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Top 100 Coolest Surfer Names

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Surfing is a popular sport originating from Hawaii.

Seeing a skilled surfer in a wave is a wonderful sight. So, why not choose surfer names or beach names for your baby?

Selecting a surfer name can be tricky. You want to ensure the name matches your child's personality. Surfer names can serve as great choices for boys and girls. They can also act as cool nicknames for adults. To help narrow your search of surfer names, see our top 100 coolest surfer names.

For more names inspired by sport, take a look at baseball baby names and athletic girl names.

Awesome Surfer Names

These surfer names are derived from various languages:

1. Aqua (Latin origin), meaning "water", is one of the most popular surfer names for a baby.

2. Arena (Spanish origin) meaning "sand".

3. Bolger (Norwegian origin) meaning "waves".

4. Homok (Hungarian origin) meaning "sand".

5. Ibishi (Zulu origin) meaning "beach".

6. Ilma (Maltese origin) meaning "water".

7. Jol (Indian origin) meaning "water".

8. Moana (Maor origin) meaning "sea".

9. Om (Yoruba origin) meaning "watery liquid".

10. Onja (Malagasy origin) meaning "waves".

11. Sablo (Esperanto origin) meaning "sand".

12. Strand (Germanic origin) meaning "beach".

13. Udens (Latvian origin) meaning "Adam's ale".

14. Vatn (Icelandic origin) meaning "moisture."

15. Wilgoc (Polish origin) meaning "moisture".

Famous Female Surfer Names

A girl carrying a surfboard on beach

Why not name your daughter after a famous female surfer?

16. Alyssa (Greek origin) refers to a flower. Alyssa Spencer is a teenage surfing sensation.

17. Andrea (Greek origin) meaning "brave". Surfer Andrea Moller has this name.

18. Bianca (Italian origin) meaning "white". From Surfer Bianca Valenti.

19. Brisa (Spanish origin) meaning "light wind". A surfer name associated with Costa Rican star Brisa Hennessy.

20. Carissa (Greek origin) meaning "grace". Legendary surfer Carissa Moore is a four-time world champion.

21. Caroline (Spanish origin) meaning "beloved". Caroline Marks is a teenage surfing idol.

22. Courtney (French origin) meaning "one who belongs to a court". Courtney Conlogue is a famous surfer name.

23. Freida (Germanic origin) meaning "peace". Retired surfer Freida Zambia is legendary. Freida is a great baby name.

24. Justine (Latin origin) meaning "righteous". Justine Dupont is a French professional surfer.

25. Keana (Irish origin) meaning "ancient". Keana Kennelly is the 2018 Big Wave World Champion.

26. Keely (Irish origin) meaning "beautiful". Australian surfer Keely Andrew has this name.

27. Lisa (English origin) meaning "promise of God". Lisa Anderson is a four-time world champion surfer.

28. Macy (French origin) meaning "weapons". Macy Callaghan is a professional surfer.

29. Malia (Hawaiian origin) meaning "love". Malia Manuel is the youngest surfer to win the US Open.

30. Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion". Maya Gabeira holds the record for surfing the biggest wave ever as a female. This is a strong choice for a baby girl.

31. Nicole (French origin) meaning "people's victory". Nicole Pacelli is a Brazillian surfer. Nicole is one of the best surfer girl names.

32. Sally (English origin) meaning "lady". Sally Fitzgibbons was ranked no.1 in the world in 2019.

33. Silvana (Latin origin) meaning "forest". Brazilian Silvana Lima is a renowned surfer.

34. Stephanie (Greek origin) meaning "garlanded crown". Stephanie Gilmore is the greatest women pro surfer.

35. Wendy (Welsh origin) meaning "white". Australian Wendy Botha was a '90s champion of women's surfing.

Famous Unisex Surfer Names

There are plenty of unisex names for surfers, please see some of our favorites below.

36. Bronte (Greek origin) meaning "thunder". Australian surfer Bronte Macaulay has this name.

37. Coco (American origin) meaning "chocolate". Coco Ho is a female surfer from Hawaii. Coco is also an adorable name for a baby.

38. Cory (Gaelic origin) meaning "in a hollow space". Cory Lopez is regarded by many as the best free surfer.

39. Kelly (Irish origin) meaning "warrior". Kelly Slater is the greatest surfer of all time.

40. Lakey (Scottish origin) meaning "place of flagstone". Lakey Peterson is amongst the top female surfers today.

41. Layne (Old English origin) meaning "path". Layne Beachley is a seven-time Women's World Champion surfer.

42. Sage (Mixed origin) meaning "to be wise". California-born Sage Erickson is a female surfer.

43. Stacy (English origin) meaning "resurrection". Surf legend and filmmaker Stacy Peralta is associated with this name.

44. Taylor (English origin) meaning "tailor". Taylor Knox was a popular surf icon.  It can be used as a first name and last name for your surfer baby.

45. Tyler (English origin) meaning "maker of the house". Tyler Wright is a trailblazing women's surfing champion.

Famous Male Surfer Names

Below is a list of some famous male surfers' names that you should consider for your son or your new nickname.

46. Andy (Scottish origin) meaning "brave". This is great for surfer baby names. Andy Irons is recognized as one of the best surfers.

47. Bob (German origin) meaning "bright". Surfer Bob McTavish is the name of famous surfboard designer.

48. Brad (English origin) meaning "a broad meadow". Brad Gerlach is associated with this name.

49. Brian (Irish origin0 meaning "noble". Hawaiian surfer and lifeguard Brian Keaulana has this name.

50. Chris (Greek origin) meaning "bearer of Christ". Chris Ward is an American surfer.

51. Clay (English origin) refers to clayey earth. Clay Marzo is an acclaimed surfer.

52. Dave (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved". Dave Kalama is a surfer from California.

53. Don (Irish origin) meaning "chief". Don Stroud was a famous surfer in the '60s.

54. Duke (Middle English origin) meaning "leader" and is one of the best names for boys. Duke Kahanamoku is called the father of modern surfing.

55. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "my strength is God". Gabriel Medina is the 2018 World Champion Surfer.

56. Gerry (Mixed origin) meaning "ruler with a spear". Gerry Lopez is a popular surfer.

57. Greg (Latin origin) meaning "watchful". Surfer turned actor Greg Cipes is associated with this first name.

58. Jay (Sanskrit origin) meaning "victory' and is one of the more unique surfer baby boy names. Jay Moriarity was an accomplished surfer.

59. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "youthful". Julian Wilson is an Australian pro surfer.

60. Koby (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter". A member of the Bra Boys surf gang, Koby Abberton is a former pro surfer.

61. LeRoy (Norman origin) meaning "king". LeRoy Grannis is a photographer known for documenting surfing.

62. Mark (Latin origin) meaning "warlike". Mark Foo was a professional surfer.

63. Miki (Japanese origin) meaning "beautiful". Miki Dora was the most accomplished surfer in the '50s.

64. Nick (Greek origin) meaning "people's victory". Nick Gabaldon is the first African-American and Latino surfer.

65. Victor (Latin origin) meaning "conqueror" and is a great surfer baby name. Victor Ribas is a Brazilian surfer.

Surfer Names From Popular Culture

Surfing features in many forms of literature, sport and media, below are listed fantastic surfer names from pop culture.

66. Bethany (Biblical origin) meaning "house of figs". Surfer Bethany Hamilton from 'Soul Surfer'.

67. Bodhi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightenment". Bodhi was the surfer name of the anti-hero in the movie 'Point Break'.

68. Chandler (English origin) meaning "candle maker". Chandler was a surf mentor in the movie 'North Shore'.

69. Doc, Doc Paskowitz's journey from doctor to surfer was portrayed in the documentary 'Surfwise'. Doc is a great name for a boy.

70. Grommet refers to a reinforced eyelet. It was the name of a character in 'Point Break', a film about surfing.

71. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious". Jack Barlow was a protagonist in 'Big Wednesday", a coming-of-age surf film.

72. Jimmy (English origin) meaning "supplanter". Jimmy Slade was a fictional role in Baywatch played by champion surfer Kelly Slater.

73. Matt (English origin) meaning "gift of God". Matt Johnson was a lead character in 'Big Wednesday'.

74. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "no one is like God". Michael Hynson was one of the two surfers filmed in 'The Endless Summer'.

75. Nathanial (Hebrew origin) meaning "given by God". Nathaniel was part of the surf gang in 'Point Break'.

76. Rick (English origin) meaning "brave ruler" Rick Kane was the protagonist in 'North Shore'.

77. Roach (Norman origin) meaning "rock". Roach was part of the surf gang in 'Point Break'.

78. Robert (Germanic origin) meaning "bright fame". Robert August was a surfer in 'The Endless Summer,' and his name is a great surfer baby name.

79. Sando (Swedish origin) was a fictional surfer played by Simon Baker in the movie 'Breath' - an acclaimed film about surfing.

80. Steve (Greek origin) meaning "wreath": Matthew McConaughey played the role of Steve Addington in 'Surfer, Dude'.

Famous Beach Inspired Names

Two surfers walking with surfboards on a beach

Here are some names related to stunning surfing locations around the world.

81. Banzai (Japanese origin) meaning "immortality", from the Banzai Pipeline Beach in Hawaii.

82. Bell (Old English origin) meaning "to roar". From Bells Beach, Australia.

83. Blondi (Italian origin), meaning "one with blonde hair", from Bondi Beach in Australia.

84. Canary (Latin origin) meaning "canines", from the famous Canary Islands in Spain.

85. Chicama is the name of a beach in Peru.

86. Escondido (Spanish origin) meaning “hidden”, from Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

87. Florian (Roman origin), meaning "blond", from the Florianopolis beach in Brazil, is one of the best beachy names for a baby boy.

88. Goldie (Latin origin) refers to gold and is a tribute to Gold Coast Beach, Australia.

89. Hossegor (Basque origin) meaning "dry water". A famous French beach. This could be a great surfer name.

90. Jaws (Old French origin) is a beach popular amongst surfers in Hawaii. One of the badass boy names for your baby boy.

91. Margaret (French origin) meaning "pearl". A tribute to surfing town Margaret River in Australia.

92. Maverick (American origin), meaning "wildly independent", from Mavericks Beach in California.

93. Mundaka (Sanskrit origin) is a homage to the Mundaka wave surfing location in Basque, Spain.

94. Nazare (Portuguese origin), meaning "one whom the world leans on"; a famous Portuguese surfing destination.

95. Pavones (Italian origin) meaning "proud man". A surfing spot in Costa Rica.

96. Raglan (Welsh origin) refers to a surfing destination in New Zealand.

97. Rosa (Latin origin) meaning "rose" from Praia De Rosa surfing beach.

98. Sebastian (Greek origin) refers to Sao Sebastiao in Brazil.

99. Skeleton (Latin origin) meaning "bones", from Skeleton Bay, Namibia. Skeleton can be a quirky last name.

100. Thurso (Norse origin), meaning "Thor's river", is a famous Scottish surfing destination.

Kidadl has many more baby names articles. If you liked our suggestions for surf names, stick with the surf theme with California girls names, or Hawaiian boys names.

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