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Struggling with picking the perfect name for your baby girl?

Parents often have a tough time brainstorming for the right names for their baby girls.  Choosing a name is never an easy job since a name should match up with your child's preferences and personality.

Naming your child is probably the first major decision you have to take as a parent. It is one of the most special moments in their lives and also determines how their child would be perceived by the people around them.

When you realize the importance of choosing the right name for your baby girl, it becomes even more frustrating for you as a parent. What could be a great name which is unique and very meaningful?

We crafted a list of some of the popular as well as unique baby names in California that will make your search easier.

California is a famous state in the United States of America and is known for its progressive attitudes. Naturally, there are many lovely multicultural names found in California.

The names presented in this list are not only from different cultures but are also associated with famous personalities or characters. Select any one from this list and make your girl a popular baby!

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Most Common Girl Names in California

Many baby names tend to go out of fashion. However, some popular baby names stay on the trending list for a long time. We share with you a list of current top baby girl names in California, which are also pretty common in the rest of the United States.

1.Aaliyah (Arabic Origin) meaning “High, Sublime”

2.Amaya (Japanese Origin) meaning “Night Rain” or “Heavenly Valley”

3.Amelia (Latin Origin) meaning “Work”

4.Aria (Italian Origin) meaning “A Beautiful Melody”, “Of High Value” or “Gold”

5.Arya (Sanskrit Origin) meaning “Noble, Honorable” This name can also be linked to the beloved character of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones

6.Ashley (English Origin) meaning “Ash Tree Meadow”

7.Aurora (Latin Origin) meaning “Dawn”. This is also the name of the popular Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

8.Ava (Latin Origin) meaning “Life’, “Bird”, “Water” or “Island”

9.Brianna (Irish Origin) meaning “High” or “Noble” or “Strong”

10.Brooklyn (English Origin) meaning “The One Who Lives near a Brook”. This popular baby name can be associated with the famous TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

11.Chloe (Greek Origin) meaning “Blooming” or “Fertility”

12.Claire (French Origin) meaning “Bright, Clear, Enlightened” The name also refers to Claire Underwood, the main character from the popular TV show House of Cards

13.Delilah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Delicate”

14.Elena (Spanish, Italian, Greek Origin) meaning “Bright, Shining Light” Elena is also the main female protagonist from the series Vampire Diaries

15.Elizabeth (Hebrew Origin) meaning “God is my Oath” or “Pledged to God”. It is a royal name associated with Queen Elizabeth of Britain

16.Emily (English Origin) meaning “to strive” or “to rival”. The American poet, Emily Dickinson, carried this name

17.Emma (Latin Origin) meaning “Whole, Universal”. This is a top name among girls due to its popularity and connection with British actress, Emma Watson

18.Evelyn (English Origin) meaning “Desired, Wished for”

19.Hailey (English Origin) meaning “From the Hay Clearing”

20.Hannah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Grace” or “Favor”

21.Isla (Scottish Origin) meaning “Island”

22.Jasmine (Persian Origin) meaning “Gift from God” or “a flower”

23.Jennifer (English Origin) meaning “The Fair One” or “White Wave”. Popular Friends actor, Jennifer Aniston, is named father this

24.Lucy (English Origin) meaning “Light”. This is hione of the top names in California as it is related to Lucy Liu, a famous actress in the United States

25.Luna (Latin Origin) meaning “Moon” Luna Lovegood is a famous character from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

26.Madison (English Origin) meaning “Son of Matthew” or “Son of a Warrior”

27.Maria (Latin Origin) meaning “Of the Sea”. Maria Sharapova, the famous former tennis player carries this name.

28.Mia (Spanish Origin) meaning “Mine” or “Guardian of Justice”

29.Nevaeh (Irish Origin) meaning “Heaven” (spelled backward)

30.Nora (Irish Origin) meaning “Honor” or “Light”

31.Penelope (German Origin) meaning “Weaver” Penelope was the name of the wife of Odysseus, the main character in Homer's Odyssey

32.Ruby (Latin Origin) meaning “Red Precious Gemstone”

33.Samantha (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Listener”

34.Sarah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Princess”

35.Stella (Latin, Italian Origin) meaning “Star”

36.Valentina (Latin Origin) meaning “Strong, Powerful”. This name can be linked with Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman ever to go in space

37.Valerie (Latin Origin) meaning “Fierce, Brave”

38.Vanessa (Greek Origin)meaning “related to the Goddess of Love” or “Butterfly” It is derived from the name of a Greek mystic Goddess, Phanessa

39.Victoria (Latin Origin) meaning “Conqueror”.  Famous Victorias include the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham

40.Zoe (Greek Origin) meaning “Life”

Unique California Baby Girl Names

You might want a unique California name for your little girl. Here is a list of baby names in California that stand apart in the rest of the United States too:

41.Alondra (Spanish Origin) meaning “Lark”

42.Araceli (Spanish Origin) meaning “Altar of The Sky”

43.Azura (Spanish Origin) meaning “Blue Sky”

44.Blanca (Spanish Origin) meaning “White, Shining”

45.Celeste (Latin Origin) meaning “Celestial, Heavenly”

46.Esmeralda (Greek Origin) meaning “Emerald”. This name is linked to a character from the animated movie, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

47.Giselle (French Origin) meaning “Pledge” Giselle is also the name of a classic, romantic ballet performance composed by the French Composer, Adolphe Adam

48.Guadalupe (Spanish Origin) meaning “The Valley of the Wolves” or “Riverbed”

49.Jazmin  (Arabic Origin) meaning “Jasmine”. The name is related to Jasmine, the princess in the animated movie, Aladdin

50.Julissa (American Origin) meaning “Youthful”

51.Juniper (Latin Origin) meaning “Youth, Evergreen”

52.Lennon (Irish Origin) meaning “Dear One” This name was taken from the surname of the legendary John Lennon from Beatles

53.Leticia (Spanish Origin) meaning “Joy, Gladness”

54.Lilit (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Of the Night” or “Lily”

55.Lizbeth (English Origin) meaning “God is My Oath”

56.Maribel (French Origin) meaning “Star of the Sea, Beautiful”

57.Marisol (Spanish Origin) meaning “Sea and Sun”

58.Noemi (French Origin) ft “Pleasant, Lovely”

59.Paola (Italian Origin) meaning “Humble or Small”

60.Perla (Spanish Origin) meaning “Pearl”

61.Rocio (Latin Origin) meaning “refreshing, youthful” or "Dew"

62.Rowan (Irish Origin) meaning “From the Rowan tree”

63.Sage (Latin Origin) meaning “Prophet” or “Herb”. Sage is a playable character in the game, Valorant, notable for her healing power

64.Ximena (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Harkening”

65.Yesenia (Spanish Origin) meaning ”Palm Tree”

Eccentric Baby Names For Girls Based On California

There are many baby names in California that take inspiration from the state of California itself. We share with you a list of such lovely, unique, and eccentric names for your baby girl:

66.Angeles (Latin Origin) meaning “Angel”. Los Angeles is considered as the largest city in California

67.Avalon (Welsh Origin) meaning “Apple Island”. It is a city in Los Angeles County

68.Benicia (Spanish Origin) meaning “Benevolent”. It is a waterside city in California

69.Beverly (English Origin) meaning “The Beaver Stream”. Beverly Hills is a famous city in California where many Hollywood stars reside

70.Cambria (Latin Origin) meaning “Wales”. Cambria is a lovely seaside village in San Luis Obispo County, California

71.Carmel (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Vineyard of God”. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a beach city in California.

72.Catalina  (Spanish Origin) meaning “Pure”. Santa Catalina is a channel island in California

73.Eureka (Greek Origin) meaning “I Have Found It”. Eureka also happens to be the state motto of the state of California

74.Marin (Latin Origin) meaning  “Of the Sea”. Marin County is located in Northern California

75.Melrose (Scottish Origin) meaning “Treeless Hill”. This name has been inspired by the Melrose Avenue in Lose Angeles, California

76.Monica (Latin Origin) meaning “Advisor, Truth”. Santa Monica is a beach city in California

77.Poppy  (Latin Origin) meaning “Red Flower”.  California Poppy is the state flower of the state of California

78.Ramona (Spanish Origin) meaning “Wise Protector”. Ramona is an unincorporated community in California

79.Rosa  (Latin Origin) meaning “Rose”. Santa Rosa is a city in California

80.Sequoia (Native American Origin) meaning “Sparrow” This name is based on the Sequoia National Park in the state of California

81.Shasta (North African Origin) meaning “Precious Water”. Mount Shasta is a potential active volcano in California

82.Sierra (Spanish Origin) meaning “Mountain”. Sierra County is present in California

83.Soledad (Spanish Origin) meaning “solitude” Based on the city of Soledad, CA

84.Sonoma (American Origin) meaning "Valley of The Moon”. It is a historic city in California

85.Ynez  (Spanish Origin) meaning “Pure”. Santa Ynez Valley can be located in California and can be one of the cute names for girls

Baby Names For Girls Beginning With “Cal”

Lastly, here's a list of very unique and interesting baby names for whom “Cal” could be a good nickname:

86.Calan (Greek Origin) meaning “Lily” or “Beauty” or “Lark”

87.Calandra (Latin Origin) meaning “Singing Bird”

88.Calantha (Greek Origin) meaning “Lovely Blossom”

89.Calder (Scottish Origin) meaning “from the Wild Water”

90.Caledonia (Latin Origin) meaning “Hard or Rocky Land” This is the name of the famous Scottish patriotic folk ballad by singer Dougie MacLean in 1977

91.Caleigh (Gaelic Origin) meaning “Slender”

92.Calen (Greek Origin)  meaning “Pure” or “The Sparrow-hawk Bird”

93.Calia (Italian Origin) meaning “Good, Beautiful”

94.Calice (Roman Origin) meaning “Beauty, Beautiful”

95.Calico (English Origin) meaning “Multi-colored”

96.Calina (Greek Origin) meaning “Beautiful, Moon”

97.Calissa (Greek Origin) meaning “Most beautiful”

98.Calista (Greek Origin) meaning “Most Beautiful”

99.Calla (Greek Origin) “Loveliness, Beauty” or “Lily”

100.Calley (Greek Origin) meaning “Lovely”

101.Callidora (Greek Origin) meaning “Gift of Beauty”

102.Calliope (Greek Origin) meaning “Muse” or “The Goddess of Epic Poetry”

103.Calpurnia (Latin Origin) meaning “Chalice, Cup”.  Calpurnia was a major character in Shakespeare's tragic play, Julius Caesar

104.Calypso (Greek Origin) meaning “Hidden”

105.Calyse (Greek Origin) meaning “Beautiful, Lovely”

Kidadl has lots of popular baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for California Girl Names then why not take a look at Top 106 Canadian Names, or for something different take a look at Double Barrel Baby Names.

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