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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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Beaches are a place that most people enjoy around the world during the summers.

The sun, sea, and the spirit of the ocean - it helps you connect with yourself and help you enjoy life a little more. The adrenaline rush, you get when you are too close to nature.

Living life on the edge of the sea, for all the brave hearts, it is one of the best adventure sports. So, if you have a little one on the way or you are proud parents of a newborn boy or girl, then try out some beach baby names that are inspired by nature.

To give your child a beachy name that is awesome and cool, you only need to be a lover of the ocean breeze and the sand in your toes.

If you want some help in selecting some beach-inspired names for your beachy baby, then check out the list of top 100 beachy baby names that mean water bodies, ocean, or sea and which includes celebrity surfer names too.

Surf on!

For more baby name inspiration, take a look at Names Meaning Water and Surfer Names.

Unique Beachy Boys' Names

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Beach-inspired baby names would be an ideal name for children who are born in summer, a surfer's kid, or perfect for families that live near water bodies. Check out our list of some good oceanic names:

1. Adrian (English origin) means "sea". Famous name bearer: Irish actor Aidan Gillen.

2. Adriano (English origin) means "water".  Famous name bearer: Brazilian surfer Adriano De Souza.

3. Arnav (Indian origin) means "beauty of the ocean".  In Hindu culture the name means "ocean".

4. Ariel (Hebrew origin) name made famous by the protagonist in the animated TV show "The Little Mermaid".

5. Bayou (American origin) means "slow stream".

6. Bered (Germanic and Hebrew origin) means "stream".

7. Bodhi (Indian origin) means "true nature". Name made famous by the pro-surfer Bodhi Leigh-Jones.

8. Brett (Celtic origin) name of a famous surfer Brett Simpson, means "a native of Brittany, France or Britain, England".

9. Chase (French origin) means "run after". Famous name bearer: pro surfer Chase Modelski.

10. Cooper (German origin) means "craftsman who makes barrels". It also makes a wonderful last name for actor Bradley Cooper and pro-surfer Jodie Cooper.

11. Cove (English origin) means "small coastal inlet".

12. Delta (English origin) means "an area of low water".

13. Dew (English origin) means "drops of the liquid".

14. Deniz  (Turkish origin) means "sea".

15. Dorian (Greek origin) means "child of the sea". Famous name bearer: surfer Shane Dorian.

16. Dover (Irish origin) means "water".

17.Danube (German origin) means "river". It is also the name of a river in Europe.

18. Dwynwen (English origin) means "wave".

19. Dylan (English origin) means "tide or son of wave". Famous name bearer: professional surfer Dylan Goodale. This Hawaiian name is very popular among parents living in the region.

20. Fletcher (American origin) name made famous by the American pro-surfer Herbie, Nathan, and Greyson, who us this as their surname.  

21. Ginevra (English origin) means "white wave".

22. Hali (French origin) means "the sea".

23. Jafar (Arabic origin) means "wave or stream of water".

24. Jordan (English origin) means "flowing down".

25. Kawai (English origin) means "the water".

26. Kai (Japanese origin) means "sea".  In Hawaiian, this name means "one who loves oceans and waves".

27. Kelvin (English origin) means "narrow water".

28. Lachlan (English origin) means "from the land of lakes".

29. Laiken (English origin) means "lake".

30. Leven (English origin) means "flood".

31. Lynn (English origin) means "lake".

32. Marley (Australian origin) means "meadow by the lake". Famous name bearer: actress Marley Shelton.

33. Marlow (English origin) means " drained Lake".

34. Merrick (Scottish origin) means "fork in a river". Being one of the rarest names, it is a perfect name for your summer baby.

35. Morgan (American origin) means "sea and circle".

36. Oakley (English origin) means "strength and wisdom". A perfect water name for your baby boy. It is also the name of "a surfing competition".

37. Ocean (English origin) means “the great river”. The name also means God of water in various mythology.

38. Pelagia (English origin) means "the sea".

39. Pasha (French origin) means "the sea".

40. Perth (English origin) is a famous surfing destination in Australia. The name means "thorn bush thicket".

41. Reef (English origin) means "rock ridge underwater".

42. Rio (English origin) means "river".

43. Sailor (English origin) means "seaman, mariner".

44. Seaton (English origin) means "town by the sea".  

45. Storm (English origin) means "tempest".

46. Wade (English origin) means "river crossing".

Popular Beachy Girls Names

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These water names are either associated with the ocean, Gods of water, or a beach. A beachy name have always a special place in the hearts of parents, society, and people around your child. So, check out some cool name meaning water, and select the best and perfect name for your baby.

47. Ara (English origin) means "brings rain".

48. Anath (English origin) means "water spring".

49. Aphrodite (Greek origin) means "foam".  In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation.

50. Aquata (Latin origin) means "water". A perfect and fitting for your little mermaid.

51. Azul (Spanish origin) means "blue waters of the sea".

52. Bo (Danish origin) means "wave". The name was popularized through the film 'Dumplin'.

53. Bondi (English origin) means "surf" or "dashing water".

54. Cari (Welsh origin) means "flows like water".

55. Calder (Scottish origin) means "wild water". A perfect name for a little wild and free-spirited baby girl.

56. Cherith (Hebreworigin) means "stream bed".

57. Chelsea (English origin) means "chalk wharf". Famous name bearer: Actress Chelsea Kane.

58. Cordelia (Celtic origin) means "daughter of the sea". It was the name of one of the daughters of the king in "King Lear's" play by William Shakespeare.

59. Darya (Russian origin) means "sea".

60. Dew (Norman origin) means "water droplet". In Gaelic and Irish culture, the name also means "fresh, pure, or renewing".

61. Shelly (Greek origin) means "great river".

62. Isla (Scottish origin) means "an island". As one of the fastest rising names, this wonderful name will suit your baby girl just like it does actress Isla Fisher.

63. Koa (American origin) means "koa tree" or "warrior". Famous name bearer: surfer Koa Smith from Hawaii.

64.Laguna (English origin) means "lagoon".

65. Malia (American origin) means "sea of rebellion". An excellent name for a girl with the spirit to fight the wrong.

66. Marina (Latin origin) means "from the sea".

67. Maris (Indian origin) means "of the sea".

68. Marinus (English origin) means "of the sea".

69. Misty (English origin) means "water drop".

70. Muriel (English origin) means "bright sea".

71. Murphy (English origin) means "sea warrior".

72. Moana (American origin) means "ocean". Also the name of Disney's beachy musical movie 'Moana'. It's a beautiful and popular baby name.

73. Morwenna (American origin) means "waves of the sea". A gorgeous name for your gorgeous daughter.

74. Nebraska (English origin) means "flat water".

75. Oceana (Greek origin) means "God of the sea". This beautiful name means from the sea in different cultures.

76. Ren (English origin) means "water lily".

77. Rosemary (Latin origin) means "sea dew”. This old fashioned name is still very popular among surfer parents.

78. Ross (English origin) means "peninsula". A perfect beach names for your baby girl.

79. Sabrina  (English origin) means "river Severn".

80. Sedna (Native American origin) means "Goddess of the sea".

81. Sereia (Portuguese origin) means "mermaid".

82. Silvana (English origin) means "from the woods".

83. Sydney (Australian origin) means "hotspot of surfing". Famous name bearer: actress Sydney Penny.

84. Tarni (English origin) means "wave or surf".

Gender Neutral Beachy Names

Every parent spends hours and months of research in selecting the best name for your children. Nowadays parents are choosing names of water for their babies.

One reason being they need their child to have a beachy or nature-inspired name is like they want his or her life to as huge as a sea, limitless and also influence his or her's nature. Here are some gender-neutral water names for your little one:

87. Aalto (Scandinavian and Finnish origin) meaning "wave".

88. Azure (English origin) means "blue" in French. It's a beautiful name that symbolizes the beachy vibes.

89. Blue (English origin) means "one's more beautiful". It's a serene baby name for a calm and composed kid.

90. Danu (Celtic origin) means "river".

91. Hurley (English origin) means "sea tide".

92. Irving (English origin) means "friend of the sea".

93. Kaimana (Hawaiian origin) means kai "ocean, sea" and mana "power".

94. Kent (English origin) means "coastal towns with beautiful cottages".

95. Kendell (English origin) means “valley of the River Kent”.

96. Naia (English origin) means "to flow". A beautiful girl name for a baby.

97. Tallulah (Choctaw origin) meaning “leaping water”.

99. Tyne (English origin) is the name of an English river name.

99. Waverly (English origin) means "meadow of quivering aspens" The name is perfect for both genders.

100. Zale (English origin) means "sea strength".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Beach Baby Names then why not take a look at Best Ocean Names For Girls or Names Meaning Sun, or for something different take a look at Names That Mean Blue.

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