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Parents all over the world will always want to give a unique name to their children.

Some of you might even want to name your son or daughter with names that denote energy. Such names might add to the respectful personality of your child.

Yet, looking for such names can be a time and energy-consuming process. And even if you find one or two such names, you wouldn't have more options to compare and choose from. To solve all these problems, we present a comprehensive list of such names, either meaning energy or those that are related to energy.

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Names Meaning Energy For Boys

A detailed list of names for boys meaning energy:

1. Agni (Sanskrit origin) means "fire energy". A very strong names for boys.

2. Angovo (Malagasy origin) means "energy and activeness."

3. Ayushtejas (Indian origin) means "energy of life". One of the strongest names for a baby boy.

4. Bidyut (Indian origin) means "electric energy".  For baby names, this is an excellent choice for boys.

5. Bojro (Indian origin) means "lightning energy".

6. Ditaujas (Indian origin) means "glowing with energy". For first names with meanings, this is an excellent option.

7. Energio (Esperanto origin) means "energy".

8. Ike (Igbo origin) means "energy". Easily one of the strong boys' names.

9. Ikehu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "energy."

10. Lakas (Filipino origin) meaning "energy.".

11. Moksha (Buddhist origin) meaning "liberating energy".  An attractive option as a baby name for a boy.

12. Prachetas (Indian origin) meaning "energy". This unique name can also be used for boys.

13. Simba (Shona origin) meaning "energy". A trendy baby name for boys associated with Simba of the 'Lion King'.

14. Souro (Indian origin) means "the sun's energy". Names with meanings as this cannot be excluded from the list of strongest boys' names.

15. Vayu (Sanskrit origin) means "wind energy". This is one of the names that mean positive energy.

16. Viaan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "energy and life". A classy and elegant baby name for your boy.

17. Virya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "energy" or "effort". For powerful names for a baby boy, this is a great option.

Names Meaning Energy For Girls

Happy child standing on the top with hands raised up representing look up at the sky day.

Take a look at these unique and wonderful girl names meaning "energy":

19. Amandla (Xhosa origin) means "energy". A great name meaning energy.

20. Bala (Indian origin) meaning "force and energy". Such baby names can be easily used for a girl.

21. Brezziana (English origin) means "energy". This old and rare name can be a good choice for your baby daughter.

22.  Chikara (Japanese origin) meaning "energy". As a baby name for girls, this is unique.

23. Elja (Icelandic origin) meaning "energy".

24. Ellen (Old English) meaning "energy and strength". Actress Ellen Page is associated with this name.

25. Hydra (Greek origin) referring to a mythological water serpent. Used at present to describe the energy in water.

26. Isha (Indian origin) meaning "the divine female energy or power". A powerful name for a girl.

27. Ishana (Indian origin) refers to the Goddess Durga's name and is the perfect choice for names that mean girl or the female energy.

28. Kineta (Greek origin) meaning "full of energy and power". Parents in search of a great name, look no further.

29. Kyra (Greek origin) meaning "energy and light of the sun". A great name that everybody will like.

30. Mahira (Urdu origin) meaning "full of energy". Parents always look for names with meanings such as this.

31. Nishati (Swahili origin) means "energy". For girl baby names, this is an excellent option.

32. Ojaswati (Indian origin) meaning "full of energy and life". A beautiful name meaning our desired denotation.

33. Twisha (Indian origin) means "light energy". A beautiful first name for your girl.

34. Urja (Indian origin) means "energy and power".

35. Urjika (Indian origin) means "strength and energy". This name is apt as the first name for a girl.

Unisex Names Meaning Energy

We've got the unisex names covered too:

36. Chaitanya (Indian origin) meaning "the energy of knowledge".

37. Chi (Chinese origin) means "inner energy". This unisex name can have various pronunciations.

38. Eneji (Haitian Creole origin) means "energy".

39. Megin (Old Norse origin) means "energy".

40. Orka (Icelandic origin) means "energy".

41. Shakti (Indian origin) means "the ultimate power and energy". Many Indians consider this to be the strongest name for a boy or a girl.

42. Tejaswi (Indian origin) means "radiant energy or power".

43. Vis (Latin origin) means "energy and power".

44. Yoga (Sanskrit origin) means "to unite all energies in the body". Naming your child with this would be a unique thing to do.

45. Zeel (Old English) means "having energy for something".

46. Zen (Chinese origin) means "meditative energy".

Names Related To Energy Inspired From Science

Here are some names inspired by scientists who worked with energies of some type:

47. Celsius (Swedish origin); inspired by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius.

48. Erg (Greek origin) means "work". This is a unit of energy.

49. Fahren (Germanic origin); derived from physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.

50. Joule (English origin). The SI unit of energy is named after scientist James Prescott Joule.

51. Kelvin (Scottish origin) means "a river"; inspired by physicist Lord Kelvin.

52. Newton (English origin); derived from Sir Isaac Newton's name.

53. Volta (Italian origin); Alessandro Volta discovered the electric battery.

54. Watt (English origin); James Watt was a British inventor.

Boy Names Meaning Lively Or Energetic

Perhaps, you will find better options in this list of male names related to energy:

55. Animado (Spanish origin) means "lively and animated". This name is an excellent choice for a boy.

56. Ariz (Arabic origin) means "energetic and active". A simple name for a boy.

57. Chanchal (Indian origin) means "energetic". A name for our son who cannot stay still for a moment.

58. Elav (Estonian origin) means "someone lively". If you are in search of rare names, here is one.

59. Emil (Hungarian origin) meaning "energetic"; for parents in search of European names.

60. Gail (English origin) meaning "lively". A simple name that everyone will like.

61. Genki (Japanese origin) meaning "someone who is lively". A perfect name for your son.

62. Janly (Turkmen origin) meaning "lively". A cute first name for your manly son.

63. Levendig (Dutch origin) means "one who is lively". For baby names, this is an uncommon option.

64. Noole (Somalian origin) means "lively". Parents might be appreciated by their sons for such a lovely name.

65. Roden (Gaelic origin) meaning "full of life." This is a cool and remarkable name for your baby boy.

66. Sajiv (Indian origin) means"energetic with life." An excellent option for masculine baby names.

67. Senon (Spanish origin) means "very lively". This name is very unique for a boy.

68. Shakriya (Nepali origin) means "being active and lively". A rare first name for a boy.

69. Shalan (Arabic origin) means "a lively person". Like a lively kid, here is a jovial name.

70. Sparke (Norse origin) means "energetic and active". This name might have the spark you are in search of.

71. Tulio (Latin origin) meaning "someone who leads with energy and power".

72. Tyger (English origin) refers to the best symbol of strength and power, a tiger.

73. Vigal (Esperanto origin) means "lively". While Esperanto is a relatively new language, names with perfect meanings are quite common.

74. Vivaci (Corsican origin) means "lively". This is a classy name for a boy.

75. Zhivo (Serbian origin) means "lively and energetic".

76. Zivo (Bosnian origin) meaning "lively". A name meaning lively is perfect for your energetic son.

77. Zivon (Slavic origin) meaning "full of life". Rest assured, everyone will like this beautiful name meaning life.

Girl Names Meaning Energetic Or Lively

Scroll down to look at some girl names related to energy:

78. Aisha (Arabic origin) meaning "full of life". This can easily be on the list of most beautiful baby names for a girl.

79. Allegra (Italian origin) meaning "lively and energetic". This can be a rare name for girls.

80. Alvita (Latin origin) meaning "full of life and energy". A beautiful name showcasing girl power.

81. Ashia (Arabic origin) meaning "hopeful energy". We are hopeful that parents will like this name.

82. Beth (Scottish origin) meaning "lively". A right old classic name for girls.

83. Bibiana (Spanish origin) meaning "lively, animated". Spanish baby names with meanings like these are extremely beautiful.

84. Bizima (African origin) meaning "lively." An excellent choice for parents looking at unique names for their daughter.

85. Eleu (Hawaiin origin) meaning "lively". For a girl who is lively and does like adventures, this a great name.

86. Farhah (Persian origin) meaning "lively". This is a beautiful name for a girl.

87. Gaelia (Gaelic origin) meaning "lively and happy".

88. Gailine (English origin) meaning "merry and lively". This old school name has different variations in its spelling.

89. Hayi (Arabic origin) means "active and lively".

90. Inani (African origin) meaning "energy and power of lightning strikes". This might be a more unique name you can give your child.

91. Jandari (Persian origin) meaning "a lively person". Persian names are always beautiful with significant meanings, and this one isn't any different either.

92. Keelyn (Irish origin) meaning "lively". An adorable name for a girl.

93. Keilah (Irish origin) meaning "one who is energetic". Give your active and energetic daughter the perfect identity with this name conveying energetic.

94. Narbethong (Indigenous origin) meaning "a cheerful and lively person".

95. Ofra (Hebrew origin) means "a lively maiden". A beautiful name for your daughter.

96. Senona (Spanish origin) meaning "lively"; the feminine version of the masculine name, Senon.

97. Tavisha (Indian origin) means "strength and energy."

98. Vavay (Latin origin) meaning "energetic". This can act as a good name for baby girls.

99. Viivi (Finnish origin) means "an energetic person". This Finnish name could just what parents are in search of.

100. Vivian (Latin origin) meaning "vibrant and energetic". Legendary actress Vivien Leigh had an identical name, albeit with a different spelling.

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