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Finding a name for your child that is meaningful can seem like a daunting task.

Giving your child a name that means brave could help boost the confidence of your child. It can also help your son to aspire to do great things.

Being brave is one of the best values that parents can teach their kids. It is always good to instil the value of bravery in your child and to emphasize its importance in society. Why not start by giving your son a name which means brave. To help with your search, please see our inspiring list of names for your baby boy which mean brave.

For more name inspiration, take a look at beautiful names that mean peace or alternatively, here are more powerful names that mean brave.

Classic Boys' Names That Mean Brave

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Boy names that mean brave, may prove inspirational to your son. Please see our inspiring list below of boy names that mean brave.

1. Ajax (Greek origin) meaning "eagle."

2. Anders (Swedish origin ), meaning "strong." This is a common name in Scandinavian countries.

3. Andy (English origin) meaning "brave".

4. Angus (Gaelic origin) meaning "one strength". This Gaelic name is rare, and you may hear it just once in a blue moon, even in Gaelic areas.

5. Amos (Hebrew origin) meaning "brave". Amos has ancient roots, and it is rare, it can be a unique name choice for your baby boy.

6. Bernard (German origin) meaning "brave as a bear". The name is associated with a popular character Andy Bernard from the comedy sitcom 'The Office (U.S)'.

7. Brendan (Irish origin) meaning "strong boy".

8. Casey ( English origin) meaning "vigilant or brave". Casey is one of the character's names from the popular TV series 'Grey's Anatomy'.

9. Cedric (English origin) meaning "courage; brave".

10. Cohen (German origin) meaning "bold or brave". This name is associated with the football player, Cohen Bramall.

11. Dustin (English origin) meaning "a brave fighter". This name got famous due to popular actor American actor and filmmaker Dustin Hoffman.

12. Einar (Old Norse origin) meaning "warrior". A popular Scandinavian name.

13. Emerson (English origin) meaning "powerful or brave".

14. Everett (English origin) meaning "strong as a boar". Famous American actor Everett Sloane.

15. Ewan (Scottish origin) meaning "a young brave warrior". Ewan O Haran was the brother of the main character Juliet from the popular TV series 'Psych'.

16. Gareth (Welsh origin) meaning "gentle, modest and brave".

17. Patrick (English origin) meaning "nobleman; strong". Famous actor Patrick Stewart is known by this name.

18. Rik (English origin) meaning "strong and brave".

19. Willard (English origin) meaning "resolute or brave". Willard Decker, a popular character from the 'Star Trek' franchise.

20. Wyatt (English origin) meaning "strong; brave".

Contemporary Names That Mean Brave

Names that mean bold, strong, or brave can make a fantastic choice when naming your baby. Check out our list below to see our list of contemporary boy names that mean strong and brave.

21. Abir (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong, brave and courageous".

22. Andreas (Greek origin) meaning "courageous; brave". This name got popular due to tennis player Andreas Seppi.

23. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "bold and strong".

24. Archibald (Spanish origin) meaning "truly brave".

25. Arnold (English origin) meaning "ruler, strong as an eagle". This name is best associated with the popular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

26. Baldwin (German origin) which means "brave friend". Famous American actor, director, and producer Daniel Baldwin.

27. Bali (English origin) meaning "powerful". A famous tourist island in Indonesia is known by this name.

28. Batten (English origin) meaning "powerfully built".

29. Chasin (Hebrew origin) meaning "string, mighty". Ryder Chasin, one of the famous Hollywood TV actors.

30. Conal (Irish origin) meaning "strong as a wolf".

31. Denzel (Cornish origin) meaning "from the high stronghold". This name is associated with American basketball player Denzel Curry.

32. Donnelly (Irish origin) meaning "dark, brave one".

33. Drew (Greek origin) meaning "strong and manly". This name got very famous due to 'Blended' movie actress Drew Barrymore.

34. Emeric (French origin) meaning "power".

35. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong and firm". This name is associated with the famous actor Ethan Hawke.

36. Gerard (English origin) meaning "spear strength". Famous actor Gerard Butler takes after this name.

37. Godric (English origin) meaning "God's power". Godric Gryffindor was the esteemed founder of Gryffindor House from the popular 'Harry Potter' franchise.

38. Leander (English origin) meaning "courageous and mighty". A famous Indian tennis player has this name: Leander Paes.

39. Mallan (English origin) meaning "strong, wise and virtuous".

40. Richard (English origin) meaning "strong; brave ruler". Richard I of England was called Lionheart because he was considered a brave ruler.

Names Around The World That Mean Brave

There are many names across the globe which mean brave. Below is a list of unique boy names meaning strong and brave, that are prevalent in many countries.

41. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "a bold and strong boy". This name is associated with former US president Andrew Jackson.

42. Aziz (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful and beloved".

43. Griffin (Latin origin) meaning "strong lord". This name got popular due to American comedian/actor Eddie Griffin.

44. Hamzah (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful".

45. Hardy (German origin) meaning "bold, brave". This is the name of the popular book series, Hardy Boys.

46.Hezekiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "God gives strength". The name was made famous due to American rapper Hezekiah Davis.

47. Howard (German origin) meaning "high guardian or braveheart". This name gained popularity due to one of the main characters, Howard Wolowitz, from the TV show 'The Big Bang Theory".

48. Isa (German origin) meaning "strong-willed".

49. Jabbar (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful, mighty". This name is associated with basketball player Abdul Jabbar.

50. Kenzo (Japanese origin) meaning "strong and healthy". Kenzo Tenma, from the popular anime and manga 'Monster', which is a popular Japanese manga and anime.

51. Kwan (Korean origin) meaning "strong boy; fearless".

52. Loewy (Swiss origin) meaning "warrior".

53. Malthe (Italian origin) meaning "rule or power".

54. Mandla (African origin) meaning "strength; brave; courageous". Mandla Zwane is one of the popular football players from South Africa.

55. Maoz (Hebrew origin) meaning "fortress, strength". This name got famous due to Israel's football player Maoz Samia.

56. Merrick (Welsh origin) meaning "fame, power". This name is associated with football player Merrick Anthony.

57. Monte (Old English origin) meaning "manpower". Famously known Australian singer/vocalist Monte Morgan of the band Client Liaison.

58. Osiris (African origin) meaning "with strong eyesight". It is a popular name in African areas.

59. Pacome (French origin) meaning "of strong nature, or pacifier".

60. Qadir (Arabic origin) meaning "capable, powerful".

61. Quillon (Latin origin) meaning "crossing swords; strong".

62. Ragnar (Norse origin) meaning "warrior or judgment".

63. Richmond (German origin) meaning "powerful protector". It's best associated with the city Richmond, which is the capital of Virginia.

64. Wasiq (Arabic origin) meaning "tough, brave and resilient".

Popular Names From Pop Culture That Means Brave

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Names that mean strong, warrior, and brave are popular in the fictional world. Below is a list of popular boys from popular culture that means brave.

65. Alaric (German origin) meaning "all-powerful ruler". This name was part of one of the main characters in 'The Vampire Diaries' show called Alaric.

66. Archie (German origin) meaning "fearless". Inspired by 'The Archie' comic books.

67. Evardo (Italian origin) meaning "hardy and brave". Famous character in one of the 'Oz' book series.

68. Harvey (French origin) meaning "battle-worthy, courage", made popular by Harvey Spector from the TV show 'Suits'.

69. Kim (English origin) meaning "warrior; brave". Famous personality Kim Kardashian is known by this name.

70. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "bold".

71. Leon (Greek origin) meaning "lion". It is associated with the 'Kings of Leon', a famous band.

72. Liam (Old English origin) meaning "determined protector". This name became famous due to actor Liam Hemsworth.

73. Oscar (Old English origin) meaning "God's spear". This name is associated with the poet Oscar Wilde.

74. Oswald (Old English origin) meaning "divine power".

75. Oz (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength, powerful, courageous". This name is best associated with the popular book 'The Wizard of Oz'.

76. Reynold (German origin) meaning "counsel-power", made famous by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

77. Valentine (Latin origin) meaning "strength, health".

78. Warrick (English origin), meaning "strong leader who defends", is best associated with the character of the same name from the TV show 'CSI'.

79. Wulfric (English origin) meaning "wolf power", made famous by 'Harry Potter' series character professor Dumbledore Wulfric.

80. Zane (English origin) meaning "God is gracious". This name is popular in Zane Grey's novels.

Short Names That Mean Strong And Brave

There are many short boy names that mean brave, which could make a perfect choice for your son. Below is the list of short male names that mean strong, brave, and courageous.

81. Ari (Old English origin) meaning "strong; brave". This name became popular due to the character Ari Gold from the TV show 'Entourage'.

82. Bree (Irish origin) meaning "strength".

83. Brian (Irish origin) meaning "strong, virtuous and honorable".

84. Cale (English origin) meaning "bold; warrior".

85. Chase (English origin) meaning "fearless hunter". This name is associated with baseball player Chase Utley.

86. Cliff (English origin) meaning "daring and brave".

87. Conrad (German origin) meaning "strong, brave counsel".

88. Egon (German origin) meaning "strong with a sword; brave". This name is associated with famous actor/director Egon Brecher.

89. Enzi (English origin) meaning "powerful".

90. Fort (French origin) meaning "strong, brave".

91. Gabi (English origin) meaning "God is my strength".

92. Hardy (German origin) meaning "bold, brave".

93. Isa (German origin) meaning "strong-willed".

94. Kwan (Korean origin) meaning "strong". Kwan is a character name from a popular TV show 'Gilmore Girls'.

95. Mel (English origin) meaning "fearless; daring". This name is associated with the famous actor Mel Gibson.

96. Narve (Dutch origin) meaning "healthy, strong, brave boy".

97. Nero (Latin origin) meaning "powerful".

98. Ragnar (Norse origin) meaning "warrior or judgment". Ragnar is the name of the main character from the popular TV series 'Vikings'. This name can also mean strong.

99. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "courageous".

100. Saxon (German origin) meaning "dagger or short sword".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for boy names that mean brave then why not take a look at strong female names, and strong male names.

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