50 Best Names Meaning Lucky For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
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We could all use a little good fortune, luck, and happiness in life.

Naming your baby something meaning luck, or finding names meaning destiny, fortune, or something similar, could be the lucky charm that they need. Luck, good fortune, and serendipity can bring about a meaningful path for your child's life.

Start your search for beautiful baby names that can provide your little boy or girl with all the good luck in the world right here.

For more naming inspiration, take a look at these names that mean faith and these names that mean brave.

Girl Names That Mean Lucky

Give your baby girl a name that will bring luck and fortune to her life.

1.Bea (American Origin) meaning "blessed"

2.Destiny (American Origin) meaning "destiny/fate"

3.Evangeline (Greek Origin) meaning "good news messenger". This is a lucky omen.

4.Felicia (Latin Origin) meaning "lucky" or "happy"

5.Felicity (English Origin )meaning "intense happiness"

6.Goldie (Scottish Origin) name means "made of Gold."

7.Gwyneth (Welsh Origin) represents "happiness"

8.Moira (Greek Origin) name from mythology meaning "destiny" or "fate"

9.Serenity (English Origin) name meaning "peaceful disposition"

10.Victoria (Latin Origin) name meaning "victory". The fortunate name stems from a Goddess of Roman mythology.

11.Zada (Arabic Origin) is a name meaning "fortunate", though it can also represent a "huntress."

Boy Names That Mean Luck

Certain baby names mean lucky that can offer your boy all the good luck he needs in the world. He would be fortunate to have one.

12.Asher (Hebrew Origin) meaning "blessed". Good fortune should come with this name.

13.Benedict (Latin Origin ) name means "blessed"

14.Boone (English Origin) is "a blessing". The name also means "good person".

15.Chauncey (French Origin) name meaning fortunate or "fortune". It could also mean "a gamble."

16.Edmund (Anglo Saxon Origin) doesn't exactly mean luck, but "prosperity". Your son would be fortunate with the name meaning "riches" as well.

17.Felix (Latin Origin) meaning "lucky". The name also means "successful".

18.Kader (Muslim Origin) meaning "powerful". The Turkish version represents "destiny".

19.Madoc (Welsh Origin) is another on the baby names list meaning "fortunate" Many opt for the name Maddox instead, meaning "son of Madoc."

20.Maximilian (Latin Origin) If you're looking for a name that means good, you can do one better with this name meaning "greatest".

21.Seven (English Origin) is one of the lucky baby names that can be used for a boy. The name represents "inner wisdom" and speaks of "completion and perfection." It's been made popular thanks to the television series, Stranger Things, though a girl had the name on the show.

Lucky Names From Around The World

Baby names that mean luck are found all over the world. Use these for some lucky inspiration.

22.Aintza (Basque Origin) meaning "glory". This baby girl name can also mean "glorious".

23.Bendito (Spanish Origin) name meaning "blessed". It works well for a boy. If you're looking for girl names, try Bendita. Its full meaning is "to bless someone with holy water."

24.Carwyn (Welsh Origin) means "blessed love." Most might put it on their girl names list but it could work for a boy as well.

25.Dalia (Lithuanian Origin) is one of the girl names that mean "destiny". It's also a name meaning "fate". It's even been said to mean "a strong branch" in other countries.

26.Fausto (Latin Origin) name means "fortunate". Your son would be lucky with this name. Faust works too.

27.Fayola (African Origin) this girls' name translates to "good fortune walks with honor".

28.Felicitas (Latin Origin) meaning "good luck". Put it on your baby girl names list, it's inspired by the Roman Goddess, Felicitas, which also means "fortunate", "fruitful", and "happy".

29.Feliz (Spanish Origin) is one of the names that mean happy. The name works for a baby girl or boy.

30.Gadiel (Arabic Origin) is a boys' name meaning fortunate, it fully translates to "God is my fortune."

31.Halona (Native American Origin) a girls' name that means "fortunate"

32.Kiaria (Japanese Origin) a girls' name meaning "fortunate"

33.Lakshmi (Hindi Origin) name of a Goddess who represented prosperity, luck, and beauty.

34.Licia (Spanish Origin) means "happy". It's similar to Felicia which is one of those girls' names that mean luck.

35.Onni (Finnish Origin) is one of the lucky baby names. It means "happiness". It's typically used as a boy name, but could work for a girl if you want.

36.Parvaiz (Persian Origin) is one of the baby names that actually translates to "lucky". Add it to your boy names list.

37.Selig (German Origin) name for a boy meaning "blessed"

38.Shreya (Indian Origin) speaks of being "fortunate", "prosperous", and "precious." If you're looking for girl baby names that mean luck, this is a good one.

39.Ventura (Italian Origin) a girls' name meaning "good fortune", it's from the surname, 'Bonaventura'.

40.Viktor (Russian Origin) this boys' name means "victor", another word for "winner" or "conqueror".

Short Baby Names Meaning Luck, Greatness And Fortune

Looking for baby names that sound modern? Go with short baby names meaning luck or fortune that cast no doubt as to your intended meaning, bringing good fortune and blessings to your child for eternity. Most of these names would work for a baby boy or girl.

41.Cash (Anglo Saxon Origin) - The name represents a fortunate life of wealth.

42.Chance (English Origin) name meaning "good fortune"

43.Fate (French Origin) name hopeful of faith, also meaning "destiny".

44.Glory (Middle English Origin) represents "glory" and "fame". It could go on your girl names list.

45.Goodson (English Origin) name meaning "good son"

46.Karma (Hindi Origin) add to this your baby names list if you're hoping for a "destiny" resemblance.

47.Kismet (Turkish Origin) name is another version of "destiny".

48.Lucky (English Origin)meaning "fortunate". The name is used more often for boys than girls.

49.Fortune (English Origin) meaning "well-favored"

50.Victorious (Latin Origin) name meaning "the conqueror". It should inspire a lucky life.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean lucky then why not take a look at these names that mean kind, or for something different take a look at these heroic baby names.

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