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Top 51 Names With X In Them For Your Baby

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The search for baby names can be challenging and stressful - where do you begin?

Well, if you're after a name containing the letter X, this article lists some amazing options! It contains both boy names with X and girl names with X, ranging from more traditional names to geographic and unusual ones.

We've also listed some names with the letter X which have been made popular by celebrities. No need to search all over the internet, you're bound to find at least one baby name you'll love in here!

If you're after more inspiration for baby names containing a certain letter, take a look at our list of 100 names beginning with the letter H or the letter T! There you will find some beautiful ideas of baby names for your baby girl or boy.

This list of the top 50 baby names that contain the letter X contains both boy names and girl names.

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Classic Names With The Letter X

Here are some traditional and popular baby names which have lots of history behind them.

1. Alexander or Alexandra/Alexandria for a girl, from the Greek Alexandros meaning "defender of man".

2. Alix (female) is a medieval form of Alice, which comes from the Germanic word for "noble" and "light".

3. Huxley (neutral) is derived from the Old English surname meaning "Hugh's clearing/meadow".

4. Margaux (female), a French variant of the Greek "Margarites" which means "pearl". It is a variant on Margo and pronounced in the same way, without the x.

5. Maximilian (male) is derived from the Roman surname Maximilianus, which comes from the Latin word for "the greatest".

6. Maxine (female) is the feminine form of Maximilian, from the Latin word "maximus" meaning "the greatest".

7. Roxanne (female) is derived from the Latin "roxana" which means "dawn". It can also be spelled Roxane or Roxxanne.

8. Felix (male) is a Latin word which means "lucky" or "fortunate".

9. Rex (male), a Latin boy's name meaning "king".

Geographic Names Containing The Letter X

Some names containing the letter X are derived from geographic terms or refer to a city or district. They make for great baby names for a little jet setter!

10. Braxton (male), derived from the Old English word meaning "from bricks town".

11. Brixton (male), a variant of the Braxton, it is a district in London.

12. Bronx (male) is an American name which means "Bronck's Land", after a European settler. It is famously a borough of New York City (USA).

13. Buxton (male) refers to a town in Derbyshire (UK) whose name in Middle English meant "bowing stones".

14. Claxton (male), originally a surname which meant "Clark's town" in Old English.

15. Jaxon or Jaxson (male), a variant of the English surname Jackson meaning "son of Jack". Jackson is a city in Mississippi (USA).

16. Knox (male), a Scottish name which means "round hill". Fort Knox is a famous place in Kentucky (USA).

17. Lennox (neutral) is of Scottish origin and derived from the name of a region in Scotland.

18. Lexington (neutral) is derived from the English word which means "town of the new law". It is a town in Massachusetts and Kentucky (USA).

19. Loxley (female) comes from Old English words which mean "woodland clearing". It is a place in the story of Robin Hood.

20. Paxton (male) is derived from an English town, pax means "peace" in Latin.

21. Phoenix (neutral). From the Greek word meaning "crimson", this word refers to a mythological bird which can be reborn from its ashes. It is a city in Arizona (USA).

Diminutive Names With The Letter X

Many names which contain the letter X are diminutives of longer names (some of which are listed elsewhere in the article!). They make for a very cute baby name for your little one.

22. Alex (neutral), a diminutive of Alexander, Alexis, Alexandra, Alexa.

23. Bex (female), an abbreviation of Bexley or Rebecca.

24. Calix (male) derives from the Latin word for "chalice". It is a diminutive of the name Calixtus, a Roman name which means "the most beautiful".

25. Dax (male), a diminutive of Daxton, which is a variant of the place name Claxton.

26. Lex or Lexi (neutral), a diminutive of the Greek names Alexander, Alexandra, Alexa or Alexandria, or perhaps of the English name Lexington.

27. Max (neutral), a diminutive of Maximiliam, Maxim, Maxwell, Maxine.

28. Nix (neutral), a diminutive of the name Phoenix, which comes from the Greek word for "crimson".

29. Pax (male) is derived from the English town Paxton, but originates from the Latin word for "peace".

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Celebrity Names Which Contain An X

These names are popular because of their association with celebrities, so they are baby names for a little rising star!

30. Baxter (English) is originally a surname which comes from the Old English for "baker". Baxter Dury is a famous English musician.

31. Beatrix (female) is a German name which comes from the Latin words "viatrix" which means "voyager" and "beatus" which means "blessed". Beatrix Potter is a famous English children's books author, so it's perfect for a baby.

32. Dexter (male), originally a surname which comes from the Old English meaning "dye". Dexter is an assassin in the eponymous TV show.

33. Dixie (female) is an American baby name derived from the French word "dix" meaning "ten". TikTok star and singer Dixie D'Amelio bears this name.

34. Kendrix (neutral) is a variant of Kendrick, which is an English surname originating from the Welsh word for "greatest champion". It is similar to popular rapper Kendrick Lamar's name.

35. Fox (neutral) is originally a surname which comes from the Old English "fox", referring to the orange furry mammal. It can also be spelled Foxx, like Jamie Foxx.

36. Hendrix (neutral), originally a surname derived from the Germanic "Heimrich" which means "ruler of the home". It is the famous guitarist's Jimi Hendrix's surname.

37. Maxwell (male), from the Old English words meaning "the stream of Maccus". It is often used as a surname, for example in model Stella Maxwell.

Less Common Names With The Letter X

These X baby names are very rare, and all the more beautiful. They make for unique baby names!

38. Ajax (male) comes from Greek mythology. Ajax was a great warrior who led the Greeks in the Trojan War.

39. Beaux (neutral) is a variant on Beau, the French word which means "beautiful".

40. Bexley (female) is of English origin and means "woodland clearing".

41. Bijoux (female) comes from the French word for "jewels".

42. Croix (male) comes from the French word for "cross".

43. Dixon (male) is derived from a German word which means "Richard's son".

44. Exodus (male) a biblical word which comes from the Greek word for "the exit of a large group".

45. Lux (neutral) comes from the Latin word for "light".

46. Lynx (female) refers to a mythological creature which is the keeper of the secrets of the forest. It's also a constellation.

47. Maddox (male) is derived from a Welsh word meaning "son of Madoc", which may mean "fortunate" in Welsh.

48. Nox (female) is a Latin word which means "night".

49. Onyx (neutral) is an English baby name which refers to a black gemstone. The word "onyx" comes from the Greek for "claw" or "fingernail".

50. Roux (neutral) is the French word for "ginger". It's pronounced Roo.

51. Saxon (male) is the name of a civilisation (the Saxons) which comes from the Germanic word for "knife".

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