Top 132 Ancient Latin Boy Names For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Oct 13, 2020
Latin names for boys are steeped in mythical, rich history and make popular baby names.

Latin is considered among the most classical languages in Europe.

There’s just something about Latin. Originating in the Roman region, Latin spread quickly, and it’s no surprise that Latin boy names are so preferred by people the world over.

It is a complex language containing several genders, moods, voices, and aspects. Its ancient history is no less complex. These qualities lead to the timelessness of Latin culture, lifestyle, and language.

A synthesis of the ancient, medieval, and modern makes Latin relevant and appealing to people of all sensibilities. Combined with neighboring Greek influences, Latin is regarded as one of the most powerful languages in the world.

Imagine then, how wonderful the names that come from this language must be! Latin baby boy names combine charm, beauty, and mysticism. Let’s dive straight in to explore some of the most amazing ancient Latin baby boy names that you can pick for your own little charmer!

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Latin Boy Names Inspired By Mythology

Much of the timeless appeal of Latin comes from its rich mythology. It combines culture, religion, and history and creates an aura that is imposing and majestic. Needless to say, Latin baby boy names that borrow from mythology are certain to be powerful and potent, evoking a sense of wonder and strength.

1.Aeneas: among the unique Latin boys names from the Greek legend of ‘Aeneid’ who found Rome on his travels

2.Aries: meaning Ram; also significant of the ram who supplied Golden Fleece to Jason

3.Amulius: from Roman mythology, the one who overthrew his brother Numitor

4.Faunus: baby name meaning befriending; Roman God of agriculture and fertility

5.Italus: The founding patron who gave Italy its name

6.Janus: Roman God of beginnings; the also Latin word for an archway

7.Liber: God of fertility in Roman mythology; interesting and unique baby name

8.Neptune: unique boys name, means God of the sea

9.Pollux: son of Zeus, and twin of Castor; derived from a Greek word meaning sweet

10.Quirinus: a Roman God; the name means spear (Sabine origin)

11.Remus: among the many founders of Rome

12.Romulus: meaning Rome in Latin; the founder of the ancient city

13.Silvanus: Saint Paul’s companion; Roman God of forests

14.Silvius: an early Roman saint; the word means wood

15.Tatius: after Titus Tatis, the God of the Sabines in Roman mythology

16.Vulcan: Roman God of fire

Latin Baby Names Taken From The Bible

Latin Biblical names are extremely common, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they represent people who played such an important role in shaping the religious beliefs of millions. Here are some exquisite Latin boys names that are made popular by their references in the Bible.

17.Aaron: the older brother of Moses, derived from the Hebrew name Aharon

18.Abacuc: a Latin form of the name Habakkuk

19.Abdias: a modified version of the boys' name Obadiah found in the Latin Old Testament

20.Abia: Latin and Greek version of the boys' name Abijah

21.Abisai: a Latin version of Abishai

22.Abraham: after the Biblical patriarch, means ‘father of many.’

23.Absalom: son of King David in the Old Testament, Biblical Latin form of name Avshalom

24.Achab: Latin form of the boy name Ahab

25.Achaicus: Latin take on the name Achaikos from the New Testament

26.Adina: a non-binary name derived from the Hebrew name meaning delicate

27.Alphaeus: Latin form of the Hebrew name Alphaios meaning changing

28.Amos: common name from the Hebrew name Amas meaning burden or load

29.Andreas: Latin form of the boy name Andrew

30.Annas: Latin name coined from Ananias, who was a high priest in the New Testament

31.Archelaus: Latin form of Archelaos (Greek) meaning master of the people

32.Arihel: Latin version of the name Ariel

33.Azazias: Latin baby name derived from Azaziah

34.Baltassar: a form of Belshazzar from the Latin Old Testament

35.Barthelomeus: Latin form of the name Bartholomew

36.Beniamin: from Benjamin, used in the Latin Bible

37.Cainan: Latin variant of the boy name Kenan

38.Cephas: the name was given to Simon by Jesus, meaning rock

39.Cyrus: from the Greek name Kyros, meaning young or far-sighted boy

40.Danihel: used in the Latin Bible, from the name Daniel

41.Darius: the Roman form of the name Dareios

42.Elias: common baby name derived from Elijah

43.Eliseus: Latin version of the baby name Elisha

44.Emmanuhel: name from Latin Bible, a form of the name Immanuel

45.Enos: Latin form of the name Enosh

46.Erastus: Latin form of the name Erastos

47.Esaias: Latin form of Isaiah, name in the Old Testament

48.Ezechias: from Hezekiah, a name found in the Latin Old Testament

49.Ezras: Latin form of the name Ezra

50.Finees: from Latin Old testament, version of the name Phinehas

51.Gabriel: from Hebrew name Gavriel, both baby names mean strong man or hero

52.Hieremias: Latin version of the baby name Jeremiah

53.Hiezecihel: Latin form of the Biblical name Ezekiel

54.Iacob: Roman and Latin form of the boy name Jacob

55.Iafeth: from Japheth in the Old Testament

56.Iesus: Latin form of Jesus; among the most powerful Latin baby names for boys

57.Ioab: a Latin name for Joab

58.Iohel: Latin form of name Joel; among the pretty baby names for boys

59.Ionathan: Latin and Greek form of the name Jonathan

60.Ismahel: name in the Latin Old Testament, from the name Ishmael

61.Iudas: Latin form of name Judah; regarded among the stronger baby names for boys

62.Lazarus: brother of Mary, the Latin form of Eleazar

63.Matthan: name found in the Latin Old Testament, form of name Mattan

64.Mattheus or Matthias: Latin baby names for Mathew

65.Michaeas: Latin baby name for the prophet Micah

66.Moyses: Latin form for the name Moses

67.Nathanahel: name from Latin Bible used for Nathanael

68.Nicodemus: Latin name from the Greek name Nikodemos

69.Noe: Latin Bible name for Noah; among the short and sweet Latin names for boys

70.Obed: name from the Old Testament, grandfather of David, meaning worshipping

71.Osee: from Hosea, found in Latin Old Testament.

72.Paulus: Latin form of the name Paul

73.Petrus: Latin, German, and Dutch variant of the name Peter

74.Phillipus: Latin for Philip; among the most evocative Latin names

75.Raphael: derived from the Hebrew name Rafael, the archangel, means the God who heals

76.Saloman: variant of Solomon found in Latin Old Testament

77.Samuhel: Latin form of name Samuel; among the interesting baby names found in the Latin Bible

78.Sem: from the name Shem

79.Stephanus: from Stephan; among the more popular Biblical baby names

Latin Baby Boys Names Inspired By Luminaries

In its heyday, ancient Rome was THE place to be, and Latin was the one language you needed to know. While Latin baby boy's names are classy and attractive in their own right, those that share names with distinguished personalities have a special charm.

80.Accius: after an ancient Roman poet

81.Amadeo: alterative to Amadeus, the middle name of Mozart

82.Benedict: meaning blessing, most popularized by St. Benedict

83.Cornelius: railroad tycoon, the man behind Vanderbilt University; name means horn of plenty

84.Dante: unique baby name after the legendary poet, co-incidentally means everlasting

85.Flavius: last of the ancient Roman emperors

86.Julius: meaning youthful, after one of the first few Popes; also made popular by Julius Caesar

87.Lucius: the general who fought almost single-handedly and won for Rome

88.Magnus: name for a boy owned by several kings and monarchs, means greatness in Latin

89.Max or Maximilian: physicist Max Planck made them famous; traditional names meaning greatest

Popular Latin Baby Boy Names

There are several adorable Latin baby boy names that are popular names all over the world. Not only do they sound great, but they are also very meaningful.

Latin boy names have an easy charm, and your little heartbreaker is sure to impress even before he gets on the scene. Which of these popular names in Latin grabs your attention?

90.Antonio: boy name meaning priceless

91.Callum: from the Scottish name Columba; means dove

92.Dominic: the popular namemeans servant of God

93.Emiliano: meaning enemy or challenging

94.Emilio: like Emil, Latin baby names meaning comparable to or rivalling

95.Fabian: from the noble family names, means bean after the word ‘faba'

96.Felix: means successful, lucky, or happy

97.Fernando: meaning courageous, bold, and wild

98.Julian: youthful, belonging to Julius

99.Lamar: means that which comes from the sea

100.Leo: popular Latin name meaning lion or brave

101.Lionel: Like Leo, the names mean lion

102.Lorenzo: Italian name for Lawrence; means from laurel trees

103.Lucas: means light

104.Lucian: from the name Luke; means the one born at daybreak

105.Marco: a version of the word Mark, names that mean war-like

106.Marcel: from the names Marcus or Marcellus, meaning that dedicated to Mars

107.Marc: like the names Mark and Marco, meaning war-like

108.Marcus: also similar to the names Marc and Marco, meaning war-like

109.Mario: meaning virile or war-like

110.Maximus: from the name Maxim, means the greatest

111.Milan: after the Italian capital of fashion; also means gracious (Slavic origin)

112.Salvador: meaning the one who saves

113.Santiago: saintly or holy

114.Santino: popular name for boys meaning holy

115.Sergio: means the one who serves others

116.Vincenzo:from the name Vincent; names that mean one who survives all odds

Unique Latin Baby Names

You don’t always have to chase what’s popular and trending. There are as many unique Latin baby boy names as there are popular ones. Sift through this list, and you will find some quaint, interesting Latin names that you can use for your baby.

117.Benicio: means fortunate one, or one who can survive all odds

118.Benito: means the lucky or fortunate one

119.Camilo: meaning the one always willing to help

120.Castiel: means the one protected by God

121.Gonzalo: means the one prepared for battle

122.Gus: cute baby name shortened form of the name Augustus or Augustine; all names that mean great

123.Ignacio: meaning feisty one or one with a big personality

124.Jovan: from the name Jove; means leader

125.Maximillian: from Maximus, names that mean the greatest

126.Mylo: means a saviour or one with grace

127.Quincy: among the unique Latin boynames derived from Quintus meaning fifth

128.Soren: means strict or stern

129.Sylis: derived from the name Silas, means the woods or forest

130.Syncere: akin to sincere, means genuine or heartfelt

131.Vince: from the name Vincent; the names mean conqueror

132.Zavion: from the name Xavier; both names means light in Arabic, also a small Spanish town

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