joaquin Argamasilla.

20. John (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "graced". From the Russian orthodox fortune teller John of Kronstadt.

21. Jose (M) (Spanish origin), meaning "God will increase". From the psychic and fortune teller Jose Ortiz El Samaritano.

22. Julia (F) (Latin origin), meaning "of the gens Julia", or "a descendant of Julus". From the Swedish fortune teller Julia.

23. Leslie (F) (Scotland origin), meaning "holy garden". From the British fortune teller Leslie Flint.

24. Lorraine (F) (French origin), meaning "kingdom of Lothar". From the American fortune teller Lorraine Warren.

25. Matthew (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift of Yahweh". From the American fortune teller and psychic Matthew Fraser.

26. Maurice (M) (French origin), meaning "one from Mauritania". From the English fortune teller and astrologer Maurice Woodruff.

27. Mifune (F) (Japanese origin), meaning "ship", or "boat". From the Japanese fortune teller Mifune Chizuko.

28. Mir (M) (Arabic origin), meaning "rare ruler title". From the Kashmiri palmist Mir Bashir.

29. Moll (F) (Latin origin), meaning "soft" or "weak". From Moll Pitcher who was a fortune-teller from Lynn.

30. Pascal (M) (Latin origin), meaning "relating to Easter". From Pascal Forthuny the French fortune-teller.

31. Paul (M) (Romanian origin), meaning "small" or "humble." From the psychic and fortune teller Paul Solomon.

32. Rafael (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has healed". From the polish fortune teller and writer Rafael Schermann.

33. Rosemary (F) (English origin), meaning "herb". From the English medium Rosemary Altea.

34. Russell (M) (French origin), meaning "red-haired" or red-skinned". From the fortune teller Russell Grant who has also appeared on TV on game and chat shows.

35. Sylvia (F) (Latin origin), meaning "spirit of the wood". From Sylvia Celeste Browne who claimed to be a fortune teller.

36. Ted (M) (Greek origin), meaning "God's gift". Associated with the American clairvoyant Ted Andrews.

37. Twyla (F) (American origin), meaning "twilight". Associated with the American songwriter and medium Twyla Herbert.

38. Tyler (M) (Old English origin), meaning "maker or layer of tiles", or "house builder". From the American clairvoyant Tyler Henry.

39. Ulrica (F) (German origin), meaning "prosperity and power". From the professional Swedish fortune-teller Ulrica Arfvidsson.

40. Umbarra (M) (South Coast origin), meaning "pacific black duck". From the elder Umbarra or King Merriman.

41. Usha (F) (Sanskrit origin), meaning "dawn." From the Indian clairvoyant Ma Prem Usha who was known globally.

42. Valentine (M/F) (Latin origin), meaning "strong" or "healthy". From the famous chiromancer of the first half of 20th century Valentine Dencausse.

43. Vagan (M/F) (Sanskrit origin), meaning "a songbird similar to the shrike". From the clairvoyant Baba Vanga.

44. Vincent (M) (Latin origin), meaning "conquering", or "winning." From the British engineer and clairvoyant, Vincent Newton Turvey.

45. William (M) (German origin), meaning "Vehement protector". From the fortune teller William John Warner or popularly known as Cherio.

Popular Fictional Fortune Teller Names

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Characters of fortune tellers are not new in the world of popular culture. We have loved and hated many clairvoyants on screen. Here's a list of some famous fortune teller names from our favorite movies/series which make magical baby names.

46. Arcati (F) (Italian origin), meaning "plural of Arcata". Associated with Madame Arcati from the play 'Blithe Spirit'.

47. Gayle (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "my father is joy". Linked with Gayle Marsh from 'Super Girl'.

48. Griffin (M) (English origin), meaning "a mythological beast". Associated with Griffin from 'Men in Black 3'.

49. Ivannah (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift from God" or, "God is gracious." From Miss Ivannah from 'Mallrats'.

50. Joyce (F) (Celtic origin), meaning "female warrior". Associated with Dr Joyce Reardon from 'Rose Red'.

51. Ketut (M/F) (Balinese origin), meaning "fourth child". From Ketut Liyer from 'Eat Pray Love'.

52. Lydia (F) (Greek origin), meaning "beautiful one" or, "noble one". The name can be related to Lydia Wells from 'The Luminaries'.

53. Sarah (F) (Arabic origin), meaning "joy" and, "delight". It is linked with adult Sarah Whittle from 'Jumanji.'

54. Serena (F) (Latin origin), meaning "clear, tranquil, serene". From Serena Madame from 'Teen Witch'.

55. Shareek (M) (Arabic origin), meaning "companion" or, "partner". Associated with Dr Shareek from 'Dr. Terror's House of Horrors'.

56. Sonia (F) (Russian origin), meaning "wisdom". The name is related to Sonia from 'Berserk'.

57. Sybill (F) (Greek origin), meaning "prophets". Related to Professor Sybill Trelawney from the 'Harry Potter' series.

58. Ursula (F) (Latin origin), meaning "bear". Associated with Ursula from 'Little Mermaid'.

Male Fortune Teller Names

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Male fortune tellers have a variety of names. Here's a list of some male fortune teller names for mystical baby names inspiration for you.

59. Abir (Arabic origin), meaning "holy."

60. Amzi (Hebrew origin), meaning "my strength".

61. Angus (Scottish origin), meaning "one" and "choice".

62. Asher (Hebrew origin), meaning "blessed.

63. Buck (American origin), meaning "money."

64. Callan (Irish origin), meaning "battle" or, "rock".

65. Duncan (Scottish origin), meaning "chief".

66. Ethan (Hebrew origin), meaning "long-lived".

67. Felix (Latin origin), meaning "lucky" or, "fortunate".

68. Gadi (Hebrew origin), meaning "fortune" or, "luck".

69. Galdur (German origin), meaning "to chant spells".

70. Harry (Germanic origin), meaning "power".

71. Heka (Egyptian origin), meaning "magical power".

72. Jijesh (Hindu origin), meaning "decides his own future".

73. Mago (Irish origin), meaning "great".

74. Odin (Scandinavian origin), meaning "inspiration".

75. Pyat (Scottish origin), meaning "magpie".

76. Ragnar (Germanic origin), meaning "army".

77. Saad (Arabic origin), meaning "prosperity."

78. Vanir (Proto-Germanic origin), meaning "one of the families of Scandinavian Gods".

Female Fortune Teller Names

Female fortune tellers might have the luckiest names such as Victoria or mystic girl names. The spread is huge. Here's a list of some female fortune teller names which are beautiful baby names with magical meanings.

79. Aala (American origin), meaning "she who hunts and heals".

80. Aceso (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "heal".

81. Aiko (Japanese origin), meaning "child of love".

82. Astrid (Scandinavian origin), meaning "divine strength".

83. Cassandra (Greek origin), meaning "the one who shines and excels over man".

84. Cibil (Greek origin), meaning "fortune tellers".

85. Cynthia (Greek origin), meaning "moon Goddess".

86. Destiny (Latin origin), meaning "to determine".

87. Evangeline (Greek origin), meaning "good news".

88. Fayola (African origin), meaning "good fortune".

89. Finn (Irish origin), meaning "fair".

90. Gizem (Turkish origin), meaning "mystery".

91. Liraz (Hebrew origin), meaning "my secret".

92. Godrun (Iceland origin), meaning "secret lore".

93. Gro (Celtic origin), meaning "to grow".

94. Iris (Greek origin), meaning "rainbow".

95. Karma (Sanskrit origin), meaning "act".

96. Leto (Latin origin), meaning "joyful".

97. Liraz (Hebrew origin), meaning "my secret".

98. Vedha (Sanskrit origin), meaning "faithful". The name is related to the Vedas, the religious texts of Hinduism.

Unisex Fortune Teller Names

Here's a list of some gender-neutral fortune tellers baby names.

99. Alex (Greek origin), meaning "defender."

100. Amal (Arabic origin), meaning "hope".

101. Bhavishya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "future."

102. Bodhi (Sanskrit origin), meaning "knowing".

103. Day (English origin), meaning "light and hope."

104. Kit (Greek origin), meaning "bearing Christ."

105. Robin (German origin), meaning "fame-bright".

106. Sol (Spanish origin), meaning "sun".

107. True (English origin), meaning "real or genuine."

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for fortune teller names then why not take a look at something different like Names that mean mystery or Magician Names.

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